Deadline Day Roundup

Yesterday was the deadline for clubs to tender contracts to their arbitration-eligible players, and busy day around here, for various reasons, so let’s review what went on.

Blue Jay Tenders (Y’know, Like Chicken Tenders, Only Not Just A Fancy Name For Reconstituted Meat)

At the start of the day yesterday the contract status of eight Jays players was unresolved: Casey Janssen, Carlos Villanueva, Brandon Morrow, Jesse Litsch, Colby Rasmus, Dustin McGowan, and the newly-acquired Jeff Mathis and Ben Francisco all were eligible for arbitration, but had yet to be tendered contracts.

Over the course of the day the Jays avoided arbitration with three: Jeff Mathis signed a one-year deal for $1.5-million, Jesse Litch agreed to come back on a one-year deal at $975K, and Dustin McGowan will be back on a one-year at $600K (per the club).

None of the players was non-tendered, meaning that the Jays are in line to go to arbitration with the others if nothing can be worked out. Of course, the Jays seem to loathe going to arbitration with their players– and for good reason, seeing as it requires clubs to absolutely shit on their players as best they can, in order to convince the arbitrator that he’s not worth his asking price– so it would be rather surprising if they actually ended up going through the process with any of them.

Anthopoulos Says Some Stuff

GM Alex Anthopoulos had a conference call with reporters yesterday, speaking about the Ben Francisco trade, and pretty much nothing else. He claims that the club is comfortable with carrying five outfielders next season, meaning Bautista, Rasmus, whichever youngster wins the job in left, and Francisco and Davis on the bench. Of course, what the hell was he going to say? “Oh, we’re totally going to move at least one of these guys before the winter’s through!”

I’d be shocked if the Opening Day roster actually included five outfielders, and my early guess is that the one-dimensional Rajai Davis is the most likely to go. Of course, if something big comes along, I don’t think Anthopoulos would be opposed to parting with one of Thames or Snider either.

Roster Management

Because of the acquisitions of Ben Francisco– for non-40-man prospect Frank Gailey– and Jim Hoey off waivers, the Jays needed to free up some roster space, so they outrighted Brian Jeroloman and the recently-acquired Drew Carpenter to triple-A.

Freed Agents!

Several interesting names weren’t tendered contracts by their club, making them free agents. Hong-Chih Kuo, ex- of the Dodgers, and Jose Mijares, formerly of the Twins, are a pair of lefty relievers I’d suspect the Jays may look at. Kuo, however, is still being considered for a return to Los Angeles, according to MLBTR, who non-tendered him largely because they’re not sure he even wants to keep playing after a terrible 2011 season that was plagued by anxiety disorder.

Comments (37)

  1. Any chance for a multi-year contract for Morrow? You’d think they would want to lock him up for a a few years if possible. 

  2. Mark Teahen is the fifth outfielder. Francisco may have vaulted over him but that makes six. Someone is going to have to clear the hell out.

  3. I’d keep Davis on the bench…he’s the only other player who can play CF and late in games, as a pinch runner, there’s no one in baseball I’d rather stick on first. 

    I just don’t see how Francisco warrants a bench spot for what he brings.  Weird acquisition to say the least.

  4. Go ahead, keep disrespecting Rajai, or as I like to call him, “Devon Lite.”  He is fueled by your hate.

  5. Drew and I were talking about this in the office yesterday, and it’s kind of funny that they haven’t already. He’s not really a great fit, as such a heavy flyball guy, in the dome, Drew pointed out. He’s gonna give up lots of HRs if the only way he can get guys out is with the K. Maybe they liked what they saw FINALLY at the end of last year, but maybe he’s worth more elsewhere.

  6. What happens if two teams post the same winning bid in the Darvish sweepstakes? Or any other npb to mlb transfer.

  7. Can’t argue with that. Obviously the end of year improvement was nice. You’ve got to at least try to get him on a team friendly deal if you can, even if just for trade value.

  8. Teahen is more of a 1B/3B than an OF.   That and his 5.5 MM salary is virtually unmovable.   If you consider EE to be the fulltime DH, then your bench is:


    Unless Farrell really wants a 7-man bullpen, there’s room for everyone at the party.  That does require the demotion/trade of either Snider or Thames, but we kind of already knew that.

  9. I think Valbuena makes it over McCoy

    and where are Thames/Snider?

  10. Bautista walked approx 135 times last year.  That’s about 25% of his at bats.  

    If he had a Fielder type player batting behind him, how much “more bautista” would that signing get us?

    Is there a percentage of the cost of that 4th hitter (whoever he is) that can be attributed to 25% more Bautista?

  11. Morrow as an asset has it’s most value in his “ceiling”….he is the highest ceiling pitcher on the Jays imo.  Every year that he comes short of his ceiling, his value declines.  A compelling case can be made to trade him now, as much as I love watching him

  12. I’d rather have Valbuena than Teahen, but then the Jays would have to eat probably close to 5 million of that salary.

  13. is it possible for the sake of comments to the media AA has Snider as being in AAA? was snider even called up in sept? didn’t he finish in AAA. he’s on the 40 man roster but the team may have him outside the 25 until spring training starts.

  14. thats like tying on jeopardy or the showcase showdown. in which case all subsequent parties heads explode simultaneously.

    seriously tho… with the odd numbers thrown out…boston bidding 51,111,111…the odds of this happening are insanely remote and not even worth considering.  im sure they’d be informed of this and given 24 hrs to rebid…or a coin would be flipped. something along these lines…

  15. Snider injured himself a few days before he could be a September call up

  16. I think his team has the choice of which offer to accept, so if one team offers 200million they probably would reject it because it wouldn’t be a serious bid.

  17. He was injured in Triple A before they had the chance to call him back up.

  18. orioLOL’s to sign some crap japanese player

  19. don’t talk about Yu like that

  20. I hate the idea of giving up a late inning base, or worse, run , because a poor defensive guy like Valbuena boots it. I’ll take McCoys weaker bat and better defence. Dont forget he can play outfield AND pitch too.

  21. Seems like now would be the time, too, coming off Morrow’s poor season. They could get a bit of a discount. 

    I’ve begun to wonder whether he’ll ever be able to have an ERA in line with his peripherals, though. He’s just so awful out of the stretch.

  22. Fielder’s impact on the other players in the lineup is yet another reason to sign him, yeah. Also, it would probably mean we wouldn’t have to watch Lind hack away at sliders anymore.

  23. Maybe they could do a “Rios” with him…ie send him to whatever team will take him and (as long as they pick up the salary) call it square.

  24. huh it worked!

  25. JPA isn’t exactly the greatest at controlling the running game. If there’s a case for “personal catcher” for Morrow, it’s because maybe you tell him to forget going into the stretch and have a backstop who can keep runners more honest at first, rather than the idea that it has to do with game-calling.
    That said, I looked up Mathis, and he’s not a huge improvement over JPA in terms of Caught-Stealing %.

  26. If there was a team willing to take Teahen’s contract, or even half of it, don’t you think the deal would have been done instantly?

  27. no catcher in the league is going to keep base runners honest if they aren’t in the stretch. 

  28. not every runner is Juan Pierre.

  29. its tsushio wada

  30. If AA doesn’t trade either Snider or Thames, then its going to be a race to see who can break out and harness their power first.. both guys can hammer the ball a really long way, but they both have a problem being consistently good at the plate.

  31. This team needs help at the front end of the rotation if only to put Morrow’s value into perspective.

  32. If AA is listening to his pitching coaches, they’re telling him out of 5 years in MLB , he’s only pitched over 69 innings twice: Last year (146) and this year (179).  Converting  a guy like that takes time unless you want his arm to fall off. They should keep him, because when he’s on he’s got all kinds of stuff and he’s in the middle of his development now. Unless of course an amazing deal comes along.

  33. Snider was supposed to be called up in Sep but got injured and shut it down for the season.

  34. Gotta count his MiLB inings, too.

  35. use Morrow to get Votto.. Reds would kill for a Morrow.

    of course, jays do need to replace the production.. and although thhe bb/9 are similar.. gonzalez just isn’t it

  36. Kuo quit baseball due to anxiety issues.

  37. That Blue Jays tenders thing made me think of the Blue Jays burgers that Mr. Lahey and Randy make in Trailer Park Boys LOL

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