Since we’ve rather openly mocked the fact that Darren Oliver is the most expensive free agent the Jays have signed since David Eckstein– David Eckstein!– I suppose it’s only fair to point out that, in a way, he’s actually coming at a higher price than the $4.5-million he’ll be guaranteed– per MLBTR‘s Tim Dierkes Dierkes Dierkes– as the Jays have designated Mark Teahen for assignment in order to make room for Oliver on their 40-man roster.

Of course, in another, entirely more true way, Teahen was sunk cost long before Oliver had ever even heard of the Jays.

Teahen– read: Teahen’s salary– was acquired from Chicago in the July three-team deal that netted the Jays Colby Rasmus. The writing on the wall seemed to come for him when the Jays dealt for Ben Francisco last month, and Alex Anthopoulos told reporters that he wasn’t opposed to carrying five outfielders on the active roster. The $5.5-million owed to him will be eaten by the club, and while it’s far too small a sum to point to as evidence that Rogers is doing right by the Jays, or anything like that, it’s… something.

Teahen, for his part, was classy about his exit, tweeting: “BlueJays are a class org. Players & Coaches r great & Alex A is a man of his word. Excited 4 bigger role elsewhere but thankful 4 time n TO”.

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  1. Wow those cheap fucks at Rogers are just tossing away our veterans like they don’t mean anything. 

    Surprised they just decided to eat it, but this is the right move.

  2. Being a veteran only has effect when you play well , Teahen had negative value, this is all that could have happened.

  3. If he’s picked up by another club, the Jays are on the hook for 5.020 million, right? The other club has to pay league minimum of  $480k (I believe)?

  4. Guys, stop reading so much into this DFA either way. As mentioned, I’m sure AA and Rogers wrote this money off long ago–if you want to add it to anyone’s salary, put in on Rasmus to have a good year rather than Oliver.

    The “Rogers are cheap fucks” people (who I am a card-carrying member of), are not going to have their minds changed by bullshit like releasing a terrible player like Teahen nor with stuff like “draft bonuses and international signings.” That money pales in comparison to what we would need to get someone like Fielder (read: Fielder), and thus should be taken with a grain of salt. Also, every team makes these moves, whether or not they are a top payroll team or the Pirates. It happens, it’s part of the game, it has nothing to do with the owner’s willingness to spend on the team.

    Rogers are cheap fucks.

  5. man this Teahen guy is soooo far off my radar, forgot he was even part of the team, this is really who-cares day in Canada – how many times, BTW, does the Oliver news get rerun? oh, so he gets a contract – oooooohhhh – we are starved for content in baseballville

  6. So now we can effectively call Colby Rasmus’ salary 5.5 million + his Arb1 payday.

  7. Amen

  8. Something like that.

  9. The Rogers are cheap fucks people aren’t going to have their mind changed by anything save a magical pipedream. Waaaahhh!!!!

  10. Since the $5.5 million was a one-time cost that allowed them to acquire three full years of Rasmus, I think it’s better to look at it as if they effectively added $1.8 million to his salary in each of 2012, 2013, and 2014.

  11. Is there a reason they couldn’t do to Teahen what they did to Reed Johnson?  Cut him and only pay 1/6 of the salary.

  12. Yeah, that option only applies to players who have accepted to arbitration from their team – Teahen was signed to a guaranteed multi-year deal after 2009.

    So, if they wanted to, the Jays could conceivably give the Reed Johnson treatment to guys like Kelly Johnson, Rasmus, Arencibia, Lawrie, or Morrow — none of whom are on guaranteed contracts — but they couldn’t give it to guys like Lind, EE, Romero, Escobar, Bautista, etc.

  13. It was a guaranteed contract I believe. From the little I know about this is you can only do that if they accept arb

  14. I’d also like to nominate Mark Teahen for ugliest Blue Jay of all time. Or, at the very least, of the past few years. That is one funny-looking human.

  15. that doesn’t make sense to me.
    they’re paying 5.5 next year. they also took on whatever teahen was owed last year.

  16. Right, and they did that so that they could get Rasmus. You can look at it either way, but it was basically a $5.5 million investment (plus whatever portion of his 2011 salary the paid) to acquire three years of control over a player they wouldn’t have been able to acquire otherwise. 

    I just think it makes more sense to amortize it over three years because they’re going to control Rasmus (and thus benefit from his production over that time) for the next three seasons, not just this one. So it’s not like they have to expect him to be worth an extra $5.5 million in 2012 in order for it to be a good investment; they just need him to be worth $5.5 million more than his total earnings from 2012-2014 in order for it to be worthwhile.

  17. I love that the two options are
    A) spend a quarter billion dollars on a baseball player or
    B) be cheap fucks
    surely there must be middle ground that is occupied by mid-payroll low-attendance 500 ballclubs… like the Jays

  18. All I want to know is, is the Jays not going after fielder because Rogers are cheep fucks or because AA does not think its a good idea to sign him at the amount of money he wants. If so I would want AA to do what he thinks is best.   

  19. From everything AA has said over the past two years, I think we should be reasonably certain that he wouldn’t want to spend that much money on Fielder regardless of whether or not that money was available. In that sense, Rogers doesn’t (and shouldn’t) really have anything to do with this issue at all.

    Remember, Beeston asked AA if he wanted to go after Jason Bay and/or John Lackey a couple years back when they were big-ticket free agents, and AA said no. Pretty sure he made the right call. 

  20. well if the Jays were going to pay me 5.5mil because they don’t have room, I would only be hurt as long as it would take to cash the cheque, then I would say all kinds of nice things about the Jays.. :)

  21. I’m pretty sure the White Sox paid all of Teahen’s 2011 salary in the deal

  22. yea – i see what you’re saying, but my point was, until today, i at least expected he might be a decent (albeit overpaid) role player. so it wasn’t like they were expecting/necessarily going to recieve ZERO value from Teahen himself. ie. SOME part of that salary was being paid to a major league (bench) bat.

    …and then i checked to see how bad teahen might be expected to play…wow. how did that contract ever get signed?

  23. If Prince Fielder or his agent ever came out and said, “We would have signed with the Jays on a three year deal but they wouldn’t go over $25 million per season”, then I would say Rogers are cheap fucks.  If Albert Pujols came out and said the same thing, then I would say Rogers are cheap fucks.  But neither one would say that because they’ve said all along that they want long term contracts.  Pujols got ten years from the Angels.  Fielder’s probably going to get at least six or seven years from whoever signs him.  Not wanting to risk that much money for that length of contract is a reasonable business AND baseball decision.  Or have we forgotten about Vernon Wells already?

    Fielder would be a gamble (and there’s no guarantee that he would even sign with Toronto no matter what money and terms were offered), and for what?  Four or five extra wins per year at best?  Five extra wins is not getting the Jays to the playoffs.  People want Rogers to prove their commitment to the Jays by spending money right now.  I believe that when AA asks for the money, he’ll get it.  My guess is that AA is tipping his hand by mentioning midseason trades so often.  I think he wants to be a buyer this summer, not a seller, even if the Jays aren’t a game or two behind at the All-Star break.  If that doesn’t happen, then okay, Rogers are cheap fucks.

  24. AA could have waited until spring training to DFA Teahen, but that also is considered a dick move by the players in general. This way Teahen can find the best opportunity he can to tryout for another club. Hence the “AA is a man of his word” comment.

    This treatment of players has been consistent during AA’s tenure. Adam Loewen got some of the love a few moths back, and I’m certain that John buck did too. All this (and the many things I’m sure we never heard about) adds up to AA deveoping a reputation of being honest and deal and negotiating in good will. This can only benifit the Jays moving forward. Remember, there is a history of many players having a general distrust towards owners and management. The pro baseball world is too small to have a bad reputation.

    Also for those of you Rogers Fantasy Accountants out there, don’t forget the $600,000 or so savings from not having to pay Dotel and Fraser (after paying Teahen 2011) for the last two moths of the year.

  25. Not sure about that.  Jays were 10 games out of wild card and let’s add 5 games for Prince (WAR 5.2 2011) even though he is still young enough to probably increase his WAR for 2-3 seasons.  Then add in the fact that the Jays should be better due to Lawrie and Rasmus having full seasons here (vs whatever shit we had at 3B and CF through most of 2011) and I would add 3 games apiece to be conservative.  Add to that moving Lind back to LF and then trading Snider with some prospects for a decent 2/3 SP and you can add another 3 games, moving us solidly to 94 wins for the wild card.

    Of course, this is all best case scenario. Prince has had his ups and downs and based on his history is due for a down season. And who knows if anyone would want Snider and what we would have to give up along with him to get a decent SP.

  26. However, I am not sure we could get Fielder anyways even with a 7 year offer.

  27. i really would love fielder…but the other side is say you sign him and another big name pitcher ex Wilson for these 5+ years contracts and as we hope all these kids on our team the core if you will end up producing the way we hope they all need to be signed as well our payroll will be massive but more in likely we would have to trade these kids just hitting their prime years cause signing them all isn’t possible….if you cant make a fielder contract fit between or cores controllable years i don’t do it

  28. Yeah, Teahen has actually been below replacement level in 5 out of 7 seasons in the MLB. The Jays are literally getting more value by paying him to go away than they would have gotten if they’d paid him to play on the team. 

    Kenny Williams is a strange, strange man.

  29. If I understood what the team’s payroll parameters were (which would make me smarter than all the media) then I could say to you, if the team starts doing well enough for players to earn significant extensions, then the money will be there because in theory the fans will be at the ballpark.  

  30. You also need to subtract Lind or Encarnacion’s potential 1-2 WAR from your equation, since he would be taking at bats from those two (with one being released/ traded).

  31. I highly doubt that.
    This seems to confirm:

  32. it wouldn’t take long for that payroll to hit 200mil….rogers center would have to sellout every game just to cover payroll…but im sure they’d sell enough tshirts and beer to make money….all of this is speculation anyway but its food for thought….

  33. I am pretty sure I explained that Lind could move back to LF and as far as I can tell, E10 can stay at DH. Ye, there would be less ABs for Lind but Lind in 2011 would be an improvement over Snider of 2011 by something less than the 0.9 WAR due to the decreased ABs but still good for another win if I am just pulling numbers out of my ass so instead of a 14 game improvement I am calling a 15 game improvement.  Apples, bitch.

  34. I would be very surprised if Lind ever played another inning in LF. He was god-awful out there.

  35. Don’t sleep on Otis Nixon.

  36. It certainly is speculation.  In my case wild, and not very friendly speculation.  But it is the off-season.  I have nothing better to do.

  37.  ”BlueJays are a class org. Players & Coaches r great & Alex A is a man of his word. Excited 4 bigger role elsewhere but thankful 4 time n TO”
    Translation: “Thanks for the dough. I enjoyed sitting on my ass and getting paid millions, time to go fishin’!”

  38. Frasor & Teahen’s salaries almost washed out in the TOR-CHI deal, I don’t see anywhere that the Jays received cash in that deal. They did, however, send some money to STL on the other half of the deal, so I’d guess they spent even more than this 5.5m “extra” to acquire Rasmus.

  39. Wow! Jack Morris getting more votes than Tim Raines. BWAA smoking some good shit.

  40. Teahen was released now becsue they’re trying to do him a favour. this way he might be able to catch on with another team before spring training.
    Looks like the Blue Jyas learned from Juan Rivera better to just release a high priced player then have him sit on the bench and take a young players spot.
    I fully expect David Cooper to be on this team after spring training, Cooper going agaisnt left hand pitching and occasionally playing first base, when Lind or EE need a day off the field.

  41. Sadly there’s no room for him on the roster if they plan to carry 5 outfielders and carry Perez giving Farrell a second lefty out of the pen. Looks like AA is saying he’s pretty much done trading or adding for now. Personally, I would love to see Cooper get a full season in somewhere. If he doesn’t do anything else for the Jays this coming year I just hope he really rakes again in AAA and continues to increase his trade value.

    Let’s see if I can get this correct this time:

    Catcher (2): Arencibia, Mathis
    Infielders (5): Lind, Johnson, Escobar, Lawrie, McCoy or Valbuena
    DH (1): Encarnacion
    Outfielders (5): Bautista, Rasmus, Thames or Snider, Davis, Fransisco
    Starters (5): Romero, Morrow, Alvarez, McGowan, Cecil
    Relievers (7): Santos, Janssen, Frasor, Oliver, Perez, Litsch, Villanuevea

    On the bubble: Drabek, Laffey, Carreno, Thames or Snider, McCoy or Valbuena

  42. Teahen is a BUM. 

  43. I agree completely I was more pointing out that the reason that fielder is not coming to Toronto was more to do with AA not thinking it was a good idea to sign him, if he did he would do it his job is to put a good team on the field its in his best interest to make the team as good as possible.

    I was talking to the guy who calls rogers cheep fucks, he thinks by the way he speaks that rogers are cheep fucks because he wont be signed because AA goes and asks them to do it and they say no. I think this is the problem, (the rogers cheep fucks people) think thats whats going on where in reality the cost and asking price is so high that its not worth it. Like you pointed out with the bay/lackey examples in that off season people would be asking for the same thing yet now you see how bad an idea that would be, but people want things now now now. I just want a a GM who puts a good team together and ill let that guy do that job.    

  44. So….there’s that.

  45. On a positive note, at least they didn’t waste half a season giving him at bats & taking them away from Snider or Thames.

    The Jays wasted half a season with Juan Rivera.

  46. I doubt Rogers would authorize that kind of money but if they did, AA would be blamed for the disastrous performances of Lackey & Jason Bay.

    AA s too young to risk his career on Lackey.

    He admitted he took a big risk with Bautista. last year. He admittedthe safe thing to do was to sign the arbitration & take the risk he leaves when he becomes a free agent.

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