Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Early-Afternoon Snack…

“Baseball is played in so many countries around the world—so many beautiful countries with fabulous cultures. True, America may have the most competitive league with the most glorious venues, but baseball is more than competition and expensive stadiums. It’s a reflection of the cultures that plays it. It’s a measure of history. It’s a tool, a release, a distraction and a refinery. And for me, it’s now a passport. I don’t just want to play the game in other countries, I want to experience other countries through baseball, and I can think of few better places to start than fabulous Italy,” writes Dirk Hayhurst, who indeed will play in the Italian league next year, rather than trying his hand “at filling out someone’s Triple-A roster on the hope that if enough guys above me get hurt I could sneak back onto a big league roster.” Best of luck, Dirk!

Extra Base Hit takes what they call a sobering look at what, in January 2008, was projected by Baseball America to be the Blue Jays 2012 lineup. KevinAhrensSaysWhat?

Since there isn’t a whole lot of other Jays-related stuff to get to– apart from yet another new Richard Griffin mail bag at the Toronto Star, which makes for two I have yet to hijack– I might as well remind you that you’re missing out if you’re not following me on Twitter– @AndrewStoeten– or my Getting Blanked cohorts @DustinParkes and @DrewGROF. And you should also like DJF on Facebook, and watch our posts magically show up in your news feed in a timely-ish manner.

Geoff Baker of the Seattle Times spells out why he figures the Mariners don’t intend on making the playoffs until 2015. If he’s right, please start queuing up for Felix starting… now.

At Getting Blanked. Drew makes ground chuck of sacred cows, as he puts it, commending the Cardinals for not taking the Giants route and trying to repeat a championship team with the exact same roster– even though they certainly really wanted Albert back. Jays fans who remember the roster turnover between 1992 and 1993. He also looks at Mark Teixeira and his quest to be the worlds best paid bunter.

Elsewhere over at Getting Blanked, Chris Creamer of checks in with a look back at some of baseball’s nickname changes, in the wake of the announcement that Houston won’t be changing theirs for 2013, as was being discussed.

In a move that surprisingly hasn’t happened in more ballparks, according to an AP report, the Milwaukee Brewers will set aside peanut-free zones for three home games next year. Just a small step towards the peanut free universe that, at this point, is pretty much inevitable… eventually.

And another one from the “good decision” file: the Kansas City Royals have added 120 solar panels to Kauffman Stadium, according to the Kansas City Star. It’s not enough to power the entire stadium, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great step.

Lastly, the Onion hilariously fills us in on Joel Zumaya’s new one-pitch contract with the Twins.

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  1. nice, only comment, is on the peanut free universe. I like the idea of having peanut free zones. However people have all sorts of allergies now a days. A large percentage of the population even has allergies to citrus juice, and garlic allergies. In fact the largest allergy is milk and milk bi-products followed by eggs. I think banning peanuts from a whole ball park I could not see happening, because then they have alcohol free zones, because people are allergic to that too. I support the idea of zone free but not the park, which you implied, is all I am saying.

  2. This is the end, Beautiful friend 

  3. Of course everyone and their cat has a gluten allergy now, or says they do anyway.

    I find a disproportionate number of young urban iphone users have this “affliction”. They sure love talking about it too.

  4. Peanut free zones are understandable though. It can be fatal and simply smelling it can cause a very bad reaction because it’s particulate peanuts that you breath in. Can’t think of any other food allergy that is dangerous by simply being in proximity.

  5. You know, Stoeten, I really like peanuts. I know that’s not profound or ‘nothin… Heck! Lots of people do… But for me, I think it goes way beyond that.

  6. I can tell ya the thing that pissed me off most at the SOTF was that it seemed most of the new food items were chicken based and I’m allergic to chicken.  Caused a close call as I really thought the Jerk Chicken was beef and came that close to eating it before double checking the sign.

    Would have been my own fault and it wouldn’t have killed me but I likely would have had to leave which would have been a bummer.  At least the pastrami mini sandwiches will give me a good option from dogs and sausages.  Hope they’ll still have the brisket too as it was pretty good for ballpark food.

    Not to say I want a chicken free zone or anything, I’m just rambling.  lol

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