Alright! It’s time to go around baseball and talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Yu Darvish, Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips (or not), Yu Darvish, heresy, Advil, Yu Darvish and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not) (and Yu Darvish): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast.

This week we spoke to Twitter’s @SamMillerOCR (aka Sam Miller of the Orange County Register, and occasional contributions to Getting Blanked!)

Yu can download the podcast right here. (It’ll probably also play in your browser, FYI. Click it and find out!)

Alternately, you can hit up the Getting Blanked iTunes page, which is humming along these days, and from now on until the end of eternity will have all our podcasts, vodcasts, live stream mp3s and whatever other goodies dream up posted there in a timely manner.

As always, Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines, Arts & Crafts Records and now also Deathwish Records! Be sure to check them both out and buy everything you hear at their sites.

Comments (9)

  1. The Score has a lot of people with lisps.

  2. Take the advice and “Shut the fuck up”

  3. Fuck off stoeten

  4. Isn´t it time we had a good post about Gordie Dougie. I love that kid, he´s a fucking stick of dynamite. I bet he´s gonna go apeshit this year. C´mon, whaddya say, lets fuckin´give ér……who´s with me ??

  5. Reading that ESPN article by David Schoenfield gets me dreaming.

  6. Well, whaddya know ??

    “The lineup could be deadly, with arguably the best 3-4-5 trio in baseball — yes, I believe Lawrie will be that good.”

  7. Yup

  8. Stoeten is a fatass

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