Old Beedah’s Bad Blood?

Yesterday some commenters and twitterers– @bluejaysbatboy seems to have been the first– came across an interesting, since deleted, tweet from what appears to be the father of the Jays’ unsigned 2011 first-round pick, Tyler Beede, and as crazy as it sounds, a few of them thought it was more important to talk about it than to discuss the bullshit rumour that “NHL Insider” laid on us this afternoon. [Note: pfffft!]

Tweeting as @BaseballLifer11, Walter Beede reportedly messaged in the direction of @DarrenRovell that “Dr Andrews is just a Highered gun…Just ask AA!”

“AA” could very definitely be Alex Anthopoulos, just as “Dr. Andrews” could be the famous Dr. James Andrews, but let’s not get too carried away in interpreting this. Just a day earlier Beede the elder tweeted that he wanted “to say THANK YOU, to Lawrence Academy, Canes baseball and the Toronto Blue Jays for makin 2011 a GREAT Year! Vandy and SEC Letgooooooo!”

Not much indication of bad blood there.

However, a month ago I passed along a comment from Keith Law in a chat at ESPN.com during which he was asked if Beede must be kicking himself for passing on the Jays’ money to go to school, given that the new CBA will suppress the signing bonuses of drafted players going forward.

“No,” KLaw said. “He and the Jays disagreed on the health of his shoulder. It wasn’t strictly about money.”

Interesting. Did the Beedes use medicals from Dr. James Andrews to contradict the Jays staff’s assessment of his shoulder, and were the Jays unmoved by what they were being told by this hired gun? Were the Jays trying to limit Beede’s signing bonus by casting him as damaged goods?

Don’t look at me, I don’t fucking know.

The much, much more interesting question is: is Tyler Beede seriously “Young Beedah,” and is this song seriously about his choice to go to Vanderbilt over joining the Jays? And is it also kinda not entirely terrible?

Since it was posted on his Facebook fan page and is recited in the first person, I’m going to go ahead and say yes. Yes, it is. Holy!

Forever 21- Young Beedah by Tyler Beede

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  1. ha ha, there is vomit on his jersey already, if you look real close it is AA’s spaghetti

  2. hahahahahahahahaha

  3. Didn’t I say this on the “Irresponsible Speculation” post (ironic, I know), that it was Beede and not the Jays (as had been suggested everywhere else) using Andrews? 

  4. what’s the deal with him anyways? can he enter the draft this year again?

  5. Wow.

  6. He’s kinda fuckin lame.

  7. I was just looking for some Klaw snarky remark.  Interesting Keith hasn’t expanded on his original answer to provide more insight.

  8. don’t be hatin’ on beede just cause he’s a straight up g

  9. Klaw has seemed quiet since the report came out of his interviews with the Astros

  10. Y’all be haters and I don’t give a fuck what you think.

  11. Beat lifted from J Cole’s “The Plan” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  12. Hes also now apparently ‘ on hiatus’ from doing chats for some reason.

  13. This is something, wow. That said, the guy had to deal with so much stupid bullshit this year from Jays fans, I don’t how i’d react(probably not this way though haha)

  14. This is hopefully only the beginning of a great gimmick poster.

  15. Dr James Andrews is a hired gun this guy performs surgeries for athletes that have suffered career ending injuries, yet all of the atheletes seem to come back, some last, some get injured again and some cant play at the level they used too.
    But every athelte that I can remember has come back after Dr Andrews that means either he is really fucking good or tells teams and/or players what they want to hear.
     Honestly this guy sucess rate is like 100%, it.s not realistic so andrews is most likely a hired gun.
    Cant blame AA for thinking that, this guy is always the doctor players seem to turn to when going agaisnt the team doctor.

  16. This can’t be real.

  17. far too much time seems to be spent on this kid. its OBVIOUSLY the dumbest decision to not take a ransom that would pay for a vander education a hundred times over and then some. but he chose to take the education. he’s an idiot. that it.

  18. This kid and his dad can take a flying fuck at a rolling donut.  Don’t give a shit what happens to this kid for the rest of his life.  He was selected, didn’t sign, Tennessee is nice in the winter, the end.

  19. Yeah, at this point it’s hard to give a shit about Beede.  Hopefully Vanderbilt works out ok for him.  I don’t agree w/ his choice but it’s absolutely his to make.   There were a lot of fucktards that unnecessarily gave him grief. 

    His dad however seems like a Grade fucking A moron who should keep his mouth shut.  Let his son’s arm do the talking.

  20. That song is one of the greatest things you have ever found… thank you Stoten.

  21. Face it…the Jays are”cheap”…..they suck us in with Eddie Encarnacian’s…..we need Gardza’s,Fielders,someone to get excited about.Beeston & Alex are”scared”to spend Rogers money.Plain scared,trying to impress thier bosses.Beede should had been had.Just like Darvish and anybody else..the Jays are cheap.They want guys they steal,like Santos,…pay him peanuts compared to any good stopper.

  22. I have no evidence to support this, but I’d bet Brett Lawrie could 8 Mile Young Beedah’s ass.

  23. Too bad he didn’t sign -  would have been another strong prospect arm for the Jay’s system. As a jays fan, the scenario that played out was obviously very  disappointing.

    Beyond that, whatever went on went on, there was already speculation that the draft/signing bonus rules were going to change  and Young Beedah made up his mind.

    The rap is actually much better than I expected. Obviously hes not going to sound like Jay-Z and I doubt that he thinks of himself as a rap star either. By the sounds of it, he found a beat he liked and wrote a rap for his friends on facebook as a way of expressing himself. Nothing wrong with that, there are a lot of worse ways to express yourself.

    Not sure about the alias though.


  24. dont hate you, just think you fucked up royally!

  25. He definitely made one of the biggest mistake of his young life by not signing.

  26. And James Paxton made the biggest mistake by not signing with the Jays too? Get over yourselves Jays fans.

  27. Har, the rhymes… weren’t awful. Seriously, I’ve heard some terrible stuff before and that wasn’t terrible. Can’t say I understood much of what he was saying (in terms of content) but he delivered it just fine. 

  28. college pitchers  != high school pitchers

  29. also… what really makes it seem like a bad decision has nothing to do with the Jays and does not apply to Paxton: the CBA changes.

  30. the question is, how much did he turn down? if the jays drafted him in the first round and then tried to talk him into a shitty below slot bonus because of arm issues, real or perceived, then the jays are fucking assholes….trying to get too cute and game the system.  if they offered him a legit bonus for where he was taken and he wanted more, then someone gave him terrible advice.

  31. law is full of shit.  it’s always about the money.  why would the jays draft a player if they thought he had arm issues? there’s no such thing as a minor arm issue. and I don’t think there’s a prerequisite medical to enter the draft so why would beede make any medical public knowledge, especially if it was negative?  and your bonus is never going to be signifcantly lower than slot so you rest assured that it was around 2mil+.

    another possibility is that beede’s camp said they wanted a higher bonus and alex said ok but first we want you to get a physical and when it came back there was some potential issue which alex then used against a higher bonus.

  32. I believe some players have been drafted with known arm issues. I guess the idea being that, the younger they have Tommy J or whatever medical procedure they need, the better chance they have to recover and still become a high upside prospect.

    It makes sense really. Younger players have improved recovery time and haven’t completely mastered their mechanics thus lowering the chances of re-injuring themselves in the future.

  33. good move not getting this douche bag AA

  34. IIRC, $3 Million was the number that was thrown out there. Whatever it was, it was well over slot. The Jays have never been cheap-asses when it comes to draft signings. Especially for a first-rounder. Though AA won’t get too outrageous about it.

  35. Scratch that. This post claimed $2.5 MM. Regardless, that’s life-changing money that, thanks to the new CBA, isn’t likely to be offered ever again in the draft. 

    There had to be more to this than just money. Beede really doesn’t deserve the scorn that’s been directed at him (no draftee does). He and the Jays had their reasons for parting ways and hopefully, for Beede’s sake, he does well in college and another team drafts him next time he’s eligible. If he ever plays in the Skydome, regardless of which team he’s on, I’ll applaud his first appearance.

  36. Big meeting today at 10 am!  Right?  Right?!

  37. Hey young man – no one hates you – you made the choice that was right for you. Down and done.

  38. Soures say!  Twitter!

  39. Sadly, I think some people do hate him… or act like they do for shits and giggles. You can never have enough shits and giggles.

  40. For every James Paxton, you have other holdouts who turned down big money and never got paid in the end.  

    Google Matt Harrington to see what can happen.   He turned down 4 million dollars from the Rockies because of  his gigantic ego.  In the end he got nothing.


  42. So first you say Law is full of shit for saying that it wasn’t just about money. Then you say exactly that it may not have been about just dollars, but a potential issue with the shoulder, which the two sides therefore disagreed on, which is exactly what Law said in the first place.

    I hope you at least don’t wonder why people think you’re a fucking clown.

  43. I find it interesting that rosenthal is still exchanging tweets with that tmfb guy. Only now theyre dm’ing each other. Surely by now rosenthal would know hes full of shit and ignore him. Not getting my hopes up but interesting

  44. I knew after I wrote that there would be one imbecile who wouldn’t understand what potential means.  at least I know what time midnight is.

  45. I would say the scariest thing about this article is how a grown man spelled the word “hired”.  Really?  “Highered”?  Yikes, I hope he not be passing on ‘dat kinda talking to his there son.

  46. I just don’t see how some random RC employee would know anything. It’s not like the vendors have access to rumors, at least, not of the baseball variety.

  47. Yea plus AA is so tight lipped about everything and he probably has a close inner circle he consults with on trades. If someone ever leaked something they would be exiled for sure. We dont even know if this guy is an RC employee

  48. Maybe they’re all just planning some wicked Spring Training parties.

  49. Shoutout to Young Beedah!  Vandy swag all day!  Jays sucks to suck maybe instead of hating when he is a beast outta college and decides to never go to the Jays ever game against you guys will be a personal game meaning your asses are gonna get beat!  #godores

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