He’s way more confident that I could possibly be, but Kevin Gray of the Manchester Union Leader tweets that it’s “soon to be official” that the “Blue Jays win the bid on Yu Darvish.”

On his personal Gray Matter blog he says that Alex Anthopoulos will have a 9:30 PM ET press conference to tell Canada the news.

I wanna believe it, I really do. I just can’t. Yet.

And on the radio Mike Wilner insists it’s completely jumping the gun and not true. A “joke” that’s taken on a life of its own. And Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweets that a Blue Jays official says no press conference is scheduled.

So… there’s that.

15 Minutes Later Update: Nobody else is saying anything close to this, and as has been well pointed out on Twitter, the press would know if they were expected to be somewhere in 10 minutes. Bunk it is.

9:35 PM ET Update: Gray is standing by his story. He tweets that the call for the press conference has been delayed but that it’s still happening. Hoooookay. I’ll believe it when I see it elsewhere.

And according to JSoccer Magazine, an English language publication about Japanese soccer, Nippon Ham will announce the winner before the end of the hour. They still do not, at least officially, know who the winner is. It will be up to MLB to then announce it, according to @BloggingBombers.

9:45 PM ET Update: Kevin Gray is sticking by his story… with some changes. He now writes that an “announcement” is due around ten, not necessarily a press conference.

9:57 PM ET Update: And Kevin Gray’s story is being corroborated, in a rather speculatory manner, by a twitter account that supposedly belongs to Tom Signore, former and (I believe) soon-to-be New Hampshire Fisher Cats pitching coach, who spent 2011 with Las Vegas.

“Totally agree that Jays posted best bid despite what Jon Heyman tweeted,” the “Tom Signore” account tweets. “I’d bet my feet that the blue jays get Darvish,” he adds.

It’s not exactly definite, is it? But… it’s something.

10:27 PM ET Update: Karl Ravech of ESPN tweets that the latest rumour has the Rangers winning the posting at $51-million, but he stresses that it’s only a rumour. And a quick look at his timeline shows that earlier today he had it the other way around, and looking like the Jays were going to get him.

So… there’s that.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail sums up what we know quite nicely in a tweet: “So far I have one minor league reporter saying the Jays won and some guy in New York going out to drink with a celebrating Rangers guy.”

He adds: “And I’m not slagging “minor league reporters.” Know who first broke story Expos might be contracted? Bob Duff of Windsor Star. Beat me clean.”

11:02 PM ET Update: According to a tweet from Shi Davidi, we’re at T-minus ten minutes from an announcement on Darvish. And… fuck, it’s been a long night. Though I’m realizing now that this is almost exactly in line with what Danny Knobler tweeted earlier. We’ll see… but the fact that a Rogers employee is letting us know… well… hmmm…

Don Nomura, one of Darvish’s agents, tweets that he doesn’t know who wins.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo tweets that it’s Texas. There’s a credible source! Ruh-roh!

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  1. AA is fucked in the media he should have broke his policy and told us he didnt bid or didnt bid alot because he doesnt want Darvish or he isnt worth 52 million.
    But becuse he doesnt comment on anything the fans in Tornoto are going to want a big signing or trade, he should have broke pollicy instead of leting the american media, canadian media, and fans think the bluejays won even sportsnet had a whole 3 hour thing on for what.
    Fans are now going to be more upset with Rogers then before.

    Should have just told us AA, people are going to want your head.
    Even know you didnt tell us you even bid you should have told the fans that look were not getting him and we dont want him we rebuild, now your ass is on the line.

    I like AA but with his comments on payroll parameters and his policy of not commenting on rumors to calm the city of Toronto down he’s fired.
    Honestly if this team has a worse season and attendacne contiunes to drop with his comments on payroll and letting people by the hype of the american media the honeymoon is truly over.

  2. All of us that read this blog knew exactly what AA had to bid in order to win, so how in the fuck did the front office not know???somethings wrong here, this is bullshit, selig fucked us

  3. Well, how many fans went to the ballpark this month? Huh? That’s what I thought. We only have ourselves to blame. This is our fault. Not Anthopolous’s. Not Beeston’s. Not Nadir’s. They warned us.


  4. Beltran is a better signing than Fielder.

    If Beltran goes for 3 yrs/$40M or so, you keep your 1st round draft pick, add a guy that hit for a .910 OPS that isn’t 300 lbs…

    AND you free up Thames/Snider to add to a trade package for a #2 SP.

    I wanted Yu as much as anybody here, but I still trust AA to build a winner.

  5. I dont think we should complain but it’s common sense to bid at least 52 million because dick K got 51.

  6. Screw Texas – adding pieces as they try to become the Buffalo Bills of baseball. 

  7. I’d like to start of by saying that it was no secret that the organization had interest in Yu Darvish.  As an organization we rate every player and assign what we feel is a fair and reasonable market value.  Unfortunately we just weren’t prepared to bid that much money on a player with no MLB experience.  I’d like to stress that we’re excited with our young core and that we will continue to make improvements to the baseball club if possible.

    In other words.  Eat my cheap ass shit motherfuckers.  Hope you save up your cash to come out and watch a our team finish fourth in the AL East next summer.  Don’t worry I’ll make a big trade at next years trade deadline.  Don’t worry I’ll drop by the Fan 590 periodically to tell you how we’ve built the third best farm system in the majors.  So be excited we have a great farm system.

  8. It’s not because the job he’s doing he’s doing fine but the fact that people in Toronto might turn on him for the no comment policy.
    Becuase he doesnt comment this city thought they were getting Darvish, Fielder, Beltran
    If they have a horrible season and lower attendance, Rogers might have to fire him just so the city comes back tot he ballpark.
    With that no comment policy I really could see the city of Toronto turning on him and resulting in Rogers having to fire him even with a great farm system.
    AA didnt help himself with the payroll parameters interview.
    The hate for Rogers will spill to AA, thanks to the media and not commenting on anything.

  9. I guess Beeston wasn’t joking when he said he didn’t like the posting system. The only good thing to come out of this experience is the realization that there is an strong latent fanbase still for the Jays. It’s incumbent now on Rogers and the Jays front office to not betray those loyal fans by living up to their word that “the money will be there” when needed.

  10. WTF happened to ¨whatever it takes to get him” ?????  This is a fucking joke. A really sad, stupid, asinine fucking joke. I was expecting a bid of 60-70 M. I can´t believe I´m going to say this, but i can see now why Boston bid so high on Dice K. 

  11. When is AA going to admit he just went to Japan so he could convert his money to yen then he would have unlimited loonies for the stripclubs.
    Yes I chuck loonies on the stage, used to do fives but that’s way to fucking much.

  12. Unlimited one yen bills for the strip club.

  13. Maybe AA went to Japan for a japanese happy ending but where’s mine AA.

  14. The bid was for sole negotiating rights: key word “sole”, as in NO ONE ELSE can negotiate with him.

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