Update: Welp. That was fun while it lasted. Kinda. As the hilarious @funtimeinternet points out, if you Google the Twitter handle of the guy who originated the rumour, you find that yesterday he was “NHL Insider.” So, nothing to see here.

Well, nothing but some loser who gets a kick out of posting fake reports on the internet– meaning him, that is, not me. Although…

It’s crazily irresponsible of me to even suggest this might be real, but Twitterer @Beannation suggested I check out the conversation between @Ken_Rosenthal and someone called @tmfb82, with 8 followers (and rising), who claims to be a Rogers Centre employee who is hearing rumblings of the Jays making a deal with the Mariners.

It’s… it sure is something…

Guy claims that his source has left the office, and that the Jays and Mariners are going to meet tomorrow morning amongst themselves and discuss whether the Jays will send Kyle Drabek, Travis Snider, Henderson Alvarez, Anthony Gose and JP Arencibia to Seattle for “Feliz and Jaso,” which presumably means Felix.

Rosenthal, for what it’s worth, says he completely believes the suggestion that Alex Anthopoulos has been obsessed with getting an ace, and he is looking into the rumor.

Again, this is just what some random Twitter person, with what appears to be an hours-old account, is saying, and there’s absolutely no reason to believe that he has any knowledge of anything.

Still… kinda fun, huh?

So… there’s that.

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  1. After hearing what the Jays asked Gose to do this past winter it will be interesting to see if his plate discipline is improved. If it does improve, I think a reasonable comparison is a Crawford or Ellsbury type player. He might not be quite the hitter those two are but it looks like he certainly has more power. The speed and defense should be even more comparable.

  2. past summer not winter sorry

  3. Just because Cinci and Nats over paid for lower ceiling players doesn’t mean AA will follow suit. What seems to be lost amongst all these rumour mongers is that acquiring gets significantly harder with the new CBA kicking in effect. As such, the stockpile that AA has amassed are worth significantly more. Any deal for Felix would be more inline with the Halladay & Lee deals. 3 solid prospects max but nothing earth shattering like the one being proposed. Hard to envision AA will sell the farm for just one player given the new environment (which prolly explains why we didn’t land Latos, Gio or Niese).

  4. Lol it’s gonna take more than this joke of a package to pry Felix from Seattle! What a joke!

  5. Gose doesn’t have more power than Ellsbury.

  6. Peanut sized sense of humor. Peanut sized brain.

  7. thanks for this. i agree.

  8. Okay, time to confess. I’m tmfb82 and I made the whole damn thing up. Yep, just out of the blue. My rumour (rumor?) tomorrow will be the Jays are talking to the Cardinals about a trade that would send Tom Bruno to St. Louis for Rick Bosetti. I hate to part with Bruno though, he’s got a great upside.

  9. this is complete and utter BS. If the Darvish debacle taught Jays fans anything it’s not to believe rumours such as this.

  10. Here’s another way to look at it. Drabek + Gose (Taylor – Wallace – Gose) + Arencebia (d’Arnaud makes him available) = Roy Halladay.

    So look at the deal as Halladay (demanding a trade) + Snider + Alverez for Felix and a catcher to bridge to the all star break, when d’Arnaud should be ready.

    It makes no sense to not trade Arencibia, as good as he is. There is d’Arnaud who is at the worst, only the all star break away. Eveytbody forgets the other blue chipper in the system, Jiminez.

    Snider is from Washington state so I think Seattle may be overvaluing him. Gose is the 2nd best CF in the system IMO, and there is a controllable 25 year old 5 tool in centre on the big club. He may be blocked already, with a better prospect right behind him. I won’t rhyme off the other blue chipper OF’s in the Jay’s system, granted not as close as some of the pitchers, but it’s not unlike the pitching depth. Which is why Drabek and Alverez can go, but Alverez is the one I would make them work for.
    But, when you are loaded like the Jays are, they all can’t play. 
    My one codacil…If I cannot extend Felix before the deal is finalized, the deal goes down without Alverez, or Felix extends. If he does, I do this deal in a heartbeat. 
    Upon thinking it over, I make the deal as is extension now, or not. If Felix is really on the market, I want him before the Yankees or Sox (or the Angels or Texas) get a shot at him. Keeping him from the others is as important as getting him myself.

  11. Lighten up, it’s only hot stove hijinks.   Like the man says “
    Still… kinda fun, huh?”

  12. Could have been worse, the Jays might have given up “Home Run” Joey McLaughlin and “Fire Marshal” Roy Lee Jackson.

  13. So Jim, U a Canuck in the Buckeye State? I’ve spent time travelling down that way. I really like south central Ohio, well south of Akron. Great vacationing in the “Cave” tourist area, especially if you get yourself a nice cabin in the woods. Akron and north of there?  Meh…. 

  14. Not a Canadian, I’m an American. I’ve been following the Jays since day one in 1977. I was 15 years old that year. I previously followed the Oakland A’s from 1970 through 1976. After the ’76 season the A’s were destroyed by the advent of free agency and as fate would have it, my parents made a decision to start having our family vacations in Toronto every year. The decision to become a Jays fan was a no-brainer. I’ve been through the good and bad times. The highest highs? Easily the two World Series titles. The lowest lows? Probably the way the 1985 and 1987 seasons ended. Thanks to the internet the club is much easier to follow than in the past. I can read the Star and the Sun online and listen to podcast form the Fan 590. This site is as kick ass as it gets. Canadian radio stations are hard to get down here because their signals are set to go east to west, not north to south. They do that because their sponsers are Canadian companies that a U.S. audience cannot support. If you’re the CEO of Canadian Tire would you rather the ad time you’re buying be sent to central Ohio or to places like Hamilton, Kitchener and Sarnia? The oldies station AM 740 booms in here at night. I usually listen to it from 5 PM to 1 Am while I’m working.

    In regard to my location here in Ohio, I’m about 30 miles ENE of Columbus. The caves you speak of are in Hocking county, about an hours drive from where I live.
    Texas Ranger pitcher Derek Holland is from my hometown, I saw him quite a bit the last two or three weeks.
    The 2 questions I’m most often asked are how did you become a Jays fan (I’ve already answered) and “what about the Columbus Blue Jackets?” The Jackets are struggling to gain an identity in a town where Ohio State university football and basketball are king. Ten years of mediocrity have not helped their cause. Columbus is in the eastern time zone and the fans around here identify more with Pittsburgh,New York and Boston markets, not the western markets of Los Angeles, San Jose and Anaheim. Those western games start too late and people who work early cannot stay up and watch them. My gut feeling is the Jackets won’t exist in 5 years if something doesn’t change soon, and the talent of Rick Nash will continue to be held hostage. 

  15. You call JaysTalk quite a bit, don’t you?

  16. Not really, I’d say only once or twice a year. Keep in mind I work evenings and I don’t get home until 1 AM. Unles it’s Sunday afternoon or a west coast night game, the oppurtunity isn’t there. Peter in St. Catherines is the ultimate everyday caller. Truth be told, I really have reached the point where Wilner has reached a saturation point with me. This website runs rings around his blog. He knows it too.

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