And now it’s time for all– and I use the term loosely– the stuff that’s out there and not worthy of a post. It’s your Early-Afternoon Snack…

Ken Rosenthal is still communicating on Twitter with this @tmfb82, who is claiming to be relaying from inside the Jays’ front office. Good on Kenny Ken Ken for following up on anything with a shred of a possibility of not being total bullshit, I guess. But I think at this point, calling it a “shred” is being kind.

A few people were wondering why yesterday I didn’t seem more interested on discussing the merits of the supposed deal, bullshit or not. I’d be entirely for it, no hesitation. But meh.

Over at Getting Blanked Chris Creamer of check in with part three of his awesome MLB logo and uniform year in review– including some spectacular Mariners throwbacks.

Elsewhere over there, Parkes welcomes Fernando Rodney to the AL East on behalf of the Rays’ division rivals, and chimes in on the DJF anniversary by quipping that “the only thing more remarkable than the blog’s success is our transition from keyboard warrioring, homophobic misogynists into something that at least resembles functioning human beings.”

Parkes was on fire yesterday, as on Twitter he kills the Hall of Fame, and anyone bothering to debate the merits of anyone’s inclusion, by pointing out that “an awful lot of vitriol is being wasted on something that will erase its own relevance in a year when it refuses to elect Barry Bonds.”

Kevin Gray of the New Hampshire Union Leader answers some questions at his Gray Matter blog, kicking it off with one about what the hell happened with that Yu Darvish stuff. By the way, in case you were wondering, New Hampshire does, in fact, have a tiny little slice of coast line on the Atlantic. I’ll be damned!

Read it: The Red Sox former PR flack tells all for Boston Magazine. (In fact, I’ll read it myself– though I’m being told there’s nothing particularly mind-blowing in it. Yes, folks, sometimes I link stuff I haven’t full-on read yet. Deal with it.)

Mike Axisa of FanGraphs looks back at the fascinating, unfortunate story former number one overall pick (of the Yankees– think about that) Brien Taylor.

Lastly, Sam Miller of the Orange County Register has made “an extremely important discovery about Angels baseball.”

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  1. I admit to being intrigued with regard to the Felix rumours. Not because I believe the source but because it actually made sense. Kind of.

    AA has stated that he wants to acquire a front end starter. My take on this is that he is looking for an opening-day, front of the rotation, even better than Romero type of pitcher. He has also stated that he will use the trade market.

    This is more of a question than a comment. The list of pitchers ‘better than Romero’ has to be fairly short. The list of pitchers better than Romero and available for a bucket full of prospects has to be miniscule. If one accepts that AA tends to do exactly what he says he is going to do- which apparently always comes as a surprise- then aside from Felix who else might be on the list?  

  2. Full-on read?  I read your post but it only gave me a semi.  Not even.

  3. Can someone do the legwork and follow-up on the unfortunate story of 1st round, #14 pick Todd Van Poppel?  A “where is he now” article would be awesome.

  4. I really need to get posting on Twitter so that I can post ridiculous, absolutist statements that would ‘destroy the Hall of Fame, and anyone bothering to debate the merits of anyone’s inclusion, by pointing out that an awful lot of vitriol is being wasted on something that will erase its own relevance if Barry Bonds is elected.’

  5. The guy twittering about the King Felix Rumors is still going apparently. Just saw where he posted that his source said the Jays had a meeting with Seattle and that Seattle can accept by Friday.

    The list of players now hypothetically involved are: Arencibia, Drabek, Gose, Alvarez and Kevin Comer for King Felix, Jaso, and J. Campos?

    That’s a lot to give up….but technically all are expendable given our depth.

    Not saying this guy and his “source” are legit…or that his “source” is even real….but who knows.

  6. Can we actually give up Comer? We just drafted him.  He’d have to be in our Org for a year.

  7. I think he would be a player to be named later.

  8. You are correct. Bullshit-o-meter is maxed out.  

  9. Multiple “AL Execs” confirm that AA “checked in” on King Felix and is ready to offer a “sky high” package of prospects.
    Rogers Communications, which owns the Blue Jays, ordered the team to make a “monster” bid. 
    AA has evaluated Felix and has “set a limit” as to his “worth” – but the “offer” is supposedly a “whopper”!
    Kevin Gray of the Manchester Union Leader tweets that it’s “soon to be official” that the “Blue Jays complete trade for King Felix.”
    Shi Davidi of Sportsnet tweets and “announcement” is due around ten, not necessarily a press conference.
    Don Nomura, one of Yu Darvish’s agents, tweets he “doesn’t know” if the Jays complete the “trade” for King Felix.

  10. Woudn’t that stunt his growth.  He signed in august.  They wouldn’t let him pitch for the Jays affiliates and he can’ t pitch for the M’s.  Where would he pitch?

  11. I don’t think it’s true, but the names make sense for both teams, and the dude doesn’t seem smart enough to come up with this on his own. 

    If we’ve learned one thing though, it’s that Rogers hires functional illiterates.

  12. I would think so, but I think newly drafted guys have been traded the next year at the trade deadline (tyler skaggs), so it might be possible to happen now.

  13. It’s quiet…too quiet…

  14. I regularily check in on several Mariner blogsites and there has been no mention or whispers about any potential gossip, meetings, or deal.  Too quite indeed. haha

  15. The one thing I find interesting about today and even yesterday is that Rosenthal said several times in response to the “Rogers Centre Employee” that he was going to check on the rumour and he never really mentioned it again.  It appears as well (based on some of Rosenthal’s responses) that he was taking a bit of heat for even acknowledging this guy.  I’m wondering why he hasn’t tweeted something to dismiss this guy and get some of these “mouth-breathers” off of his case.  

    I know AA operates in a cone of silence but I don’t think Jack Zduriencik operates under the same cone.  If Rosenthal wanted to clear up this rumour last night he presumably would have spoken to Zduriencik and cleared the speculation yesterday.  Based on his December 22 article (… he has already spoken to Zduriencik in the past about trading Felix and the GM has denied that they have any interest in trading him.  Why didn’t Rosenthal get the same answer and clear the rumour last night?

    You could argue that Rosenthal doesn’t have the time to dismiss every rumour out there but if there was really nothing to this rumour would Rosenthal have communicated with our “Rogers Centre Employee” again earlier today?

    I am 99.5% sure that the source of the rumour is full of BS, but, is it totally absurd to think that AA has been going after Felix and that something might be brewing?  I’m guessing that the fan in me has me analyzing this way more than it needs to be analyzed but I wouldn’t put anything past AA!

  16. Shit…wrong link on my previous post…here is the article I was referring to…… 

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