Well, this is an interesting one. When we learned that Kelly Johnson had accepted the Jays’ offer of arbitration, Alex Anthopoulos told the media hordes that one of the advantages to keeping him was Johnson’s ability to play left field.

“Kelly’s got positional flexibility,” Anthopoulos said, as quoted by Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star. “He played a lot of left field before. We talked about signing him as a left fielder. There’s absolutely a scenario where he could be a candidate for left field. So we haven’t ruled (that) out if there’s a player we can get. The fact that Kelly can go out there and play left, (means) there’s more competition for (jobs) and he can do more things for us. We’re open-minded. Again, if we can get a core piece, a controllable piece, we have the ability to do that.”

This, it turns out, was news to Johnson.

Speaking this afternoon with James Cybulski of TSN Radio (audio on their shitty Podcasts page), Johnson was asked about the potential of seeing time in left field next year, and if he was “open to change positions, if need be.” His response…

“Uh… no, I’m not. But that’s not anything that’s been talked about to me. I’m signed to play second and be at second, so I’m not concerned and not thinking about that too much.”

When asked if that was all news to him, Johnson replied, “Oh, yeah. Yeah.”

There was no discussion with Alex Anthopoulos about potentially playing in left, he says, and when asked if the talk bothers him he says, “You know, it is a little confusing, but I think there are some guys that have proven themselves to be Major League outfielders that are there, and they can hit. You know, between Eric Thames and Travis Snider and whoever else is there, there’s plenty of good outfielders who can really hit, so I don’t think I have to worry about that, but, like I say, it hadn’t been discussed.”

Is he simply trying to sound like he’s not gunning for somebody else’s job? Perhaps. But the fact that he says repeatedly that the possibility of his shifting to left wasn’t even discussed before he accepted the Jays’ arbitration offer is maybe a bit of a concern.

Dun dun dunnnn!!!!

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  1. No. Escobar is a much better SS. If you acquire Hanley it’s with his blessing beforehand that he’ll play 2B or LF.

  2. Really, the whole idea of extensive talk shows with sports GM’s is silly. We want to know stuff as fans, and it’s there job to be professional, incredibly fucking talented and assemble teams, not give us dish, and tell us why Tyler Beede is a goof, or how they’re going to outwit some other GM and steal Yunel Escobar.

  3. Damon, Manny, and Farnsworth. We get Corey Patterson.

  4. Escobar is better than Hanley at SS.

  5. JP was great because he did talk about that kind of shit, though. He had no filter.

  6. Wouldn’t be worth the prospects my friend, unless they want to throw Logan Morrison in on the cheap. If nothing comes to fruition I’d def be down with a man ram signing if it’s only a 50 game suspension

  7. 2011 AL reliever SIERA:
    Jonathan Papelbon 1.58
    Koji Uehara 1.59
    Greg Holland 2.22
    Vinnie Pestano 2.23
    Sergio Santos 2.25
    Mariano Rivera 2.26
    David Robertson 2.33
    Joaquin Benoit 2.73
    Daniel Bard 2.73
    Chris Sale 2.73
    Brandon League 2.74
    Casey Janssen 2.74

    If the Rangers don’t want Koji, the Jays should take him off their hands.

  8. One would think Manny would be a perfect fit for a team unwilling to spend any money.

  9. I enjoyed Ricciardi a lot, until a certain point. After a while, being maverick’y, flip, not being pragmatic, and dancing on/over the lines of truth/lying and flaunting it, are not productive to being an upper echelon GM of a sports team though.

  10. Saw AA on Baseball Tonite, looked absolutely Haggard. Guy obviously put in massive hours this week, he and Stoets certainly deserve a tall frosty one

  11. Have 3 stud SIERA pitchers in the pen? I’m down with that. His K/BB is just absolutely retarded at 11.77/1.25 for a ridiculous 9.44 K/BB. They were even more ridiculous in 2010, and being in the AL East, there shouldn’t be an issue. He’s not criminally old for a reliever at 36, so maybe a 2-3 year deal would work?

  12. He sounded like shit in the final media scrum too.

  13. Yeah he would. I really want AA to pull a good player out of thin air again though. What about billy butler in kc? What kinda package do we need to offer up for him? Did ka’huie (pardon the spelling) lose his prospect value?

  14. That was JPR’s biggest fault of a GM.. In sports,  limbo is hell..
    JP Never quite put all his eggs in a basket, and failed to piece things apart if things didn’t work out..

    Sometimes you have to strip the paint off, he never did, he just pilled crap on top of crap on top of a pretty solid foundation..

  15. AA did say he prefers Janssen in the 7th inning spot..

    could be a fit, I wouldnt mind that at all.. I’d like harden in the pen too

  16. Butler is pretty average given his defensive value (lack of) 

    Kila is now with the A’s, he’s 28 and has yet to produce at the major league level..

    you’re better off hoping Snider and Lind put it together

  17. I was getting so pumped thinking the Jays were finally choosing to pay-up to have a chance at a post season. They already have one of the top hitters in all of baseball, and a decent supporting cast. Just a few stars would give us a real chance to do some damage. I cant remember a year when the Yankees and Red Sox were not buying up all the FA’s, this is our chance. A week ago we probably could have had Fielder for $20 million less than what he will want now after seeing that ludicrous Pujols deal. Sign Fielder and/or Darvish and I will forgive them, otherwise it will be tough to support a team with no will to really compete. I have been a die hard fan, accepting the notion that we were building towards something………the building is nearly complete, why wait till Bautista’s/ Romero’s relatively cheap deals expire? Put up or shut-up AA!

  18. So Rogers, in partnership with Bell, is getting MLSE. Weirdest partnership ever. Hopefully they’ll funnel some of that fucking 20% profit margin into their baseball team, although it would have been easier to do if they’d managed to buy the team on their own.

  19. Damn, if that happens Rogers will own pretty much every team that I follow. I don’t even want to imagine such cheapness.

  20. I don’t know man, he has a very good shot of posting an 850 ops and if he can be had for a decent price it’d be worth a look. Clear upgrade over Lind

  21. not enough of an upgrade to justify sending prospects to KC.

    also doesn’t seem like an AA type of player

  22. If Rogers, and Bell do buy MLSE, the CBC is screwed, out of leafs games.
    No wonder why there’s payroll parameters.

  23. Is anyone interested in making Gio Gonzalez the pitcher you’d give up top prospects for, and make a “core” pitcher you build around for the next several years? I’m not.

  24. def not, niese either

    unless you can bring in a true top talent, its pointless giving up prospects for pitchers that will end up 4/5 in the rotation.

    gio’s a good comparable to rzep, and they forced rzep into the pen.
    I’d target Garza, but apparently cubs asked for a bounty from texas, so who knows

  25. Say goodbye to the Raptors score. It’s easier to convince share holders to buy a MSLE for more then a billion then to put it into the blue jays. It actually really is I would be on board cash cow.

    I always thought Bell and Rogers worked togehter with there charging for receiving and sending text messages when it doesnt cost them a fucking thing.

    Nintendo the other corporation seem to be able to convince share holders to commit more then 60 million, when the gate revenue isnt there. We need a starter and a another bullpen guy. Maybe your trying to acquire them now but if not why you have the money.

    You did not know Wells would be traded I’m glad he’s gone but you obvsioluy could afford that or you wouldn’t have signed him. Attendance wasnt good when you signed him then it is now so stop making excuses and blaming toronto.

    Why go to Arb when you can afford Johnson just sign him for a two year deal. Maybe you will but if not why.

    In 2009 you could afford Bay and Lackey your words AA, what the hell was different from 2009 compared to now attendance and tv wise, not a lot so stop fucking lying to your fanbase.
    Rant over.

  26. I’ll pass on Gio. Since we’ve heard about it, it’s not likely to happen though. So…There’s that.

    Also, crotch of the grab and a Jim Lahey hoist of a lil’ drinkey poo to Stoeten for his outstanding efforts so far this offseason. 94 posts so far in December…In 8 days. Excellent work sir!

  27. together

  28. Great job man in plaid.

  29. Henderson Alvarez, might have to be part of the deal, so no way.
    Gio in the AL East is not the same pitcher.
    I thnik the prospects we would have to trade have better upside then what Gio currently is, a pitcher playing half his games in a huge fucking ballpark.
    I’m with you.

  30. If Rogers and BCE buy MLSE, that’s huge.

    Seriously, I wonder if that’s why the Jays message has been so weird the past little while.

    I don’t see any hard with the Jays being associated with the Leafs though.  Sure hasn’t hurt the Raptors (Want Leaf tickets? Gotta buy Raptors too).  Maybe not best for the Toronto sports fan  though..

  31. Wtf…..they need a second baseman…..they now have a second baseman. They have Snider who needs to play. Whats this bullshit about Johnson playin left anyway?

  32. Yep, if this is going down then I suppose that might explain all the weirdness lately.  Maybe.

  33. I think everyone should go back and read the Beeston interview with Griffen from October. 

    Here are some excerpts:

    “We could go after Cliff Lee, but Cliff Lee ain’t coming here and you and I know that. Now, had we been in the playoffs the year before and we go to Cliff Lee and say you’re the final piece. I think we’ve got something to sell. “

    Is this an attempt to claim that all big ticket free agents won’t come here and that is why the Jays aren’t in on them?  Or was this specific to Lee (since he took less money to go to Philly?)

    ” it made no sense for us to just keep on increasing our payroll for players – and I don’t mean to malign any of them – that are “B” free agents just so that we could have names. If we have “A” free agents that’s a different story. Now you’re talking something completely different. But my feeling is and will always continue to be that the mobility of the best free agents is always to contending teams and until we prove we’re there, we’re not going to get those.”

    Sounds to me like more excuse making.  The reason these players tend to drift towards contending teams, is because contending teams tend to be the larger market types that pay these fuckers what they want….not because they are simply contenders.  I haven’t seen a slew of free agents looking to sign with Minny or TB and they have been teams in contention in recent years (minny obviously not last year)

    and here is this beauty..

    “I think we’ll be able to financially bring in the money that’s going to sustain a $120 million payroll….We’ve just got to get back to the 3-million people. Then we can play with the big boys.”

    Okaaaay… see….Griffen simply has no reading comp skills.  Beeston never said the team was going to spend 120 million on salaries.  He said that there will perhaps come a time when the team is competitive and brings in enough revenue such that it contain a 120 million payroll..that is a COMPLETELY different thing then saying “we can sustain a 120 million dollar payroll”

    this payroll only goes up when the team is a big winner….and that will be done through the draft and trades..and those trades will be for controllable , younger players without huge salaries..so in essence…when the team gets good enough that it can sustain that payroll…they wont fucking need the money anyway..because fuck..the team is already a winner.

  34. It’s a tough call… you’d think the money required to bump up payroll would be small potatoes compared to the money going in the MLSE deal.  It’s not like contracts are paid out all at once.

    The whole thing is pretty crazy.  It will be fascinating to see what the ramifications are of this.  Rogers will have stake in the Jays, Leafs, Raptors and FC.  Wow.

  35. 2010 investors report: http://www.rogers.com/web/Roge

    “Balance Sheet Strength

    Approximately $2.4 billion of available liquidity with no debt
    maturities until 2012, and a ratio of 2 times net debt to adjusted
    operating profit”

    That kind of liquidity could have bought MLSE wholesale without significantly impacting the Jays ability to make payroll. At half the cost? I can’t see how this makes any difference whatsoever.

  36. Rogers as a whole may have money but there are divisions in a corporation that have budgets. I fail to see why people don’t understand that concept. The owners of the Jays are a business and not an individual owners play toy. Rogers has shareholders and all that other fancy business stuff.

  37. makes one think that maybe corporate ownership of a team isnt the ideal situation.  if you have an individual, they can say “fuck it..i want to win..give me that guy..i dont care if he pays for himself or not”

  38. “….not because they are simply contenders.  I haven’t seen a slew of free agents looking to sign with Minny or TB and they have been teams in contention in recent years (minny obviously not last year)”

    instant loss of credibility.

    for every time you say, look what the yankees, angels, red sox did with free agents..

    I say ” John Lackey, Carl Crawford”

    or I say, the Mets, Cubs,   both historic for bringing in big name FA’s, where has that gotten them?

  39. loss of credibility? How does your non sequitur response connote lack of credibility with regards to my statement that Beeston was full of shit in saying only contenders can sign high level free agents? 

    You are making the argument that signing free agents doesn’t work in team building which is not even what I was attacking in Beeston’s comments.

    I dont recall even bringing up the yankees, angels, or red sox…

    but since you did, i wonder how many world series those teams have combined for since 1993.

  40. you brought up minnesota and tampa as proof that simply winning isnt the end all to attracting free agents as Beeston has suggested.

    However both those teams avoid free agency for other reasons all together, lack of finances.  Which you don’t take in to consideration..

    I don’t get what you find so bullshit about what Beeston said, Lee took lees to sign in Philly, Pujols, Wilson, took less to sign in LA.. Do you really think at this point anyFA’s are going to take less to sign here?

    Could the Jays have offered Pujols 300 million and lured him here? Sure, but does it make sense from a business standpoint to grossly overpay for a free agent? The nationals went out last offseason to prove a point, they grossly overpaid werth, and that didn’t make their team any better.. now as their prospects mature and they do become a good team, chances are the werth contract will handicap them when it comes time to adding a good FA to help them.

    Spending for the sake of spending doesn’t make sense. It just doesn’t

  41. obviously, Elliott would be proud. 

  42. aa’s business is beating boston and nyy.
    like it or not, that means at some point they will have to spend like them.

    all this ignores that the jays have been profitable beyond the most optimistic investments you or i might hope to make (9%/yr since 2002 in valuation of the team) shareholders have nothign to gripe about. fans, however, do.

  43. Beeston is talking out his ass.  Either we arent singing these guys because it doesnt make sense (they are not worth it) or we are not signing these guys because we cant (they wont come here).  Beeston is saying its the latter.  That is crap.

  44. Nintendo with Seattle, I dont think they should spend money for the sake of spending money but dont tell us fans you cant. Seattles gate revenue is about the same as us. They dont have a potenial whole country that can watch there games.
    All fans are saying is you can afford a 100 million dollar payroll, does that mean spend 100 million no, but you can afford it. If Baltimore, Seattle can we can.
    They did not know Wells would be gone I’m glad he is, but they would have never signed him to that deal if they couldnt afford it.
    Attendance isnt much different now then it was when Rogers signed him, Lackey and Bay in 2009 our revenue was about the same as now.

    I’m glad those players are not on our team but dont tell me you cant afford it.
    Do not blame this city and it’s fans for a 60 million dollar payroll.

  45. Boston was one game back of the wild card, Chicago went to the playoffs with that roster.
    Better then us.

  46. Well I don’t know if he can come right out and say they are overpaid and we don’t want a bad contract. probably wouldn’t go over too well with the agents/fa themselves.

    Free agent shopping isn’t like going to walmart and picking something off the rack.It takes mutual interest and players are going to sign with a winner or ideal climate unless a team overpays..

    Would you like to have Lackey, Crawford, Werth, Bay on the Jays right now?? those are players who went for the highest money…

  47. Washington had a better year did Werth help, not really but they had a better year.

  48. yes and john lackey and carl crawford were instrumental in their success.

    Not pedroia, lester, ellsbury,  beckett, gonzalez, paps.. all players they acquired through drafting or trading prospects.

    Chicago WENT to the playoffs with that roster, now they have a bunch of dead weight contracts they cant get rid of and aren’t competitive.

  49. would you like to have Holliday, Reyes, Buehrle, CC, Beltre, these are also players who signed for the most money, I’d take them.

  50. Holliday, Beltre and CC have worked out so far, but they signed with contenders, so you’re missing the point there.

    And Reyes, Buehrle, in short no. Both overpaid. and in Buerhle’s case, he’s not even that good

  51. CC was a free agent the Yankees were a playoff team but not a win it all team until they went all in on CC, TEX, Burnett There’s more then one way to win. Dont get me wrong I like our way, but going all in has helped tons of teams Lakers, Heat.

    I dont want to go all in but it has worked for certain teams, there is more then one way to win you cant say this way will work just because it worked for the Rays.
    We have to wait until we win to say that.  We can most likely win this way otheres have but, others have won the other way aswell.

    Mark Buuerhle might be over paid a little much, The guy throws a shit load of inngs and has never been on the DL for a long period of time.

    At his age and how many miles on the arm the guys a beast.

  52. not funny.

  53. funny.

  54. Beast part he’s a mini beast with those miles on him.

  55. +1 for writing “cognitive dissonance”. PSY101Y1

  56. They went all in with shedding tons of prospects and millions and millions of dollars for extensions. Just because AGon wasnt a free agent he only agree to be traded for an extension sort of makin ghim a free agent. No extension no trade.

  57. stfu

  58. If Reyes is healthy, it’s an underpay and he’s not even in his mid-30s when the deal is done. It’s possibly the best value this offseason.

    Likewise, Buerhle probably got a year more than they’d like – but the dollars aren’t that much. At this point, he’s basically a lock as a 3-win pitcher. Marginal wins are valued at $5million (roughly), so even without inflation, he’s actually probably UNDERpaid at that rate if he can manage to hold off regressing.

    He’s basically an older version of Gio Gonzalez. Lots of innings, mid rotation guy. I think they actually paid less than the Jays would have, had they given up Nicolino, Sanchez, Syndergaard, and Nolin for Gio (rumoured price being 4 arms from a-ball). In short: the fish got two of the LEAST overpaid guys this offseason.

    All FAs are “overpaid” – or all FAs are paid what they’re valued at by the teams that sign them. If you think it’s too much, go watch OFSAA baseball or something. It’s still good, and the people playing aren’t making a shitload of money that, apparently, offends you on some level.

    If you want crazy, look at the Papelbon and Bell contracts, or the Pujols contract. The worst is yet to come, anyway. This year has been relatively tame so far – no Juan Pierres so far. At least Pujols still has a legitimate case as being the best player in the game, and the CP contracts are under 6 years.

    Next year will, I think, be a complete shit show in comparison once the Dodgers get back to a position to throw money around. It’s also a SP-heavy class, so you’ll see lots of stupid contracts just based on length alone.

  59. Here’s a thought of why alex is talking kj in left field.  Alex did the kj trade for the sole purpose of getting those picks.  The last thing he wanted was kj to accept arb and pay him 7 mil.  If he now goes out and gets another 2b and says that kj has to compete for the job in lf with thames/snider, that gives him an out to waive him in spring training if he struggles thus paying him only 1/6 of this salary.  It would be a pretty sinister thing to do but you never know.

  60. Rogers & BCE are close to a deal to buy 80% of MLSE for 1.3 billion.
    This is major news & proves that they have money to spend on sports properties.

  61. Or, if Rogers is spending their share of $1.3 Billion to purchase MLSE, it could also explain why all of a sudden “payroll parameters” recently became a talking point…. Cash flow may unexpectedly become a little tight for the next few years.

  62. This is nonsense and would be an absolute waste of an asset.  Whether he wanted KJ or not (likely not with the picks attached), he’s still a very solid 2B option.  If he acquired another 2B (which he’d clearly only do on the cheap now), he’ll trade KJ, not just let him go and waste over $1M in the process.

  63. That’s not true.  HNIC games are bid on through the NHL, not from the team.

  64. Agree with above @rdillon99. goodbye Darvish money.

  65. The best part of the interview is when Johnson totally forgets Snider’s name! It was awesome!

    Stoeten completely misquotes him up there. The real quote was “You know, between Eric Thames and…..(long pause)…..uh….(thinking: what the fuck is that little bitch’s name?)…..oh ya, Travis Snider…” LOL

    He’s an afterthought even to his own teammates. Has there ever been a shittier, more comically useless player in Jays history than Fatboy Snider?

  66. Making KJ play LF would be stupid.  It would be like forcing Alfonso Soriano to play LF.

  67. The difference between buying the Leafs and sinking money down a drain to amuse lay at home cheap fuck Blue Jay fans, is that Leaf fans won’t be crying on the internet about paying 99 cents a month for TV; what seats they get for their $100 season cheap fuck pass, because they don’t get such a lucky break as a $100 seasons pass; whether some PED addict was signed in the offseason; or whether they actually have to show up at a game and increase revenue before more money is spent.

    If you think the lesson here is that Rogers has money to put down the Blue Jay toilet, you’re even dumber than I gave you credit for. The only lesson is that Rogers has no need to listen to a group of whiny cheap bitches cry on the internet because they learned they actually have to get off their cheap asses and buy a ticket to a game instead of Rogers blowing hundreds of millions to amuse them. 

    When I wrote yesterday that Canadians specializes in two baseball areas, one, losing their major league franchises and two, looking for someone else to blame, I left out the third, which is not being able to see something staring you in the face. 

    So Torontonians only have 5 more years in my estimation to whine and cry because Rogers won’t buy them Albert Pujols or Prince Fielder while they sit home during the season on their asses posting on the internet during baseball games. They can post about how cheap Rogers is, and how they would have to pay 99 cents for SN1 if they actually ordered it. They can post all the mythology that Expos fans believed – that the loss of the franchise was the result of anything other than not enough asses in seats. 


  68. Look at   Buehrle’s stats vs the AL East and then tell me if you would have invested that much for him… probably not.

    Reyes if he’s healthy.. well thats a huge if, isn’t it

    I’m not against overpaying for an FA, when it puts you over the top.  Gio is terribly overrated, no way he’s worth 2 of those arms, let alone 4 of them.

    If the jays are going to shell out for a front line starter, it would have to be Garza I think.

  69. Was johnson even ever in the same game as snider?  Give him a break. And you must not have been around long if you don’t remember eric shitske

  70. “ They can post all the mythology that Expos fans believed – that the loss of the franchise was the result of anything other than not enough asses in seats.”

    Montreal lost the Expos because ownership refused to both extend the quality young players they developed, and refused to add free agents to put them over the top. Montreal citizens were smart enough to not fucking bother with ownership that didn’t give a shit. Rogers has (so far) extended the young talent that JP and AA has developed, not that there’s been a ton of it, but they are absolutely pulling the same shit when it comes to free agents that Expos ownership did. 

    Do you know how many empty seats there were after the Expos traded for Colon? 

    All this is stupid, though, because MLB will never, ever leave Toronto. 

    You’re kind of an idiot for taking Beeston’s side in the whole “fans have to come before we spend thing,” hth 

  71. @prolog,@738228ed7477cb67dd351dd621233be7:disqus 
    I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought KJ = Cameron.

  72. Tell me you realize these two things

    1) There is an enormous difference between the economic state of the Jays right now (or even 5 years down the road with 20k attendance and half a million viewers) and the Expos, right?

    2) There are at least 5 MLB franchises who are ahead of the Jays on the relocation train

    If you cannot acknowledge that fact, you are far more of an idiot than I thought.  The Jays are not moving in the foreseeable future for two reasons.  1) They make far more money for Rogers than you realize; 2) There is nowhere to move them that would make sense, and if there was, there are at least 5 other owners who would sell their franchise to the new city’s ownership group for cheaper than the Jays

  73. Thamesian actually believes Montreal lost the Expos because of the owners. WOW!

  74. JB actually thinks baseball is going to pull out of Toronto. Wow! He even gave a time limit, five years. Wow! 


  75. Randy,

    I’m curious what makes you believe that they make “far more money for Rogers than (I) think”. 

    How much money Randy? Where does the mystery money come from?

    It sure doesn’t come from television revenue. But if you still believe it does, then address the link that I’ve posted twice now, showing that no other network will pay $150,000 per game for the broadcast rights, and the production costs are about $50,000 per game. That makes a ceiling of about $16 million a year from broadcast to go along with the $34 million they get at the gate, while Rogers spends about $100 million on salary and benefits. 

    Tell us where the mystery money comes from Randy. Or do you even care about the truth.

  76. Actually JB the Jays make 150 million on TV rights. I’ve seen the papers. 

    Otherwise, I agree with everything you said. If Toronto won’t support it’s perpetual, mediocre 4th place team then it’s their faults when it moves to… uh somewhere. HAHAHAHAAAAA

  77. How much money is a difficult question to ask..

    1) Your article is very stale and from the peak of the economic crisis (or bottom).  If you bump that figure to a conservative $200,000 per game (given the now 500k ratings and better economic conditions), you’re now at $24 million.  Also, CBC isn’t going to run the games at break-even, so they were likely looking for more than $150,000.  It’s probably closer to $250,000 per game now. 
    2) The bigger issue here is content, as I have stated before.  If Rogers did not have the Jays, they would have to find content for the summer, and based on what is available for sports from May (when Sportsnet stops broadcasting hockey) to September (when football starts), there is nothing.  Night after night, Rogers would either have to accept low-cost, low-ratings programming or pay for more baseball.  Plus, I believe the Jays fit cancon qualifications.  I’m not going to ballpark the figure (pun intended) but I think that is where you really narrow the gap between the ($34+$24 = $56 million) and the $100 mil in costs.  Plus, let’s not forget that Sportsnet One was a strong-armed tactic on their rival cable companies and was largely driven by the Jays. 

    I don’t dispute your revenue figures, aside from bumping them up because of better economic conditions and higher ratings. 
    3) Cross-promotion.  Every Rogers ad or promotion you see in a jays-related broadcast/event or whatever, is an ad that they did not have to pay someone else to display.

    You’re missing the entire content side of the coin, which cannot be understated.

    And do you really think a very smart business like Rogers would not have put the pet project of its former, deceased founder up for sale right away if they did not see the value in owning it??  Ted died 3 years ago and there has not been an inkling of a sale.

  78. Plus, there is the revenue coming in from the MLB: National Tv money, MLBAM money, revenue sharing, etc….

  79. You realize KJ and Snider were never on the team at the same time, right? Like, they probably have never met each other. It’s not like Johnson forgot the name of a guy he saw every day or something.

  80. If the Blue Jays wants to steal the model the Rays have used, maybe they should try doing contracts with their players like the Rays.

    Matt Moore just signed a 5-year deal worth $14MM after 17-days of service time.

  81. Meats don’t clash…

  82. I dont think the Jays are goin anywhere. Its good to see all rhe talk and interest in the team but it needs to transfer to asses in the seats. Everyone thinks Rogers should just pony up a shit load of money and sign an elite player to a fucking stupid 10 year contract. Then they will all sit back and piss and moan when the player doesnt likely live up to it a few years in. I too like Fielder but 10 years? No way. They ve had great players over the years and I didnt see the place swellin to the rafters when Roy Halladay was pitchin gems. Fans need to show ownership they appreciate the good things goin on here and help support a winning atmosphere by showin up!!! If that happens I think you ll see the major incestment not to mention the players will be pumped by the true support.

  83. Of course they aren’t going anywhere. The person posting as JB is just fucking moronic. His testicles are yellow

  84. Great point.  I’m sure Rogers will sell the Jays in 5 years to some shady outside interest.  It’s not like they’ve spent the better part of a billion dollars recently buying up sports content to show across it’s Rogers platforms.

    You’re a troll.  Take out your weird Toronto-hate somewhere else.

  85. How long before the usual apologists (Im looking at you wilner) come out and claim that the purchase of MLSE had nothing to do with “payroll parameters” that suddenly were being trotted out by AA?

  86. ROGERS:  2.1 Billion in pretax cash flow!

    these fuckers are like drug cartels.  so how does spending an extra 50 mil affect their profits? it’s a drop in the bucket.  if they weren’t making boatloads of cash they wouldn’t be buying another sports franchise. 

  87. if the money is a drop in the bucket..why did they have to go halvzies with Bell? Why not just buy it all?

  88. Can only laugh at someone who posts as “Guest” calling someone else yellow. This piece of shit would have to grow a pair to have yellow ones. 

  89. Because of antitrust issues.  There’s no way Bell would have allowed this. They would have tied this deal up in litigation for years.

    so this is great, how many mouths does rogers have to feed now?

  90. Remind me again why they never met?
    Oh ya, Snider was playing in AAA because he is not good enough to play in MLB. (and NEVER WILL Bitches!) 
    I’m actually surprised KJ was able to pull his name out of his ass at the end there. Maybe he quickly checked bluejays.com or something.

  91. Welp, you got me there. Way to stick it to Snider, internet tough guy! Way cool, bro!

    And for what it’s worth, Johnson was traded to Toronto at the end of August, the same week that Snider was shut down for the year because of wrist tendinitis. The Jays had already said they were going to call him up in September at the latest, before he got injured. So… that’s why they never met, champ.

  92. I just hope when they leave they keep the blue jay name. I will still cheer for them.

  93. Just see today’s comments by Nadir on content and distribution for why the Jays will not be sold anytime in the near future unless something drastic changes

  94. I don’t know why we’re reacting to what is essentially the usual Griffin ‘spin’ – has anyone seen him either on audio/camera or through a better source, saying this?

  95. Wrist tendinitis eh, is that the medical term for hits like shit?
    Sounds like he had too much time on his, ahem, hands down there in vegas.
    At least we got a new nickname for him now, Travis “Hairy Palms” Snider.

  96. Yeah that’s typical. As soon as any dissenting opinion shows up on here and and dares to interrupt the usual ball washing, it has to be trolling.

  97. Another Longoria-type deal for the Rays.

    I could see the Jays doing that for Lawrie real soon.

  98. As you can see Randy, the more you plug in real numbers the more the phoney ‘Rogers is cheap claim’, which can be likened to the “Last Cry of the Expos”, is silly and stupid. 

    If we use your broadcast numbers,which I think are high but let’s use them nonetheless, that changes $16 million in TV revenue to $32 million even if you hold the 2009 production costs flat. That gives you all the benefit of the doubt and brings revenues up to $66 million. If you look at the 5 years on Forbes ending 2010, the Jays averaged salaries and benefits (that’s only one expenditure) of $100 million. With gate and TV revenues generously estimated at two-thirds that. 

    When I wrote yesterday that Canadians don’t understand business (I wasn’t referring to you as much as the board morons like Fulmer Fan, Northyorkjays, oakville69), l meant that they have two fundamental flaws. 

    First, they don’t understand business and act as though RCI is a charity. They appear not to understand that corporations have very real constraints. They think that RCI is simply going to stiff shareholders like RBC, which owns about 33,000,000 shares, or OMERS (the municipal pension plan) which owns 6,000,000 by taking on hundreds of millions of salary commitments without any evidence of growing revenues. They think that companies just make that gamble with a ‘who cares if we were wrong’ attitude toward their shareholders. Rogers is not going to use its shareholders money to amuse some internet whackjobs who think that because RCI has revenues it owes them to so-called Blue Jay fans who don’t go to games, and who complain over the slightest cost.

    Second, they don’t really care what the truth is. The posters I’ve mentioned are one with no respect whatsoever for the truth. It doesn’t really matter what the actual revenues are, these guys are comparable to the kid who only cares if his Hannukah gift is expensive. 

    In any US city, today’s news would be greeted by baseball fans as we’d better take a cold, hard look at whether this company is going to continue in the lousy market. But as I’ve noted, besides losing their baseball franchises, Canadians’ other specialty is fingerprinting. I think you can interpret the coming years of ‘mean Rogers’ the same as you could interpret ‘mean Bronfman’ and ‘mean Loria’ in Montreal – as the sad and slow bleatings of people who will do anything but buy tickets because they think someone owes them a baseball team. 

  99. Buerhle plays in the NL East now, though. Besides that, 28-26 (W-L) isn’t terrible, unless you consider the AL East a bunch of inferior teams to the White Sox. But I’m sure you’ll still tell me how wins are a stupid stat, even though he is winning in the face of teams you’re telling me are really hard to beat, and that he’s terrible in games against. Only the Yankees have really owned him. All this is asides the point, which is, he didn’t sign in the AL East.

    I never said the Jays should sign middling free agents in 2012. It makes no sense to do that. Why pay Buerhle more than Bautista?

    I don’t think Garza is a ‘front line’ starter on a good team.  Not only that, but he’s a FA when the Jays can reasonably expect to be ready to content in 2014. He’s already making something like 10 million. Again, it makes no sense to overpay to get a guy that might help now, probably won’t help when you’re ready, and will cost you guys that WILL help (either on the roster, or by bringing in win-now guys in trade) in the future. 

  100. Please choose a different username if you’re going to continue to vomit this idiocy on the forum. The real JB was smart and witty. You’re a bore who is incredibly incorrect about every stupid thing you say. If you can’t understand how it’s awful that the fifth-biggest market in baseball has a payroll of sixty million regardless of how many people come to the games then i’m sure a grownup can explain it to you off the internet. 

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