Alex Anthopoulos spoke to reporters today, ostensibly concerning the now-official signing of Darren Oliver. However, the conversation verged into other territories, and intrepid reporters like Mike Cormack of Sportsnet and John Lott of the National Post were kind enough to tweet along, keeping us plebs informed of what he was saying.

It was especially nice, because Anthopoulos had a couple of interesting things to pass along, specifically, the fact that he doesn’t “expect to do a whole lot more between now and spring training,” and that he absolutely loves Drew Hutchison.

“I’m probably as excited about him as I am about any of the young arms that we have,” the GM said of Hutchison– a right-hander who has pitched all of 15 innings above A-ball, but who Anthopoulos thinks is “coming fast” and will “play a factor” in 2012.

For a fan base who have watched their club fail to land the front-line starter they admitted they were seeking this off-season, it’s neither a great, nor an unexpected consolation. Not to disparage Hutchison or AA’s raves for him, but Matt Moore he ain’t. And even if he were, it’s virtually impossible to believe that he could be on the Opening Day roster, barring some unforeseen rash of injuries.

By all accounts he’s got a great future ahead of him, but he’s not the 2012 savior fans had been hoping for. And if Anthopoulos is to be believed– and there’s really no reason that he should be– it doesn’t appear that one is on the horizon.

Of course, things can change in an instant– and Anthopoulos admitted as much, saying that “as I sit here today I don’t see us doing anything else, but we’re still open to dialogue.” It’s also entirely not in the club’s interest for the GM to give up whatever leverage he may have and insist he’s determined to add another big piece no matter what it takes. But Anthopoulos is often a lot more truthful in these moments than those of us trying desperately to read him want to believe.

By this point in the process, you have to believe that every possible avenue has been explored, and so far it’s amounted to nothing. I’m not sure what might change that.

The market for starters may experience a bit of a re-set once someone locked in the Mexican standoff between the agents for Edwin Jackson, Roy Oswalt, Hiroki Kuroda and the clubs still looking for pitching finally blinks– which I suspect may hinge on the Commissioners’ decision on whether to expand the playoff field for the 2012 season, or to wait until 2013– but I’m not sure if that’s going to positively impact things for a club like the Jays, who will be hoping that the asking prices for Matt Garza or Gavin Floyd might come down. Perhaps if potential suitors sign a free agent and drop out they will, but I get the feeling the Cubs and White Sox aren’t any more desperate to move those two pitchers than the Jays are to move some of their prospects right this fucking minute.

Yes, there’s still a lot of movement that’s going to take place, and the Jays may well be involved. This may simply be a case of Anthopoulos posturing in order to reinforce what he’s been telling potential trade partners, and perhaps even talking up a prospect he wants to throw into a deal. But those kinds of Orwellian manoeuvrings sound a lot better in our fantasies, I think, and nobody should be shocked if Anthopoulos is, indeed more-or-less finished dealing.

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  1. I am Corporate shit dagger. Rasmus wasnt terrible in St. Louis in 2011, my bad I must have been watching the Arizona Cardinals.
     Get off Shitstain Dr, look in hte mirror this team is a CattleFuck joke of an organization.
    Taylor Ferguson= RBI enthusiast, licks Brauns steroid cunt because of his RBI.

  2. It’s quite obvious what AA is trying to do. 

    Realistically, and I hope all come true, but if Lawrie, Rasmus, and JP all have 30HR/100rbi seasons ahead, and Morrow figures his shit out as well as Cecil, you’d think that they’d have to offer them all pretty hefty contracts, and well, that costs money. 

  3. Except you can’t guarantee that you’ll win later either.  I’m not saying we should bet the farm on Prince Fielder, but I have to point out that waiting until the team starts to prove it’s a winner before adding significant pieces is a convenient position in terms of sidetracking a discussion about ownership commitment and payroll size.  No one wants money to be wasted on unproductive and expensive free agents.  But equally, no one wants to see this year’s equivalent of Jo-Jo Reyes being trotted out there every fifth day.  The fact is, with a few outlier years, the team has won in the low to mid 80s almost every year since 2000.  Which in the AL East is nowhere near good enough.  The personnel has changed completely, the win level hasn’t.   The only constant has been the ownership.  

  4. hope so

  5. I don’t think Boston or NYY is afraid of the Jays this year. However, the Yankees seem to have reached a payroll plateau, whereas the Jays could if they chose to upgrade the team quickly. Luckily for the yankees or red Sox, the Jays have no intention of spending on free agents in the near future. The Jays with Darvish& Fielder would be a threat to them.

  6. I think Rogers would rather win 88 games on a 70 million payroll than 87 wins on a 97 million payroll.

    Rogers is terrified of being told another free agent signing needs to be DFA’d.

    In 2009, Rios, Wells,& BJ Ryan were huge busts.

    Rogers will only give AA money when he proves that the team can get to 88 wins on a small budget. Then, they will be close enough that they will give some money to get the final piece of the puzzle.

  7. I just hope we get to see lots of plate appearances (200+) for D’Arnaud, Gose and Hechevarria starting in August at the latest. And 80+ innings from McGuire and/or Hutchison. If not, I would consider this season not a success because, frankly, we’re not trying to win in 2012 so we might as well let the kids play.

    These five, plus Lawrie, Arencibia, Snider (oh jesus please be good Travis) and Alvarez would be an interesting core for 2013. 

    If Johnson or Lind play well in the 1st half, they should be dumped at the deadline.

    77-84 wins right now.

    The plight of the Blue Jays fan: our GM is always convincing us the year AFTER this one is going to be great . . . 2013 . . .

  8. It would be foolish for AA to give up 4 top prospects for 2 years of Garza when Philly gave up 3 prospects for halladay with a signed contract extension.

  9. Agreed. Rogers doesn’t to invest in the team until they have proven they are close enough to competing.

    If we knew about the 5th wildcard for 2012, it would help AA decide whether to ask Rogers for some more money.

    You are correct that the Jays record  is never bad enough that they can get the best draft pick in the MLB or good enough that justifies Rogersspending money.

    From a cynical view, hiring AA & using his rebuilding strategy can be used as a marketing perspective to prevent fans from complaining for at least 5 years.

    Prospects take time to develop , so there will be a bigger cushion given to Rogers & AA before they are graded a success or failure.

    The problem with a Free agent is you expect them to perform immediately.

    If AA signs Fielder & he fails, his reputation is severely damaged.

    If he signs or gets 5 propects and 4 out of 5 fail, he won’t be blamed as much & the cost to rogers is minimal.

    Rogers doesn’t seem to be interested in in maximizing revenue, they want to minimize costs.

  10. Agreed. AA made promises to John Buck in 2010 which prevented JP from getting at bats.

    A similar promise was made to Edwin last year.

    I hated the eveland & reyes signings.

    At least AA dfa’d teahan which gives an extra roster spot to a young player.

  11. Don’t forget Aaron Laffey. I’m willing to bet he’s our 5th starter from April to June . . . McGowan to extended spring training and Drabek back to AAA.

    We all know how AA loves to ‘control assets’ aka: lose, but make it seem like he’s doing something great and intelligent.

    Until there is a pennant race in late August/September, everything is still a failure. Sports should be evaluated by wins and wins only, and under that guideline, AA has done nothing yet and will continue to have achieved nothing in 2012. 2013 maybe, but that’s a long fucking time from now.

    Why should I spend my money on a team that’s not even trying to win this year?

  12. What is a corporate shit dagger is that like when losers give themselves a nickname?

    Not once did I mention RBI’s in any of my posts, but thats cool I kind of came under the assumption you couldn’t read after your last post.

  13. You will ABSOLUTELY have to give away valuable prospects to Cincy if you want to get Votto. Even if he only has 1 more year left! He’s Joey Votto. And the Reds would stand to gain a 1st Round draft pick and a supplemental pick if he leaves via free agency. So at a minimum you have to give up comparable players to those two draft picks. And then you must pay the premium that is Joey Votto.

    I agree with Night_manimal that if the plan is to wait and trade for Votto at the all-star break or next offseason….then we might as well talk Boras down to 6 years at higher AAV and sign Fielder. It will be much cheaper in the long run and won’t have such a negative impact on our “future success.”

  14. Farrel has every right to believe that the Jays can compete. I have it on good authority from a close personal friend/former colleague of Farrel’s at Boston that when the Jays lured him to Toronto….Paul Beeston supposedly told Farrel that the Jays would be able to sign “anyone” they needed to compete.

    Beeston has also said as much to the fans by throwing out that 120 million figure. But…we must ask…where’s the money?

  15. How was Lawire thanks to JP?? Last I checked AA traded Marcum for Lawrie…hmmm. Rasmus only played for 30 games in a Jays uni…I think it’s too early to say he’s a bust. Morrow hasn’t been all bad.

    Sorry man…but you’re a Tool.

  16. I agree.  A lot of fans this off season is eating right out of the media’s hands with all this talk that the Jays will be spending.  For the last two years the majority was all in agreement with this rebuilding!  

  17. I will be disappointed if Laffey is in the starting rotation in April. That means Drabek & McGowan had bad springs.

    Give Litsh a second chance to start rather than Laffey.

    Laffey is worse than Jo Jo Reyes.

  18. You give more prospects to the reds if Votto signs long term with the Jays.

  19. That’s good news  farrell seems more anxious to win than AA or Beeston. It’s true they are able to sign free agents but choose not to. Would Farrell turn down the Jays after next year to go back to the red sox if the Jays don’t win more than 85 games?

    i am curious why Farrell was so optimistic about the team for 2012, whereas AA is more muted in chances for success.

  20. But the problem is that your point of 88 wins being successful enterprise after 5 years of rebuilding is totally wrong in my opinion. The payroll will not be $70 million by the end of 2013 so you have to stop using that figure.

    There`s no proof that AA has to prove anything to Rogers first. That`s just your opinion and one that doesn`t seem to have much basis in fact. Beeston has already been quoted as offering the money to AA for guys like Lackey.

    Don`t get me wrong, I have no problem with what AA is doing. However, after the 2013 season (5 full seasons of rebuilding) if we`re only at 88 wins that`s no better than what JPR did in his tenure. He got 87 wins on $71 million at the 5 year mark in 2006. If AA only gets to that after everything that`s been promised then he`ll be no better in my mind. That said, I do believe if things go to according to plan they will in fact be higher than 88 wins after 2 more seasons and won`t have the letdown that the Jays did after 2006.

    88 wins while nice, probably won`t get you a playoff spot by the end of 2013. Ultimately, that`s what it`s all about.

    The Rios, Wells, and Ryan contracts were made with the information at hand. Nobody could predict Ryan was going to get injured or Rios and Wells would fall off a cliff. They were good deals for production that was being offered at the time and for the direction the club was going. Kind of silly to hold someone`s feet to the fire for not being able to predict the future.

  21. I don`t see where all this nonsense about McGowan starting the year on the DL comes from. Every indication is that he is healthy. While I am sure cynics can argue they Jays could manufacture an injury for McGowan I just don`t see it happening. If he starts to hit his innings limit by September they can always put him in the pen when rosters expand and use him on a regular schedule for his shoulder`s health.

    Using him early on in the season has multiple benefits. The chief one for me being that a strong start coupled with the renewed enthusiasm for the Jays will do wonders for attendance. If they flop out of the gate using nubs like Laffey then it will have the opposite effect and will be a message to fans that they`re not serious about winning.

    Teams generally worry about the innings total later in the year than early on in the year. There will be more options available to the team come the All-Star break in terms of minor league pitchers or guys that they could acquire via trade.

  22. Taylor Ferguson= worlds biggest tool.
    You need to read your posts son, you went on about Braun and RBIs, just three days ago.
    Your a shit dagger, your also a gance tool.

  23. Marcum was thank to JP tool, Rasmus might be a bust never said he was.
    He was horrible in St. Louis aswell in 2011 maybe you only follow the Jays but he lost his everyday job to John Jay.
    Morrow has been terrible for two years, He’s a number five in almost every rotation in the league.
    But hey he strikes people out, he could put it all together.
    Yeah so looks like I won Ben Steins money, tool.

  24. True…which is likely the only way the Jays would trade for Votto. They would def want to have a long term contract extension in place prior to the trade.

    So if that means the Jays have to give up more prospects…and all we’re doing is waiting until the 2012 All-Star break…I’d rather the Jays sign Fielder to 6 years and bump up his AAV. Votto is going to cost just as much in terms of salary and comes at the extra cost of a boat load of prospects.

    Is Votto a better fit? Yes. But you can’t deny the price it will take to get him and we don’t know for sure that he’ll even become available at all.

  25. I don’t think AA will be 5 full years in until the end of 2014 actually. Didn’t he take over at the end of ’09?

    I also think AA needs some more leeway than his predecessor. AA spent the first 2 seasons undoing and redoing everything JPR had done over the past 5-10 years.

    IMO…he’s just starting to reshape this team now. I say from this point on…AA should have a 5 year plan in place and shouldn’t be judged until after those 5 seasons. This is especially true when you consider that many of the prospects which AA drafted to help this organization are just starting out in the minors and won’t be ready for another season or two at the earliest. Some of the prospects we shouldn’t expect to see for another 3-4 years. Hell…he is about to draft another 7 prospects in the first 3 rounds this coming season.

    Personally I believe AA has done a great job thus far. The farm system is looking strong…to quite strong. And the Major League roster is really starting to take shape.

    I would obviously love to see the Jays make a splash for someone like Fielder to show that the team is confident in the current group of players. But I also see the rationale of letting this team play another season, see how McGuire, Hutchinson, etc. do in AA and AAA next season, and see if AA can swipe some more key players at the trade deadline like he did last year with Rasmus and later with Johnson.

  26. I like where you’re going with the Farrell vs. mangement difference…..I wonder if farrell would be so against FA spending if/when he’s with Boston ???   Wonder how much he and AA are REALLY on the same page ????

  27. Was in response to you commenting about how you like to take a full load in your face. It was three days ago… See how I can make up posts too.

    Do you want to copy and paste that post? Because not once have I talked about Ryan Braun in a Blue Jays forum. Not to mention I have never used RBI’s as an evaluation of a baseball player. With Braun I would probably have brought up his .400OBP with a 30-30 season dummy. Maybe you should re-read the comments before you recall from “memory” about what was written.

    What is a shit dagger? Is that a nickname for your weener when you take your male lover from behind?

    What is a gance tool? You can’t just make up phrases that don’t make sense.

    I do feel bad about ripping into a retard it just isn’t fair. Sorry NO_TOOL

  28. AA still made the trade for Lawrie…hence…AA gets the credit. Rasmus had a very strong 2010. And he didn’t exactly lose his starting job to John Jay….unless you consider after the trade. But he certainly wasn’t benched in favor of Jay prior to the trade if I remember correctly.

    Morrow is easily a number 3 in any rotation. Definitely a number 4. He has potential to be a number 1 or solid number 2. He’s absolutely not a number 5.

  29. You said Rasmus was terrible, since you are arguing that AA sucks and all his transactions are terrible that would be what people would assume from that comment. He had WARs of 1.1 in 2/3rd’s of a season with St Louis, had a 3.2 WAR the year prior and a 2.7 WAR before that. So actually he is pretty good. He lost his job to Jon Jay partly because of his fued with the manager the same guy that Rolen had a fued with…

    Brandon Morrow was worth 1.5 and 1.4 War’s over the last 2 years, League 0.0 and 1.2. So Jays still got 1.7 wins out of this trade. Not to mention League pitches in a significant pitchers park in a much easier division.

    Congrats on JP drafting Marcum, still doesn’t change the fact that AA traded for Lawrie after he posted his best season in the majors. Especially since his contract jumped 3M and his WAR decreased by .3.

  30. Morrow would be #2 with NYY, number 4 with Boston and #2 with Baltimore (and it could be argued he is better then Guthrie. With Tampa he would be 5 but hell Hellickson the rookie of the year is #4. So in the best division of baseball he averages a #3 starter, far from a number 5. I assume you were exaggerating but I thought I would bring this up.

  31. The Jays have only hit 88 wins once in 1998 since the World Series Years.

    It is a key benchmark for Jays Fans. It would be great to win 90 plus but with 54 games against the Rays,Yankees & Red Sox it’s tough to get to 90.

    88 wins with an extra wildcard spot gets the Jays into a pennant race which they haven’t had since a brief peiod in 2000..

    What’s your payroll projection with the current roster in 2013 ? There are some arbitration increase but no looming free agents..

    It can’t be over 80 million US.

    AA has said repeatdly that the team on the field will tell him when its ready to compete.

    This is a code word for making sure the team is close enough to contention in July to justify being buyers of players.

    AA keeps talking about mid season trades.

    If The Jays wanted a competitive team on April 1, they would sign a free agent pitcher/batter.

    It’s clear that they will not risk signing a free agent until the team proves it can be competitive in July.

    At the very least they could upgrade the DH spot with Pena.

    At no time did Beeston allow AA to make an offer on Lackey or Bay. There are no MLB trade rumors at that time that indicate that the Jays were trying to sign those players.

    It is disingenous for Beeston to show up now & tell fans he asked AA about Lackey.

    Beestonis trying to make a point that free agent signings don’t always work out.

    The BJ Ryan signing set a new standard for closers & broke through all benchmarks.

    It was a record signing for a closer at that time. BJ only had one successful year.

    As for Wells, he had 2 all star years, 2003 & 2006 so that was clearly an overpay.

    The Rios deal gave too much guaranteed money to him, whereas AA woud have done more club options.

    The biggest problem was all 3 players bombed spectacularly. Overbay was a disappointment as well.

    Burnett had 1 good year out of 3, & JP gave him an opt out clause.

  32. I hope McGowan is in the rotation on April 1st. They were worried about Morrow last year.

  33. Votto brings Rogers better marketing benefits than Fielder. He is more durable than Fielder.

    Votto lives in Sarasota in the offseason, so he may want to have a team that has spring training close to his one such as the Jays in Dunedin.

  34. I doubt Farrell is opposed to free agent spending. It gives you better options.

    Farrell must be excited about Francona leaving Boston.

    He knows that thered sox  fans & the ownership group want him since he was able to control the pitchers & keep fried chicken & beer out of he clubhouse:))

    He knows that Bobby Valentine is an accident waiting to happen who will probably fail with the red sox.

    Farrell is used  to success with the red sox & is probably stunned by Rogers penny pinching.

    This is great training for Farrell, so he can learn to manage in the AL east without worrying abut high expectations .

    I think that if Farrell can get the2012 Jays to between 85-90 wins, he could force the Jays to give him a lucrative contract extension or bolt to the red sox after 2013.

    He won’t want to be  a lame duck manage in october 2012.

  35. Not exactly, Shane.

    I distinctly remember Farrell and Fasano raving about Molina shortly before the trade:…… 

    I’m sure the Jays honestly liked him as a prospect, but it makes sense that AA would ask them to talk up some of the guys they were thinking of trading.

    Which is kind of why I am wondering if Hutchison might be traded (great first post, torontojeff!).  His value may never be higher than it is right now.

  36. Votto is not more durable than Fielder.
    Fielder has been in the lineup every day but 1 since 2009. Thats 485/486 regular season games, not including playoffs (and im pretty sure he hasnt missed a playoff game). Fielder is also younger than votto.
    Im not convinced Votto brings better marketing benefits either. Its pretty easy to market a superstar who is a household name to everyone with even a passing interest in baseball. Votto being Canadian may be a novelty that they can take advantage of for a few weeks, but I doubt he offers any more than that.

  37. I agree that Votto brings better marketing benefits than Fielder since he is from Toronto. BUT I also think that Fielder would bring a ton of marketing benefits as well considering his reputation and the numbers he puts up.

    As for durability..I think that’s unfair and purely speculative. We obviously assume Fielder will be less durable going forward…BUT up until now…Fielder has been arguably one of the most durable players in ALL of baseball as he has only missed 1 game over the past 3 seasons and only 13 during his entire career (6+ years).

    Votto on the other hand has missed 55 games over the past 4 seasons alone. I believe he even landed on the DL in 2009 when he missed 31 games that year.

    Another interesting thing to point out…despite Votto having a higher batting average than Fielder….Votto strikes out more than I would have thought. He has been over 120 strike outs the past 2 years. I would have thought Fielder would have much higher SO totals…but he actually strikes out about the same…if only a little more often (130s).

    Last year though…Fielder only struck out 106 times! Votto 129.

    Oh…and Votto has 2 fewer full seasons at the Major League level than Fielder and he is actually older.

    Food for Thought.

  38. Morrow would not be # 2 in New York ever heard of Ivan Nova, Phil Hughes, Freedy Garcia, Bartolo Colon.
    Morrow might have more upside then Garcia or Colon but they were better then him last year, so yeah Morrow has been terrible.

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    Four days ago read your posts, you told a bunch of people on here that you didnt want to sign Fielder because Ryan Braun made his RBI”S inflated.
    RBI, go look at ISO, WAR, OPS, BB, then look at your RBI’s Fielder is pure goldbond.
    You sir are a retard.
    I have spelled words wrong just like everybody, but I try to spell words correctly when trying to call someone retarded, especially the word retard or retarded you space clown.
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  40. He did lose playing time to Jay, they started platooning them but only because Jay was some what decent and kind of hot, where as Rasmus shit the cattle prod.
    Why you think JP couldnt or wouldnt trade Marcum I have no idea, but he does deserve credit, so does AA for the trade but this team still has JP all over it.
    Morrow has no potential to be an ace maybe a # 1 on a shitty team but right now he’s a 5 in the AL East, unless he gets traded to Baltimore but with Guthrie, Matusz, Britton, Arrieta, Chen, Wada. If morrow is 2011 again in 2012, come 2013 he could be a number # 7 in Baltimore.
    I hope Morrow figures it out, but right now he hasn’t.

  41. AAwas hired as gm in Oct of 09… for you ppl saying his five year plan is over after 2013 its actually the end of 2015 for a full five years…AA has done a great job so far its not his fault or problem that the dumbasses before him didn’t get the rebuilding done properly for 15 years….stop being in such a rush just ask your wife how satisfied she is when you rush to climax……..chances are she’s not and she’s likely thinking of banging your best friend!

  42. 1.1 War is terrible the St. Louis towel boy was worth more to that team.
    The Morrow trade wasnt a bad trade, I just stated that Morrow so far has been terrible, which he has.
    I like Morrow he could put it together but right now he’ sucks Donkey Doodle, I hope in 2012 the Insulin Warrior is awsome.
    Not Lawrie but Gose I would trade for Marcum if he had two years of control.
    They only traded Lawrie for attitude reasons if they had the Lawrie we had they wouldnt have.
    His friendship with JP, has been huge for him here.
    Taylor Ferguson =  pathological optimist which is fine but the real world doesnt work that way but for baseball it’s a great way of looking at things, Lind could rebound, Rasmus, Johnson, Mcgowan, Drabek, Cecil, Morrow, they could all rebound great way of looking at things.
    If you want to be a Corporate Cock, you need to look at numbers and performance, get some edge, get some spunk, be an asshole, look at stats and dont try to work around them to try to make your points look valid, look at them for what they truly are a gauge of how to judge performance.
    Numbers dont lie, stop being such a tool.
    Morrow has been terrible accept it, could he be better one day sure, I could still be an astronaut but it’s no sure thing is it. 

  43. It would be 2014 great math guy.
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  44. Way to turn this into a spelling contest I am sure you did really well in that. I am sure there is a forum on you can join! PS how many times are you going to use the word Gance, that word doesn’t exist.

    You accuse me of being a Braun lover because I said he increased Fielders value due to his (being Fielders) RBI’s (which is an artificial stat that Boras boasting in his notebook). Yet you took that as I love Braun because he gets RBI’s? Wow.

    I was talking about why I didn’t think the Jays should sign Fielder and someone mentioned he averages over 100RBI’s I mention that it was inflated due to Braun hitting in front of him, much like the Yanks players putting up 100+RBI’s due to them being in a strong line up with high OBP and Slugging. The fact that you couldn’t figure that out, raises concerns. So i guess I did mention Braun but it was in a discussion about Fielder not Braun.

    So now you want this to turn into a Fielder discussion? Even though it started with me discussing AA’s transactions and you so eloquently mentioned that he has done nothing:
    These were your responses you said Escobar is good, Lawrie was JPs (even though AA made the trade) Reagins is an idiot (kind of beside the point as it was great for Toronto and it was thanks to AA), then you said it was Lacava and the scouts who turned the system around (even though Lacava is below AA in the corporate structure and AA increased the scouting department the once he was GM) and you said Morrow sucks (Even though since the trade he has added 1.7W over League who the Jays gave up and a minor league catcher)

    So now I understand why you are so angry, you are mad that AA hasn’t gone after Fielder. Now you are going to bitch about some it to someone who doesn’t agree with your viewpoint (3 days after), I thought after that amount of time you could have come up with a decent response, even though my comment had nothing to do with Fielder in this forum.

    Cool….. I guess…

  45. There’s truth in what you’re saying, of course. But at some point it all stops mattering.  Do you think most fans give a shit if its the fault of the GM, the manager, the ownership, the vagaries of year-to-year play ??  Who gives a fuck about the specific reasons after 20 years….after a while you simply become an apologist for mediocrity and losing by parsing things in one way or another. This is 1 org’n,  not 5.

  46. I am an optimist when the team has a young core with upside (Romero, Morrow, Lawrie, Rasmus, Snider, Drabek, Escobar, Arrencibia, Thames) are all in there prime or about to hit there prime 26-32. Not to mention the team has the deepest and one of the most talented farm systems in the league. Why wouldn’t I be optimistic? I realize that we are going into year 3 of the rebuild and they already have a .500 record, and the assets they got from the 2 big trades (Drabek D’anaurd, Gose, Lawrie) have yet to play a full season in the major leagues. Really there is no where to go but up and if the rock bottom is .500 I don’t see what the problem is.

    Why would I be pessimistic?

  47. actually AA first year would have been 2010 you do the math….he was hired at the end of the season of 2009….u call your dick a pork sword?! sorry but that’s Fucking hilarious

  48. What does not Lawrie but Gose I would trade for Marcum mean? you want him back?

    Lawrie had attidude problems so his stock was low… How can you not give AA credit for that. Most people think it is intelligent to buy low and sell high.

  49. Perhaps.but aren’t most baseball experts worried about Fielder’s weight?

  50. You make some good points. Would Votto sign for a cheaper amount or at least not demand a market premium to sign with the Jays?

    Votto sufferred from depression when his dad died in 2009. At the time he was close to his family, so maybe he would like to stay in Toronto.

  51. Cecil Fielder from age 26-29 averaged 157 games per season.  His last “good” season was at the age of 32.   Out of baseball after his age-34 season.  

    Fat guys do not age well.  It’s basic physics.  Carry around an extra 50 pounds wherever you go, and your back and knees are going to wear out a lot faster.

    Also, much of the time Votto missed in 2009 was due to a psychological problem.  

  52. One thing to point out for Cecil Fielder…he wasn’t fat until the end of his career. He played a game a 2b for the blue jays back in the day and a few at third I believe.

    The reason Cecil aged so poorly is because he just added exactly that…50 lbs of fat to his frame at the end of his career.

    Prince on the other hand is already a large man. He’s been large his entire career. And there is a good chance he won’t age as poorly as his father did.

    Also…today’s game is very different than the one Cecil played in the 90s and there is a much greater emphasis on conditioning and strength training and working out in general.

    Despite Prince being overweight…he is likely in better shape than most of us in this forum.

    As for the Votto thing…I forgot that he missed time due to psychological problems. But my point is still valid that he has missed more time than Prince (even if you don’t count 2009) over his career…and with two (2) fewer seasons mind you.

  53. I really don’t think Votto will take a discount to sign with the Jays. Especially when he can get more money on the open market. Right now he is set to make 9.5 mil this year and 17 mil next year. After that…he’ll be in line to receive a 7-8 yr deal worth upward of 200 mil (If he keeps hitting the next 2 years). 

    I could potentially see him taking 5-6 yrs to be in Toronto…BUT….at the same time…I’m sure he’ll be tempted by the possibility of getting paid like so many other first basemen over the past few years.

  54. Gance is a word tool.
    Not making it a spelling contest but you have to laugh at the fact you tried to call me a retard and spelt the word retard wrong I thought it was cute.

  55. It was pretty funny!

  56. My bad I thought you were the guy that thought Halladay wasnt on this team two seaosns ago, sorry you sir are no tool.

  57. Spelt isn’t a word. I believe you are looking for spelled….

  58. It was credit he deserves.

  59. Sorry I was bored at work, I dont think your a tool, I’m a tool for buying tickets this season even after the offseason we had.
    I am looking forward to the future, my main concern is that when it comes time to compete Rogers will not give AA the resources he needs.
    It would be better if we had an individual owner instead of a corporation that can not even take the chance to lose money because they bought it as a business expenditure, you cant tell Share holders that you want to sign young expensive players, or any expensive players because of the past and they have to make more then just a profit they have to make above and beyond breraking even every year. 
    Where as individual owners can see owning a team as a expensive toy instead of a business espenditure, although I guess with that you could get  a Frank McCourt or Loria.
    I dont no what I want, building for the future as back fired many times, prospects dont turn out.
    AA does convince me more then anyone before him,  this team will be enjoyable to watch and look forward to seeign some games.
    Fucking  January Baseball!, make it happen Rogers. Tired of hockey, fucking tired of it.

  60. Spelled or Spelt works, go look it up if your bored.

  61. High Arctic, how you doing ya tough bastard? By the way, I heard Duane Ward finally had sweat gland surgery.

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