Alright! It’s time to go around baseball and talk about the interesting topics (TM), with a little Yu Darvish, Jaysturbation (or not), cooking tips (or not), Yu Darvish, heresy, trains, Yu Darvish and even more depressing realizations about just how ridiculously out-of-whack MLB’s alignment is thrown in for good measure (or not) (and Yu Darvish): it’s a brand new episode of the Getting Blanked Podcast.

This week we spoke to Twitter’s @Kevin_Goldstein (aka Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus!)

Yu can download the podcast right here. (It’ll probably also play in your browser, FYI. Click it and find out!)

Alternately, you can hit up the Getting Blanked iTunes page, which is humming along these days, and from now on until the end of eternity will have all our podcasts, vodcasts, live stream mp3s and whatever other goodies dream up posted there in a timely manner.

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  1. You are now two posts away from having the most posts in a single year at DJF.  And you are doing it all by yourself, no douche Parkes posting here.

    Good work Stoeten.

  2. I don’t understand why it is such blasphemy for the Jays to give Fielder an 8 year/$180 million deal, same as Mark Teixeira (they both were/are represented by Scott Boras). Yes Teixeira is a much better fielder but Fielder has been a better hitter than Teixeira. When that 8 year contract runs out he’ll be 35. 27-35 are prime years, I don’t understand how it is that risky. If he isn’t fit the last couple years he can DH.  His currect age allows him to fit into the core of the team – he’s 4 years younger than Bautista, 2 years older than Rasmus, 6 months older than Romero, and a year younger than Lind for Christ sake. I don’t understand anyone who would argue that $120 million for 6 years of Darvish is a smarter investment than $180 million for 8 years of Fielder. I mean who wouldn’t offer Fielder 150% of Bautista’s very team friendly $15 mil per year, when Bautista himself should be making that much and Prince Fielder has been a much much much better hitter than Bautista over his career. Fielder is even a surer bet to keep up a high level of production than Bautista himself, he has a better track record. The only thing separating us from getting a young controllable player with an incredible track record is money. Money that they have, $120 million that would have to be spent to get Darvish. And money that they have given every measurable indication they refuse to spend. There is no crazy international spending or crazy draft spending anymore. We didn’t win the right to pay $120 million for Darvish. This is it. Right now. There are no big free agents coming down the pike. You can’t really on Joey Votto making it to free agency in 2 years. Fielder is sitting right there. Go and do it.

  3. I never understood the hate Parkes receives.


    The Toronto Japanese community reacting to the Darvish news

  5. stoeten – its hard to believe that you weren’t as culpable as spreading the Yu server as anyone else.  either you believed he was ours or were passing on other twat’s tweets to get your page views up.

  6. ferver 

  7. Kevin Goldstein is a giant homo.  Just wanted to throw that out there.

  8. He’s a sabermetrically-inclined Damien Cox

  9. He’s pretentious,not as much as Wilner,but up there.He writes well technically but lacks the knowledge to make anything he writes viable.
    He sometimes becomes condescending and acts like a know it all.
    Now he’s in MSM and converses with other MSM guys,so his ego’s gone berzerk.
    He’s been caught on it so many times that he doesn’t post or even comment on DJF anymore.He gets eaten alive by the comment section.Then he runs and hides.
    The last couple of times he posted here,Stoeten had to defend him ( like a good friend should) to the point where even Stoeten gave up. It was undefendable.

    An example:
    While everyone may not like Elliott of the Sun,when he was voted to the Hall of Fame this year, Parkes took great joy in mocking and denegrating him.
    Elliott may not be everyones cup of tea,but Canada doesn’t have a ton of baseball guys with these types of honours.What Elliott has done, just for Canadian Baseball, is enough to garner a little respect.

    Parkes even took the time to laugh at that.Hilarious.

    Talk to the people in the upper echelons in Canadian baseball,talk to the kids drafted,to the ones on scholarship,to the ones playin elite baseball.ANY publicity is good publicity.

    Other than that,I’m sure Parkes is a swell guy.
    Too bad it’s his head.

  10. I could see AA doing any of the following low-cost/low risk moves:

    Free Agents
    Roy Oswalt (SP) – demands are now down to 1 year (from 3) and I could see a 1+option deal at around 8 to 12 million
    Carlos Beltran (LF/DH) – this one might be dependent on a deal (Thames or Snider) but it’s another buy relatively low option to give more protection to Bautista.  A 1+1 or 2+1 deal would maintain some flexibility for Gose or other options on the horizon
    Jeff Francis/Wei-Ying Chen – a couple of lefty bullpen arms

    Thames, D. Mcguire (SP), A.J. Jimenez (C) and cash for SP (Gonzalez) – I’m not going to pretend I know what value Beane has set for Gonzalez and I’d adjust the package for Cain or Niese (substitute McGuire for lower-ranked arm).

    The package above aligns with AA’s habit of trading players when there value is highest.  Thames is a fourth OF who shouldn’t get regular PT on a contender while Mcguire and Jimenez have put up solid MinL #’s while slotting below a lot of other prospects in terms of long-term ceiling.  I wouldn’t consider trading Snider and Drabek until they build their value up again.

    Granted these moves don’t grab the headlines but for my $$ it helps build a contender – putting a solid lineup on the field and rounding out a pitching staff nicely.  Feel free to rip these ideas apart – that’s the best part of the off-season (not to mention a nice distraction from Yu-know-who).

  11. Right. Because you can’t exactly see the skepticism with which I passed it along.

    Sorry, but I’m not bound by some of the anachronistic rules of “journalism.” I’m a blogger: if it’s out there, I’ll post it, and if it sounds to me like bullshit I’ll say so, and if it’s clearly not official in any way, I’ll say that too. If someone takes something I pass along as fact, when I’ve gone out of my way to make clear that it isn’t, it ain’t my fault.

  12. You’re an idiot.

    And how much respect should be garnered by Elliott’s writing today that Matsuzaka “helped end the Curse of the Bambino and win a World Series in 2008″?

  13. Oh Come on. Do you expect for him to do all of your thinking for you?

    He posted a crap load of material and how many goddamn times did he say “it may all be bullshit”, or “don’t know what it exactly means”.

    Frankly, Stoeten I am amazed at the job you did over the winter meetings and Darvish Mania.

  14. Thanks.

  15. Today, from Hall of Famer Bob Elliott, who deserves so much respect and no mocking whatsoever: “As for Matsuzaka he helped end the Curse of the
    Bambino and win a World Series in 2008.”

    Yes, talking to guys who have forgotten about entire years, namely 2006, has caused my ego to go berzerk. It’s not so much that I’m afraid to comment here, just that I don’t have much time while I’m rubbing shoulders with Jonah Keri, Kevin Goldstein and Keith Law on a daily basis.

    Grow up. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that could be said in a comments section on this site or any other that would eat me alive.

  16. Well…maybe I came to the wrong place.

  17. LOL the Red Sox ended that curse thingy in 2004 when Dice-K was still eating sushi in Seibu

  18. +1 on this post

    I never understood the hate and disdain for Elliot or Griffin either

    it’s like this Italian restaurant I go to…I enjoy it quite a bit, but the head chef couldn’t make sushi if his life depended on it. My Japanese friend can’t stand this Italian place because they refuse to make sushi. He’s constantly bashing the place due to the absence of sushi

    Occasionally I’ll join him for sushi and I quite like it too.

    He just doesn’t understand why I don’t like sushi everyday…and even insulting my intelligence towards nuances and science behind the cuts, presentation and skill in the preparation

    Me I like variety and appreciate food in all it’s forms.

    Even 4 star Italian restaurants

  19. While it’s honourable for you to defend Parkes,does it not prove my point?You got his back,I get it.He’s your bud.It’s someone to talk Dutch soccer with.
    I was answering Scott Hall’s comment and the first one in is you.
    Everytime I’ve disagreed with Parkes,you’re the one to respond,even when it was Parkes’ original post.
    Can’t Parkes speak for himself?
    There’s two possible reasons.
    He can’t or he won’t.

    As for your example.
    Should I judge your  entire body of work and reputation on one cherry picked article?
    The man won an important award that is voted on by his peers,
    The Baseball Writers Association of America.

    Heard of them?
    All those BWAA writers must be wrong because Parkes can’t possibly be wrong.
    The guy wins the highest possible award for a baseball writer and all your buddy can do is giggle and demean him,like a little school girl.
    Get out of the schoolyard, Stoeten,the big boys have voted.

    And I’m the idiot?

  20. Nice name dropping there Parkes.
    Pretentious a bit?Does it stroke your ego?
    By the way,did you tell them how you mocked Elliott?
    Betcha they were impressed at your classy side.
    You proved my point.You stopped responding to comments here a long time before you were rubbing shoulders with those guys.What was your excuse for back then?Before you started working at the Score?Oops the timeline doesn’t match,does it?

    So having Keri,Goldstein,and Law as your new buds,gives you the right to mock a Spinks winner?
    And you and them have won exactly how many Spinks awards?
    Or better yet,what awards have you won?
    What gives you the fucking right to mock anyone?

    Perhaps you could list how many of your award winning articles were about Canadian baseball and all those games you watched, that gave you your expertise?
    Oh,your knowledge comes from fangraphs and Baseball reference.
    What a surprise.

    Why do you think ,that in many of your posts,here and there even on your newest one,somebody in the comments section says “Fuck off Parkes”
    You just don’t get it .Do you?

    You’ve just been eaten alive.

  21. I don’t really hate Parkes.  I enjoy reading him over at Getting Blanked.  

    I just think he is kinda a little douchy.  A little pretentious too.

  22. Casey Stern is my hero. Never really knew of him before I had MLBRadio, but he calls it like he sees it. Check out this video from 2010 talking about Bautista:… 

  23. “Nice name dropping” You do know what sarcasm is right?

    u mad?

  24. Bill Conlin also won that award. The BBWAA has many great members and many fucking stooges, and much of what they do collectively deserves the ridicule it gets. If you’re holding their votes up as anything meaningful, you’re a bigger fucking idiot than I thought.

  25. You’ve written some dumb things in your time around here, and this is by leaps and bounds the dumbest. It boggles the fucking mind that you actually think the little dream world you’ve invented is real enough to start shitting on people about what goes on in it. Get help.

  26. Props to Casey. Thumbs up, and about fucking time (even though the clip is over a year old).

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