He’s way more confident that I could possibly be, but Kevin Gray of the Manchester Union Leader tweets that it’s “soon to be official” that the “Blue Jays win the bid on Yu Darvish.”

On his personal Gray Matter blog he says that Alex Anthopoulos will have a 9:30 PM ET press conference to tell Canada the news.

I wanna believe it, I really do. I just can’t. Yet.

And on the radio Mike Wilner insists it’s completely jumping the gun and not true. A “joke” that’s taken on a life of its own. And Jon Morosi of Fox Sports tweets that a Blue Jays official says no press conference is scheduled.

So… there’s that.

15 Minutes Later Update: Nobody else is saying anything close to this, and as has been well pointed out on Twitter, the press would know if they were expected to be somewhere in 10 minutes. Bunk it is.

9:35 PM ET Update: Gray is standing by his story. He tweets that the call for the press conference has been delayed but that it’s still happening. Hoooookay. I’ll believe it when I see it elsewhere.

And according to JSoccer Magazine, an English language publication about Japanese soccer, Nippon Ham will announce the winner before the end of the hour. They still do not, at least officially, know who the winner is. It will be up to MLB to then announce it, according to @BloggingBombers.

9:45 PM ET Update: Kevin Gray is sticking by his story… with some changes. He now writes that an “announcement” is due around ten, not necessarily a press conference.

9:57 PM ET Update: And Kevin Gray’s story is being corroborated, in a rather speculatory manner, by a twitter account that supposedly belongs to Tom Signore, former and (I believe) soon-to-be New Hampshire Fisher Cats pitching coach, who spent 2011 with Las Vegas.

“Totally agree that Jays posted best bid despite what Jon Heyman tweeted,” the “Tom Signore” account tweets. “I’d bet my feet that the blue jays get Darvish,” he adds.

It’s not exactly definite, is it? But… it’s something.

10:27 PM ET Update: Karl Ravech of ESPN tweets that the latest rumour has the Rangers winning the posting at $51-million, but he stresses that it’s only a rumour. And a quick look at his timeline shows that earlier today he had it the other way around, and looking like the Jays were going to get him.

So… there’s that.

Jeff Blair of the Globe and Mail sums up what we know quite nicely in a tweet: “So far I have one minor league reporter saying the Jays won and some guy in New York going out to drink with a celebrating Rangers guy.”

He adds: “And I’m not slagging “minor league reporters.” Know who first broke story Expos might be contracted? Bob Duff of Windsor Star. Beat me clean.”

11:02 PM ET Update: According to a tweet from Shi Davidi, we’re at T-minus ten minutes from an announcement on Darvish. And… fuck, it’s been a long night. Though I’m realizing now that this is almost exactly in line with what Danny Knobler tweeted earlier. We’ll see… but the fact that a Rogers employee is letting us know… well… hmmm…

Don Nomura, one of Darvish’s agents, tweets that he doesn’t know who wins.

Jeff Passan of Yahoo tweets that it’s Texas. There’s a credible source! Ruh-roh!

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  3. Is it too much to ask for a goddamn announcement already?

  4. I am blue for Yu. I’m also tired.

  5. You’re cruel but funny

  6. Seriously. Goddamn!

  7. Godzilla is the next Japanese star to be posted.  Imagine what stress and hand wringing that process will bring forth

  8. what time is it n slowkeo

  9. RT @ShiDavidi: Apparently a Darvish announcement is coming in about 10 minutes.

  10. I’m late to this, but you’re seriously fucking retarded and I’d rather we lose Darvish than me not tell you it.

  11. Jagshemash, I Scott Borat. if you bid too small for banana face boy, I represent #1 athlete in all North Korea. He can jump over 12 foot fence at DMZ, survive on 1 meal a day and lift an Yankee Dog tank over his head; he is 5’11″, 117 lbs, but Dear Leader himself (bless his soul) passed on magical powers to this impressive man-god. I will send you binder, delivered by two prostitutes.

  12. People have to work in the morning, Japan!

  13. Where were ya Wang, we was worried!

  14. In other posting news…

    Mothras negotiating rights were won by the Rays

    Gamara traded for godzuki and a monster to be named later.

  15. If Davidi knows that there’s an announcement coming ahead of Rosenthal, Morosi, Heyman etc, does that mean it’s the Jays? HMMM???

  16. Wilner said Yu’s agent doesn’t know who won. Nomura?

    This is silly.

  17. The condition wherein one is aroused to the point of near climax that is never reached, previously known as “blue balls” shall forever more be known in these parts as “Yu Balls”

  18. Texas Rangers win 51.7 million

    According to Jeff Passan

  19. Stop. Just stop it now. I can’t take it anymore. 

  20. Yahoo says rangers won the bid with 51.7 million bid according to Wilner

  21. OUCH. 

  22. It’s over…..we lost ..fuck

  23. FUCK.

  24. FUCK.

  25. Passan has no source…

  26. Unleash the Rogers hater!

  27. rangers…51.7

  28. Texas, y’all.

  29. Rangers

  30. Thank God we didn’t get Darvish, that’s way too much money!

    See how fast we can spin this in the opposite direction :)

  31. Seriously, why the hell Aren’t the parties involved saying anything?

    Passan is just playing twitter bingo.

  32. so…we all hope yu turns out to be a pile of shit, right?

  33. Who wants to take a little trip to New Hampshire to knock on a guy’s door?

  34. Story was posted 2 hours ago. If it hasn’t been announced in Japan yet, or on MLB, how do they know both the amount AND the winner?

  35. Forget darvish lets sign Fielder

  36. http://www.fighters.co.jp/news
    Looks like they’ve accepted. No team name of course.

  37. (If true) If the pitcher is better than Dice K, and Boston bid 51 on Dice-K, why would you bid less? (Sorry, I’m irrational.)

  38. Texas won

  39. donnomura Don Nomura 
    Texas won c u guys in 30 days

  40. BTW was kevin gray jays insider?

  41. Yahoo does have the best sports writers of any major news network

  42. There goes our one chance to efficiently use money to get better quickly… now it’s overpay or wait forever…

  43. FACK

  44. Has there been an official announcement yet? Maybe this is just my last chance for denial as I have no idea why he would post an exact number if it was just a guess….uggghhh

  45. fuck

  46. It’s official now via commissioners office

  47. Story says it was uploaded almost 2 hours ago??? WTF?

  48. Its official.

  49. Well, 51.7 million hey? I hate to be a basher, but man those cheap motherfuckers.

  50. There’s a tweet saying the Jays won at $52M.  I assume that’s a joke?

  51. Fuck Yu.

  52. This sux barrs! Fuck I wanted him on Brue Jays :(

  53. yup here it is: fuck rogers, fuck aa and fuck the blue jays. we’re never going to win anything with this ownership. it’s over, we’ve got nice new fucking bullshit fucking fuckity fuck jerseys though.

    being a blue jays fan is shit

  54. Another disappointment in the long line of 20 years of disappointments.  Cheap fraking bastards.

  55. blah blah blah sour grapes blah blah blah

  56. Kinda cruel, but time to move on. Definitely want to know what the Jays bid was though.

  57. fuckity fuck fuck

  58. We could have bid a dollar we will never know if they truly bid and how much.
    But having siad that if they bid in the 40 million range I would expect them to at least monitor the Fielder market. 

  59. Yes.  Texas is confirmed by MLB.

  60. Oh boy.  And now the wrath will come down.


  62. Oh boy.  I would not want to be AA tomorrow morning…

    Still and all, Yu may be great and he may not be great.  But the price for Garza just went up.

  63. Two words – PAYROLL PARAMETERS

  64. We can now assume the Jays bid wasn’t anywhere close, and were likely outbid by many others.

  65. Kevin grey…what say you now?

  66. Fuck. You can´t seriously tell me the Jays bid less than that. They must have known it was going to take more than 51 to get it.  51. 51 !!!!!   that was the MONSTER BID ????,  the SKY HIGH bid ????  You know what…..fuck off.   why even bid unless you were going to bid at LEAST 51. 

  67. *furiously refreshing Kevin Gray’s blog*

  68. If 51.7 is the numbers that won then how on earth did the Jays expect to win with less then that? I was almost certain it was going to be more then that. 

  69. Wow, Jays couldn’t go any higher than that, eh? Cheap shits. 

    And if AA was serious about Darvish, surely his army of nerds could’ve figured that he’d need to place a bid significantly higher than what Boston put up for Dice-K. 


  70. Hey have I been banned?

  71. Well then, that hurts a lot more than I expected. 

  72. Well, it seems like it’s time for me to come out of retirement to anchor the rotation.

  73. Game over.

  74. dissapointing for sure. But at least weve built something very good. We have a strong squad, good foundation and i assume we will make a trade for a pitcher that can help us. dissapointing day for sure but what can you do. If Jays really wanted him they would have bid more than 51.

  75. Not sure what pisses me off more, loosing Darvish or that I’ve been pushing refresh on my phone every 3 minutes for the last 3+ hours.

  76. This has been confirmed by MLB.  The twitter rumors about a 51 million bid were true.

    Let’s see what AA does.

    Wilner says the Jays should not spend any of the money allocated to Darvish.

    Wilner says they should look for value.

    Mike mccoy type signing???

    Very sad night & what a waste of data usage.

    I hope the Jays sign someone who has MLB track record.

    Wilner says the Jays are not interested in Prince Fielder.

  77. Even though the Jays didn’t officially say anything either way, the bar has been raised for AA & Co.  people are going to EXPECT that money gets spent elsewhere.

    I don’t envy AA.

  78. Oh, looks like Disqus has decided to reinstate me.

    Let’s regroup and move on guys.  Texas got him.  Hooray for them.  Now I hope he’s a bigger complete bust than Irabu.  Any news on what the Jays bid?

  79. Rogers made more than $51 million in the two hours I was waiting for the announcement.

  80. They lost to a $51.7M bid? Heartbreaking. I hate twitter, I hate all of these ‘reporters’ with their ‘sources’ reporting bullshit, I hate the hype train, I hate that the Jays lost to a build that (in my opinion) was so low. If Yu Darvish is awesome (which I think that he will be), then this will always hurt. Oh, and I hate Texas too. Fuck the Rangers.

  81. Geez all of a sudden our rotation just went for shit. Who is Kevin Gray and why is he still alive?

  82. Honestly wonder if the jays even bid. This is fucking bullshit. Cant believe I was actually getting excited over this.

  83. Agreed if they really wanted him they would have bid  atleast 52 million.
    Common sense

  84. Think I’m going to jump off the nearest bridge I can find. Thanks so much Rogers

  85. This is an inside job Rangers had info on the highest bid! Baseball is turning into wwf…

  86. Fuck everything, and especially fuck the so-called Blue Jays “insiders”. They should be locked in their mothers basements with no access to the interwebs for 30 days. Ah well, on to the rest of the offseason. Hopefully AA has some surprises in store for us.

  87. Well, this might turn out to be the best thing, but I’d really like to know what the Jays bid.

  88. Lightning said it all. Rogers blows. AA will be jumping ship to become the GM of a real team within a few years, for sure. 

  89. Darvish: AL Cy Young winner, Halladay: NL Cy Young winner, Jays 76-86. Enjoy the craptacular year.

  90. I would like to see him pitch. It would be fun to have him as a Jay, but if he flopped, Aa’s reputation would take a huge hit.

    This is one of those players that  could fall apart after a couple of years in the MLB or be the next Pedro Martinez.

    Wouldn’t it make more sense to get Prince Fielder if he can be obtaines at under 6/140???

    At least he has a track record in the MLB.

    If Rogers does not allocate any of the $50 million, it will be a fiasco.

  91. What does the team need? Another number two pitcher. There’s still a lot of time for GM AA to take care of it.
    Number 2, Number 2, Number 2!

  92. No one who reads this blog can honestly say they weren’t warned.

  93. k now take that 125mil$ for Yu and put it towards Prince??   would be a #1/2 rotation starter away from contention after that…  or maybe AA wasn’t bull shitting Dec 6th…   hmmmmm

  94. please noo prince 2 bellies fielder,

  95. Definition of “crazy high” and “sky high” – less than Dice-K’s posting. So you know, inflation and the fact that darvish is better and about a year younger….Rogers are cheap.

  96. Ah, those are the Fake Beeston Dollars I know and love! He’s spending a SHITLOAD of fake dollars this off-season! 

    Whatever, Fielder was always the better, safer sign. Go get your man, AA! 

  97. Jayss traded Napoli to the Rangers for Frank Francisco. Now they get Darvish. The Rangers outwitted us again.

    Jays fans are venting at Wilner.

  98. AA, you bid less than 51 ?????????!!!!!!!  Thats less than Dice K 5 fucking years ago….  Why even bother.  I´m pissed.  I´ve been following this shit for days.  You know what: I WANNA KNOW HOW MUCH AA BID.  he either completely lowballed them or he just missed out – either way he fucked up big time.

  99. I wonder if Rogers will be forced to reveal the bid? If the Jays were close, then they fans can’t complain too much.

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