OK, so maybe I don’t know if there were any actual Mexican radios I was on this afternoon, but I did sit down in-studio with Rob Wong of the Fan590 here in Toronto to talk Jays for a bit. I’m thinking that maybe if lots of people click on the link, maybe they’ll have me back. So… why not?

Click here to have a listen.

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  1. Geez Stoeten, really good job on the radio man. May sound ridiculous but hearing you actually speak helps up the respect level. You sounded like a pro! #Natural

  2. Nice job.  I would say that you guys would be ideal for Sportsnet to pick up as bloggers etc if you weren’t already working for The Score.

  3. Stoeten has a girlfriend? I call shenanigans.

  4. I didn’t know Stoeten was capable of delivering a sentence with saying “fuck.” He sure would be an ideal pickup…if he hadn’t been shitting on rogers and sportsnet so much in the past. Doubt they dig that. It’s like calling your boss’ wife an ugly cunt and then expecting a promotion. I’m not olding my breath for a return engagement. And yeah, he works for the Score too.

  5. Atta boy Stoeten!!!

    You’ve been taken outta your element that you’re not allowed to swear in every sentence. Well done!

  6. The audio on the voice levels where hit and miss depending on the inflections in both your voices. I blame Rogers shitty mics.

  7. Of course he has a girlfriend LOOK AT THAT BEAUTIFUL BEARD! Also: Rogers would make you shave, so yay Score.

  8. Speak into the microphone… the levels were brutal.

    Good interview, hopefully they have you on more often and you can speak some sense to a couple of the clowns that they let on air at the FAN.

  9. I see Geoff “White Jays/Trolly McTrollerson” Baker is at it again. Good to see nothing’s changed:


    Way to accentuate the things that prove your point and not mention the things that run counter to it douchefuck. It sounds like he thinks a player can only possibly be an excellent, impactful player if he’s paid a shit-tonne of money, and there are so many examples in the game today that punch a hole in that lazy argument/theory that it’s not worth bothering with. I concede that Rogers’ feet have to be held to the fire to get a winner here, although they are already spending more than previously in areas other than payroll to beef up the on field product. Not as much as some (and obviously Geoff) would like to see. Fair enough.

    I’d like to see more payroll spending, but I’m not one of those who believes it’s smart to go straight from $70 million to $120 million in one fell swoop. I’d be OK with a $90 million payroll this year, and maybe $110 million in 2013, but spending for the sake of spending (or to satisfy the Geoff Bakers of the world) is dumb. Right now the payroll is projected to be $77.5 million, so it could still get to $90 million before the Opening Day bell rings. Then again, an upper limit shouldn’t constrain a team’s efforts to get better when high impact players are still on the board in the offseason or during the season.

    To lump the tail end of the Gord Ash years and the J.P. Ricciardi years in with AA’s new regime is a bit much. If AA doesn’t deliver meaningful games in September/playoffs by at least the three seasons between 2013 and 2015, then yeah this re-building effort has been a ruse, but we’re in the early days of this regime. If we stay in 75-85 win purgatory without a sniff of something better, I’ll pick up the torch and pitchfork and call for his head, but for now, I’m prepared to let him build this team the way he sees fit. Better days are ahead. I’ll let 2010-2012 be the building years, if he’ll make 2013 forward the contention years. That’s the deal from where I sit. Others want 2012 to be the breakout year. While I’d love to see that, I don’t think it’s going to happen. That won’t stop me from enjoying watching AA build this team though.

  10. Great job on the radio Stoeten. Your positive vibe on the Jays is refreshing. Hope to hear more of you on the Fan 590. I would totally tune in if they gave you your own show.

  11. Nicely done !

  12. Great job dude. Must be awesome turning a passion into a hobby and then into a job.

  13. Great segment, dude.

    Hope they have you on again.

  14. Personally, I’ve always felt 2012 *could* be a contending year, depending on breaks, break outs, etc. I’ve also always felt that 2013 *should* be the start of contending years, which will hopefully be on going.

    So I’m on the same page as you, I think.

  15. And after winning 81-89 games this year we’ll be lectured all offseason about why Hamels, Cain, and Greinke aren’t worth signing to long term deals (there won’t be any elite bats available). Yay!

  16. I didn’t know Sportsnet was cool with inter media relationships, a guy who used to work for the Fan 960 (calgary) got fired over having a TSN guy on. Mike Richards and Pierre McGuire being the two people. 

  17. I love that article. It somehow makes the Burnett/Ryan period an example of budget cutting (he acknowledges that the team spent money and that it didn’t pan out, but really ignores that spending later), and conveniently doesn’t mention a) the Rays and their tiny payroll, or b) the O’s and there fiscal mismanagement. 

    He (correctly) assails the cutting of the Latin scouting, but doesn’t mention the massive reinvestment in that area. He accepts that not signing Fielder and trading for Santos “may turn out to be shrewd moves”, but then for no reason doubts their motives? He ignores Bautista’s contract, and Escobar’s, and Romero’s (all of which a truly “penny pinching” team probably wouldn’t have signed). He ignores the Draft investment. And better than all of that… He makes some argument about the US$/C$ market that completely misses the entire currency exchange point as the central premise of the article. 


  18. Anyone know what’s going on with the Cespedes ballplayer?  Do the Jays have any interest?  He could be worth taking a risk as a possible left fielder.

  19. Even during the Burnett / Ryan years the Jays didn’t spend that much money. I believe it was 200 million over 3 years. 

  20. Well done Stoeten.
    You’ve improved a lot since your first time.Not as nervous as before.
    Woulda liked you to cut down the explanations a little, just so you could cover more issues and give your opinion on more subjects.Not a criticism, just a request.

    Next time you’re on, could you give a shout out to DJF commenter Radar.
    Ya see, my wife doesn’t believe I spend as much time as I do at a site called Drunk Jays Fans.
    This way I could prove it to her.
    She thinks I’m surfing for porn and she’s okay with that.
     She just thinks it’s a little weird that it’s the Jays and Stoeten’s next post that gets me excited.

    Maybe she’s right, I am a sick fuck and need therapy.

  21. The Jays seem to have a cursory interest in him, like they do all players, but nothing serious.

  22. My pal used to work there and I know they ain’t, so don’t expect Andrew Stoeten of the score to pop up again on there anytime soon. 

  23. stoeten gets 1 step closer to meeting wilner.  it will be like the hedron collider when it happens.

  24. Seemed like Wong was very sure to mention him as Andrew Stoeten of Drunk Jays Fans, with 0 affiliation to The Score.  And no offense to Stoeten and Parkes, they do a great job, but they’re not quite as visible/face of the networky as someone like Pierre McGuire

  25. Who the fuck is Pierre McGuire?

    (Just joking, unfortunately)

  26. Not really.
    Stoeten’s a big fan of Wilner.
    Hard to believe I know.

  27. Already done.

  28. Ya, I’m pretty sure they don’t give anything close to a shit. Been on before and with TSN radio a bunch of times as well.

  29. I’ve been thinking maybe the reason the Jays are not going after Fielder is they’re pretty confident they’ll get Votto through trade sometime within the yr. I know it sounds crazy but why was Votto’s agent in town a few wks ago? No way the Jays were the “mystery” team in on Pujols with Beeston and Rogers running the show.

  30. Pierre McGuire can’t get us to the playoffs by himself. Don’t make that trade. 

  31. Geoff Baker is pretty much on the mark of his criticisms of Rogers in that article. There is no real excuse for Rogers having below-average payrolls for almost the entirety of the last decade, and no real excuse to have them competing like a small-market team with their resources. The parallels between the beginning of the Ricciardi era and right now are obvious to anybody paying attention.

    Unsurprisingly, it took a journalist that isn’t in this city anymore to make them. The other journalists in this city are largely Rogers apologists because they either work for Rogers or hope to down the road.

  32. i don’t know what the fuck you don’t understand about a budget

  33. What the fuck does what Anthopoulos’s has been building the last 25 months have to do with anything before that? If he had a budget ceiling of $175 million, but still chose to only spend $80 million in ’12 would you still continuously bitch and cry and blame it on the Rogers boogeyman? What if he really doesn’t want to sign the fucking free-agents you do? Really doesn’t. Can you imagine that. Can you allow your brain to imagine that possiblity?

    Are you capable of recognizing that in life, what you think, isn’t always correct? A lot of very sensible thoughts you sometimes make, get over shadowed by the blowhard manor you rage with all the time, my friend.

  34. Alright.  Enough.  Rogers is the richest company to hold a baseball team.   But that doesn’t mean they have the most to spend. 

    I blame this intolerance on the rise of Soccer.   In Europe, and elsewhere, it’s common for the owners to spend out of pocket to make their team the best.  It’s a very macho world.  In North America, it’s still a business.  And just because Rogers’ net worth is higher than any other holding party of a team doesn’t mean that their entire business is about the Blue Jays.   As has been explained many many many fucking times in a million different ways from three different angles – Rogers’ runs the baseball team to create revenue. 

    They wouldn’t, ever, ever, create a team of all stars that would be guaranteed to win at a loss.  They can’t market that.  While they’d be idiots not to try to win, they’d be bigger idiots to chase chances with dollars and hope to win. 

    If anyone references Rogers being the richest team in baseball again I’m going to give myself a papercut on my eyelid. 

  35. With as much hate as bff gets on this issues, I have to agree with him to a degree. This team is, in my opinion, one or two pieces (1B and SP) away from being a legitimate contender for the WC, now that there are two of them. If the offseason plays out and the jays are not seriously involved in fielder/darvish I will be disappointed. Of course there are other ways to build a team, as AA has been showing, however when you have the chance to plug a black hold (Adam Lind) with an all-star caliber player for only cash, I think if you can afford it, you really should go for it. Obviously nothing insane like the pujols deal (Which may actually have made sense business wise for the angels, given the potential to take over the LA market, given the state of the dodgers) but a big money contract shouldn’t scare you too much, given the low payroll commitments the jays have to this point.

    It bears repeating the payroll for the jays in 2012 right now is something around 60 million. Even if fielder were to under-perform, the jays should have plenty of room to still make moves, assuming Rogers/beeston/AA have been truthful regarding the total amount of money available for  payroll. Most of the jays talented players are locked in to long-term deals, or have shown that they will take well below market contracts (escobar), so its not as if there is an extra 40 million in Arb raises/extensions about to go on the books either. 

    With regards to the argument that ‘the fans must come before we spend big,’ Toronto sports in general, even moreso than most places is driven by winning. If they jays were to make the playoffs, or be involved in a close playoff race, attendance would improve dramatically. Given that a piece like fielder or darvish could propel this team into the playoffs, I think that spending this offseason is a risk that rogers/AA should be taking. Yes you can succeed without big FA signings as the rays have proven, but if you have the potential to have a high payroll, it doesn’t make sense to ignore the FA route of improving your team.

    I will be sorely disappointed if we don’t manage to snag any quality players from FA this year (Basically darvish/fielder are the only guys left I guess), and I would wonder about AA’s freedom to increase payroll. There are obviously some unknowns about certain players potential performance next year, but I think that waiting until the team crosses a certain performance threshold before spending big is pointless, if you have the ability to make your team a contender for a non-constraining amount of dollars, you need to be making that move.

  36. They invested a lot in 3-4 players during that period. A lot that turned very bad, very fast.

  37. re: “jays score enough runs”
    they were 6th in runs scored, but who were 1 & 2? Bos & NY.

  38. Agree with BFF. I’m all for building using the Tampa Bay model, but they gotta sign Prince Fielder. Right now. Unless he really is demanding 8 years. 

  39. You’ve come a long way Stoeten.
    For a guy who is a self proclaimed soccer geek,a guy who’s never played,coached,umpired or anything with baseball.

    You started a blog,turned that into a job at the Score,got your unemployed partner, Parkes a job,to live streaming,podcasts,interviews with players,interviews on The Fan and TSN,facebook,twitter,itunes,etc.
    A true mulitimedia entity across many platforms,just like…. Rogers.

    I’m telling you now, there is no fuckin way I’m paying $9.95 a month for The DJF Insider.
    I’ll pay $4.99, maybe $5.99 but for $9.95 ,you can shove it up your ass.

    And you can forget about me calling you MR. Stoeten.That’s just taking it too far.
    Pretentious prick.

    BTW,keep up the good work.

  40. I have to agree with him to a degree. This team is, in my opinion, one or two pieces (1B and SP) away from being a legitimate contender for the WC
    So, you feel the club is two pieces away from being an actual 90 plus wins contending club? And the actual Toronto Blue Jays General Manager seemingly doesn’t at this point. Should we ask him to resign, because he’s wrong and you are right? He seemingly does not share your “…is pointless” feelings. You feel one way, Alex Anthopoulos sees it another. It’s duly noted.

  41. if lawrie brings 3 wins to 3b, rasmus brings 3 wins to cf, jpa gains 1 win and prince brings 5 wins, and we get something like 1 win regression from Jose… yeah, i think it’s reasonable.

  42. Lotta “ifs” though. Remember after 2009 when we were all saying “if Lind and Hill play even reasonably close to the way they did last year, that’d be awesome!” Then Jose came out of nowhere while those two were barely above replacement level.

    I think the thing is, trying to say “we’re one or two pieces away” is a bad way to run the club. They should just always be looking to improve because things are so fluid. Players perform unexpectedly well while others perform unexpectedly poorly, and AA seems intent on setting the team up with enough flexibility to make room for the good surprises while being able to survive/replace the bad surprises.

  43. It’s going to be a fun and enjoyable season, no question. But that has nothing to do with people who think they know better or demand what the General Manager should do.

  44. Good composure…

  45. Ben Fransisco???

  46. Ya, it’s odd, extremely capable and successful GM rebuilds club in fun and incredible fashion in two years, yet his method and road of doing so is now unacceptable to what numerous Joe Fan thinks because of an intersplicing frustration of years with Interbrew, Gord Ash, Rogers Inc, Godfrey and JP Ricciardi. As though that some how is something that should effect Alex Anthopoulos’s thinking and behaviour? Sure, why do something effective and perhaps victorious now, when we can still be angry about what happened yesterday.

  47. Jays acquire Ben Francisco from Phillies. I guess to platoon LF with Thames/Snider.

  48. He’s Rajah Davis without the speed and he has no power. Sounds like a minor league depth move to me considering the Jays outfield is already so crowded.

  49. In a vacuum, upgrading lind to fielder or from whoever to darvish while assuming no negative effect on roster flexibility would be a good move for all but rebuilding clubs. Thats why given the jays current payroll (~65) and statements about the potential payroll (~120+) I think pushing hard for these top FA’s is the best course of action. If the jays were more constrained by $$’s I would be more hesitant, but given the message from ownership I don’t think this is the case.

    Otherwise the avenues you are left with to improve with generally cost talent or time (prospect development). Factor in the extra value of marginal wins, and landing these stars (Esp in fielder’s case) becomes an even better proposition. 

    The (reasonable) idea that the team is ‘one or two pieces away’ is just more justification for assuming the risk you take on by signing these guys to big contracts.


    We will certainly see with more clarity what AA/ownership’s approach is regarding FA’s by the end of the offseason. Until then, I’m not going to be coming to any conclusions.

  50. Francisco is a markedly better option off the bench than any of the Rivera/Patterson/McCoy/Nix/Jmac combination we chucked out there for ~1000 AB last year. A .762 career OPS looks like a pretty good option off the bench actually. 

  51. Nobody can argue with the fact you have a radio beard.

    I have not read thru all of the posts but I’m guessing I’m not the first to type this

  52. Not sure where you’re getting your $60 million payroll figure from. According to Baseball-Reference, the current estimate for the Opening Day payroll is $77.5 million, and that figure could go up before Opening Day depending on what AA decides to do between now and then to fill out the roster.

    Personally, I don’t give a flying fuck what they spend on payroll, and I’m not sure why everyone attaches so much significance to it. The quality of the roster is waaay more important than the quantity of money that is spent on it. I just want a team that’s in it for the whole season and that has a shot at the big dance.

    I don’t care if the payroll is $12.5 million or $250 million, I just want to see games that mean something all season long. If they can get that done on the cheap, good on them. If they think it takes a big hike in spending, then do that. Just get it done. I think AA prefers to have everybody on contracts that can be moved when he decides it’s time to move them. His buzzword for it is “financial/roster flexibility”. If that’s what floats his boat,  fine, but let’s get a winner here, if not this year then absolutely by 2013. He’s done a fantastic job so far, so I’m willing to cut him some slack, but I really want to see some results somewhere between 2013 and 2015. I think that’s realistic.

    Others feel that competing yesterday is realistic. Fine. Whatever. It’s idiotic to squawk over what the right method is when we have absolutely no control over it. What you have control over is whether or not to hand over money for tickets, concessions, cable, internet, wireless and whatever else you pay Rogers for. If you don’t like how they’re going about things, don’t enable them to do so with your money. It’s that simple.

  53. I know that’s the narrative that has been swept up by the Rogers apologists lately, but if you think it’s Anthopoulos choice not to spend money, not Rogers, you’re more naive than I ever could have believed. No GM is going to turn down that kind of cash if it’s available.

    And I never suggested that the team sign every free agent available. An above-average payroll for the first time in years would be nice, though. This is Toronto, after all…not Kansas City.

  54. Believing blindly in ownership or management is the definition of a sheep. Think critically for once.

  55. BRef has the expected arbitration payments way off last I checked. The payroll is considerably less than it indicates there

  56. We’ll see come Opening Day. It’s all based on estimates anyway. I’m surprised Cot’s Contracts doesn’t put out estimates like these.

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