I know dick all about cars, but this one looks pretty OK– and apparently it belongs to Ricky Romero. “I’m always & will always be about taking care of my family first,” he tweeted yesterday, “but last night went and spoiled myself a bit. Meet my new baby.”

And meet my sorry excuse for a mailed-in post.

Check his @RickyRo24 Twitter feed for some responses from his teammates. If, y’know, for some reason you give a shit.

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  1. …Anybody got a tissue? Or several…

  2. lame

  3. My favourite car. Bentley Continental FTW

  4. I have 3 of those…

  5. Bentley. Reliable, built to last, no problem getting to 0-100mph in 20 seconds – in other words, this car is the complete opposite of the 2011 bullpen.

  6. (fingers crossed) Don’t crash it, don’t crash it (fingers crossed)

  7. hey stoeten, how about a thread about the recent rise to fame of former uber-shitty blue jays television broadcaster fergie olver?


  8. if only Rogers were as loose with their purse strings

  9. apparently that’s a bentley but it looks pretty ugly in that pic.  you’d think that a guy making 5mil would spend a little and modify it

  10. I’m mostly a reader on this site and not a poster but I’m surprised to find the limited chatter regarding Escobar leading off.  I would think he’s best suited for a #2 hitter.  I really enjoyed watching Davis all 3 times he got on base last year.  Why can’t they teach him to bunt or slap the hit like Otis Nixon used to do? 

  11. Cause Murphy only wants hitters to drive the ball, he thinks getting on base is overrated.

  12. Gay

  13.  It looks ugly?! lol

  14. Why do people always assume that a lead-off guy has to be a speedy, skinny black dude who steals bases? It’s just this mental image we have in our head of what “lead-off hitter” looks like, and people freak out when players don’t fit some imaginary mould that we were taught in little league of what each lineup spot should look like.

    Forget base-stealing and hustle and heart and shit like that, think of what leading off means in simple terms: out of all of the players on the team, you get the most at-bats in a season. When it’s late in the game and the top of the order is coming back around, it’s your job to not get out. And you want that honour to go to Rajai Davis and his .273 OBP, which last season was well below the likes of Johnny Mac and Adam Loewen and Juan fucking Rivera.

  15. Over/Under on getting carjacked? I’ll take six months.

  16. Maybe he felt safe getting a nice car now that the girlfriend can’t ask him if she can drive it…

  17. When you have guys like Bautista and Prince batting third and fourth, you just want people to get on base in front of them so they can send everyone home. Stealing bases at the top of the order is pointless.

  18. I hear you guys and I agree about the skinny black guy image but we get beat by teams that manufacture runs.  Top of the order comes around in the 8th, they work a walk and steal the walk into a double.  Now you have your #2, #3 and #4 trying for a single to score a run.

  19. I also see base stealers (including Davis) get on and drive the pitcher bat-shit crazy until finally he throws a mistake to the hitter after 5 throws to 1st. 

  20. Ricky’s car is nice and all, but my car is a 2000 Mazda Protege. 

  21.  I’ll gladly be gay if I can drive a Bentley all the time. Nice comment there, why are you  so homophobic?

  22. gay

  23. Not homophobic, this generation I”m in we use it as a word that basically means the object your describing is not your liking.
    Is it wrong to use that word that way, maybe but in this counrty where gay people have the same rights as everyone else I dont think they have much to complain about just look at the rest of the world.
     It’s just a word like Phat, sick, to describe something. They have homesexual or queer, girls have lesbian.  Since the word gay already has more then one defention meaning  happy, we can give it another one.
    Who is anyone to say what words I can use, this as nothing to do with insulting Gay people it’s just a word used in a completely different context, it was not meant to insult homesexuals.
     The way I used the word gay was used in a context to say I dont like the car, just like I dont like men sexually.
     But it was not used in any way to say I dont like Gay people, whatever people do with there life I dont fucking care it’s just not my prefrence. Just like this bentely isnt,  because it’s white, in black I probably would like it alot better. In black a bentley would be my girlfriend and I woud jump on that shit hard.
     I dont no if your gay, if it offened you sorry but it was not meant too.

  24.  No problem, explanation accepted

  25. So Nixon can teach Escobar how to not bunt to Mike Timlin and have Mike soft toss it to Joe Carter?

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