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It’s funny. Jays fans, myself included, have kinda been falling all over themselves lately to argue about whether Rogers are doing right by the club given the TV revenue they generate, how much the Jays can spend, why they’re not spending it, and whether Alex Anthopoulos even wants to spend it. And we’re doing so at a time when the club hasn’t actually missed out on any of what fans have identified as their prime areas to spend it.

Sure, the Jays avoided the market for closers– after we heard enough times that they were in hard on guys like Heath Bell and Jonathan Papelbon that we were afraid they might actually sign a guy like that– by selling high on prospect Nestor Molina, who had been hyped a lot recently, but may be viewed by the club as someone who’d never even crack the big league rotation, thanks to the wealth of arms behind him and the occupied positions in front. But Prince Fielder hasn’t gone anywhere, and teams still have 24-hours to bid for Yu Darvish. The club has downplayed the possibility of going after them, but don’t you find that fans get selective to the worst degree about what front office babble they choose to and not to believe?

And it’s not like the Jays would come out and tell the world that they’ve got money burning a hole in their pocket, right? Not that I’d be inclined to place a bet on a hopeful, free-spending resolution to the Jays’ off-season at this point, but there’s actually not yet been much tangible reason to believe for certain that it won’t come true.

Richard Justice certainly believes that the Jays can spend big and will still be players for Prince Fielder, listing them as the frontrunners ahead of the Mariners and Cubs in a piece today at MLB.com. And while I can’t possibly believe that he’s doing anything other than guessing, he feels those are “the three logical candidates.”

And if this pipe dream ever actually does come to fruition, Jays fans better hope to hell that there’s wisdom in the pages of the book pictured above. Jerry Crasnick of ESPN.com, who in his piece notes that the Jays seem “intrigued” despite their self-imposed rule against guaranteed deals of more than five years, takes a skim through the latest version of Scott Boras’ infamous books– this one lauding Fielder with Cooperstown-worthy projections and comparisons. At the very least, Boras’ handiwork may nudge a few more suitors into the race, and one of them might be the Jays, if they’re not there already.

So… there’s that.

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  1.  and escobar, bautista, romero all enjoy the same success and luck?

  2. TBS 24 hours of a christmas story, Fielder’s fist will fucking destroy your anal glands.

  3. You’re not very familiar with the methods of Scott Boras, are you?

    He always consults his clients to wait it out until they’re the only primary option left at a particular position before he even considers any offers.

    It’s not a coincidence that Ryan Madson, Carlos Pena, Prince Fielder and Edwin Jackson still haven’t signed.

  4. I love you.

  5. Escobar is a four win player, I don’t see his success as luck. Bautista, of course, but I think a lot of people are believers now (I am). Romero is what he is. Those players could also all shit and regress with Fielder and Darvish and Hanley and LoMo all in the lineup… At some point 3 or 4 high-ceiling players will have to perform at the same time to win, regardless of who they are. Adding those players makes it easier to see it happening, but… I don’t know. 

    And I’d love to see Fielder in Toronto. I just don’t know that it’s a requirement to win now. 

  6. Being afraid to add players because you think your best players are going to fail makes little sense.  You could talk yourself out of any addition at any time with that attitude.

  7. yah, because that’s what I said.

    you’d make a very persistent lawyer.. a very bad lawyer, a persistent one none the less

  8. Escobar should be the same player in 2012. Luck would give him a more healthy season..  maybe a little more power too. Romero isn’t as good as his 2011 ERA indicated, but he should be a 3.50 ERA guy in 2012 given his SIERA. Morrow will be better, even though you didn’t list him.

  9. for sure, you just can’t bank on adding wins as a scientific stat. People will over perform, people will under perform,  players will get hurt.

    I’m not advocating to not try and improve, merely just not bothering to put the cart before the horse.

    I guess you got tired of having it out on mlbtr with A’s fans.. ?

  10. Yeah. Hearing the same excuses as to why Gio Gonzalez is worth Mike Stanton got tiresome for today. :p

  11. ANyone know the details on why Price is such a dick to his Big Daddy? Rumour is that Big Daddy he blew his signing bonus on gambling. Anyone, anyone,anyone, Bueller? 

  12. Honestly, I just hope the Lind and Hill contracts don’t scare GM AA off of trying to do those type of contracts. It’s still the right process, it just didn’t work out that great for those two. It’s still best to guarantee money to have those option years and just look at that Escobar deal- it’s unbelievably friendly.

  13. I dont care if its Fielder or Quentin or someone else but Ill say it again…. either take the steps to properly insulate Bautista in the line up OR trade him for a king’s ransom. There is no middle ground here.

    Personally I dont see the big deal about a 6 year deal for Fielder, he is 27 years old and that only takes him to 33 years old which is still not even old. Yes hes a big boy and yes hip and knee problems will be pretty well guaranteed to be an issue in Fielder’s future but eventually whether he likes it or not, he will be a DH and that will help the injury problems. Not to mention the fact that those injury problems will likely not become too prevalent until his mid 30′s which would be a factor the jays could take into consideration nearing his contract’s expiry date.

    I understand AA not wanting to do more than 5 years when it comes to some players but Im sorry Fielder is not one of them. The money, pfffft, peanuts compared to the butts he will put in the seats and the insane numbers he and Bautista will create together.

    AA is a GM in the most competitive division in baseball, maybe all of professional sports. He has two players in front of him and money to work with to sign them. These two players would instantly make the Jays a real player in the East.

    Imagine for a moment:

    1. Escobar
    2. Rasmus
    3. Bautista
    4. Fielder
    5. Lawrie
    6. Lind
    7. Johnson
    8. Thames
    9. Arencibia

    1. Romero
    2. Darvish
    3. Morrow
    4. Alvarez
    5. Drabek/McGowan/Cecil ??

    Now imagine Rasmus, Lawrie, Thames and Arencibia continue to develop, imagine Bautista and Fielder hitting back to back and even if Lind, Escobar and Johnson stay about the same… thats one HELL of a line up. Then you look at the rotation possibilities. Mix good pitching with that potential batting order and damn….

  14. Rumour had the A’s wanting Thames, Alvarez, Carreno and another player for Gio Gonzalez… If I was AA that would have been the end of the conversation. There’s NO WAY Gonzalez is worth that. And when I posted about it on MLBTR people scolded me saying that wasnt enough for Gio…. lol really? hahaha what a bunch of clowns

  15. I was having the same coversation with the A’s fans,,, theyre a funny bunch. And when I said the Jays were a WAY better choice for Fielder, the Mariners fans pretty well tried to lynch me for it lol. It was absolutely glorious. Guys were saying that Safeco is just as much a hitters park as Rogers center and pulling all the stats out and so on. If you want real fun, go into the Fielder thread and stir them up haha

  16. HAHAHAHA best comment EVER… absolutely reposted it and gave you credit on my FB

  17. Blue Jays in on Beltran now.  I guess there aren’t enough outfielders.  http://scott-miller.blogs.cbss

  18. I find it funny when people say with certainty that the team won’t contend in the next couple years (or few years).  Stuff like ‘why bother signing Fielder.  They won’t contend’.

    In this division, it certainly doesn’t look like it will be easy … or likely.

    But, if you look back through the past few seasons, most 2nd WCs could be had with about 90 wins or so.  Again – no easy feat – but this team did win 85 games last fucking year.  It’s not like we’re talking about the Orioles here.  A couple nice additions, some nice development and a 2nd WC? 

    It may not be likely, but contending for postseason is definitely a possibility.  Nothing should be written off at this point.

  19. Beltran?  Really?

    Who really knows what the fuck is going on with this team right now…

    I guess he could DH?

  20. http://msn.foxsports.com/mlb/s

    Morosi lists the Cubs, Mariners and Orioles in the ‘We Know They’re In On Fielder’ category.

    Number one in the ‘We Can’t Rule Them Out Category’ – The BJs.

  21. Beltran had a .910 OPS last year. He still can certainly hit. That would be a much cheaper way of upgrading the offense than Fielder (though obviously he’s older and is in for a decline soon).

    Perhaps the biggest thing to take from that might be the fact that they’re possibly going after a veteran guy. That’s what teams who are preparing to contend next year would do.

  22. It’s weird that such a talented player is receiving such little hype even though he came back from injury and re-established himself with a very solid 2011. If Beltran isn’t looking for a 3 year deal he makes a ton of sense for the Jays.

  23. They now have, what? 5 guys in line for LF? Why add another?
    If the team doesn’t shit the bed before June, sign Manny to a pro-rated contract mid-season, if you must add a veteran bat.

  24. Jays offer an 8th year to PRINCE FIELDER!?!?!

    Sign this MAN NOW!!!! Fuck Lind and his fucking shittiness.. Time to fucking win now… Prince makes this team a 95 win team alone.. and makes Jose Bautista on Bonds *2 status… 

    You can put it on the front page, back page, middle page, wherever… Prince will bring us to the PROMISE LAND!!

  25. Here is some info on the book: http://espn.go.com/mlb/hotstov

  26. I was under the impression that once Manny is signed, he has to serve his 50 game suspension. Sign him in June and he wouldn’t be on the field until the end of July/August

  27. lol.

    If he signs for 8 years, I’ll eat my hat.

    Things seems to be going the other way.  Blair first reported this, now Morosi:

    “Something to watch: Fielder could sign a four-year, $120 million
    contract, which would beat Pujols’ average annual value, allowing Boras
    to claim victory while preserving the right to re-enter free agency at
    the age Pujols is now.”

  28. Interesting…this PioDeportes guy reported that Prince might sign a shorter term, 3 year deal from the Rangers several days ago. Maybe there’s actually something to the guy’s sources.

    I still think it would be in Prince’s best interest to take the security and the years now in a larger contract, though, rather than risk injury or poor performance. But hey, if he wants to take a short-term contract, I’d hope the Jays would be right there to offer it to him.

  29. I also enjoy how that douche at Farrell Ball seems to have copied @stoeten:disqus ‘s “so there’s that” tag line idea for speculation, but changed it to “something to keep your eye on”.

  30. Don’t even give him the satisfaction of reading that crap. I checked out that site once and will never go back. When the majority of your blog posts are just troll responses to this blog what’s the point. Why not just Troll in the comments like everyone else?

  31. Isnt it funny though… A league full of owners and GMs who usually can not wait to throw their money around are refusing to pay Fielder market value and give him extended years? Hmmm, a league full of idiots all aware that an obese man is a huge risk at 20 million per???

    Yet, our fantasy GM FullmerFan would have you believe the Jays not offering him a kings ransom would be the dumbest decision this club made since signing Benito Santiago.

    Interesting how the internet works.

  32. I usually don’t… I only clicked the link the commenter above me provided.

  33. If Fielder is willing to go that short term, the Jays should definitely be in on it.  That’s doesn’t mean he’ll sign in TO, but they’ll be in on him at least.

    I know nothing about that source…  its entirely possible that hes as connected as he seems (though doubtful, given the number of followers), but just a possible he’s as connected as you or I and is just grabbing info from others in the industry and posting it as his own. On the same day, he posts that Fielder is signing with the Rangers on a long term deal, and that the Rangers have a 3 year offer to him.  So who knows.

  34. I think the following contract would work out well for both sides: 
    6 years guaranteed @ $22 mil per, 3 player option years at $16 mil per = 9 years = $180 mil.
    a)       That will give him one of the highest 1B contracts ever in total value.
    b)      It guarantees you have him during his prime (27-33) at a price you can afford on this team no matter what else you do (seriously, their payroll is now $55 mil after losing their free agents, this would only take them to $80M).
    c)       If he accepts the options, you get a solid DH at a price that will end up being maybe a few mil more than market value by then.
    d)      If he opts out, it’s because he was a monster through the first 6 years and some other dumb team will sign him to a higher money deal during his most declining value.

    I think under that structure, the Jays would be over-paying at most by 10% over the entire contract, which is something they can afford and a necessary evil to get the first big free agent through the door.

  35. That sounds reasonable. Assuming that’s a contract he’ll want and the Jays are a team he’ll want to play for in the first place.

  36. People should be reminded the Fielder is a Scott Boras client. Pujols just got 10 years guaranteed and he’s older than Prince. Fielder’s contract will have to at the very least beat the 7/154 deal Adrian Gonzales signed. 

  37. Might as well go after Beltran.  Jays don’t have enough outfielders at this point.  Not even into double digits yet.

  38. If Jays do end up getting Fielder, it will be the first time Boras and AA will have made a contract…. silent assassin vs. the best agent in the business! Who will win!!!

  39. I’ve kept avoiding addressing the many differences between the two, which I think you’ll see in the comment you’ve responded to I absolutely acknowledge exist, as I have from the outset, because doing so would mean defending something I never said. Obviously there are many differences between the two players, and they’d be relevant to hammer at me if someone had been thick-headed enough to jump straight to the belief that my intention was to suggest that these two players are on similar career paths. Right now it seems you can’t see the forest for the trees. Unsurprising.

  40. Jays in on Beltran according to mlbtraderumors?  pretty old but he can still swat

  41. Check PioDeportes.com. It’s entirely in Spanish, yet this person is tweeting primarily in English? And they have a Twitter widget on their front page that is not this one. If these were hot, trusted rumours from someone at their site, I don’t think they’re just showing up in a Twitter feed that seems completely unaffiliated.

  42. Jays in on Beltran according to mlbtraderumors?
    Well that’s been proven reliable. 

  43. Right. Because MLBTR only posts things they think are for sure going to happen. They’re not just an awesome aggregator of everything that’s being said.









  45. segue to new post much? :)

  46. “Perhaps the biggest thing to take from that might be the fact that
    they’re possibly going after a veteran guy. That’s what teams who are
    preparing to contend next year would do.”

    I don’t take anything from it outside of the entertainment value of the Jays being linked to every goddamn free agent/trade piece out there. Until I see AA announce that somebody’s been signed or traded for, I refuse to believe any of it. It’s just writers not knowing what the fuck to write anymore, so they make shit up because they’ve gotta write something to keep food on the table. I’ll just be the kid over in the corner with his hands over his ears saying: “Lalalalala, not listening, Lalalalala…” until stuff becomes official.

  47. The Pujols deal was done last week.  Prince has been out there without a net for quite a few days now.  What Boras wants is a bidding war and so far all he’s heard is the sound of crickets chirping.  The ideal situation would have been that the defeated suitors for Pujols would have immediately turned their attention to Fielder.  This may well be going on but it’s going on veeeeery sloooooowly.

  48. Again, Boras always does this.

    Teixeira signed around Christmas in 2008.

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