Welp, that’s it. It’s official. The Yu Darvish bidding has been won by the Texas Rangers.

It’s immensely disappointing, but we’ll have to give it some time to assess the damage and to figure out just what this means, how serious Rogers is about spending, where the club goes from here, and what other moves Alex Anthopoulos has up his sleeve. It’s back to the drawing board, but missing out on Darvish is hardly a make-or-break move for the franchise. It just… you know… kinda sucks. Plenty of time this winter for silver linings and apologetics. Right now, well… this…

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  1. Agreed…  This comment thread beautifully exemplifies the PR situation the Jays have on their hands right now.  The crap thing for the Jays is that its not fault of their own – they didn’t put any of this out there… the “InsideJays”, Kevin Grays and twitter rumour mongers did…. the Jays just now have to deal with the mouth breathers who feel they’ve somehow been slighted in this process.

  2. Can they appease the crazed ones by spending huge on Fielder? That would be great. It would mean this hugely unjustified backlash accomplished something.

  3. Mike Wilner @Wilnerness5901m
    AA: Won’t confirm whether I made a bid or didn’t make a bid just like I wouldn’t confirm if I made an offer on a free agent. #bluejays #jays

  4. They don’t have to deal with the mouth breathers at all. They know the die hards will watch whether they are angry or not: see Leafs, MLSE. Rogers has a right to run their business any way they see fit, and I’m sure with all their synergies they still turn a profit.

  5.  Annnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnd the notion of damage control goes out the window.

  6. “So don’t wonder what the lineup would look like with Prince Fielder or Joey Votto.”

    Joey Votto isn’t/wasn’t a free agent.

  7. “why CAN’T a billion dollar company GET Darvish not just pretend to make a competitive offer?”

    Blind bidding process. Silly troll. It’s not as though they can see what another team offered and go higher.
    There’s an easy solution to your emotional issues. Stop following pro sports. Take up knitting, or yoga. They’re better for you.

  8. The question is now: Has Rogers woken up the sleeping Giant?

    Up until now the Jays had no real hope. Sure Bautista got the city talking. Lawrie got the country jacked up last season. Although there has been excitement about baseball over short periods in the past few years – ultimately people have been luke-warm in terms of their passion.

    It has been a LONG time since I remember people talking heatedly about baseball in the midst of the hockey season.

    What happens now that Rogers has a fanbase that EXPECTS this team to be better next season? We now know there is money hanging around. Now you have people reacting to this situation as though we’re the Red Sox or Yankees. For the first time in a long while there was the expectation that with a few moves, the Jays would be part of the 4 headed monster in the AL East.

    The one thing that the Jays management could count on until now has been that they can generally fly under the radar. Yes the odd fan complains about the “cheap fucks” at Rogers or whatever. Still, there was a sense (until a week or so ago) that the Jays would ALWAYS play to 15,000. This week we saw the common fan making noise. If you have a twitter account you know that the potential fanbase that keeps getting referenced became (however briefly) VERY engaged with the team.

    This was for sure a missed opportunity. New Uniforms. New Star pitcher. They could have added Hope to Hustle & Heart 3.0.

  9. I agree, actually…. but I do think that teams do have to appease fans from time to time.  That doesn’t necessarily have to come in the form of going out and spending money just to spend money, but they do need to manage the PR on this… especially with a franchise that was gaining momentum like the Jays (I’m talking before Darvish). 

    I’m no PR guy, and maybe this conference call does some of that work.

  10. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

    Toronto’s Japanese community responds to the Yu Darvish news.

  11. I think Latos was plan B.

  12. You’ve obviously never been to Glasgow.

  13. Like Manhattan. Off you go, big guy. And good fucking riddance.

  14. All you impatient 12 year old Yankee fans need to abandon this team by swearing off the Jays for life. For the love of sanity please, please, please spare me your fucking obsession with Japanese rock star pitchers, Prince Fielders ass, and your moronic perception of how to build a competitive baseball franchise.

  15.  Because it’s not as good as your moronic perception of how to build a competitive baseball franchise?

    You go away.

  16. I’m just surprised more people thought that AA, Beeston and Co. would change their MO all of a sudden. Don’t get me wrong I wanted them to make the move just as much as anyone else but what has he done or said lately to even remotely suggest they would make a change in their plan now?

    Lets face it, this team has far far too many questions about the viability of a large portion of their players going forward even though most of them have decent to very good ceilings. Large question marks in 80% of their rotation doesn’t really bring the warm fuzzy feelings that management would like. Never mind having to deal with the lack of certainty when it comes to knowing how to best utilize their prospects to fill holes that may or may not be there.

    Ultimately, I think AA gets a much clearer picture by the All-Star break if Lind is ever going to get back to his 2009 season, if Snider/Thames/Rasmus have what it takes to be average to above average everyday players and most importantly the status of starters 2-5.

  17. Most Yankee fans have little perspective on what it takes to build a competitive franchise without pissing away hundreds of millions anually on over priced FAs. They tend to shit their pants when their sense of entitlement is snubbed. That jersey looks like a nice fit for you my friend. In fact, let’s get you sized up for the Yankees satin baseball jacket too, shall we?

  18. Its not fucking politics. The Jays a re a baseball team. The job of the PR department is to drum up interest in the team. Bidding on Darvish made them front page fucking news. Despite the run on pitchforks around here it looks to me like they’re doing an exceptional job. You can’t buy press like that and thank God it didn’t cost the team 52 million dollars. How they spin this now that things have been taken to the next level is another step in the evolution of the rebuild. Good shit.

  19. If I get a satin Yankees baseball jacket, will I expect to see you in a Pirates one? Now there’s a model, cost-cutting, cost-controlled young upstart, see-you-in-five-years system!

  20. I’ve been playing Careless Whisper nonstop since the lost bid..

    I’m never gonna dance again
    Guilty feet have got no rhythm
    I’m never gonna dance again
    The way I dance with Yuuuuuuu.

  21. Why I take the time to respond to trolls like you is a character flaw that I need to address.
    I suggest to you that YOU look at the history of the Jays for the last 20 years,year by year. It’s laughable when people drag this shit up.
    If you really follow baseball you’d know what happened.
    91 to 93 –Do you need a comment?
    94 to 2000–Strike,Roger Clemons,Interbrew
    2000 to 2009–Moneyball,JPR,reduction of scouts,reliance on sabermentrics as the only tool to draft or trade,27th ranked minor league system leaving nothing to trade with.
    08 to now–rebuilding to get to some repectabilty
    It’s easy to generalize without investigating the truth.
    If you need an explanation of each era,just ask.

  22. I’ve tried to get mad at the Jays but I think of Rasmus, Lawrie, Joey Batts and Escobar and I just can’t get mad at AA or the Jays as these players are really great and only getting better.

    The Rangers on the other hand - I’ve never forgiven them after that lineup they uesd to run out there with Ruben Sierra, Gonzalez, Palmeiro, etc.  Those guys used to go to town on us.  I’m going to direct all of my negative energy to cheering against the Rangers.

  23. 1. With so many failures, I think the market has softened on Japanese players, so I can see why AA didn’t bid as high as Dice-K.

    2. This is probably one of those moments like where AA wishes he would have bid a bit more for Chapman, but he’ll move on and learn from it.

    3. Darvish would have been fun, but an admittedly high risk.

    4. AA is actually building a winner a smart way, but it just isn’t flashy or exciting for fans.

    5. I think Prince is there for the taking, if AA wants him at 5-6 years, but I don’t know if he wants to.

    6. This should be a fun year, and as one poster recognized, we are waaaay further ahead than we were during the JPR days with Eckstein and whoever the fuck was patrolling third… scary.

  24. ah, questioning my fandom, truly the refuge of those who cannot be critical of their own team because of blind optimism. (actually, I would have to say the epitome of this is calling anyone who disagrees with them a “troll,” but I digress.)

    everything is fine, don’t worry, our fearless leader will lead us to the promised land, do not criticize, do not question, the men in power have everything under control.

  25. I think I shall stop posting here for a time, I’m sure you’ve all got my point by now, and I realize people around here don’t appreciate dissent of any kind, speared on by your fearless leaders Stoeten and Parkes.

    Please resume your AA and Rogers logo masturbation. 

  26. 6. “… and whoever the fuck was patrolling third… scary.”
    Huh…I can think of better positions to pick on than 3rd base:
    2005: Koskie – not great, but league average.
    2006 – 2007: Glaus – quite a bit above average.
    2008: Rolen – above average.

  27. I think I shall stop posting here for a time.”

    Is there some way to ‘like’ just this sentence?

  28. Yes, you are right. There were definitely others to pick on for sure, but I couldn’t remember which replacement-part-temporary-fix the poster had used as the example.

    The fact that we had no stability at that position says enough.

  29. fuck!!!!!!

    griffin is insisting the jays bid was over $50 mil

  30. Bob Elliott yesterday said something like 51.1.  He took that out of his column today though. 

    If the Jays bid was over 50 mill, then it hurts to be that close and lose out.  But then, it also indicates a serious bid and that the money really could be there.

  31. It seems Oswalt is looking for a one year deal.  That could be good for the Jays.

  32. After the journalistic debacle of the last couple of days, I would take anything any reporter says with a very large grain of salt. AA in his conference call said he wasn’t going to say even if they bid never mind the amount.

  33. AA said this morning to remember that people are usually surprised at who he ends up landing via trade, which is true.

    This leads me to believe that he is close on some SP. Not Garza or Gio, but someone we will be surprised by. I’m turning the page and excited to see what he comes up with.

  34. Very large grain of salt? Nah. Dump truck chock full to overflowing with salt.

  35. I was thinking the same thing.  It probably won’t be Gio or Garza, but someone we didn’t even realize was available.

  36. If you have a smart dissenting opinion, bring it on dude. All you and the ADD crew seem to want to bring to this blog is reactionary rage and a strange sense of entitlement. Here you have a team that’s in the throws of its smartest rebuild since winning the World Series in back-to-back years and you’re to shortsighted to put this whole Darvish money pissing contest into perspective.  Save your indignation for The Leafs.

  37. Rather let the young arms have a go now. We need to know what we have in terms of pitching. Are Morrow, Alvarez, Cecil, McGowan, Drabek and others like McGuire and Hutchinson going to amount to anything viable for the long-term? Tired of putting it off on the slim chance we might come close to making the playoffs. Lets find out, jettison the ones that aren’t cutting it and go from there. Last season was such a lost year in so many ways with Morrow, Cecil and Drabek all regressing like they did.

    Not saying we can’t be decent this coming year but a lot has to happen with the pitching staff for that to happen imo and I wouldn’t be willing to trade a lot of my future away for anything less that high ceiling talent that’s going to be around for 3-4 years.

  38. Absolutely.  It won’t be Gio, or Garza, or Niese.  It’ll be someone completely out of the blue that no one knew was on the block.  That’s what’s fun about AA.

    I was wondering whether the “if you’re hearing rumours, it’s not true” rule would apply to the posting system/Darvish.  I guess the answer was yes.

  39. lol that’s probably a lot closer to the truth.

  40. Part of me thinks they are saying the Jays bid over $50 mil to validate their earlier stories..

    I definitely think the Jays made a significant bid though.

  41. I don’t think there’s that many pitchers left at this point that fit the criteria of being a, a #1 starter or a very good #2, b, controllable for multiple years. Also once the last of guys like Cahill and Latos are gone, the price of the remainder (if there’s any) will be even more exorbitant than before. Furthermore, the price for guys like Garza and Gonzalez are going to creep up into #1 or #2 territory. Both of them are clearly neither on a good pitching staff.

  42. Disappointing, To date I have agreed with all of AA moves and his plan for the team.  (Except I would have dealt Bautista for a Heyward by now).  Regardless, of any signing to blow money on this year, a 25 year old ace was it. A one time payment of 55M that’s off the ”team” books and then you have a tradable ace for 5 years at 10-12M per, and you keep the farm intact. I undersand 55M is a lot of money as still has to be paid by Rogers but it a one time investment in the future of the franchise, and Darvish would be that much more of an asset with a reasonable contract going forward.  I thought it was a no brainer. Paying out 22-25M per for 8 years for a first baseman who is 27 makes far less sense, and isn’t the right move at this point. I’m sure trades can be made to improve the team but if your looking to be the best, you have to take the chance on a Darvish when it comes once every 5 years. They messed up on this one.  Having a great farm system is a must to make deals but making trades rather than financial investments just because you have assets is a quick way to make sure you never get ahead of the rest of the league.  Shame on the Blue Jays.

  43. I don’t understand why it is such blasphemy for the Jays to give Fielder an 8 year/$180 million deal, same as Mark Teixeira (they both were/are represented by Scott Boras). Yes Teixeira is a much better fielder but Fielder has been a better hitter than Teixeira. When that 8 year contract runs out he’ll be 35. 27-35 are prime years, I don’t understand how it is that risky. If he isn’t fit the last couple years he can DH.
    His currect age allows him to fit into the core of the team – he’s 4 years younger than Bautista, 2 years older than Rasmus, 6 months older than Romero, and a year younger than Lind for Christ sake. I don’t understand anyone who would argue that $120 million for 6 years of Darvish is a smarter investment than $180 million for 8 years of Fielder.
    I mean who wouldn’t offer Fielder 150% of Bautista’s very team friendly $15 mil per year, when Bautista himself should be making that much and Prince Fielder has been a much much much better hitter than Bautista over his career. Fielder is even a surer bet to keep up a high level of production than Bautista himself, he has a better track record.
    The only thing separating us from getting a young controllable player with an incredible track record is money. Money that they have, $120 million that would have to be spent to get Darvish. And money that they have given every measurable indication they refuse to spend. There is no crazy international spending or crazy draft spending anymore. We didn’t win the right to pay $120 million for Darvish. This is it. Right now. There are no big free agents coming down the pike. You can’t really on Joey Votto making it to free agency in 2 years. Fielder is sitting right there. Go and do it.

  44. Im actually really warming up to the idea of bringing in Beltran on a 2 or 3 yr deal. He a switch hitter who can dh and play lf. Its reasonable to expect a .380 OBP 900 OPS and 30 hr from him. It would give a good boost to the lineup. I’d prefer Fielder, but Rogers being the cheap bastards they are Beltran is a more realistic target.  If they acquire a big bat and starting pitcher through trade as well its going to seriously deplete the farm system. AA has to get a big bat thru free agency and Beltran seems to be like more of a realistic target for them

  45. For a team that isn’t likely to come close to a $140 million dollar payroll anytime soon, I would normally disagree. However, I think Fielder is the rare case this time around. That said I wouldn’t go past 5 years. Projecting things out a year is bad enough, never mind more than 5.

    It really is a pity Morrow and Drabek didn’t step forward last year. I bet the brass would look at things a lot differently when it came to Fielder if Morrow showed that he was a lock in solidifying his status as at least a #2 and Drabek a #3. You could rationalize with much more confidence knowing that with additional improvements you’d be a serious force to reckon with come 2013. Eating a year of such a big contract wouldn’t be so distasteful at that point.

  46. You’re gonna trust Bob “Spend Whatever It Takes” Elliott? Let’s face it journalists and their pseudo imitators fucked this one up royally…Again. But they won’t learn anything from it. Let’s all try and remember this the next time they start telling us the Jays are in on someone. Ignore them. They don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about any more than you, me, or those fuckheads on twitter with “sources”.

  47. We have no idea what the blue jays bid was.
    The money still might not be avaliable.
    They could have bid 2 million, the american  media clearly had no idea who won or what the bids were.

  48. He doesnt comment on anything, they could have bid 2 million no one but the blue jays front office knows.

  49. AA is trying to build a sustainable winner.  In the AL East that means young all stars or potential all stars at every position with future all stars coming up through the minors at every position.  Darvish would have fit the bill.  Beltran is just a short term band aid in left that doesn’t get you any closer to your goal.  3B, SS, C, CF, RF, Closer and Snider in LF? are complete (though RF is getting a little old).  2B, and 1B are acceptable short term, but I’m sure AA is looking at longer term options for both spots.  At SP there are probably 2 future all stars in the rotation.  Darvish would have been a third.  And I would figure we have 3 or so future star SP in the minors.  Those are the pieces that need to be added to with young all stars.  A vetran is the absolute last piece of the puzzle if needed.  We’re not close to being there yet.

  50. Right because AA has won something before the same guy that worked under JP.
    I like what he’s doing so far with the great farm system but this is the AL East until he wins something he doesnt know how to build a winner.

    AA was just some kid that showed up to baseball games and scouted players for himself.
    Montreal hired him even know he had no past playing experiences, because they like him.
    I’m sorry but what makes AA know how to build a team more then us, utnil he wins something the jury is out.
    I watch alot of baseball in person at the rogers center, and used to see the lynx when I lived in Ottawa so I’m as qualified as much as AA was.
    He learned business side as AGM but he is just like every other person who watches baseball and he would tell you that and has.

    He listens to scouts and talks to GM, the job isnt that hard, easy to acomplish nothing in the mlb that’s why gm get fired.
    Until the guy wins something he’s just antoher Gm who’s job is really fucking easy. 

  51. I partially agree with you but i dont think they’re that far off if they add a big bat and top of the rotation starter. They can’t do both via trade. It would just deplete the farm system. I would much prefer fielder over beltran. But in the short term beltran is a very good player as well. Also, they need to a add a few good bullpen pieces but thats easier to do than acquire a big bat or top of the rotation starter. Say they Beltran,Garza, and a few bullpen pieces. That team should compete for a playoff spot if everyone performs like theyre capable of

  52. The Yankees always have a great farm system they just trade many prospects away.
    Untill two years ago the Yankees always had a better farm system then us, we drafted higher more then them all the time and they still drafted better players, thanks JP, for havinf less scouts then AA, or ignoring them.

  53. fuck griffin and elliot.  they know nothing.  the only people who know the bid would have been just alex beeston and selig.  there’s no way the jays bid anywhwer close to 50 mil.  any bid would have to come out of darvish’s contract.  if you assume alex valued darvish at 15 mil per, that’s 90 mil over 6 years.  he probably wouldn’t sign for less than 10 mil so that leaves 30 mil for posting. that was my original prediction.

    by paying 50 mil post and a 6/60 deal, texas is valueing darvish at 18.3 per year at a minimum. alex would never have valued him that high.

  54. He doesnt know shit, we will never know what they actually bid, or if they bid at all.

  55.  it’s what they want you to think, they could have bid 2 million or nothing at all we will never know.
    If they bid 51.1 million they are fucking stupid why wouldnt you bid higher to smash Dick K record, that would make AA a horrible gm.
    51.4 or more you would have to bid , how could they not go over 300 k to smash dice k record.

  56. You guys are way to easy to manipulate. If they bid 50 million why the fuck would you not bid a million more to smash the dice k record.
    It’s what they want you to think, maybe they didnt bid at all, we will never know.

  57. As you say, they had a better system because they didn’t strip the franchise of all the money they invested in the minor league system. Furthermore, they would snap up all the high ceiling draft picks that dropped to the lower rounds  because of the signability issues. They would outspend everyone in that area.

    Going forward the Yankees and Sox won’t be able to do that now as a result of the new CBA. They will have to be a lot more careful with blowing their prospects on mid-season acquisitions. That might be the great equalizer when it comes down it. Do that too many years in a row and you’ve got nothing left to patch the holes in your lineup with. I think we’ve seen that the Yankees are already aware of this in their refusal to move guys like Montero and Banuelos.

  58. It’s no excuse why they had better drafts then us in the past we had the money to overspend in the draft aswell, just JP didnt want to listen to scouts, or didnt have enough scouts the money was avaliable look at our payroll in those years.

    AA was smart enough to hire more scouts I’ll give him that, but all he does is listen to the scouts so you try to have the best scouts out there, either Jp didnt have enough of them or he wouldn tlisten to them or they werent that great.

    Saying the Yankees could overspend in the draft, why didnt we do the same. because JP chose not to do that.
    AA in  his two years chose to do that.

  59. J.P. didn’t have any scouts to listen to. He fired seemingly two thirds of the scouting staff.

  60. Jays will miss out on Prince and will continue to hope Adam Lind will develop at 1st base. We’ll see them dig for a Carlos Beltran or Carlos Quentin.  Probably pick up a mid-rotation starter like Josh Danks and continue to stress the core value of minor league player development. With no significant improvement I smell a sub 500 season, what a waste of the Jose Bautista gem.

  61. Wow,I didn’t realize your greatness until you told me.
    With all the baseball you’ve seen,I’d be honoured to get your take on arm slots, the inverted W,stride length,open front sides,exit speeds,etc.While your at it could you explain the changes made in the Super 2 classification from the CBA? That one confuses me still.Maybe it’s cause I’m old ( I turn 74 on thurs.)

    I, like you, was concerned about that young whippersnapper AA.Then he went and hired all these Ex GM’s and young sabermath rattler guys to advise him before he made decisions.He’s just lazy and can blame it all on them. 
    Ya gotta like a guy who takes his work phone on his honeymoon.
    Who wouldn’t rather talk baseball than fuck?
    I think we all know that answer.

  62. With no significant improvement I smell a sub 500 season”

    The Jays were a .500 team with Jayson Nix, John McDonald, Corey Patterson, Luis Rivera, Jo Jo Reyes, shitty Brett Cecil, shitty Kyle Drabek, shitty Aaron Hill and Mike McCoy getting a pretty significant amount of P/T.

    With CF being manned by Rasmus, Alvarez starting in place of Reyes, A full season of Lawrie, and a full season of Kelly Johnson, what makes you think they’ll be *worse* than last year?

  63. All that’s true but the price is a weaker farm system going forward.  That’s not how to build a sustainable winner.

  64. Acting as though the Jays would have known this bid would beat Dice K’s is REALLY, REALLY  easy to say now.

    There was plenty of speculation that the bid would be less, with a much higher contract. 

    Bruce Arthur, Greg Brady, Shi Davidi, Wilner have all confirmed they bid and it was serious.

  65. I doubt we ever find out what the Jays bid was, but I think they must have known the Rangers were gonna go at least 50M so they made sure to bid under that. They probably bid 48-49M (and then even leaked that out themselves with the added line in there…”bid made with strong encouragement from Rogers ownership”…remember that? Fucken idiots.) So now it looks like they tried, but they knew all along they were not going to win. These smart, sneaky mother fuckers. 
    I always liked AA (how could you not after that last retard) but after reading quotes like “my money is on the Rangers” I kind of hate the fucker. Alexandra needs to grow a pair. Tell your bosses you need the extra dough to take the team to the postseason and fill the fucken Dome again. Man up and negotiate with the man that gives you nightmares at night and get Prince Fielder up here. Its 2012 dude.  

  66. Whaaaa-aaaa-ttt? But we were promised that all the bids were going to come out in 20 minutes if we would just not be childish and wait by the dumb fuck who runs this place! Now Anthpolous says he’s revealing nothing? Huh?!?!? 

  67. There’s multiple reasons why they had better drafts prior to 2009. They Jays like a lot of other mid to low payroll clubs focused on signability over skill and upside. They went for the safer college players instead of taking riskier high school players.
    Add to the fact that there was little in the way of scouting and you ended up with more mistakes.

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