I don’t know if he’s got some kind of inside information nobody else does, or if he’s simply looking at the buzz that’s been out there and putting two and two together, but George A. King III of the New York Post believes that, “having made a posting bid above $40 million and possibly close to $50 million, the Blue Jays are the favorites to land the negotiating rights to Yu Darvish.”

“According to several sources with knowledge of the situation,” he adds, “the Blue Jays made the monster bid on orders from owner Rogers Communications.”

I’m not sure I buy that last bit– though there’s certainly marketing potential in Darvish that the company could harness [note: isn't he dreamy?], and a big bid would do well to combat the club’s recent consumer confidence problem. Plus, it’s not as though Rogers hasn’t been rumoured to have been meddlesome in the past, with speculation being that ownership may have been more interested than the GM in keeping Vernon Wells, and JP Ricciardi coming out and essentially saying so, without using names. Still, I’m not sure all this speculation isn’t just setting Jays fans up for a huge disappointment.

Danny Knobler of CBS Sports– the Knobler!– tweets that it’s believed Darvish’s club, the Hokkaido Nippon-Ham Fighters, will accept the winning bid just before Tuesday’s 5 PM ET deadline.

So… there’s that.

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  1. No way the order would come from Rogers.  Recommendation would come from AA, green light from Rogers.  Followed by Rogers accepting positive PR (suggesting they told AA to do so).  Everyone wins.

    Looking forward to seeing who won the bid. 

    Biggest question might not be if the Jays won, but if they DID win, will they be able to sign him?

  2. The Knob Gobbler

  3. Rogers are only allowed as a scapegoat not anything positive. 

  4.   I’m sure AA & Co. were fully aware of the costs it’ll take to bring him to the MLB next season prior to posting, and I don’t think they’d get involved if they thought that # was too much to bear.

  5. Definitely don’t buy the “on orders from Rogers” part. Seems more like with permission and blessing from Rogers.

  6. “Orders” was probably just thrown in there to sound more dramatic. It’s a pretty poorly written article. I wish the Nipple Ham Fighters would just get on with it already and let us get on with the speculation about how much Darvish will actually be worth.

  7. I find it odd that Rogers would send in an order to AA. Can’t see many situations where the owner telling the GM what to do ends up working out. But oh well. I figured it’d take 48 million to win him. Let’s see where it ends.

  8. Let’s just agree that if the Jays don’t get Darvish, Andrew Stoeten is a fucking idiot. If the Jays do land Darvish, Fullmer Fan is a fucking idiot. There is no grey area.

  9. Feel reeeeeal bad for AA if he lost out to another team for under $50m cause he’s going to get roasted after all these rumours… even if it made sense not to go so high for him, all  this speculation has every Jays fan already popping the champagne and they’re going to feel robbed if it doesnt happen

  10. what do they have to wait for 5 days for??

    How long can you stare at a number on a piece of paper there???

  11. Everyone on twitter is going crazy over this article, but it seems it might just be rehashing stuff we knew already, the rumours out there on twitter from other people yesterday and this morning.  I don’t know if this is “new” insight.

  12. Bob Elliot elaborates


    “I was told Rogers Communications said: ‘Whatever it costs, sign him,’ ”
    said one executive. “Only (president) Paul Beeston and (general
    manager) Alex Anthopoulos know the number on the bid in baseball

  13. IF they did win the bid, they’d have done so knowing full well it’s going to take a lot to sign him.  I don’t the the Jays being the type to outbid everyone just so no one else can get him.

  14. Yeah I was saying something similar yesterday. No matter the reason, if Jays don’t win bid after all the build up it’s going to be a PR disaster for Rogers/Jays fair or not.

  15. Bob elliot is saying the same thing about the Jats and Darvish. Supposedly Elliot is pretty well connected but im not so sure.

  16. This makes it sound like it really was Rogers’ initiative.

  17. “@bruce_arthur:twitter I’ll say this: If Rogers told the Jays to spend whatever it took to get Yu Darvish, then times done changed.”

    If it’s true I would have to agree with bruce, maybe the Jays are ready to spend. Fielder here we come?

  18. I can imagine the Rogers part being true, if only in the sense of AA working his magic on the brass until he made them think getting Darvish was their idea all along.

    Keith Pelley: “So you like this Darvish kid?”
    AA: “We do. Shame he’s too expensive for our payroll parameters.”
    Pelley: “Yeah. It’s not like acquiring MLSE that we can spin-off and make money in so many ways.”
    AA: “Actually he’s a big star in Japan, could represent a big marketing opportunity for Rogers and might bring us a lucrative TV deal in Asia. But, y’know, too expensive for our payroll parameters.”
    Pelley: “Yeah. Although we could really use more rights fees, especially ones in new markets. Nadir would probably give me my own company jet…”
    AA: “Payroll parameters”
    Pelley: “Alex, get me my Japanese Prince.”

  19. If the Jays bid enough to win, you have to be sure as fuck they are prepared to sign Darvish.  

  20. If whoever wins the bid fails to sign Darvish does it mean that Darvish plays another year in Japan and the bid winner keeps their money? In this case is Darvish posted the next year? Is there ever a point when a Japanese player can become a complete free agent and sign in North America without a posting fee?

  21. Who isn’t excited for a rotation with Yu.
    McGowan? Drabek? McGuire?

    Cecil LOOGY?

  22. If Jays don’t win bid it’s a PR disaster?  That makes no sense.  It’s not like the team or team officials has been blowing this up.  It’s all hot air and speculation from bored writers with no reasonable nexus to the team.  Grant from Dallas?  Please.  Some other dipshit from the NY Post?  He’s just scratching up copy because for once the NY Yankees don’t appear to be the center of the baseball universe.

  23. Maybe Roger’s plans on buying a Japanese cable outfit?

  24. You know what, I could buy this being from Rogers..

    And I say that because AA seems to be all about getting value for players… Even if Darvish is great, if you include the posting fee this is probably going to be a big overpay (not that I mind!)..

  25. “Still, I’m not sure all this speculation isn’t just setting Jays fans up for a huge disappointment.”

    It’s REALLY starting to seem like there’s something to this Jays’ bid…but I’m worried about this too..

  26. Not a very creditable story. There’s no way this guy knows the bids or the winner

  27. WHO ELSE THINKS THIS IS AKIN TO TORTURE! A) I’m going to exceed my monthly data limit (from checking sites) B) I can not focus on anything until this is resolved

  28. What annoys me is this “We’re not gonna say anything until right at the deadline nonsense.” What do you gain by dragging it out?

  29. If he doesn’t sign he goes back to the HF and the posting fee is returned. He can become a international free agent but not next year

  30. I think you need help. You and me and everyone else reading this blog right now! :D Why don’t they just agree to the damn number already?

  31. Is that a public relations thing maybe? So that it doesn’t make them look money grubbing to the homebase? Hold out til the last moment, make it look like it was a monumental internal decision struggle?

  32. Nice try but MLB owns all television rights

  33. If these reports were complete bullcrap and the Jays didn’t submit a high number then I’d think the Jays would be gently denying the reports and temporing expectations. No sense letting the fire spread and face a PR nightmare when you could easily nip it in the butt (no pun intended)

  34. Could be? But if the club is really going through money troubles, and the bid turns out to be as hefty as has been hinted, it would end up feeling a bit disingenuous. Which wouldn’t necessarily stop anyone, I suppose…

  35. The ham fighters need stop staring at the bid and except ! No reasonable person needs 5 days to think about getting 50 million dollars given to them !

  36. How many weird pics of darvish are out there?  First there was that creepy pic with the naked dude sitting in some white room.  now this?   I dont think you’d see Prince in such poses.

  37. Sign Darvish.
    Sign Beltran.
    Trade Snider, Alvarez, Thames and Cecil to Oakland for Gonzalez and Bailey.

    Romero, Darvish, Gonzalez, Morrow, McGowan

  38. I assume the Ham Eaters kicked this around a bit in advance of the bidding and came up with a number.  Does bid match the number?  They’re deciding like they drive – slow and aggravatingly.

  39. if we win… and we don’t sign him for WHATEVER reason.

    Jays (more so Rogers) will always be known to be “cheap”… and the same feeling will be carried over to Leafs and Raptors…

    horrible PR, by a owner who knows everything about Media.

    conclusion: he will get signed.

    Time to order my Yu Jersey

  40. And how the fuck did Darvish pitch 230+ innings yet get six days rest?  Did he pitch complete games every time out?  I would think he would be able to give a solid 200 ip while getting 4 days rest if he can ramp it up to near 240 in fewer starts.

  41. You might with Stoeten’s photoshoppery! Don’t tempt him please.

  42. Probably waiting until Tuesday in hopes that MLB or a possible team will let info leak so Yu can know the possible team that he could be in negotiations with.

    If the bids 40-50 mil, its a no brainer for them to accept.

    If the Jays are making that kind of financial commitment, no reason for them to not go after Prince and go for the whole thing, win or lose the bid.

    Go hard or go home!

  43. I would put Darvish second to Romero.

    Romero earned the spot from last year. and I prefer my new guy doesn’t face the best of the best so early in his career on the nightly basis.

  44. If Rogers intends to spend big on Darvish, it doesn’t make any sense to hold back on Fielder. Darvish doesn’t get them over the hump alone. You need a couple more big guns. Once you’re that close, you can seal the deal by trading a package including Snider and Lind for Gio, Niese or Garza.

    Maybe Rogers has decided to create a Sporting Mecca in Toronto? After all, NHL has a salary cap; they can only spend so much there, and there’s a steady profit to exploit for the whole “Sports Entertainment Division.”

    Can this actually be the year we can all say “PLAYOFFS!!!!!!!!!!1111!!!11!” and mean it?

    Fuck, I don’t want to get my hopes up like this………

  45. The best scenario: signing Darvish makes Fielder see the Jays as the best of his lot of suitors for the chance to win (Cubs? Mariners? not likely for the next few years, Rangers, of course), agrees to drop years demand to around four or five year deal at 18 per (and he is FA again at 31 or 32 and hopefully with a ring).

    Merry Princemas and Happy Yu Near!!!!

  46. after the first couple of starts of the year, the chance of matching 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2, etc. kind of falls apart

  47. In April last year, after facing Pavano in the opener and Trevor Cahill in his 2nd game, Romero was matched up against Michael Pineda (Seattle’s No. 5 at the time), DiceK (Boston’s No.5), James Shields (Ray’s No. 2) and Freddie Garcia (the Stanx No. 5 at the time) in his next four starts.

  48. If the rumours are true that the Blue Jays won the bid doesn’t necessarily mean that Rogers/Jays are “going for it” Darvish will be just 25 when the season starts, still very young. He’s just ONE year older than Drabek. Still enough time to build the team up. Not saying they wouldn’t go for it, but it hardly means they are going to dish out even more. Don’t get your hopes up to only let it be crushed if Fielder is not a Jay

  49. I don’t think you would want to look at pics of Fielder in such poses

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