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I saw this last night and probably should have written a full post about it then, but now that MLBTR and Getting Blanked are all over it, I don’t think there’s a whole lot of point. So, I’ll simply pass along Jeff Blair’s comment from the Globe and Mail that “several sources” say that the Mariners wanted Brett Lawrie for Michael Pineda, and the Jays balked at the suggestion. Not to diminish Blair’s fine work in actually getting the information, but, well… obviously. Been figuring on that for a while now, no?

FanGraphs has a poll up, asking readers whether they’d rather have Montero or Lawrie. I think the answer is obvious, right?

“I’m not complaining whatsoever. It’s a question that I was asked so I gave an honest answer. It’s not in my interest to make it seem like I’m getting picked on,” said Jose Bautista on TSN Radio yesterday, speaking to the comments he made at a banquet in the Dominican last week, where he said that he’d been tested for PEDs 16 times in the last two seasons, after being tested just twice previously. “I don’t mind it; it’s something that is not going to affect my focus and I’m not going to allow it to affect how I play my game. They are entitled to do whatever they want and test you as many times as they want. If I get picked to be tested a million times, that’s fine with me.”

There were a couple of Jays-related tidbits in this week’s Ask BA with Jim Callis at Baseball America, who says that Yoenis Cespedes would be the Jays’ top prospect, if they were to sign him. He’s a top 10-15 prospect in baseball, while Travis d’Arnaud ranks 26 for BA. On the good side, he lists a bunch of Jays prospects who were outside their top 30, but would have been “prime candidates” for the White Sox list: first basemen Mike McDade and J.C. Hobson; shortstop Dawel Lugo; outfielders Eric Arce, Wilmer Becerra, Darin Mastroianni and Brad Glenn; lefthanders Griffin Murphy, Sean Nolin and Mitchell Taylor; and righties Manuel Cordoba, Jesus Tinoco, Joel Carreno and Trystan Magnuson.

Missed this last week, but I think it’s worth revisiting: John Lott of the National Post talks about the Brandon Morrow extension and his new-found devotion to #jerkball. has a Q&A with Travis d’Arnaud.

Lastly, there are a bunch of nice pissy-pants reaction from mainstream writers (and some good stuff) after last night’s State of the Franchise event, which I think will be best rounded up in a separate post. So, stay tuned for that. I think.

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    he crushed this. i hope we can expect more of this while he pitches in pinstripes 

  2. So, in conclusion, the White Sox are screwed.

  3. Haha yep, seems that way.  Callis kept talking about the relative systems, so I had to ask him to compare them.  I must say, I loved the answer.

  4. Wonder if the Jays will be able to snag Cespedes with some of the money that didn’t get spent on the Oswalt and Beltran types. Does anyone know if the spending restrictions on International Free Agents goes into effect this winter?

  5. Reading that John Lott article on Brandon Morrow makes me hopeful that Morrow might become one of those guys who ‘gets it’ (‘it’ being whatever it needs to be for that particular person/athlete) at just the right time and in just the right ways so that it becomes the beginning of the real blossoming of the talent that, in the case of Morrow, we’ve all seen that he truly has. If so, one can only imagine how deadly a pitcher he can become. Even at 2/3 of his potential, he’d be near elite. Reason for hope. 

  6. It does not.  It doesn’t come into effect until the July 2, 2012 opening of the signing period.

    And I honestly don’t think the Jays are going to be players for him.  It’s big money at a position where they have lots of options already.  I’d be far more interested to see if they’re players for Jorge Soler.

  7. Thanks for the info I was too lazy to look it up this afternoon.

    I think it would a great deal since his ceiling is supposedly that high, it also lets them deal that depth more comfortably for other pieces. They would be just spending dollars they tried to spend this winter. Also the window on these types of signings is closing. Take advantage of it while they can. Then again Hechavarria hasn’t worked out quite like he planned so maybe he’s going to be gun shy.

    As for Soler, maybe AA pulls off one of his moves and signs both. Either move would just add to the depth of the system when it comes to potential trades this summer. If getting free agents here is so difficult it would be a great investment and way to get around that.

  8. The difference with Cespedes is that he’s already 26 and will command big dollars.  I imagine it will be harder for them to justify that (given their payroll limits) just to add system depth.

  9. Well if they were in on Beltran as reported and Oswalt, doesn’t it show that the money is actually there? They’ve been strangely silent on him. Usually when there’s all the fuss about a player that they’re supposedly connected to they don’t come close to getting him.

  10. Yeah, but the difference is that those guys will definitely produce right away.  There’s belief that Cespedes could need some time in the minor leagues to start

  11. That would be fine in this situation wouldn’t it since the pitching roster is essentially set baring any injuries. Come summer if the team is out of contention that won’t likely be the situation as some of those guys would possibly be gone. I’d think it would be a small price to pay to stash an arm that’s supposed to be as good as his. Anyway that’s just my 2 cents.

  12.  Wait, an arm?  He’s an outfielder (or were you just talking about his throwing arm?).  It just seems to me that a team with only X dollars to spend is less likely to spend it on a question mark like that, especially when you already have Snider, Thames and Gose that all play the same position (I didn’t include Marisnick because he’s likely 2-3 years away).

    And before someone comes in and says something about Darvish, it’s much easier to see the stuff/command a pitcher has and translate that directly to the bigs than it is to translate the hit tool against weaker arms.

  13. I’d rather have Soler than Cespedes. Soler at least has a higher ceiling and has plenty of time to refine his game. I don’t know if anyone watched Cespedes’ only home run, but his mechanics are truly fucked up. He’d easily need a full year in the minors, and given his age, that’s not exactly a good thing. The Jays aren’t competing in 2012, so I’d rather go with the player who would be ready come 2014-2015.

  14. Oh man just shows you were my brain is today in addition to being jacked up on cold meds. For the life of me I don’t know what I was thinking regarding Cepedes being a pitcher. Talk about feeling dumb lol. I take back all I have said regarding the subject.

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  17. and if they’re willing to offer him a 5 year deal. will he accept that even?

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