Darin “Pat” Mastroianni, we hardly knew ye.

Or… maybe you’ll clear waivers and we’ll know ye again. But with Anthony Gose almost certainly slated to start the year in centre for Las Vegas, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Either way, for the moment, Darin Mastroianni has been designated for assignment by the Jays, according to a tweet from Mike Cormack of Sportsnet (and maybe someone sooner, I don’t know), in order to clear a room on the 40-man roster for Francisco Cordero, who’s signing has been officially announced by the club.

Mastroianni, you’ll recall, started a game in mid-August for the Jays, getting the call after Colby Rasmus got hurt, despite OPSing just .747 in the beer league they call the PCL.

Cordero, of course, comes with a host of question marks regarding his declining stuff, but he’s got at least one high profile backer, as Jon Heyman of CBS Sports tweets, that he’s the “biggest bargain of winter. Good job, AA.”

So… there’s that.

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  1. Of course, Heyman only said that because he can’t say that Ryan Madson was signed to a super-bargain deal.  I’m sure that’s a clause in his contract with Boras Corp.

  2. Hahahaha. Excellent point.

  3. Thoughts on some picking Mastroianni up?

  4. With Gose at Vegas, Mastroianni needs to move on, or else he’s a AAA backup.

  5. Thank you so much for “D’d FA”. “DFA’d” is a pet peeve of mine. Just like “Rs BI” vs. “RBIs”.

    About Mastro- fine move, didn’t have a spot here anymore. Kinda sad to see him go, though- he was one of my favourites for some reason. He’ll get a cup of coffee in the NL somewhere.

  6. well, really, there is no need for a apostrophe d anywhere, since the D in DFA represents the entire word Designated.

  7. with the RBI, you could very well read it as “Run Batted In,” in which case I could very well accumulate 80 of those statistical entities through the course of a season giving me 80 RBIs

  8. More generally, people have to stop saying shit like “They self-organised”. They organised themselves. Separable verbs. Not hard.

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