Enough of the clubs who didn’t bid on Yu Darvish have been revealed so far that it’s kinda heartening that we haven’t heard the Jays listed among them yet. Especially since, given the wild speculation that’s gone on, you might think that the Jays would consider breaking their no-comment policy to come out and temper our crazily inflated expectations. Y’know, if those expectations are misplaced.

And this afternoon we can at least take one potential suitor off the list, as Adam Kilgore of the Washington Post reports that the Nationals did not place a bid on Darvish.

They declined to bid in spite of the fact that they “have scouted Darvish extensively for years, sending scouts to Japan more than 10 times,” Kilgore writes. “General Manager Mike Rizzo watched Darvish in person in 2010. The consensus they arrived at was that Darvish should not necessarily be compared to previous Japanese pitchers – he was bigger, he threw harder and he was, frankly, better.

“In the end, though, the Nationals determined the cost and risk to acquire Darvish outweighed the potential benefit. (Not to mention the inherent risk of paying ANY pitcher eight figures, given the chance of injury.) He may end up leading a staff someday. But he may not, and the Nationals did not want to pay a steep price to find out for themselves.”

So… there’s that. And by “that” I, of course, mean all-caps for emphasis in the Washington Post. WTF?

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  1. yu who

  2. Thats surprising. I thought they were a big threat. I doubt the Mariners bid either. Offense is a bigger need for them. I know the giants didnt. So that should leave the Jays, Rangers, Yankees, and Cubs.

  3. You’re going to run out of Darvish pics from Google images at this rate. Maybe you should re-use that naked one from last week. 

  4. This is good news.

    I guess Washington prefers less risky contracts like Jayson Werth.

  5. I’d like to see him just keep zooming in on Darvish the “closer” it seems like he is to Toronto.  I feel like he’s started with this post.

  6. Rogers had better have bid big on Yu to justify my obscene cable and internet bill or i’m going outside the box.

  7. Darvish for Closer! Move Santos to the 8th! Jannnnssssennn to the 7th!

  8. The reason we have not heard any announcement is because bud selig is currently in hibernation.  Once he is thawed for 24 hours he will announce the winner.

  9. “(Not to mention the inherent risk of paying ANY pitcher eight figures, given the chance of injury.)”
    Steven Strasburg made how much before throwing how many innings of pro ball? It is to LOL.

  10. do we even know how many teams bid in total? what if some random team like the Cardinals, Marlins, Braves, Phillies, Padres, or Reds posted a bid? still not so certain the Jays won the bid, but it’s looking pretty good.

  11. well played, sir

  12. more like Selig is trying to figure out how to take care of his boy Ryan Braun

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