Well, this is an interesting one. When we learned that Kelly Johnson had accepted the Jays’ offer of arbitration, Alex Anthopoulos told the media hordes that one of the advantages to keeping him was Johnson’s ability to play left field.

“Kelly’s got positional flexibility,” Anthopoulos said, as quoted by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. “He played a lot of left field before. We talked about signing him as a left fielder. There’s absolutely a scenario where he could be a candidate for left field. So we haven’t ruled (that) out if there’s a player we can get. The fact that Kelly can go out there and play left, (means) there’s more competition for (jobs) and he can do more things for us. We’re open-minded. Again, if we can get a core piece, a controllable piece, we have the ability to do that.”

This, it turns out, was news to Johnson.

Speaking this afternoon with James Cybulski of TSN Radio (audio on their shitty Podcasts page), Johnson was asked about the potential of seeing time in left field next year, and if he was “open to change positions, if need be.” His response…

“Uh… no, I’m not. But that’s not anything that’s been talked about to me. I’m signed to play second and be at second, so I’m not concerned and not thinking about that too much.”

When asked if that was all news to him, Johnson replied, “Oh, yeah. Yeah.”

There was no discussion with Alex Anthopoulos about potentially playing in left, he says, and when asked if the talk bothers him he says, “You know, it is a little confusing, but I think there are some guys that have proven themselves to be Major League outfielders that are there, and they can hit. You know, between Eric Thames and Travis Snider and whoever else is there, there’s plenty of good outfielders who can really hit, so I don’t think I have to worry about that, but, like I say, it hadn’t been discussed.”

Is he simply trying to sound like he’s not gunning for somebody else’s job? Perhaps. But the fact that he says repeatedly that the possibility of his shifting to left wasn’t even discussed before he accepted the Jays’ arbitration offer is maybe a bit of a concern.

Dun dun dunnnn!!!!

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  1. “ They think that RCI is simply going to stiff shareholders like RBC, which owns about  33,000,000 shares, or OMERS (the municipal pension plan) which owns 6,000,000 by taking on hundreds of millions of salary commitments without any evidence of growing revenues. ”
    JB, do you understand that major league sports franchises grow in value? This is a very basic fact that everyone else seems to know. 

    Do you know why it’s really funny to hear NBA teams bitch about how much “money” they are “losing”? 

    I don’t think you’re bright enough to really talk about any of this lol

  2. Wrong.

  3. your premise is ridiculously stupid.  why did rogers buy the blue jays in the first place if it was such a money losing venture? the fact is they are making boatloads of cash on the jays.  they have already doubled their franchise value in 10 years. corporations don’t buy businesses to lose money, they only buy if they can make money off of it. they are making millions off the free content which they are leveraging to promote their internet and wireless plans yet they are investing little to add value to that conent. the blue jays would be a much more valuable property if they actually invested money in it.

  4. One of the floaters that the bullshit artists love circulating is the “Toronto is the 5th largest market in North America” line. 

    Market value depends upon much more than population. So Forbes does a “Value of Market” which considers population size as only one factor. Montreal was bigger than Milwaukee, but they didn’t go to baseball games. Toronto, is bigger than Cincinnati, but they don’t go to baseball games. As a hockey market Toronto is great, as a baseball market it’s bush. 

    In the Forbes evaluation of “Value of Market” Toronto finishes 25 out of 30 teams. Only 5 much smaller areas have a less valuable market than Toronto. Much smaller places, like Milwaukee, Cleveland or Cincinnati, are considered much more valuable than Toronto to a baseball franchise. Put simply, you can have a market of 5,000,000 parasites, who pay nothing for baseball, and that is a worthless market. 

    Milwaukee has population less than one-third of Toronto, but Forbes evaluates the Milwaukee market at being 15% more valuable than Toronto. Similarly, Forbes evaluates the Cleveland Market, at 19% more valuable than Toronto even though Cleveland has less than half the population. Similarly, Cincinnati has a market valuation 20% higher than Toronto with only half the population. 

    It doesn’t matter how many worthless cheap fucks there are who want to stay home and play with Wilner on the internet during games, that adds nothing to the market. The Toronto self-proclaimed hard core fans are really internet fans, who contribute nothing to the value of franchise.

    I’m not saying obviously that all Toronto fans contribute nothing. Some actually go to games and buy ticket. But the whackjobs whining on here about Rogers aren’t among them. So when they count themselves up and call that a ‘market’, it’s a joke. 

    As a general economic rule, and this is the Montreal lesson, 1 Canadian = .5 American as baseball fans. Obviously there are exceptions, like Stoeten and numerous others, who  pay for tickets as well as being active on the internet . But the ‘Rogers is cheap because they won’t waste millions to amuse me while I lay home and watch gay porn’ crew, who don’t buy tickets, could hardly be more irrelevant to market value. 

  5. “One of the floaters that the bullshit artists love circulating is the “Toronto is the 5th largest market in North America” line. Market value depends upon much more than population. ”

    No it doesn’t you stupid fucking idiot

    And even using your tortured nonsense-logic, you’d then open up ALL OF CANADA to the Jays thinking of it in your retarded way where city limit population doesn’t matter. Therefore making it the BIGGEST market.

    I am literally giving you an ass-paddling, the likes of which no man has done to another on the internet. Post more stupid shit fake JB, please

  6. KJ doesn’t want to play LF this year because it would cost him like 2-4M a year in his next contract

  7. Jose Bautista could get hurt, you can play that game about anyone becuase if know Reyes has been hurt, he has completely recovered from those injuries clean slate, I would hope the Marlins looked at his medical records and gave him a physical before they signed him.

    Although it is Loria.

  8. The only person who continues to ignore the truth is you. Don’t call me out if you refuse to respond to me each time I debunk your idiocies.

    1. The Jays received upwards of 60m from revenue sharing and MLBAM before even starting on their own revenues.

    2. The Jays revenue from tickets sold, without luxury suites and premium seating (which is significant dollars) is 45m.

    If you’re going to say that the cost to Rogers for the Blue Jays was 100m, you’re going to have to explain how they aren’t pulling in massive amounts of profit when I haven’t included any TV revenue, concessions, or merchandise sales.

  9. Rogers gets the best of both not only do they get rating money, they get ad money.
    The only reason why they sell tv rights is becasue they dont own a tv network, Rogers does.

    Tv stations only buy the rights to make money so if fox buys the Angels rights for 3 billion thn they will make more then 3 billion, witht he ratings and tv ads.
    If the angels had there own network that was all across amrica they would be better off not selling them becuase they would make more then 3 billion of it.

    Other teams that own networks can only broadcast tot he state the they’re in, but TBS which hosts the braves is world wide even in cuba. Rogers is canadian wide not just ontario so they are better to keep there own rights then sell them to another network. Those networks only buy them to make money so if they’re worht more then what they paid and you have your own tv network, why sell them.

  10. JB, and the truth what’s the difference between intials and guest whe all dont no who you are or I or him we just state our names whats the difference ,I dont no where you live.

  11. we

  12. Sorry but the word you were looking for is we.

  13. If Nintendo and Baltimore who have less attendance and lower tv ratings can spend norht of 90 million the bluejays can. Does that mean do it know I like what were doing but do not lie to me and the city of toronto and tell us you cant until theres more poeple at the park when you can.

    They did not know wells was going to be traded, looking intot he future of the possiablity that still no fans would be in the park they signed him.
    2009 bay, lackey they had lower tv ratings then now and tickets were about the same if you could afford wells with bay or lackey in 2009, you can in 2011, does that mean do it know.

    Most blue jays fans are happy wiht this young team and do not want them to spend but dont tell me you cant spend more then 60 million when you can, just tell what gary siad your happy with  your team now and do not see any one worth jacking payroll for but they can spend 90 million stop telling lies to this city blue jays.

  14. Your mouth needs cleaning out. or are you “bi-lingual” – profanity and maybe English?

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