Gerry Fraley of the Dallas Morning News checks in with yet another report claiming that the baseball world is of the belief that the Toronto Blue Jays have won the bidding for Yu Darvish and will have a 30 day window to negotiate with him, beginning when his Japanese club accepts the winning bid on Tuesday.

He writes that the “growing consensus among officials with several major-league clubs” is that Jays won, with a bid in the neighbourhood of Boston’s winning bid for Daisuke Matsuzaka in 2006.

“We stress none of these officials has direct knowledge of the offers,” he adds. “At the same time, monitoring other clubs is part of their job. They usually have a good idea of what their competitors are doing.”

These, of course, are all very good signs if you’re a Jays fan, but it can’t really be stressed enough that no one outside of the commissioner’s office actually knows which club submitted the winning bid, and that we need to be really careful looking at the language of these “reports.” Especially those who are passing them along with stronger words than the sources warrant.

George A. King of the New York Post simply wrote that it was “believed” that the Jays outbid the Rangers and Yankees, not anybody else– like the Cubs, who he said likely made a sizable bid that no one has pinned down yet, or the Giants and Mariners, who were also rumoured to have interest. Fraley’s headline writer says that “signs point toward Toronto,” but at the moment that’s all we’ve got.

It’s better than nothing, I’ll grant you.

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  1. WOOOOOO!!!! 


  2. I really hope all this doesn’t get my hopes up. FUUUUUUCC

  3. Ok It’s all just speculation at this point, but I’m feeling more confident that we won…

  4. Nobody actually knows what the Jays bid except the Jays management themselves. Not buying any of this until we get a legitimate report one way or the other.

  5. I keep trying to hold off on getting excited until someone confirms this…. but wow there seems to be a lot of momentum toward saying the Jays got the high bid.

    We’ll see.

  6. …So there’s that.

  7. Kevin Gray has gone out on a limb and declared the Jays have won the bidding, though his blog post just points to the Post story. His tone of certainty is striking though. 

  8. I think it’s either the Jays or Cubs. The Cubs likely want to make a splash but they are rebuilding and farther away from winning than us,  although Darvish could be a great pitcher to build a rotation around.

  9. Tonnes of outlets picking up the NY Post piece and going with it as “Jays win”. I thought it was a little more cautious than that. The Post is respected, though, at least for sports reporting.

  10. with all this foreplay with Toronto, its gonna suck serious cock when he signs with New York

  11. Kevin Gray is a fake insider who finds double A prospects that he likes better than others and clings to them like Stoeten’s nuts cling to his leg after 2 minutes of exercise.

  12. I think I know why Rogers bid high on Yu, they see him as a two-sport guy: CSN Chicago report that he was a goalie and hockey was his favourite sport until he grew. He is Reimer’s replacement as well. Check out Patrick Mooney’s article at CSNChicago dot com under Cubs.

    “Bobby Scales described Darvish as freakishly athletic, almost like
    Carlos Zambrano. The Japanese superstar liked to mess around with
    switch-hitting, and had an extra glove because he can also throw

    Scales didn’t really know if this was a joke,
    because it came through an interpreter, but the 6-foot-5-inch pitcher
    said his favorite sport used to be ice hockey, until he outgrew playing

  13. I thought the exact same thing.

  14. Sherman is respected. George King? Ehh…not so much.

  15. It seems that all this really boils down to several front offices believing the Jays won the bid.  Do they have a good reason to believe that (beyond the ridiculous Twitter rumors)? Probably, but we haven’t yet heard what that is. It seems unlikely that AA and his team let out anything considering he’s always enforced a strict cone of silence.


  17. If YU really want Darvish to be a Jay signs are good that the jays are staying quiet. When they are making noise nothing is going to happen, the longer they stay silent, the more likely they won the bid

  18. Kevin Gray has gone from misleading blog titles to out and out lies now. Ballsy!

  19. What the fuck does outgrow playing goalie mean?  In fact there are several goelies 6’4″ inch and above in the league right now and many more in the minors.  gigantic goalies are now in fashion.

  20. The Japanese play hockey now? I guess they did in the Nagano Olympics, but I’ve blocked out that particular Olympic hockey tournament. Too much Hasek.

  21. 6’5 in japan is the equivalent of being 6’8 or 6’9 here. Darvish is freakishly tall there. 

  22. All speculation.  Everyone is trying to be the first reporter to break the story.  The Jays rumour came out today and everyone is running with it.  AA declined to comment, which he normally does with any free agents.  We dont even know if the Jays put in a bid.  How can we know?  Beeston and AA are the only ones that have the answer.

    Funny how reports say the “Jays out bid” the Rangers and Yankees but no one knows how much the Cubs bid.

    Everyone is assuming the Jays put in a bid just like everyone is assuming the Jays won the bid.

    Really hope the Jays land thid guy.  Lets go Yu Jays!

  23. Ok Selig, if you won’t let us pile up compensation picks anymore then we’re gonna throw piles of Rogers cash at 6-5 Japanese pitchers instead.

    (Why does the “5″ in this font go below the damn line, like it’s a lower-case g or y something… what is that all about)

  24. Rogers forced AA’s hand. They will EASILY make this money back on streaming games to Japan.

  25. Yu and me baby aint nothing but mammals

  26. I think you’re right BFF.  I’m guessing reporters have heard speculation from other front offices … maybe something like ‘well, we didn’t win.  And we know this other team didn’t win… must be the Jays.”

    Maybe like a process of elimination thing.

  27. The result of this bidding process needs to leak soon.

    I can’t take the lame puns anymore or the people preemptively criticizing this move after asking the team to spend money.

  28. Who’s criticizing the move? It may be a huge risk, but if they do in fact spend the money it takes to bid and sign Darvish, that would be great.

    Better to gain a major asset using Rogers’ money than trading other assets away for it.

  29. This is getting good. I really hopes this works out. After a productive but very disappointing winter meeting this is exactly what the jays need to do. The best part about it is that they are getting so deep in young talent that they are getting close to not sacrificing the future at the major league level if they trade prospects. Prospects are potentially blocked long term at 3rd, rf, cf, c, ss, and pitching. Trading prospects will be a little easier to swallow to fill in the few needs.

    My only concern is that fan will see this as an “all in” signing and expect to get Fielder too. Feeding the beast. If they don’t get Fielder this will be seen as a wasted signing. It’s like going to a restaurant and getting an amazing bowl of soup. The soup is the best god damn soup you’ve ever had and you will remember it for therest of your life. It is so good that you can’t wait to see what the steak tastes like. Then the guy comes over and tells you they are out of steak and hands you a bill for some very expensive soup. You walk out of the place thinking this is a really shit deal.

    The jays are not one arm away from contending. They need a big bat. This being said, enjoy the soup.



  30. Yu and me baby aint nothing but mammals…
    Let’s do it like they do on Rogers sport channel!

  31. I’m talking about some of the comments I’ve read over the last few days attached to some of the other Yu related posts, not necessarily this one.

    I’m with your first post though, since nothing is confirmed in regards to who won the bid, we can only go off what we know which is that the Jays made a bid which is a GREAT sign no matter what happens.

    If the Jays win then we’ll go from there but everything that has happened up to this point is very encouraging.

  32. Any way you slice it:



    McGowan/Drabek/Litsch/Whoever the fuck else will start games for us

  33. I’m going to stay off the computer for a week if it turns out the jays don’t win..

    ish is going to hit the fan

  34. :O how drastic!

  35. what is a cone of silence? as in conehead?

  36. this is either going to be the biggest signing in blue jays history or the biggest disappointment since humphries got divorced by text message from kim.

  37. Please someone tell me if this is a ridiculous thought:

    All off season AA has been downplaying the Jays ability to spend. He has been doing this to keep attention away from whichever free agent the Jays are interested in. AA and the Jays had Darvish in the back of their minds the whole time, and made it seem as thoough they weren’t serious contenders.

    AA is saavy and if he knew he had any oppurtunity to spend then he wouldn’t blab about it, and let other teams know they were going to drop a huge bid on Darvish.

  38. Interesting Video on Darvish/Japanese Baseball

  39. It’s pretty much what people think AA was doing.

  40. No one knows anything right now!  When has AA had any of his trades in the papers before the league signs off on them?  It could be exciting but if the numbers are true then this could be a very good thing or the start of a very bad time for the Jays!  Unfortunately time is the only thing that will bring answers.

  41. 50 Million posting fee  + 75 Million 5 year contract = $25 Million a year for Yu Darvish

    I would rather have kept Halladay, although Darvish looks like the Japanese version

  42. Except its not $25M/year.  Theoretically yes… but in reality (in terms of $$ *actually* spent) it’d be $65M in year 1, then $15M/year.

  43. Don’t know how legit this is…

    om Japanese Paper
    Translated through google translator…­0111215-OHT1T00239.htm

    38 billion yen or the highest bid Darvish Rangers

    Darvish was the bid deadline. I wear the uniform of next year where people have interest in posting system and U.S. baseball (bidding) Nippon Ham pitcher Darvish aim to have a major transfer using (25) is the best Rangers team bid came possible. Dawn on January 16 (15 EST), was reported in local newspapers such. Bids million dollars to $ 49.004 million (£ 3.1 billion 100000000-38 yen) and expected. Bid at 7:00 am on July 15 (5:00 pm on April 14 Bronze) are closed to the Major League Baseball has announced that there was a team wants to win. Darvish bidding competition is likely to six teams finally entered the final phase.

  44. I hope that the reports that Rogers directed AA to bid on Darvish are not true. If the Blue Jays have bid $50M+ on Darvish and win the bid, I want it to be because AA felt that Darvish was worth that type of investment as a baseball player, and not because corporate ownership thinks it would make for good business.

  45.  My problem with this translation is that there’s a lot of mumbo jumbo in there that doesn’t make sense.  January 16th?  July 15th?  April 14 Bronze?  What the fuck do these dates have to do with the Yu Darvish posting?

    Let’s just hope it’s a bunch of poppycock and the Jays do win the bidding.

  46. Its quite possible that other people know who bid. If you just placed a huge bid on something you really wanted would you not try to contact the other people to see what they bid? It’s closed nothing is going to change, why not see who won. If there were in fact only 4 or so bids it wouldn’t that tough to figure out who had the highest one. People talk… thats all I’m going to say.

  47. maybe they dont talk so in the future it may be harder to read a bluff. for instance if the yankees weren’t at all serious of signing Darvish it would’ve made sense to let it be known that they were going to place a bid in order to try and drive up the asking price. 

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  50. Hey AS, In ur opinion, whats the point of giving the NPB team 4 days to accept or reject the winning bid? They’re not supposed to know who it is and they cant negotiate. Moreover they’ve already approved the posting of the player (Darvish). I cant see any legit reason for delaying the process.

  51. Why don’t you shut the fuck up and get back to your boyfriend, hes probably waiting for your lubed up asshole you little cockmuncher…What kind of fucking plug spends the time to go on a blog and write multiple messages talking shit…Your just a jealous, self-conscious little bitch, do us all a favour and go fuck yourself pal

  52. Usually when rumours all go one way like this based on NOTHING, it turns out to be wrong. I wouldn’t keep my hopes up guys, it’ll be Cubs, Nats, Rangers or Yankees.

  53. Not trying to be the voice of doom here, but I’ve seen this ‘so and so signed so and so’ before and it’s been wrong many times.  The Cubs are interested in making a statement and they’ve got money as well.  I’m holding off until we hear an official announcement.

  54. I d0n’t think the Yankees announcing their intentions in the media is going to affect a team like the Jays intentions one way or the other. AA seems to ignore that kind of thing and simply places a value on a player and sticks to his guns. If another team gets him for more then they either overpaid or AA didn’t properly value the player like he should have (and he admitted with Chapman)

    So I don’t think guys like AA were gonna bid 30 million for Darvish and then when a big spender is rumoured to be involved he freaks out and doubles his bid. That’s not his style. 

  55. Please dont mention that again. I’m still recovering.

  56. Personally, I never thought that the Yankees and Rangers were the main competition to bid for Darvish.  I fear the Cubs, Mariners and Nationals the most.  I’m trying to contain my excitement until the official announcement.

  57. You would think the MLB GMs that placed bids would try and talk to figure this out on their own by now.


    The bottom line is that it is almost 11pm in Tokyo right now, so we won’t be hearing anything today or presumably until Monday at the earliest. What a stupid process, why can’t the Japanese team just take a look at the bid and have 2 hours to accept or decline? How long does it take? You see the number, you decide. Fuck, I could do it in 1 minute.

    I still feel Darvish is not coming here, consensus like this in the twitter-world is always wrong.

  59. The blind bid system is treacherous. How´d you like to be the team that bids 10 or 20 mil over the rest ?  What a kick in the nuts that is. And if that happens you better hope and pray your boy doesn´t crap out.  Can someone tell me why we didn´t just go after Garza for half the price ??

  60. A couple of things that I believe to be true:
    1) No one outside of the Blue Jays and Rogers higher up executives, the MLB commissioner and possibly the Nippon Ham Fighters actually knows what the Jays bid was.
    2) Whoever submitted the highest bid probably already knows that they have won the auction.

  61. I noticed from this header picture and from other video of Yu that really likes the chalk, eh.

  62. Not getting my hopes up.
    Not getting my hopes up.
    Not getting my hopes up.

    Ordering Darvish jersey in 3…2…1…

  63. Not the best phrasing here but……From Bowden:

    multiple sources cooberating the NY Post Report that the Blue Jays won the bidding for Yu Darvish…they have until Tues to complete a deal

  64. it is going to suck when Nintendo pays $75MM and he’s a Mariner.  I guess the posts then will be how we’re trading Thames for King Felix.  It;s going to be a sad, sad day for the folks on here.

  65. How would they know if all the other information from other teams  had limited access as you stated in your first point? lol

  66. I think the Cubs would want 3 or 4 prospects. Also he’s an unrestricted FA in 2014. Even though he’d probably bring you back an extra draft pick under the new CBA, if I could afford it, I’d go for the younger, more controllable Darvish for 5/6 years.

  67. Yeah the Nationals seem to be a bottomless money pit and they’re a bit nutso.

  68. I love how the rest of the media pick up unsubstantiated rumors/stories and then use that story as proof that what they’re blabbing about is true.

    You’d think journalism professors from back in the day would collectively be doing 360′s in their graves if they got a look at what’s being passed off for responsible journalism today.

  69. [Spec-YU-lation]

  70. Maybe the speculation is right but the number is wrong. any bid that isn’t higher than the DiceK big can’t be considered a whopper.  

  71. It’s going to be interesting to see how wild the stories get before all this comes to a conclusion if we actually have to wait until Tuesday to find out who won.

    We need a site that does a review of all these sports media stories/rumors so we can get a percentage rate to see who is actually just sitting in their underwear with their twitter account open making stuff up and those whose work is actually closest to the truth lol

  72. Thanks. I guess too it depends on what prospects the Cubs want. I knew the Cubs were asking for alot, but the Darvish thing is pretty risky, and the total cash outlay is kinda ridiculous. Garza´s battle-tested.

  73. great idea. like a blogometer…

  74. Did you have to resort to homophobic drivel? You’re no worse than the guy you’re insulting.

  75. Hey y’all. Why no one has mentioned that he’s half Persian is beyond me. There is a decent Persian population in the GTA. You don’t think he’ll have his Persian Peeps coming out the to the stadium in droves? Yu is a Japanese first name but Darvish is a Persian name. Rogers can really milk this. Welcome to TO Yu! You’re gonna love it here.

  76. Its funny, I got that from MLBTR. And I was wondering last night and this morning why MLBTR was taking so long to report these reports from NYPOST, Evan Grant, etc…

  77. Well we DO have previous statements to the effect that if AA wants a player, its up to him to “make the case” and present it to Beeston, and he’d do his best to provide  the $$. Assuming something as high as $100 mill + would need approval, they probably went to Rogers and made a very good case.

  78. They might put a small bid in, but I doubt they’ll win. Nintendo’s stock is reeling and has been for months.

  79. Your right, I apologize, I let my emotions get the best of me at that moment..Just really bothers me when people go out of their way to be assholes..I should have definitely chosen better words

  80. ??????????????????????????

  81. Totally, Rogers is hoping for a YuTube Sensation!

  82. only they know how much revenue they will need to replace when ichiro retires….they may have a different business case then the rest of the league

  83. You know what is scary for Jays. Mariners owned by Nintendo. Nintendo has new console coming next year Wii U or more telling…Wii “Yu”. Looks like Nintendo has been planning this all along.

  84. Yeah, but I’d think most people reading this pretty much know AA’s m.o. by now and arent surprised by any of that. Usually speaking, AA’s moves arent known until they’ve happened.

  85. Too bad JP tweeted yesterday that if we got YU he would not be a part of #teamunit…I found that bit harsh :(

  86. Except Halladay didn’t want to stay here…you fucking idiot.

  87.  Stop following his tweets. Let that miserable man die lonely and unloved.

  88. It’s an intriguing possibility for sure. If anyone’s a lock to come out of nowhere with a high bid, it’s Seattle. It might be hard to sell to shareholders though (if they haven’t already).

  89. If the Jays DO win the Darvish prize, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them still make a trade for another starter, probably Gio Gonzalez. Maybe along with Andrew Bailey. If that happens, I could see them making a serious bid for Prince Fielder and Beltran (assuming they trade both Snider and Thames to get the Oakland arms).


    The Pen

    rf- Bautista

    Smells like a contender to me. But I think a lot of the subsequent acquisitions hinge on them actually landing Darvish. They only add additional dominoes if the first domino actually falls down (ie. “when the time is right”.) Kind of like how if they landed Greinke last off-season, I think they play everything else much differently.

  90. Then he said he would be part of teamYunit…

  91. Disagree.  Nintendo owning Yu Darvish??? enormous marketing potential.  Field an entire team of Yu Darvish’s in the new Wii Baseball!

  92. I keep worrying (hoping?) that the random japanese twitter links I follow mentioning “Darvish” are going to take me to some tentacle porn site.

  93. Even with Halladay, the team would have been mediocre over the last few years. He’s going to eventually begin to decline, and likely soon. With Darvish, he’s likley to improve into is age 27-30 seasons, while the young core (outside of Bautista) improve as well. This team could be elite in another couple of years. Sooner with some luck (Gose, D’Arnaud, Hutch) or some bigger moves like trades or (not likely) free agents.

  94. What if the number was right close to, or a shade below, what the NPB team thought was the bare minimum they’d accept was. They don’t need time to decide?

  95. JPA said he’d be part of #teamYUnit. Pretty sure JPA and the boys will welcome Yu with open arms, 40′s and duct tape.

  96. I’m getting a Nip-On while in the kitchen fighting a ham

  97. I don’t think anyone know who the highest bidder is even AA. Or Yu think he would have thrown cold water on this. Or he does know he is the winner and is Just waiting on the pork punchers to stop watching anime and pick up the phone

  98. Lmso love it

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