According to Scott Miller of CBS Sports, the Jays are one of a number of clubs “seriously talking” with free agent outfielder Carlos Beltran. He says that the Cardinals, Rockies, and two other clubs are suitors.

Of course, with just two clubs and a pair of mystery teams, the market for Beltran sounds a little thin, and this could be yet another instance of the Jays’ name being used by an agent to help ratchet up the price for his client. The Jays have an already-crowded outfield, though that doesn’t mean they couldn’t use their younger ones, Thames and Snider, as part of a trade for a starter, in which case, bringing in a player like Beltran might make sense.

Beltran could be a low-cost, shorter-term alternative for clubs looking to add a bat who missed out on Pujols and Fielder. He can still take a walk and hit for power… when he’s healthy. And that’s the knock on Beltran, as he played 142 games this year, but was limited to just 144 over the previous two seasons combined.

Tim Dierkes at MLBTR hits the nail on the head on this one: “My guess: most teams are probably reluctant to guarantee Beltran a third year. The Jays are an interesting new suitor; I assume they’d use Beltran in left field. He’d certainly represent a win-now acquisition for them.”

So… there’s that.

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  1. Stupid Selfish Beltran.

  2. Sign all of the outfielders.

  3. I was thinking of whether a guy like Beltran would be good for the Jays. But he doesn’t represent the type of player AA likes at all (i.e., under control, young, high-ceiling).  Bup.

  4. If healthy, he would definitely be an upgrade in left over everyone else currently on the Jays Roster. He’ll get a short term deal and won’t cost a pick to sign. I’m up for it.

  5. What I found more scary was this:

    … no thanks!!!!!!!!!

    (for those too lazy to click:
    during the Winter Meetings the Mets and Jays had fairly substantive talks that centered around Niese, catching prospect Travis D’Arnaud and one of Toronto’s younger, back-end starting pitchers)

  6. all your OF are belong to us.

  7. Don’t think AA would be that dumb.

  8. Yes

  9. If you don’t think snider or thames is part of the future I guess a 2 yr deal makes sense on some level. It wouldnt cost a draft pick and an outfield of Beltran Bautista and Rasmus would be pretty good. It would also allow Gose to learn how to hit with 2 strikes without rushing him then just bring him up in at the end of 13 and move Rasmus to left. But again, if you hear about a player you might as well eliminate him as a possibility. 

  10. Mmm, Matthew Cerrone of is the one reporting the d’Arnaud inclusions. Imagine. It’s trickling on the twitter. Law says it would be “insane” and Goldstein said Anthopoulos would only do it if he was “drunk”.

  11. I realize. I’m just sayin.

  12. Oh, I know man. Wasn’t douchin’ on ya.

  13. Sign up all the outfielders and use them as mid-season trade bait.  Outfielders are the new righthanded reliever.

  14. I was going to write the same thing.

  15. Five hours until YU DARVISH!  

    But we probably wont find out who won the bidding (especially if it is the Jays) until Thursday or Friday…

  16. sign beltran. trade thames/snider for pitching. put one of thames/snider at AAA to sub in for beltran when hurt. Move beltran to DH next year. done.

  17. Incorrect. 

    The posting team has 4 days to choose whether to accept. We’ll find out Monday at some point. 

  18. so boston got their closer and all it took was a shitty AAA pictcher and lowrie.  Couldn’t we have done that with deck mguire and mccoy?  I would rather have kept molina.

  19. Beltran would be an interesting fit if they didnt have 15 outfielders on the roster. I also like the fact that he’s a switch hitter. It’s been a while since the Jays had a good switch hitter. Thats what makes playing the yankees so tough. They have 2 or 3 players in their team who can hit well from either side. I’d sign Beltran but not at the cost of Darvish or Fielder

  20. Right. Because the quality of the pitcher and excellent contract are totally the same.

    **as well, to this point, Dayn Perry & Jay Jaffe like the deal for Houston better

  21. *Cost* meaning instead of not the same yrs or $

  22. is Melancon really a closer?… I don’t think saving 20 games for the fucking Astros counts. Sounds like a high price for a decent middle reliever.

  23. Do you seriously think anyone in the world outside of you equates Lowrie with McCoy? 

    Truly bizarre. 

    The Boston/Houston trade makes the Santos deal look even better, and it makes critics of the Santos deal look even more stupid, if that is indeed possible. 

  24. …and then Ken_Rosenthal  reports:

    Small sample, but two rival execs like Melancon trade for #Astros. Their view: Lowrie, Weiland too high a price for reliever.

    Wow, even more people disagreeing with your quick to snark pithy comment.

  25. I’m contemplating ending every bit I write – email, posts, etc. – with “so…there’s that”.

    So…there’s that.

  26. …and then Marc Hulet prospect guy for Fangraphs and Battersbox says:

    “That sound you hear is 29 other GMs fighting to line up and trade (with) the new Red Sox GM. Great trade for Houston.”

  27. Can’t fully agree with that… Beltran’s ceiling is sky-high and he’s already proven an ability to reach it. He was a 4.7 WAR player last year and would have been the 2nd best player on the team behind Bautista. Obviously injuries are a concern but 142 games in 2011 is a pretty good number.

    It seems like his price is going to be relatively low compared to lots of other free agents… if AA can buy low on him without committing too many years, Beltran would be exactly the type of guy he’d like. 

  28. Yeah you can’t compare the WAR he received in the NL and assume that he would have the same WAR in the AL E.

  29. Beltran as DH? 

    EE to platoon in left, back up at first, back up DH? 

    not bad

  30. Sure I guess, there is a league adjustment for WAR but it’s not like his .300/385/.525 line wouldn’t play in the AL. 

    Actually, looking into it, he’d probably be even better playing at Rogers Centre than the two ginormous caverns he spent 2011 in. Rogers Centre had the 4th highest park factor in the MLB last year; Citi Field was 24th and AT&T Park was dead last:… 

  31. Wouldn’t it make way more sense to play Beltran in LF instead of EE? 

  32. Umm how about the better pitching rotations that are in the AL ? Guarantee those have more of an affect on offensive production than ballparks.

  33. Beltran’s knees on turf?  142 would be REAL optimistic I think.

  34. Yeah, those rotations in the NL East sure do suck.

  35. Nothing compared to those in the AL E. 

  36. “Nothing” Eric?  Wow.   Halladay, Lee, Hamels, Johnson, Strasburg, Hanson…that’s pretty not bad even sitting next to Sabathia, Shields, Price, Romero and the Boston Fatties.

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