Not much that needs to be translated here, as we have a tweet– passed along by @OTerry– from @PaigeBrendel, an “aspiring sports broadcaster, cheerleader, and model” who Lawrie apparently “pinky promised” he’d have breakfast with this morning. And who could blame her for being swept off her feet by such a classy dude?

Of course, I know he’s just 22 and that I run a website called Drunk Jays Fans, but… yeesh. “Another one for the ‘I ignored media training day’ collection,” says DJF commenter DoctorPayne.

Or, as Parkes aptly puts it at Getting Blanked, “just in case Toronto Blue Jays fans didn’t already know that if Brett Lawrie played for the Boston Red Sox, they’d hate his guts with an unforeseen fury.”

Oh, Brett.

UPDATE: This one also makes me smile. Thanks Charlotte!

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  1. Scary thing is…that’s a woman.

  2. Actually pretty funny.

  3. I think it’s pretty awesome.
    The whole world need to calm the fuck down.

  4. For real. The entire world is wound so fucking tight these days. It is insufferable. Who cares if Brett Lawrie (who is as old a college frat boy) acts like a college frat boy on twitter? Is he really hurting anything?

    Considering that ahem, large, gentlemen presumably looked in the mirror before he left the house and said ‘Yup! This is it! This is how I’m going to dress!’ I don’t think Lawrie poking a little fun at him is going to bother him too much. It doesn’t seem like he cares.

  5. Spring Training can’t come soon enough.

  6. Which one?

  7. that’s a woman? dear lord! /simpsons eulogy


    why are some of you guys shitting on brett? he didn’t post those pics on twitter

  8. Douchebaggy thing to do.

    But get real, the guy is 22 and who among us hasn’t done a douchebaggy thing or to.

  9. hahaahahahahahahaha thats funny. The carts in wal-mart though…. Have a feeling she made him do that.

  10. who cares….as long as he hits and holds his own at 3B

  11. Aspiring sportscaster, cheerleader and model?

    IQ < 100 would be my guess, but she IS HOT so......

  12. Brett Lawrie supports the plumbing industry… What of it!

  13. Can’t say I see the problem with Brett Lawrie being Brett Lawrie online.

  14. You’d never see Jose Bautista doing this.

  15. Typical fan speak. But no one has answered the question Stoeten posed about what if he was a Red Sox player.

  16. I wouldn’t care if it was anyone else. It’s still funny and harmless. People make fun of other people or insult them everyday including our host at times for the simple reason they disagree with him.  BFD.

    You could reasonably argue the guys butt crack in public is equally offensive to a persons sensibilities.  So much politically correct bs.

  17. So, he’s a douche. We knew that. But jesus, women like that = reason I’m gay.

  18. “the measure of a mans character is in how he treats those who are less fortunate”, but we’re not here for character are we,  just ask arod

  19. I thought Lawrie was engaged to some other girl.  Now this girl is calling him her boyfriend?  Either I’m confused, or I need to bet the over on whatever the over/under is for number of instances of domestic disputes in Brett Lawrie’s future

  20. Employees are not owned, and aslong as Brett lawrie doesn’t do anything in violation of his contract, he’s doing nothing wrong.. is he a bit of  a dbag sure.. but find me a 22 year old  jock athlete, who has beautiful girls throwing themselves at him all day that doesn’t have a dangerously inflated ego.

    I get the point of the post, its somewhat news. but I don’t it warrants any more attention than this. 
    Stoets, you are slowly becoming somewhat of a celeb in the baseball world in T.O if you shot some stupid pics with some friends, do you think that you would be emberrasing sportsnet?
    I realize its not the same situation, but still.

  21. pretty sure thats a guy…

    and when you’re too fat to sit in the regular seating, you deserve to be made fun of

  22. Here’s the thing: Brett Lawrie isnt ‘people’. As much as you dont want to admit it, hes NOT like you and me. The moment he became a (very) public figure in this country, and by proxy a representative of the Blue Jays organization and brand, he has a much higher standard adhere to. You can disagree with that notion, but thats reality.

    Is this something serious? Probably not, but it certainly doesnt portray himself and – by extension – the organization in the greatest light.

  23. He wasn’t even making fun of him, he was giving him a thumbs up! :D

  24. A thumbs up to a piece of rather large ass………………is okay with TheBastardSon.

  25. So what about Yeonis. How much is this cat looking for?

  26. Classless.

  27. People who care about stuff like this depress me. He doesn’t have to be held to some higher moral standard, because there are no tangible consequences for any ‘rowdy’ actions. 

  28. What is he even trying to do there.

    That’s just a weird pic altogether.

  29. I think there’s no doubt that Brett Lawrie is just a typical young guy, and this shouldn’t be a big deal in theory.

    But he may end up being a big star here.  It would be smart on his part to become a little more discerning with what he tweets…  A couple weeks ago he tweeted something like ‘THE RAPTROS ARE BROOOOOTAL” which some people got irked by.

  30. lol giving the thumbs up to a view of someone’s butt crack is hardly reason for anyone or any boss to get upset about. Whether he’s a Blue Jay or even Stephen Harper it’s so meaningless. As for him being “people” he certainly is. The problem is certain people attach these other qualities and standards to him just because he’s a minor fucking celebrity of some kind. Big fucking deal. It’d be one thing if he was calling the guy a big fat useless slob in a text or something along those lines. However, he’s not. I guess it’s got to be an exceptionally slow news day for so many to get their panties in a knot over a picture as tame as that one.

    As a fan, I like him all the more for showing a sense of humor at an awkward situation.

  31. Ah, lighten up, its just Brett bein’ Brett…

  32. I’m on board with the Who Gives A Shit crowd on this one – I’m a fat guy, and if Brett Lawrie made fun of my fat ass, hey, I gotta get off the couch and exercise.
    But how is this more important than the fact that JP Arencibia managed to get himself backstage at a Katy Perry concert?!/jparenc… 
    Since when is a Blue Jays catcher famous enough to get that kind of access? And I love the photobomb of the guy behind JP. “Yeah, you know he wants to hit that…”

  33. Those two may be morons but I bet they have great sex.

  34. I think theres a big diference between having your panties in a bunch and understanding the reality that being a public figure places on a person – rightly or wrongly.

    Whether or not YOU think thats right or wrong is immaterial. Its reality.

  35. Well that might be your reality doesn’t mean it has to be mine, your opinion on the subject is just that, your opinion. Again if he did something worth getting your panties in a bunch over then you’d possibly have a point but he didn’t, again my opinion in case you missed it that time.

    Wonder how many people were outraged over all the fat comments directed at Rob Ford the last couple of years. Those were far more personal and overtly cruel than anything Lawrie did in that picture. What’s that? Ahh yes the sweet silence of hypocrisy.

  36. The picture of Brett Cecil today on twitter is much more damning:!/jcecil2

  37. This is great to see. If the Jays want to beat the Yankees and Sox they need to increase their douchebag quotient.

  38. I didn’t expect the off-season safety goggles. 

  39. Lawrie is an idiot as evidenced by about a billion photos you can see with a simple internet search.   He’s the typical frat boy, knucklehead seen in the Club District – only liked by other frat boy knuckleheads & dumbass ladies. 

    That said, I don’t have to hang out with the guy & I’m not going to give a flying fuck about any of that other shit so long as he murders baseballs & plays a solid third base come April. 

    ….Now Brandon Morrow – there’s a cool dude. 

  40. Correct, I thought he was engaged to a darker skinned girl, but perhaps it didn’t work out.?

    Didn’t Ricky Romero break up with his beauty queen girlfriend who had a DUI last fall?

    The players are young, so I don’t expect them to get married at a young age.

  41.  Classic.

  42. Two thoughts on that:
    1) I hope to fuck his kid ate that. Cecil’s supposed to be getting in shape, no cake allowed.
    2) I’m glad he’s just got a whisker and hope no one let him use a knife or blender or anything. Clumsy fool.

  43. All fine and well but … dumb as shit, no? There is a responsibility issue as a member of Major League Baseball, whether that sounds douchy or not. I love him on the field as a Blue Jay but … he’s obviously still (at 22 … and 22 isn’t 12) an A-hole. 

  44. Here’s a question: would the Jays have him if it wasn’t for his maturity issues?

    That was always one of the concerns when he was a prospect even back with the Brewers.  With his obvious hitting talent, would he have been obtainable if the Brewers had loved his attitude?

  45.  If Mother Teresa were a Red Sock we’d hate her so that exercise is futile.

  46. He’s paid to be a baseball player, not a role model. If his off-the-field antics start affecting his play (and I don’t see how they could), that’s a different story. But until that happens,  let him act how he wants to act.

    In the end, what he does on the field for the team will take precedence in the minds of Jays fans.

  47. Even Raptors fans know the Raptors are brutal, don’t they? That’s kind of the goal of the season.

  48. Probably not. If AA worried about attitude issues as much as other GMs, this team wouldn’t have some of its best and most talented players (Lawrie, Escobar, Rasmus, Morrow).

  49. Look, I really don’t care that much about this picture specifically, so this will be my last point on it, in general.

    While yes, he is paid to be a baseball player, part of that payment includes being a representative of the organization you’re attached to.  If you don’t like that… fine, but that’s the reality.  There’s an expectation that players will behave in a certain way in public (read: like fucking adults… and despite notions to the contrary, 22 is an adult).  How you act in private is your own thing.  If this wasn’t true, teams wouldn’t have publicists and teams wouldn’t put players through PR training every season.  

    While I’ve never been a pro in any sport, I played sport collegiately, and we have the same spiel these guys would get:  you’re a representative of the University/Organization whether you like it or not, at all times, whether or not you’re wearing the uniform, whether its 3 PM on game day or 3 am on Saturday night. Conduct yourself accordingly.

    When people think ‘Brett Lawrie’ or ‘Jose Bautista’ or ‘Travis Snider’ or whomever, they also immediately think ‘Blue Jays’ and the last think the organization wants is for you to also think ‘asshole’ or ‘douchebag’.  Their play might not suffer because of it, but their brand might (his brand too.  Have fun getting sponsorships if this becomes a regular occurrence).

    Again, people may disagree with this notion, but its the reality, and he chose to live this lifestyle.  As I said above, is this specific incident really that serious?  No, not really, but I can certainly understand why there’s an issue with it.

  50. Tank nation!

  51. Nobody’s photoshopped the Brett Lawrie thumbs-up into other pictures, yet?  I’m ashamed of you.

  52. Hmm?

  53. You know for a fact that Jose Bautista did nothing equally silly at age 22?

  54. Whatever, anybody who lets their body get like that and THEN goes out in public DRESSED like that, I don’t have much sympathy for.

    I wouldn’t do what Lawrie did, personally, but I really can’t waster too much of my indignant, righteous energy on worrying about the fact the he did.

  55. Stoeten….really……you should get a job with the National Enquirer….this is shit…

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