If you were to have cranked up your gerbil-powered Internetrola machine, plugged it into your 14.4k modem (that’s some serious baud!), fired up Windows 3.1 and Netscape Navigated your way over to this little corner of the web five years ago today, you’d have been greeted by the picture above, which was part of our very first post.

Yes, DJF is somehow five years old. And, in fact, you’d have seen that picture if, for some reason, you had found yourself here (OK, technically, at our old drunkjaysfans.blogspot.com address) at any point during that month, as the follow up to our December 27th, 2006 debut didn’t come until Parkes checked in with a Pro Sports Daily-killing Douchebag Roundup at the end of January.

At the time we couldn’t have imagined it would last a year, let alone five, or that it would turn into anything resembling actual careers– we just wanted a distraction from our soul-crushing jobs and to not get bitched at when we went off on Richard Griffin’s latest JP Ricciardi hatchet piece in our email circle or on our fantasy hockey pool message board.

Nevertheless, we fuckin’ did it! And while we may not yet have done enough to have cracked Bob Elliott’s annual Hall of Fame absurdist maple cocksuck (though in his defence, the San Diego Chicken did have a big 2011), this was by far our highest-traffic year ever, and 2012 will, if you’ll permit me to sound like a tit, be bigger and better still. Plus, I figure if I keep on posting fake rumours from Twitter, Elliott won’t possibly be able to ignore us next time around!

Immense thanks to all of you for making the site what it is, and sorry for all the typos. Without you, we’d be unemployable.

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  1. FIRST

  2. Congrats guys! Can’t believe I have been reading your shit for that long.

  3. Congrats!  A career you say?  There’s a way to make money at this without putting ads everywhere?  Who knew? 

    Anyway, nice work, started following this year because of frequent links here from MLBTR.  Will continue using up your bandwidth and contributing absolutely no new information to your comments section.  You’re welcome.

    (But seriously, good on ya, keep up the good work, you don’t look a day over 3, etc. etc.)

  5. Is there anyone we can get a link to the page that post would be on? I want to skim through and see if I can remember when I started visiting this site. It’s been a while.

  6. Dude, the archive has always been in the sidebar.

    Don’t hold too much against us. We were young and stupid.

  7. Congrats DJF!!!

    I remember “discovering” you guys during a Winter Meetings, and if my mind-math is correct, then I guess it was in your first year that I found you.

    Thanks for saying all of the things that I want to say, but in much betterer sentences…

  8. Awesome. Congrats.

  9. Drunk jays fans and raptors republic are definitely my two favorite blog sites that cover my two favorite toronto sports teams. Hard to find other blog sites that have content like these sites have

  10. Congrats. I honestly believe DJF has played a part in re-energizing the Jays’ fanbase. And by ‘fanbase’ I mean the good fans, ie. not the shitty ones who also like hockey.

  11. +1,000,000

  12. Wow. just checked out those douchebag roundups. Taking shots at a guy’s vacation pics with his wife? Classy. Forgot what miserable assholes you guys were. Stick to baseball talk and leave the personal lives of those whose work you now rely on your livlihood, alone.

  13. I miss ‘That Guy’ @ PSD!

  14. Congrats on the 5 years!

  15. Congrats Stoeten.
    I remember going through the comments section for part of that first year ( prior to disqus wiping them out) and remember you and Parkes arguing about shit that you didn’t know about.
    Your knowledge,writing and blogging skills have improved greatly and are an enjoyable read.
    I do miss the rawness  of the unmoderated, pre disqus days ( especially when you got your nuts in a knot about something) but that’s the price of success.
    Elliot did start to acknowledge some at MLBTR.So there’s hope for bloggers.

    Continued success (and pageviews) for you and all the hard work you put into it

  16. Congrats guys!

    And to make it extra special awesome, because it relates to your very first post, @MLB tweets that Reed Johnson just signed a 1-year deal with the Cubs.

  17. Congrats to you. To 5 more years.

  18. Happy Birthday!

  19. Waaaaahhh!!!

  20. Oops.

    It’s hard to say when I started visiting since so much of this stuff look familiar. Definitely sometime  in 2007.

  21. Congrats Guys. Recently discovered this site and it has become my primary Jays site. Keep up the great work.

  22. Nice work, from the Stond Jays Fan out west.

  23. Thank god for a post that didn’t end with “So… there’s that.”

    I mean I love Breaking Bad as much as the next guy, but it needed to stop.

  24. Seeing that your going down memory lane.
    Have you kept in touch with Chairman Mao and Bergkamp?I noticed they’re still listed on the blog roll.

  25. The only thing worse than peter keating’s credibility are the loosers who post “first” in any message board

  26. Congrats!

    Honestly, I’d guess this is my most visited site after stuff like hotmail, facebook, and twitter.

    You guys have done an amazing job.

  27. I joined the Drunk Jays Fan Facebook group because the name was cool and realized there was a blog attached to it a month later. I’ve been hooked since 2008. Congratulations and thank you for all your hard work. 

  28. Oh ya. We’re all good, they’re just too busy with real life to post. They’re welcome to anytime they want, but I think they feel it’s kinda hard just to chime in outta nowhere– I can relate: I’ve got carte blanche (more or less) at Getting Blanked, but they do such great work over there I’m at a loss, and more comfortable here. The original plan was for Parkes and I to each do both.

  29. you’re unemployable with us too.  congrats on 5 years.

  30. I can remember the first time I read the blog, thought it was smart and hilarious.  Then there was the first time I read the comments…

    But seriously, I read the site everyday without fail. Great work. 

  31. Coming to your site is the only time I enjoy seeing Chad Kroeger. Congrats on the anniversary. Two thumbs up!

  32. this is my go-to site when jays news is brewing or breaking, i love this site

  33. Congrats. I have have been reading and lurking since the 2008 season. This is my starting point for any jays news. Keep up the good work

  34. Good to hear about Chairman and Berg.
    Berg always seemed to give a different slant on things.Miss his insight.
    I think it’s worked out better with Parkes at GB and you here, seems you both have your strengths in the proper forum,IMHO.
    Even though we’ve had our differences and will continue to,it’s a blog after all.I wish nothing but the best for yourself.
    Again, you provide the means to communicate with the others in the comment section, as well as provide the stimulus for that conversation.
    I’ve learned a lot about the other side of baseball though DJF. ( who knew there was such a thing as Pythag Wins?)

    Just reread that,sounds like I’m trying to get in your pants. Sorry I don’t go that way.
    You’ll have to get Parkes to service you.

    Here’s to another 5 years.

  35. Congrats and keep up the good work. 

    It’s a shame we can no longer read the comments from the original posts.

  36. Fuck off Parkes.

    Best Regards,

    John Brattain

  37. Congrats! You guys are a great story. I think you’ve really changed the popular level of baseball discourse in this area. Honestly, I hadn’t even heard of WAR before I started reading this page two years ago. I will never read Moneyball or the Extra 1% or anything like that. (Not because I don’t read, or because I’m adverse to the material, but because reading is part of my profession, and I rarely read anything unrelated to that profession.) This is a long winded way of saying thank you for this. I check your site at least once a day. It’s become my official source of Jays-related news and story-telling. I mean, where else could I read about pig-fucker?

  38. Congratulations. Five years? Guess I missed the first four years of fun.

    Quick question- just  for the fun of it . Jays complete the crap trade mentioned earlier for Felix H. and then sign Fielder. Just those two things. What is their record in 2012?

  39. What happened to Bergkamp and Mao?

  40. They got too busy to post and don’t want to jump in after being away so long,according to Stoeten.

    Plus Stoeten’s too cheap to share the beer budget.

  41. Has it been 5 years?  Great work.  Gotta say, even though I miss the hilarious motherfucking (and usually on-target) tirades, you guys are now the first place I go for breaking Jays-related news and commentary.  It’s been quite an evolution for DJF.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

  42. Thanks, I enjoyed all the posts from all the weirdly different perspectives that all the different DFJ cast and characters provided but it’s tough to argue with the job Stoeten has done making the blog his own over the last year or so.

    Happy 5th birthday, DFJ!

  43. I’m pretty sure Chairman Mao never existed… Oh & happy b-day ya filthy animals.

  44. Congrats on five years. Awesome blog, i check it pretty much daily. Gotta have my fix. To all the commentators too. amazing how much time can be spent reading 100+ comments. 

  45. I’m curious, could you give us some rough idea of the kind of traffic you get here?  I can see that readership has exploded (100+ comments for pretty much every post is crazy).  

  46. I don’t think this thread should be free of taking Rogers to task. The fact of the matter is, until Rogers sacks up and puts some god damn money into the product, this blog will simply be the mouthpiece of loser nation.

    Putting money into the team to build a consistent contender is the only way to improve the discourse in the blogosphere. Right now we have one too many apologists for my liking.


    Fullmer’s Revenge

    P.S. Nice going :)

  47. Congrats on the 5 years Stoeten! And thank fuck that the quality of the pictures improved over that time :P

  48. 5 years? Where has the time gone? My sincerest congrats to Stoeten, Parkes, Bergkamp and the Chairman. I’ve been reading since 2007, and DJF was even part of the reason why I started blogging myself. Cheers, gents!

  49. Congrats on the anniversary!  It’s a great site!

  50. Congrats Stoeten. Before I found DJF (don’t even know how I found you in back in 2008 likely, to be honest), I got all my Jays information from Richard Griffin. I still have a hard time understanding things like wOBA, etc., but not only do I now understanding the ridiculousness of pitching wins and batting average, I check in numerous times a day and get all my Jays news here (and GB now) first.

    Keep up the great work. I agree with other posters who have said it’s bloggers like you, Parkes, Drew, and Tao who have rejuvenated the fanbase (well, along with the Silent Motherfucking Assassin of course).

  51. I guess it’s time for Stoeten to take Parkes’ place by getting down under the glass coffee table….
    peeeeee all over…. peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee… peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  52. Congratulations Stoeten!. I found this blog a couple of years ago & it has been an excellent source of baseball knowledge. As a new Jays fan, I can’t begin to tell you how much I have learned following the site.

    You & Parkes are living the dream of being able to make a living following baseball.
    I suspect you both have bright futures in the media.

    Although , I don’t always agree with you , I respect your opinions.

    Keep up the good work !

    Perhaps there will be a party at Opera Bob’s during spring training to celebrate the 5 year anniversary?

  53. Been reading since the beginning of the 2007 season. I appreciated your objective and rational approach in those early days. You guys didn’t, for example, just mindlessly criticize everything JP Ricciardi did like every other Jays journalist or blogger at the time. You actually looked past his caustic personality to judge him, which many others seemed incapable of doing. Even if you both didn’t have quite the same knowledge of sabermetrics that you do now, it was refreshing to read a different perspective.

    I don’t know that DJF has re-energized the fanbase in any way, but it has certainly directly contributed to the tremendous Jays blogging movement over the last few years. There was a time when the only significant online locations for fans to talk Jays baseball were forums and message boards like BattersBox and the now defunct BlueJayWay. Now there are a variety of places to get informed and interact with others. I hope it keeps up for many years to come.

  54. Putting money into the team would certainly make this a more popular blog. It would probably hurt the discourse tremendously, though, as fairweather, casual fans would quickly dominate the discussion. Still, that’s be a minor hit to take to finally get a winner in this city.

  55. Keep it up STOTESEN! I love coming here and reading your stuff. DJF and Getting blanked are my go to places for news JAYS!! yeaaAA wooooo oooOooooOOoOOOOoooo

  56. Excellent blog. I know people like to express themselves under the cloak of annonimity, but for the sake of all the newbies, I hope that more commenters will tone down the x-rated expressions. I know, I know, people need to express themselves. But Stoeten, you need to take the lead. Start tomorrow!

  57. Happy Anniversary boys.

  58. This, exactly.  Congrats and HBD gentlemen.

  59. Good Job.  Hope DJF is around to cover a championship run in the next few years.

  60. Congrats to you, Parkes and the beautiful baby this blog birthed at Getting Blanked.

  61. So would the team just winning, money added or not.

    One nice thing about the Jays online community right now is that it’s full of knowledgeable fans.  Especially this time of year.  Who’s talking baseball in January except the hardcores?  But if this team really starts winning, DJF and other places are going to get swamped by more and more bandwagoner, tourist fans.  Won’t be pretty.

  62. Congrats man.
    I first came across this site when the Halladay deal was going down and quickly realized it was one of the best sources for (mostly) reliable and up to date news on the Jays. Never looked back.I come for the Jays news…I stay for the oh-so-hilarious puns and the complete nonsense (e.g. young beedah).

  63. Cheers to that.  I was recommended by a buddy also during the Halladay trade.

    Love the site and congrats

  64. For me, the difference is twofold; the writing and the brains. It’s difficult to find well written sites, and hell, seeing a well written piece that drops f-bombs and makes me laugh is completely fucking rare. Congrats, man. I’ve turned a bunch of my friends on to this site. :) 

  65. “Don’t hold too much against us. We were young and stupid. “
    Were? ;-)

    Keep it up dude…

  66. Congrats guys. You’ve really built something awesome here, and thanks for letting all us brainless fuckheads join in the fun a little bit. Keep up the great work.

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