Taking time out from writing about Prince Fielder and money for the umpteenth time this winter to pass you along this news: Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports tweets that the Jays have themselves a new setup man, ex-Reds closer Francisco Cordero.

The deal is for just one year– no option, apparently– and $4.5-million. It’s the same amount they could have paid Jon Rauch, had they picked up his option, only in Cordero it nets them a pitcher who still throws in the mid-90s (OK, he averaged 93 on his four-seamer in 2011), and… well… actually pre-2011 Rauch had some better things going for him: better ERA over the previous two years, better FIP, better fWAR, better walk rates.

But Cordero can miss more bats, will produce a lot more ground balls, and has a lot more depth behind him– Darren Oliver, Jason Frasor, Casey Janssen– to pick up the slack. And, of course, Sergio Santos, to close out ballgames.

All in all, while it may not shift the balance of power in the American League, it’s a nice move– especially with a view to the trade deadline. Parkes may be absolutely right when, at Getting Blanked, he worries about the peripherals trending in the wrong direction, but after what Alex Anthopoulos turned Dotel, Francisco and Rauch into, it’s hard to see much downside here, given the relatively low cost.

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  1. Why spend $9 mil on Oliver/Cordero when you could get Oswalt for that. Oswalt would be worth more in a trade than those 2 combined and you’d net at least one high-end prospect whereas the Oliver/Cordero deals would like be split up splitting the return across lower end prospects. Plus for the actual team on the field in 2012 you need a starter a lot more than 2 bullpen arms. Santos, Frasor, Janssen, Carreno, Villanueva, Perez, Litsch would have been a fine bullpen. There are definitely a lot more question marks having Alvarez/McGowan/Drabek/Cecil/Laffey filling 3 spots in the rotation than there would have been with that bullpen.

  2. how come everyone is now reiterating my points?

  3. You don’t judge a hitter by “Runs Batted In”? What planet are you from?

  4. Right….and Lind was horrible at 1st? I’d say he played pretty well, maybe he lacked some range but he was solid most of the year. CF was fine, and much upgraded now that we have Rasmus so not sure what you’re talking about there, maybe you meant LF where we had some serious struggles and 2B????? as I recall we had Aaron Hill, who’s bat was not good at all last year, but his defence was as good as its been in recent years and then we upgraded to Johnson. The starting rotation is the only part of your argument that makes sense and our bullpen problems (most blown saves in baseball) led to a lack of confidence in our starting rotation. Plus we have the best rated pitching depth in the minors in the AL so no need to go out and sign some FA arm whos gonna want 10+ million over multiple years thus stunting the growth of the numerous options we have comming through the system.

  5. typically when you have the “worst” of something in the league, it means its your biggest weakness and we adressed it. Seeing how we’ve already adressed 2b and CF and 1b it’s nice to see were plugging most of our holes. Pitching is a big concern but I’m confident we can pull a mid-season trade for someone and 3-5 of our young arms are only a year or so away.

  6. Sign me up for AJ Burnett at a severely reduced price.

  7. By the way Buster Olney wrote this morning that Joey Votto is in line for a $250 million deal after 2013 and certainly at least $200 million. There will be 25 teams lining up at his front door in Sarasota, Florida trying to sign him. So, uhhh, yeah good luck with that Jays fans.

  8. It’s different.  He’s Canadian.  I can see them ponying up for a huge deal for Joey Votto.

  9. My comments were about last year’s team production on the field, not this year’s.  Also, I’m talking about overall production at these positions, not just defense.  Last year, our center fielders combined for -0.9 fWAR, and 2B combined for 0.0 fWAR.   As for 1B, maybe not as much of a hole last year as 2B and CF, but Adam Lind, Rivera, and EE when he played 1B were absolutely dreadful in terms of production.

    Blown saves? Really? That is what you are coming back at me with? The Yankees had 21 blow saves last year, and won 98 games. Do you really think the 4 blow saves makes the difference of 17 wins? Our bull pen was slightly below average last year. 2B, 1B, CF, and SP’s were just significantly below average last year.

    I am not making a commentary on moves that should or should not be done (I agree with your assessment that 2B, CF, and the SP depth are reason enough to not make moves to fill these holes … I’m even confident Adam Lind / EE will perform much better this year such that it is not a complete black hole at 1B this year). My comment was about your statement that the BP was the “biggest weakness” last year. It simply was not, however it was by far the easiest and cost-effective weakness to fix this off-season, without jeopardizing the future.

  10. How are we getting Oswalt? Why would he come to Toronto when he can go to a contender like Boston? Or do you mean we should overpay compared to what Boston is offering him to play for a contender? You do  understand the “Free” part of Free agent means they have some choice as to where they play, right?

  11. I thought it meant they would play for free :)

  12. I described it as reliable in the sense that they are proven guys who have been in these types of roles before. Clearly I would rather take a chance on this pen being decent than relying on a bunch of rookies who are unseasoned in the big leagues…and especially in late inning roles in the pen.

    As for the return that players will get at the deadline…I don’t think it will have as much an impact as many people think it will. I honestly believe that most teams trying to upgrade at the deadline are more concerned with improving the team in the current season…than worrying about whether the player they acquire will bring back draft picks the following year by offering arbitration. Sure…was it an additional consideration for some teams prior to this year?? Probably. But just look at the Rasmus trade this year. Even if the Cards get compensation for EJax…they clearly just wanted to upgrade their starting rotation/bullpen to make a run at the postseason.

    I think we’ll see AA and the Jays being in a position this year where they have a lot available trade pieces in the form of relief pitchers which are always coveted at the trade deadline. And although they might not get quite as much as maybe they could before…I believe that 2 relievers lumped into a package will still bring back a pretty nice haul of prospects.

    Supply and demand…the Jays will be in a position to take advantage of both as long as the current relievers perform up to their previous levels.

  13. You see them paying $150-250 MM for a 30 year old free-agent? That  would be surprising. 

  14. Why?  They like Canadian.  It plays into their brand.  That’s why they were so hot to get Lawrie and had to give up Marcum to do it.  Pitching wins games and he was an ace.  But they traded him anyway to get their hands on what looked and still looks like a true Canadian baseball superstar.  Like Votto has turned out to be.  Just because Rogers are cheap fucks most of the time it does not prove that they will be cheap fucks all of the time.  

  15. One never knows.

  16. Not sure how you can call Boston’s rotation weak. Their top three is easily better than the Jays top three. Sure the other two spots are in flux for NOW. Lets wait and see how it looks before season starts. The Jays last two spots of McGowan and Cecil aren’t exactly solid either.

  17. I just couldn’t see them doing it for a player that old. Maybe on a shorter term deal but not 6-7 years. You also have to remember what they payroll might already be like in two years time. Can you see any big salaries coming off the books before then?
    That’s the problem in a situation like this, Bautista is the biggest chunk at $14 million.
    Of course it’s also possible that because of that fact there will room for a salary like Votto’s but can you honestly see them signing a player to a contract longer than 5 years at age 30?

  18. I can see them paying **huge** amounts of money for a 5-year contract that would cost the same as a 9-year one.  I’ve spent the last few weeks ranting about Rogers not paying enough for the team and I agree that 99% of the time they will not put their hands in their pockets.  But the fact that Votto is not only Canadian but comes from right here in Etobicoke is wonderful for them and I do believe they’ll pay for it.  In fact I’ll stick my neck out and say they are budgeting for it.  They do have the money should they wish to spend it.  I think they will.

  19. He’s Canadian but what’s his history with the team? I just can’t see that being a valid argument when it comes to justifying 6-7 years and that much money. Then again maybe Votto would pass that up to play in his hometown and settle for a shorter time frame and much less. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens in two years.

  20. Does he have options left? If not, we will lose either he or Perez and we could probably use the second lefty. Great if he still has options though.

  21. The one where getting ABs is not considered the same thing as actually producing?

  22. I would agree with you if you would just insert “‘s head on a plate” between “Burnett” and “at”. Outside of that, I’ll pass.

  23. Go fuck yourself and jam all your retarded half wit posts up your ass. RBI! RBI! RBI!

    Its not a bullshit stat, if it is, then a century worth of great players arent so great.

  24. I disagree. If he was the only source of power then fine ok, his numbers arent great but being that the Jays line up has power 1-9 Id say hes just fine. Up his OPS and OBP a bit and give him the full season with the 30/100 and he looks great.

    Cut the guy some fucking slack, its not like hes blocking anyone in the depth chart and its not like anyone else is stepping up to hit behind Bautista yet, though I assume Lawrie could have that spot shortly.

    But he really could be a lot worse.

  25. Lol hey man, this is not an argument…we are stating facts. RBI do not matter.

  26. I did see it after, but figured I’d leave my comment just to piss you off.

  27. Runs win games… last I checked.

  28. As a frequent visitor to sarasota, I wonder if he would be interested in moving to Dunedin.?

    Blair wrote in the globe that a top 1B in the AL will cost 22 million plus per year. Teixra,Gonzalez, Fielder etc….

    The Jays have a discount 1B at 5 million per year. Do the Jays keep Lind at 5 million per year & reallocate 17 million to other positions???

    I am resigned to letting Lind play at 1B in 2012.

    I doubt the Jays go after Votto, but he makes sense here.

  29. As a frequent visitor to sarasota, I wonder if he would be interested in moving to Dunedin.?

    Blair wrote in the globe that a top 1B in the AL will cost 22 million plus per year. Teixra,Gonzalez, Fielder etc….

    The Jays have a discount 1B at 5 million per year. Do the Jays keep Lind at 5 million per year & reallocate 17 million to other positions???

    I am resigned to letting Lind play at 1B in 2012.

    I doubt the Jays go after Votto, but he makes sense here.

  30. Runs win games… last I checked.

  31. Yes they do. That is why RBI’s are a team stat, like pitcher wins. Of course, you probably believe hitters can be “clutch when runners in scoring position” or pitchers “pitch to the score”, because, you know, players don’t try as hard when there isn’t anyone on base or they are winning by a bunch of runs … 

  32. Good point. So with the New CBA, if the Jays keep Cordero til the end of the year & he gets free agency in 2012 October, & signs with another team in 2013, do the jays get a draft pick?

    I think the new rule is that you have to offer Cordero a large amount of money in arbitartion, which they wouldn’t do.d

  33. It would definitely make sense to get Votto from a marketing perspective & player performance view. If Fielder got 214, Votto gets 225-240. I can’t see AA risking the franchise on Votto. If Votta has a bad few years, AA will pay the price. The new reality of the MLB is that a top 1B costs 20 million plus per year….

  34. I wouldn’t give up on Litsch just yet. My feeling is someone will get hurt this year, so Litsh will fill in. H did pretty well in 2008.

  35. I wouldn’t give up on Litsch just yet. My feeling is someone will get hurt this year, so Litsh will fill in. H did pretty well in 2008.

  36. I believe Lind’s stats really arent bad enough to warrant the shit people toss at him. That being said, yes his OBP and OPS have to improve to benefit the hitters later in the order and if he cant improve those stats, he has to be moved down and hope someone steps up to hit behind bautista.

  37. No arbitration offer. They’d have to offer him a one year contract of about $12m. Have to offer him a contract that is equal to the average salary of the top 125 contracts.  That is currently about $12m. A few more Albert and Prince signings and that number will take a jump.

  38. You seem to try too, often.

  39. You make it too easy…

  40. You having a maturity issue is not my issue at all. 

  41. That is true. So the Jays shouldn’t expect to receive a draft pick for Cordero…

    But I think they will be able to net a prospect at the trade deadline for him…or package Cordero with Frasor or Oliver and net a larger package of players such as a Rasmus or multiple prospects

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