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The Yu Darvish saga is finally over, and there’s so much that needs to be said that it’s hard to know where to begin. It was a bitter loss for many Jays fans, especially in the immediate aftermath, and there’s no great way to spin it for the few fans who’ll insist that it matters not that the Jays’ bid was serious, or that Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star reports that “sources in baseball insist that the Jays’ bid for the 25-year-old Japanese star was over $50 million, barely edged out by the winning bid of $51.7 million reported to be posted by Rangers’ GM Jon Daniels.”

It only matters, some will say, that Rogers, once again, didn’t do enough– and if they don’t take the money earmarked for Darvish and immediately throw it straight into the pockets of whichever free agents are still available, we’ll know all we need to know about Rogers’ intentions for the stewardship of this club.

Last night it seemed as though Richard Griffin was ready to lead the charge into full-blown idiocy, tweeting that the Jays have proved they’re “not scared to spend money now they MUST spend.”

For those of us with critical thinking skills, of course, it’s a thoroughly fucking ridiculous notion that the club should follow the Angels’ 2010 lead and spend money on anything exorbitantly expensive with a pulse (or Vernon Wells) just because it’s there to be spent, and fortunately Griffin tempered his view [read: remembered everything he wrote during the last four years of the JP Ricciardi era] in the article linked above.

Speaking of critical thinking skills, as you’re probably aware by now, Kevin Gray of the Manchester Union Leader certainly suffered a lapse in his last night. Reporting on his personal blog, Gray Matter, because he “didn’t go with the story in my newspaper because none of my sources went on the record,” Gray insisted to us around 9:00 PM that a press conference was set by the Jays for 9:30, which sure was news to the local media members who would have been expected to be there. He stood by his story all the way until it was revealed as false, then apologized profusely and decided to donate any ad money generated on his blog this week to JaysCare.

I have some sympathy– he’s a professional, not some clown just pretending he’s got contacts in the organization– but not a whole hell of a lot, as he could have easily toned down the assured tones of what he was writing. And especially not after, in his apology, he stated that “this is the danger of the blogosphere.”

John Lott of the National Post also spoke about the impact of social media on the Darvish frenzy, saying that it “fuelled” Jays fans’ “fantasy.”

What Lott says is undeniably true, of course, I just bristle, as a blogger and Twitterer who did a lot of fuelling over the course of the last week, about the connotation. What itself fuelled that fantasy-fuelling social media frenzy was a mountain of speculation being passed along by mainstream journalists– and last night, a smaller paper journo in the form of Kevin Gray.

But the media stuff is a conversation better left for another day (or for Parkes over at Getting Blanked). What’s important in the wake of the Jays’ loss is to figure out what it means and where they go from here.

For myself, like a lot of fans, the possibility of acquiring Darvish was nearly as much about the message it sent as it was the player himself. It’s easier to fully acknoweldge now that we know he won’t be coming, but Darvish is a risky property, as is anyone who requires a commitment of more than $100-million, I suppose. Surely he would have been extremely fun to watch, he would have perfectly filled an area of need for the club, and he would have allowed the club not to expend a good portion of their prospect capital to do so, but if there were other big ticket options out there we thought the Jays might be as realistically in on– if it didn’t seem like our big free agent choice was between him and nothing– I don’t think that people would have been worked into such a froth, myself included.

No, it’s not the most rational reason to be in favour of a deal, but Rogers’ willingness to spend have been hugely meaningful to a fan base rattled by “payroll parameters,” by Geoff Baker conspiracy theories and years of questionably-low spending and skepticism of Rogers’ internal accounting. Would it have jump-started a new era of revenue generation for the club? Not on its own, not without winning. At least not beyond a few weeks of excitement at the start of the deal. As Drew mentioned in this week’s podcast, if the Jays found themselves 10 games back by mid-August, the Rogers Centre wouldn’t be full when it was Darvish’s turn to pitch.

Of course, adding Darvish would have gone a nice distance towards making the Jays a better club in 2012 and beyond, but winning his posting was hardly make-or-break for the club. They can still improve themselves, on top of the many improvements they’ve already made since Opening Day of 2011. And if they need to sell off prospects now in order to make the improvements, it’s comforting to know that there should be money available next winter to improve the roster that way.

“Should” of course is the operative word, and the word that made last night’s outcome feel like such a punch in the gut for so many. We’ve always felt that the Jays should have money available to them, but fans desperately want to see it– especially in the form of spending on the big league payroll. It’s an understandable sentiment, to a point. It’s just, you’ve lost touch with reality once you start failing to grasp the very simple concept of how a silent auction works and insisting that it doesn’t matter what the club’s bid was or whether they bid it all, as long as they lost.

No, it matters. It can hardly be chalked up as a victory that the club missed out in their pursuit of a player they wanted badly enough to post such a high bid on– and there is absolutely no reason to believe they didn’t bid– but the fact that they did lends much credence to Rogers’ insistence that money will be there for the right opportunity, and to the suggestion that the club’s low payrolls and refusal to put the cart before the horse are part of an intelligent plan to get better and not just a smokescreen for cheap fuck Rogers.

That doesn’t at all mean those notions are now proven to be inarguably true– and believe me, I’m fully aware that absolutely nothing is going to stop fucking mouth-breathing morons from arguing that they’re not anyway. But maybe let’s not jump to the conclusion that the severe emotional reaction of so many last night makes them those kinds of fans, and let’s remember that it’s still a good day to be a Blue Jays fan. Even if, clearly, it could have been better.

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  1. How bout losing both?? My problem is with the blind bid and MLB signing on to it. Hell, no team can ever know if even $ 100 million bid is enough.

  2. Pretty sure they got that info from Griffins column who got it from “sources”.

  3. Beltran is 33. He still has a few productive years left. He would be an upgrade on Lind/Encarnacion/Snider/Thames. I would prefer Fielder but Beltran is a very good hitter also. He’d give the offense a nice boost. Add Beltran, a #2 starter and a few good bullpen pieces and the Jays are competing for a playoff spot. Not a lock to get in but they should compete. Plus, they dont have to give up anyone from the farm system to get him. My only concern with him is his surgically repaired knee and the artificial turf

  4. You’re not seriously suggesting AA put in a bid just high enough to satisfy his Rogers’ bosses are you?

  5. Ok , this is getting Juuust a bit tiresome…..

  6. For one year? Then he walks… Not a good idea considering the propect haul he would cost.

  7. Keith, how were those winners built?  Overnight or over a period of years leading to a culmination in some kick-ass baseball teams? 

  8. it was written that darvish would concider a bid below dice-k an insult and disrespectful because he is better than dice-k. ( thats japanese culture so i’m told) so even if 50 mill was enough to win the bid it wasn’t over dice-k’s and would have been a sore spot when talking contract. If they really wanted him to sign as a jay you HAVE to better dice-k.  Same old crap from jays. ” we tried but could only get to second”
    Jays will never compete with this mentality.  They had a chance to get a player who couldn’t say :” I won’t play in Toronto” and tried to cheap out on him ( if 50 mill can be concidered cheep  WTF kind of world is this)
    Jays = AAAA ball club

    lets all go see the buffalo bisons

  9. Hmm, you say we´re a .500 team and label us ¨tank nation”.  Olney just today said that the jays were contenders for 2012.  I´m guessing were somewhere in the middle, though not contenders. When exactly, in your estimation, should AA pull the trigger on spending…

  10. Because it’s a blind bid, one strategy would be to guage your “perceived” strongest  rival bidders and come up with an idea of what you think their highest bid will be and bid above it. Another would be to look at Dice-k’s bid ($51.1 mill?) and bid above that. I’m sure some teams went the other way: bid something low, so as to at least HAVE a bid in and take advantage of unforeseen events.

  11. I agree with you to a point.  These people who say:  ”it was a blind bid, we had no way of knowing what to bid” – thats a bit rich. there were all kinds of signs about what it would take.  You rightly point out Darvish´s sentiment – I read that too. On top of that you had a benchmark already set.  Even if you take the 51.1 with a grain of salt, it had to make you think twice about going under it. Especially since that bid was 5 years ago and since Yu is a better product. Add to this the voluminous pre-bid discourse that routinely noted 50-60 M was needed.  One source even said upwards of 70 !!  So, these excuses are rather lame.  If you´re willing to bid 50, then why not 52, in light of the circumstances. 

  12. I’m not gonna label the Halladay deal a “swindle” when the three that wound up coming back are still only 24 (Drabek), 23 (d’Arnaud), and 21 (Gose). We don’t know what we have in any of them. Drabek’s looked awful, d’Arnaud’s looked great, and Gose has looked good. That could change by next offseason.

    We can argue that no amount of return for Halladay is fair if you want because it’s pretty damn hard to get back enough value for the best SP of the last decade. That would ignore the fact that Halladay wanted out and supposedly only wanted to go to Philadelphia. Considering all of that, that’s a pretty good trade by AA.

  13. I’m not in the ‘Rogers are cheap fucks’ crowd or the ‘everything sucks now’ crowd.  I feel really good about the direction the team is going – Yu disappointment or not.

    Having said that, I’m not unhappy that the story: ‘passionate Jays fanbase are angry at Rogers and want to see an investment in the team’ seems to have become a media talking point right now.  Even moreso than any Leafs stories.

    It’s good that ownership sees that this isn’t an apathetic, silent fanbase.  It’s one that wants to win and wants commitment.  I’m not a Rogers-hating guy, but I think it’s good to put some pressure on them now and then.

  14. Can I ask what the Grantland piece is that you guys are referencing?

  15. It’s not our money they’re running the team with. You pay Roger’s for their services/products. You pay admission. 

  16. Do you believe that pasting projections and odds for next season somehow proves a point?

    We all watch the team. I think it’s pretty safe to say that if the Jays do nothing at this point, there will probably be a minor improvement in wins over next year (Lawire/Rasmus/Santos/KJ replacing Nix/Patterson/Hill/FF).  Not DEFINITELY an improvement in wins, but it’s a reasonable guess.

    If they’re able to make a couple deals that help the MLB club, then perhaps more.

    I don’t think anyone gives a shit what odds and projections we can get on the 2012 Jays on Dec 21st, after one offseason move.

  17. Exact same players? This was Jays vs Texas not Yanks vs Red Sox.

  18. Rogers:  Toronto’s our home city and this is our baseball team and we’re gonna support them.  Sort of.

    Interbrew:  What is this ‘baseball’ of which you speak?  And how fast can we get rid of it?

    Labbatts:  We wanna win.

  19. Yeah it’s a bit strange considering the Jays won 81 games last year, and the roster seems, if anything, improved on that.  Anything can happen I guess, but it’s tough to see a projection of 6 games worse than last season.  It’s not even like you can say division rivals have improved a lot.  No one in the East has done much of anything.

  20. Alex could be a scapegoat if the team fails

  21. Yes.  I also think we should see what the 2012 roster looks like before we make assumptions about the win total of the 2012 team.

    There’s been one move.

  22. James, what´s your take on the argument that we should be seizing the moment to make up ground on NY and Bos since they´re not doing much this year (so far anyways) ??  Its an uncommon situation. 

  23. Just thinking out loud here: the Jays need starting pitching. There isn’t much out there that’s available for trade, or has the same potential or value of, say, a Mat Latos. If you’re the Jays, would you trade for Matt Garza? Or would you try and pry a promising prospect that represents a “buy low” situation such as a Mike Montgomery?

  24. Toronto is a AAAA ball club? You are retarded if the Jays are in the Central they win the division (both leagues) as well they would blow away the NL West. Not to mention they would have meaningful September games which would lead to higher attendance which would lead to free agent spending. Thus you do not know what you are talking about

  25. Don’t forget Rauch and Jo jo Reyes are no longer  team. Although I do feel that the Molina loss is a significant downgrade to Mathis. At least Mathis will only affect 60-70 games this year at the most.

  26. I personally think there’s potential for this team to push contention this year.  But obviously totally depends on what moves AA is able to make.

    At least with the Jays stocked system, he has the tools and options.

    I do support his plan of creating a sustainable run, rather than ‘blowing your load’ and going all in for a year or two (like Milwaukee is doing).

  27. Ichiro played every day.  Matsui played every day.  Darvish will only start every five days…. So let’s take your $10 million figure and subtract 4/5ths of that.  $2 million over 5 years is 1/10th of the posting fee.

    And on top of that, the argument is moot since the Jays did not win the bid.

  28. Only problem with your argument is that the Sox overpaid for Dice-K.  So by your own logic, the Jays probably bid the right amount if they think Darvish is a better version of Dice-K.

  29. To me it certainly means that true contention is probably a year or more away unless everything magically clicks like it did for the Padres a couple of years ago. In a way I suppose that sucks because it’s probably going to mean more of the same for who knows how long.”
    How long?  Based on your comment, 1 or more years.

  30. Jays fans would find a way to go shitnuts even if AA had come out and said “We are not going to win this thing.  I swear on Beeston’s nuts.”

    Jays fans are a stupid bunch, but so are most sports fans.  If they weren’t then we would not still have people holding out hope for Fielder when AA has said they are not going to be offering a contract over 5 years and his agent is Scott Boras who will probably not consider anything less than 7.

  31. I’d like to report this for incoherence.  High?

  32. His agent has nothing to do with it. The bidding process was a silent auction.  The winner of which received the right to have a 30 day window to negotiate with Darvish who is under contract to his Japanese team.  The money for the post goes to the Nippon Ham or whatever they are called.  They are not allowed to release the amounts f the losing bids and neither is MLB.  Only the Jays can release that info and they won’t because of all the fucktards who would go all Sally Bananas over it.

  33. I thought it was The Score?  And I’m sure they don’t pay him.  He’s too fat to be paid to be on TV.

    Sorry Andrew.  I feel bad saying that but fuck it man, you set the tone.

  34. No one signed Latos.  The Reds traded for him.

  35. Matgio Lantos?  The Starting Closer? The ones the Jays and Reds traded and signed for?

    Fuck man, get yer head out of your ass and read you fucking comments.  They Jays would have had to spend $125 million to post and then sign Darvish, and you cannot say they were not willing to do that – any more than you can say that they were willing to.  He is also a pitcher so, by that logic, they might be willing to drop $160 million on a position player, but not a fat one who will have five great years and then roll down hill.  

    To be clear though, I would love them to spend the money on Fielder because it isn’t my money, but you gotta respect an organization that sticks to it’s principals.

  36. Sorry man wouldnt step foot in that place to good for it, or any fastfood.
    I’m rich bitch.

  37. why wouldnt you bid one million more to set the japanese posting record.

  38. And how did the Jays get to the point where they were contending for 8 years straight?  Was it by blowing their loads early, or by patiently building from within and buying when the time was right?

  39. Cant just look at the past, doesnt always work twice. Boston added Ortiz and Manny and then added peices later when they were ready to win.

  40. “Alex could be a scapegoat if the team fails.”

    Can’t see it. If Rogers rightfully knows that they’ve held him back with a small payroll, all the while he has excellent results in the toughest division in MLB, why would they scapegoat him/fire him, when the next person they’d hire would be forced to opperate with the same small payroll. They wouldn’t.

  41. Yeah I know.  But the Jays were in on him, so you could say AA “lost out” on Latos on the trade market.

  42. What’s wrong with you? The past 2 days there’s been a chorus of people, yourself included, talking about how the jays are a “couple of moves” away from contention.

    83 wins, 85 wins, 89 wins?  I don’t know.  Depends (particularly on what moves are still to come).

    What moves? Beltran, and Gio Gonzalez? You’re not making sense. You come on a sabr-oriented blog, and now you’re saying that projections are basically meaningless, while making your own guesses as to how they’ll perform next year.

    On what are you basing these hunches of yours? Do you think that your gut somehow proves a point?

  43. It’s a meaningless guy to add to a team that is realistically looking right now at an over/under of .500 baseball next year. Even if you add him, you still need another 5+ wins out of the rotation along with the best case scenario from the lineup to even have a chance to be within a few games down the stretch.

    They should sign Manny to a league minimum contract. At least that way, you’re not pissing away 30 million bucks if he never does anything.

    Also, why would Beltran want to play here? They’d have to over-pay to get him. It’s not a risk I think is worth taking. The team should just focus on the slow-build that it has been instead of signing FAs to block “help”  in the shortrun.

  44. Olney is a trade insider. He also said last week that the Jays were probably definitely going to win the Darvish bid. I’m thinking that reports from today that they werne’t even close are accurate.

    I thought the Jays should go after Fielder this offseason. I still do. Maybe they should sign Manny. He’s a cheater though, and an unrepentant one at that. At least it gives them a couple months to shake out LF/1B/DH situation

  45. Agreed. The rebuild under AA has been successful. There are no more albatross contracts on the payroll. The farm system is in good shape. What I can’t understand is the “money is there” Beeston talk when AA is clear that “payroll parameters” are important.

    I listened to the interview with Blair. AA seemed to be more excited about Santos’s contract terms than his pitching abilities.

    The Jays have 48 million committed to 12 players as per Blair. That is a very low payroll.

  46. I don’t think Stoeten has sold out. The podcast was excellent. Stoeten put on his fan hat & talked honestly about the loss of Darvish. I respect that.

    The key thing is that we all know the risks of spending 125 million on Darvish.

    However, just imagine the excitement across the MLB if the Jays got Darvish.

    Darvish mania would hit spring training & the Rogers Centre would be packed for his starts.

    The Jays would gain”swagger” & announce to MLB that they are back.

    The most frustrating thing as a Jays fan is that we know that Rogers has the resources to fix this & give us a good time .

    We know that the likelyhood of winning would improve, which would raise revenues & probably pay for itself etc.

    I finished reading Claude Brochu’s book about the demise of the expos.

    Brochu took over in 1991 till 1999. The team was cash strapped from the beginning & got forced into dumping Delino Deshields’s who was making a “huge” salary of 1.5 million to get a “cheap” prospect named Pedro Martinez.

    AA started working in that franchise, so he knows what it’s like to be a penny pincher.

  47. Best Zaun interview. He made  a very good case for the jays signing fielder. Fielder would boost the  offense.

    Money spent on Fielder is safer than money spent on darvish.

    He said the jays can’t wait to find the last piece of the puzzle.

    Fielder would be a core player to build around given that he is younger than Lind.

  48. Agreed. He blasted the Jays”organizational policy” on long term contracts. He said the Jays could have an OP that states all players get paid the same amount of money but that ity would ridiculous.

    I vaguely recall the Jays screwing Zaun several years ago with Barajas.

  49. Yes, I was insulted by AA’s comments. The bubble has burst & it is clear he is under pressure to put a winning team together for a minimal payroll.

    Pressure has risen with the extra playoff spot & the new CBA which restricts overspending on draftZaun said you can’t trade every prospect for a Prince Fielder.

    I hope AA stays healthy. The Jays will drive him nuts with the “payroll parameters”

  50. I have never seen AA so uneasy in an interview before. He never wanted to talk about payroll parameters. AA was forced to admit he doesn’t have a war chest. There is no money. The scheme that Beeston is promoting is based on the likelyhood that the Jays will never be competitive enough to justify big spending on a free agent, no matter that the market is depressed.

    The jays are in an enviable position of being able to get Prince Fielder for a relative bargain compared to a year when the red sox or yankees would need a 1B.

    Now you can argue that Lind costs 5 million per year and gives you x amount of production per season,

    Fielder will cost at least 22 million per year , but won’t give you 4 times Lind’s production.

    Thus, from a WAR perspective, Lind is better value.

    But Fielder helps Bautista’s numbers & could get the jays very close to a pennant race.

  51. The scary thing is that JP Riccardi got the GM job with the Jays in 2002 by promising to be a “Moneyball” manager.

    It was a cost effective approach to winning.

    JP gets fired after 7 years, when moneyball doesn’t work as well & a minor spending spree that brings payroll up to 97 million us, fails to produce more than 87 wins.

    AA gets the job as GM by promising to build a cost effective winner with above average scouting & extra spending on the draft to get better players early in their careers.

    AA gets rave reviews for rebuilding the farm & dumping albatross contracts.

    AA gets the gift of a lifetime when a journeyman player named Bautista comes out of nowhere to hit 54 HR;s.

    He signs him to a cheap 65 million contract because of the lack of a track record that the player himself probably thinks can’t be repeated.

    I feel sorry for AA. Rogers has given him the handcuffs of a $80 million payroll.

    He is forced to admit to Blair that he can build a winner without extra money.

    It’s possible if almost every Jays pl;ayer has a career year in 2012 to make the playoffs, but how likely is that?

  52. That’s the trick. get into the playoffs and anything can happen.

    What drives me nuts about Rogers is the Jays don’t have to make the playoffs, but a pennant race into september would be great for ratings & attendance.

  53. Again, he’s not “forced”. You want this to be something where he’s caught in something and has to come clean to the TO public.

    Yip it would be a good time to sign a Fielder, on the field he’d be great. But it’s not happening for reasons having to do with huge dollars AT seemingly long term years. You don’t have to sell me on Lind. I have never had use for him, and that has not changed.

  54. It looks like the jays bid was in the 40′s. Not serious enough to win but plausible enough to say you bid for him.
    If the jays were close but missed, AA would have been livid.

    He missed out on chapman, so he wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.

  55. Agreed. Getting Darvish would be exotic. The Jays could argue that proven MLB players are overvalued, see Pujols at 254 million, so let;s get a new japanese pitcher for 125 million.

    Personally I favor Fielder at 150 vs Darvish at 125, but Darvish is so new & different that he would be fun to watch.

    When I was younger I used to go to expos games to watch a scrawny pitcher named Pedro Martinez bean batters.

    At the time, no one could figure out how a thin pitcher like Pedro could bean so many hitters.

    It was weird to watch him but fun.

    What little did I know.

    The jole in Montreal at the time was the jays traded to get him so he could wear Dennis Martinez’s uniforms.

  56. Zaun said that the Jays have to grab the pieces of the puzzle when available.

    The big bat is available this year, so get him.

    Front of the line starter was lost with Darvish, so try to build the bullpen.

  57. For me personally to this point, I like to go on that yes, Rogers is likely not giving AA the greatest budget to work with at this point, BUT I personally am under the impression that Anthopoulos personally wants to run a MLB club a certain way, and is likely legitimately not interested in all the things he poo poo’s (5 yr + deals, mega contracts, etc). So i’m sure he’d like some more immediate monies, but he likely is pretty much on board and comfortable with whatever long-term financial understanding he has with Rogers Inc.
    Ricciardi and his initial ideas of rebuilding the Org, or the Moneyball whatever approach as some folks like to say, were in practice up until the conclusion of the ’04 season. At the point, numerous youngsters had not panned out, injuries, whatever, and he had to revert to spending, and building much of his team through free-agency. Doing exactly what Alex Anthopoulos has said he does not want to do.

  58. The clock is ticking on AA. Pennant race by 2013 with  an extra playoff spot, so it should be easy .

    80-85 win seasons are not acceptable.

  59. Looks like Griffin was wrong. Blair said the bid was around 40 million. That’s embarrassing.

  60. If you sign Beltran what do you do with Snider & Thames?

  61. Bingo.

    Surely AA would study Japanese culture, & know that Darvish would be insulted with a low bid.

  62. Molina is betterthan Mathis. on offense

    As of today, we should be an 85 win team.

  63. The Jays have a chance to leapfrog the Rays this year & do better than the yankees or red sox if they get darvish or fielder.

    Now, the extra wildcard will be the rangers or angels.

  64. Thanks for the info. The reluctance of the jays to release the amount they bis indicates that it was low bid.

    If the jays had bid 50 million, they could say we were close but missed by a bit.

    If they bid 40 million, they would be blamed for being “cheap”

    I think Rogers has finally woken up to realize that they have to keep quiet.

  65. Sorry, I made a spelling mistake. I am referring to the new Jays closer SergioSantos.

  66. I refer to sergio santos the closer they acquired from the white sox.

    AA seems very happy with the contract terms.

    I would be very happy with Fielder at 160 & would be OK with Darvish at 125 including the posting fee.

    The probem with the Jays is that they have spent the last year telling fans, “when the time is right , the money will be there”

    Well, the time is right with the yankees & red sox in decline & the rays on a very limited budget.

    The jays were caught by the red sox decline, so now they have to put up or shut up. They have chosen to shut up.

    I prefer spending 160 on a proven all star like Fielder than 125 on darvish, but the Jays have struck out on both counts.
    Somehow , I don’t think Jeff Mathis will bring out the fans.

  67. They will fire AA because they will blame him for the poor performance of his draft picks or say that his trades didn’t work out.

    It’s a similar story to JP Riccardi.

    JP sold Rogers on the moneyball way to win.

    That didn’t work out, so they opened the wallet & let JP sign some free agents.

    That strategy failed & JP became obnoxious, so they fired him.
    Rogers will fire AA when he becomes an easier scapegoat than admitting that they don’t want to compete.

    AA will get another job with another team & will do wonders with a limited payroll in a weaker division.

    My anger this offseason is towards Rogers for refusing to admit they want to win on the cheap.

    At least the expos knew they didn’t have money in the 1990′s, so it wasn’t a lie.

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