Hopefully we finally get a leak we can trust on this whole Yu Darvish saga, otherwise, according to Danny Knobler of CBS Sports, while it sounds like the bid will be accepted [note: shock!], we may be waiting three to four hours from the time of his 7:15 PM ET tweet to get the official announcement of which team will get a 30-day window to exclusively negotiate with Yu Darvish.

$50-million sure doesn’t get ya what it used to, does it?

And if my clock-reading is correct, and my insistence on round numbers doesn’t fuck it up, that would mean we’re looking at somewhere between 10 and 11 PM ET before we’ll know. Motherfucker, just tell us al-goddamned-ready!!

So… there’s that.

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  1. those Ham-ers sure knows how to milk this, eh?

    why does it take ANOTHER 4 hours to announce?

    I have the feeling that whoever won probably already think twice about dealing with this kind of people

  2. Obviously 50 million isn’t enough to buy a watch…

  3. Gah, just tell us Texas won already!

  4. Haha.. Yup I feel ya. I’ve been looking at Twitter for a week straight it would seem.  One day last week, I was seriously checking my phone every five min.  If I took a 15 min shower, before I dried off, I’d pick up my Iphone on the bathroom counter and check to see if he signed.

    I can’t wait until he signs with the Rangers and I can put my heart into the Jays trading for Joey Votto or whatever cock teasing rumor there is next.

  5. Just waiting for some useless insight from fuck rogers

  6. It’s all about the MLB milking every minute of publicity out of this thing…I know it’s tough but can’t blame ‘em.

  7. There’s also the fact that they’re already in a losing battle by choosing to put this up against the well oiled machine that is Monday Night Football. Stoopid.

  8. fuck that knob gobbler and his delays

  9. I think it would be fucking hilarious (read: insufferable!) if the Hokkaido team officials got up there and said, “Just wanted to let y’all know we’ve accepted the bid of 4.287 billion Yen. We don’t know the team, but Darvish will be going to the US next season.”

  10. So…I just found out that my ex-girlfriends uncle is former Padre and current Japan superstar Terrmel Sledge. That’s a thing.

  11. Look on the bright side.  If we don’t get him, there’s $100M or so out there for someone–or a couple–of others.  And we don’t know how well he pitches in North America.

  12. Any members of the drunk commentariat here interested in playing a Baseball MMORPG? A fresh season has started at Two Out Rally.

    If you’re interested here’s my referal link, if you’d be so kind.


  13. I’ve just accepted that Texas won the auction. Either way I won’t be disappointed. 

  14. I think you guys are over reading this thing.  These guys in japan are not doing this thing to drag the shit out and create all this “excitement”

    they are simply going by the book.  that is the way things are done there. 

    They could care less if there is monday night football or not. 

    Is the announcement even going to be televised? 

  15. Best picture ever for this nonsense.

  16. In case you haven’t noticed, we’re a little preoccupied to be bothering with a Baseball MMORPG at the moment. Maybe some other time.

  17. This may have been mentioned already but did anyone here the Aaron Guiel interview on the FAN 590 at 5:45 today?  Guiel who played 5 years in Japan compared Darvish to Pedro Martinez and says he will be a stud!

    I probably didn’t need to hear this.

  18. Shit, nucka…you bringin’ my name into this drunk jays fans shit…you could never handle this hood rat ass of mine….my boy Adam Lind knows how to bounce it….thats why I dumped your ass.  my uncle Terrmel told you youz a little bitch ass nucka.  eat a dick.

  19. Probably only gonna be streamed at MLB dot com, or televised on the MLB Network for those that live in the US. Just get ‘er done already.

  20. Did you have to say “Iphone” there? Lol…phone would have been sufficient.

  21. Heard that. If he even comes close to that prediction, he’ll have been worth it (if the Jays get him – If they don’t I don’t give a fuck).

  22. Awkward…

  23. He’s half black, half Korean. She’s on the Korean side. Not sure I know too many Koreans that talk like that.

  24. I know the feeling . I check my phone every 2 hours. I am impressed with the constant updates.

  25. I am now refreshing my iPhone web page every 15 seconds. I think I have a problem. Ateast I’m helping the DRUNK hit rate.

  26. Oh my fuck. Rational Jays Talk caller right off the top.

  27. Impossible!

  28. That’s assuming three things:

    1) The Jays even made a bid (no direct confirmation exists, but let’s say probability is medium)
    2) The bid was genuine and not a deliberately low figure advanced only to give the illusion that they’re making an effort (probability low to medium)
    3) The bid had nothing to do with special circumstances unique to Darvish (marketing etc.) and the money intended for him can be repurposed elsewhere (probability EXTREMELY low)

    I still think this is too much of a departure from the usual modus operandi to be believed.

  29. Texas fans are more worried about the financial commitment to acquiring Darvish (browsing their blogs). Jays fans sound like desperate losers… I feel depressed now.

  30. So while we’re waiting, who here thinks the Jays won and for how much?

  31. I think it’s a sign that the world is truly coming to an end. I guess the Jays do have to go all in on 2012.  ;)

  32. I think it’s the Jays over Texas.  55 over 51.

    But that is just and only a guess.

  33. orgasm denial…. google it.

  34. Usually its just the morons who call in to Jays Talk who sound like desperate losers

  35. I say the winner will be in the 60′s.

  36. Seeing as no one out there who actually has access to the Jays, Rangers, and the MLB office has any idea who won or how much any bids were, this really helps things out.

  37. Wilner doesn’t like it.

  38. What the young lady is basically saying is that Shockey 12 was unable to sexually satisfy his ex girlfriend, according to her because he could not handle her ample hind quarters.  She then makes a reference to a player of the Toronto Blue Jays, Adam Lind, who has recently married a woman of the African American lineage who is known to also have ample hind quarters.  Her final statement is heresy and therefore inadmissable in a court of law as she refers to a quote from here uncle Terrmel Sledge, a former Major league baseball player and Japansese professional league player.

  39. went to a movie just to skip a few hours of this bullshit . . . just got back and it’s been moved back until midnight or whatever.

    Darvish to the Rangers is something I have come to accept, as long as it’s not the Yankees like I have thought all along. If he goes there I’m not sure if I’m going to be able to breathe.

    Why can’t anything good ever happen to a Jays fan?

  40. She’s not American, you fucking douchewad.

  41. AA happened to the Blue Jays…..that’s much much more than just a good thing.

  42. If you listen to the 1st hour of PTS today, Davidi said he can confirm the Jays made a bid and it was serious.  Blair made a point of saying that Davidi was the only Toronto reporter to actually confirm this.

  43. Blue Jays general manager Alex Anthopoulos has called for a press conference tonight to announce his team has won the bid for Japanese sensation Yu Darvish, according to my industry sources. I’m told the Blue Jays will have a press conference tonight around 9:30 that will blow away the great fans of Canada, who’ve been thrilled at the idea of Darvish signing with Toronto. Both parties have 30 days to agree on a contract. “


  44. Why must you turn this gin joint into a house of lies?

  45. !!!

    Dont fuck with us, Gray matter!  We’ve been through enough!

  46. sounds like bull to me

  47. Brett Lawrie, Bautista, Romero? Fuckoff

  48. omg, is this true?

  49. Fuck off Captain Adama. Miami’s safer without you.

  50. I make no claims, only post the link.

  51. i feel like someone is punching me in the back of the knee every five minutes with all these silly (fake) updates. what did i do to deserve this? I love kelly gruber, i went to see tony fernandez inducted into the canadian baseball hall of fame, i believed in alex rios until the very last second, i almost cried when i saw lawrie hit that grand slam? whyWHY?

  52. They are saying nothing about this on the radio

  53. Yeah, not buying that. 

  54. ADMIRAL Adama!

  55. Wilner says no press conference has been called

  56. we won 81 games last year and were out of the playoffs by june, i judge success by wins, forgive me

  57. I feel like my heart is being toyed with. Thank god this will be over soon.

  58. Pretty weird for a guy who’s an actual reporter (albeit for a small paper, who covers the Jays AA team) to put himself out there like that.

    We’ll see I suppose.  Though he does they *will* call a presser, not that one *has* been called.  Nit-picking, for sure, though.

  59. Thanks for your knowledgeable insight as usual, fuck rogers. You never disappoint.

  60. Not weird at all.Boy just wants to make a name for himself.

  61. no problem! i happen to think supporting every decision the team makes doesn’t make one a fan, just a lackey. (shudder, at least we didn’t sign John)

  62. Maybe your sources were unclear and its 9:30 Japan time and not Eastern…

  63. It’s better to retract after for the risk of looking brilliant if it actually works out. Lose a little credibility vs. be the one who broke the news…

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