Last night David Kaplan of CSN Chicago wrote that the Cubs and the Tigers are “down the road” in talks that would see Matt Garza move to the Motor City for prospects. “The Tigers have a handful of top-end prospects,” he wrote , “and appear to be willing to meet the Cubs asking price of multiple highly-regarded prospects.”

The Jays, he says, are among teams that “have expressed serious interest in Garza,” and would lose out on him if the Tigers were to meet Chicago’s exorbitant asking price.

We sorta knew that the Jays have sniffed around Garza– at least, we knew that as much as we can know anything about what the fuck Alex Anthopoulos is up to– so this isn’t exactly news, especially since Kaplan doesn’t necessarily say that they still do. But in an interesting bit of follow-up, he clarifies on Twitter (via MLBTR) that by “down the road,” he means “that talks have progressed far beyond the initial stages,” which I’d say is a bit different than what’s implied in his report, which makes it sound like something may be imminent.

Is there a chance the parameters are shifting? The Cubs are softening? The Jays could get back into the game?

How the fuck should I know? All I know is that everybody is pointing to a tweet from Kevin Goldstein of Baseball Prospectus, who says that the Tigers would move right-hander Jacob Turner– who John Sickels rates their best, and only A- prospect for 2012 at Minor League Ball– but not third baseman Nick Castellanos (ranked second, a B+). Even just one of those guys is hell of a fucking hefty price for only two years of Garza, but if the Cubs are getting closer to accepting what somebody’s offering, perhaps it bodes well for the Jays chances of forcing their way back in there– as does the fact that the Cubs just signed another body to add to their rotation mix in Paul Maholm.

Despite the fact that Alex Anthopoulos told reporters yesterday that he might well be done adding to his club, in a very Anthopoulosian way, he left the door open to continue working out deal. It was enough to get the headline writer at the Toronto Star to say that the club is “still shopping.”

Honestly, though, that’s a whole whack of entirely baseless speculation on a day with very little fucking else to write about. And I’d suspect the Anthopoulos quote from yesterday that pertains best to this situation is, in fact, the one singled out by the Tao of Stieb: “There are a lot of things we could have done this past off-season to say that we did it, but I don’t think they would have been good timing or good trades for us… I think they would have been bad.”

So… there’s that.

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  1. Quit playing games with our hearts, AA

  2. At least AA is saying the things he didn’t do were because they would have been “bad”, in that they would not have helped the team in anything other that possibly the very short term (my interpretation).  This is a fuck of alot better than saying that he “wished things were different” and implying that without “payroll parameters”, Molina would still be here and we would have an ace closer for money and not a top prospect.  I trust AA to do what’s right but Beeston better be figthing tooth and nail to get Rogers to put back to the team a good chunk of the big increase in value of the TV rights to build a winner, should AA have a way to use it to better the near and long term on-field performance.

  3. Where is Beeston these days ? nothings been heard from him since the pay roll parameter comments at the winter meetings.

  4. I think he or someone realized it was a goof and he’s staying out of the public for awhile. 

  5. Not that I want to give away the farm for 2 years of control, but I can’t imagine going into next season with the current rotation so I hope this rumour bears fruit.

  6. I’ve been holding out hope that the Jays get Garza because I’ve always liked the guy and I think his best may still be ahead of him.

    But if there’s overpaying to be done to get him for two years, yeah, let the Tigers do it.

  7. AA repeated “payroll parameters” multiple times after that.

  8. KLAW has commented on his status with ESPN and Astros.  He’s staying with ESPN.  Hurray(?).

  9. i think it’s a stretch to say that signing fielder would be “bad” for the team.

  10. Definitely not interested in moving key prospects for Garza.

  11. He turned down the job for CEO of MLSE.

  12. The jays are in on everybody if “it makes sense”.

  13. Have you seen Brett Lawrie Facts yet?

  14. Just out of curiousity, whom do you consider “key”?

  15. yeah, signing free agents is a nice way to add without hurting the farm. fielder wouldn’t exactly be blocking anybody either, and maybe we can move lind for assets.

  16. I don’t.

  17. I don’t think that the fact that the Tigers, a team likely to compete for a playoff spot again next year, are ready to give up some prospects for a win-now type of starter says anything about the Cubs’ asking price coming down.  Garza would not be a value pick-up and AA is not going to be the one who presents the best package of prospects in return.

  18.  On a complete side note…. I was looking into some RR Cool Jay stats on
    Baseball Reference, after reviewing some of his scouting reports from
    2006-2007 (mainly the ones that stated that he would end up likely
    becoming a 3rd or 4th starter on a decent team), attempting to find the
    FIP stat (as someone had advised me that it was actually quite a bit
    higher than his ERA, and as a result he would likely take a step back
    next year. Anyways, while looking for the FIP stat I ended up looking
    into some of the more advanced stats
    (under pitch summary) and could not get over the consistency that Ricky
    has found over the past few seasons. First pitch strike %, swing at
    strikes %, swinging strike %, etc, etc, they all seem to fluctuate a few
    points at best. I guess my real question (which I pose to you saber’s)
    is, can I read into this? Is it indicative of anything? Should I look at
    this and think maybe 2011 was an anomaly, or just not read into it at
    all? Thanks!….

  19. The jays are done for the off season. Garza will stay put. Fielder to Washington. Cecil to Las Vegas.

  20. What I’ve noticed is that Ricky’s 2010 and 2011 seasons were remarkably similar in terms of advanced stats.  His sub-3.00 ERA in 2011 was low when considering everything else so I would expect him to produce a slightly worse ERA in 2012.

    The only thing to counter this is that he gave up a lot of HR’s in 2011 and if that comes down slightly, that would offset the decline.

    My complete WAG on his ERA this year is about 3.40.

  21. AA also pumped up Hutchison in the same presser. Hmmm. Last time that happened Molina was pumped up by Farrell and traded two weeks later. Hmmm.

  22. Should be an interesting year to see if Romero has actually taken the next step up or just benefited from a lower BABIP. I’d be very happy if he could turn in an ERA around 3.40 for this coming season.

  23. hmm, Garza would fill a potential hole in the starting rotation, but I doubt he could be what a lot of people would want him to be.

  24. How do you make the leap from tigers and cubs are down the road to Jays are backin it.  Rampent rumour mongering in the hopes of webpage hits,  i thought you were beyond that Mr Grey oh I mean stoeten

  25. I’d love for AA to say outright that they had no interest in making any more moves, if nothing else it would piss off Boras.

  26. What is this a fucking test? Obviously anyone the caliber of Jacob Turner I wouldn’t want to move. I wouldn’t trade Drabek/Gose/Marisnick/Mcguire…all names who have been mentioned. With that said, sign Prince, then trade above mentioned prospects and I’m cool, but just Garza, no thanks.

  27. “Definitely not interested in moving key prospects for Garza.”You can bet the Cubs are asking for them. I trust in AA.

  28. Cant see Lind garnering much in assets. We can see his potential here but that doesnt mean a helluva lot in tradeland.

  29. me neither

  30. Garza is really good and There Is No Such Thing As A Pitching Prospect. Give them any arm in the system that they want.

  31. Very good point. I think it is a strategic move by AA to say he’s done.

  32. why so enamored with McGuire? I would have no problem dealing him. 

  33. All at the Winter Meetings.  It’s since then that Beest has disappeared.

  34. And anyway it was AA that was talking about parameters; Beeston was going on that people need to show up before Rogers spends.  That was at the WM too or even before, and I don’t think Beeston’s been heard from since he said that.  I think blaming the fans was the goof.

  35. No, just a fucking question. This organization is going to have to move some bodies in order to get a leg up in the East, so I’m curious as to who people would be willing to dealnot deal, that’s all. Hence the “key” question.

  36. I think Rogers realizes that it is best not to antagonize fans during the pre season ticket sales season.

    Demanding that fans show up before the team increases payroll will backfire.

    Beeston should stay quiet & let AA do some silent assassin work.

    You know that some GM will make a mistake & AA will pounce on them.

  37. I would love to see Garza in a Jays jersey but the cost would surely be one of the big future puzzle pieces and 2 years of Garza, even if he is tested and proven in the AL East, I dont want to see D’Arnaud or any of the big puzzle pieces go anywhere.

    I think an Edwin Jackson signing would be a great idea personally, then Drabek moves to the pen and Cecil goes to… wherever, I dont even care.

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