A lot of readers were left wondering yesterday why such a big deal was being made about the photo that surfaced on his ladyfriend’s Twitter that showed Brett Lawrie being a bit of a fucking cock hole at a Phoenix Coyotes game. In case you didn’t notice, I refrained from getting sanctimonious about it, and I went out of my way not to decry his actions except as being something that you’d probably rather not see on Twitter. But apparently even this was too far down the road toward judgement for some.

I get it; he’s just barely 22, he’s a ballplayer, we’ve seen him deeper in the throes of douchebaggery, Twitter is exactly made for getting a window into what these guys are really like, and for fuck sakes, who is the asshole that runs a site called “Drunk Jays Fans” to start pointing fingers at anybody’s supposedly-inappropriate behaviour? What’s the big deal?

Glad you asked! For starters, I’m not saying it’s a big deal. And I’m certainly not putting it out there asking anyone to be outraged by it. But in my view it’s in-bounds, and certainly worth having a little think about, if only because we’re not talking about a regular 22-year-old, or even a regular 22-year-old budding MLB star. We’re talking about the centrepiece of the maple dick-fluffing, national market-consolidating, franchise-rejuvenating PR efforts of a multi-million dollar sports franchise, the unnecessarily-large collection of TV channels it’s compelled to subsidize, and the billions-rich corporation that owns the lot of ‘em.

Long-surfaced pictures of boozy hijinx from a BC kid’s days in the minor leauges of the Milwaukee organization are one thing. But after the pedestal Rogers’ marketing team rushed to place Lawrie on this summer, after the paeans from Lawrie-worshipping members of Canada’s Langley-based Little League World Series entrant and Michael Grange’s exultation in a Sportsnet piece that “there are role models and there are living, fire-breathing, tattooed examples of exactly what you want to be when you go to bed at night clutching your baseball glove,” isn’t there maybe something more to consider here?

Oh, I fully get that, on a scale of one to legitimately harmful and appalling, giving the thumbs up to a fat lady’s ass crack barely rates– yes, it’s shitty and potentially humiliating, but let’s not make it bigger than it needs to be… er… if you’ll pardon the pun. More importantly for us as fans, doesn’t it speak, perhaps, to Lawrie’s unpreparedness for the role Rogers and the fawning media have thrust upon him? Or the marketers’ myopia in the rush to promote the club’s golden Canada Goose? I honestly don’t know.

Am I overblowing that tendency? Perhaps. I just can’t help but wonder if the Jays maybe got lucky on this one. Brett Lawrie has douchebagged before, and surely he’ll douchebag again. Maybe we shouldn’t give a shit, but like I said, maybe it’s a thing best kept off Twitter. And maybe it’s worth not simply pretending it didn’t happen. Or maybe we should at least just be a little more honest about who these players are *COUGH* Sportsnet Marketing Department I’m looking at you *COUGH*, so that there isn’t quite so much of a disconnect between the reality and the myth so many people would stick their left thumb up a fat lady’s asshole to hastily construct. (Or maybe it was a man, who the fuck could tell?)

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  1. The biggest shock to me was learng that the hockey fan was female!!! Maybe the big ladies are Lawrie’s  kryptonite!!!

  2. Booooring. Is it spring training yet?

  3. well said, we knew when we got him that he was douche, so let him he a douche, but we have to remember, he’s our douche.

    I thought it was a dude, no one can really tell only our little douche

  4. I should have never shared anything with you Stoeten, anything! 

    You should give Beeston a call and tell him the time is now to sign Lawrie to a team friendly deal, or else you’re going to the press (i.e. yourself?) (opps, you already did) 

  5. Might not have been the classiest of moves but I guess it’s really easy to qualify for douchehood around here. Again much ado about nothing. As for his preparedness, he seemed perfectly capable in all the interviews I saw him in last year. God forbid he’s not a saint 365 days of the year.

  6. I showed the pictures to a very obese friend of mine (wait, is that OFFENSIVE?!… fuck you). He said that it was funny and it didn’t make him upset or even think twice about it.

    I still don’t understand why this is even being discussed or why it’s been two headlines in the DJF blog. By doing do, it is being made a bigger deal than it actually is.

    His ability on the field is all I really give a shit about. I really couldn’t care any less about what he does or who he mocks off the field.

  7. Nothing really to do with this Lawrie thing (which isn’t much of a big deal anyway), but here’s an interesting article at HBT about parity and connection between spending $$ and winning.  Conclusions may be surprising.


  8. I get everything that you’re trying to say – Lawrie’s a douchebag, the photo was in bad taste, he’s not doing the PR team any favours – but at the same time, I’m glad the photo was posted. It adds to the Lawrie myth. He’s a douchebag, and he’s OUR douchebag. There’s no point trying to gloss over who he is, and I really don’t think Rogers is doing it to the point you seem to be implying. Rogers is using him as a marketing centrepiece because he’s a) Canadian and b) really good at baseball – I don’t remember too much marketing coming out of the SkyDome about him being a magical, warm-hearted gentleman made of rainbows and joy. If anything, other than that knob-polishing Sportsnet piece, read between the lines of what Rogers commentators are saying and it’s all about how he’s “jacked up… big personality… intense…” y’know, a douchebag.

    I like having a team of characters. I hate when PR departments get into such a level of lock-step message-manipulation that they’d have you believe every player on a team is an identical bland sports-robot void of personality. A roster of cookie-cutter all-American Disney ballplayers who love kids, apple pies and, goshdarnit, just want to slug a dinger for you great fans. I like being able to use my knowledge about the players’ personalities (from Twitter and blogs, mainly) to sit beside a newbie fan at a game and say “That’s Colby Rasmus, a redneck plaid-and-truck enthusiast a few lugnuts short of a hubcap. That’s Travis Snider, nice guy, who never shuts the fuck up about food. Here’s Lawrie, a tattooed, Ed Hardy-wearing, fist-pumping, Red
    Bull&vodka-chugging, fattie-mocking bro who talks like a script from
    a parody frat movie, but he’s also got a swing that can take the
    fucking hide off a ball. “

  9. who the fuck doesn’t enjoy that we now have our catchphrase for the loveable imp:  “Brett Being Brett” “That is soooooo Brett” “Fucking Brettacular” 

  10. (a)  It’s a woman.  You can see the line where her bra cuts across her back, and no guy I know wears those kind of sandals.

    (b)  I’m not even sure he’s making a gesture.  He could simply be holding something in his hand and his thumb is pointing up.

    (c)  Even if it is so what?  People make fun of people all the time.  It’s not like he’s spray-painting ‘you are a fat pig’ across her rear end.  If he spent the game sitting behind her and making nasty comments, that is extremely immature and unpleasant.  But if she was unaware of what was going on until this moment–and likely is still unaware, then who cares?

    He’s a ball-player, not St Francis.  This is his down-time, let’s leave him to it, shall we?

  11. Ok? We done yet?

  12. As Alex Rios so eloquently put it….WHO GIVES A FUCK!

  13. brett lawries behaviour is epic, anyone whom is overweight only has themselves to blame. Nough said’. I applaud his down to earth behaviour, he is enjoying his life as he should be, not conforming to the unfortunate expectation that ball players with personalities should be frowned upon.

  14. I love brett…but i hear you Stoeten it is a little disconcerning that this guy doesn’t have the wherewithal to not post something which is blatently insulting to another human being.  Its not in the same category as what Gil Areanas did but clearly this guy has got some growing up to do.  While the infraction is in itself minor Alex or John or Jose somebody in the org. with some clout should tell this guy he’s a fucking professional now and if he’s going to act like a juvinile dickweed atleast be a little more discrete about it.

    Just a little more food for thought but all alex rios did was deny a kid an autograph and tell a heckler “who gives a fuck” and we launched his fuckin ass right out of town.  Amazing what an extra 70 pts on a guys batting average will do when gaining perspective on something like this.  If Colby did this you’d hear alot more backlash. 

    And since im putting pen to electronic paper here 1 last thing…Colby is coming to play next year.  As long as that wrist is right im excited to see what he can do over 150 games.  Anyone who has tried to swing a bat with a wonky wrist knows its damn near impossible to put up half decent numbers…ESPECIALLY at that level. Couple that with the league change and the small sample size as reasons not to put too much stock into what he did for us in 2011. I really think he reverts back to his 2010 #’s…. im not super overly optimisitic about this team..i know alot of things have to break right but i think they are right there..  I got 100 bucks which says they win 85+…all takers welcome.
    Tagent over.

    Keep up the good work stoeten im out.

  15. Where are the comments on the incredible hotness of Ms. Brendel? Douchebaggery wins again!

  16.  Didn’t his plastic Barbie GF post the picture though?  Yes, he posed for it – but I don’t think he posted it.  And I don’t know what’s more offensive.  Someone saying “I’m not even sure he’s making a gesture.  He could simply be holding something in his hand and his thumb is pointing up.” (come on, now – are you serious?!?!?) or someone saying that Brendel is incredibly hot?  Lawrie’s taste in women only solidifies his DB-ness.

  17. I have a buddy that’s exactly like him, full of energy, always on the go, always wanting to have a good time, constant party mode.  The guys has fun 24/7/365…. He’s a lot of fun to be around…. In small doses

  18. There are none cause she’s not that hot.

  19. I understand what Stoeten is saying because one day his douchebaggery is going to go too far and then the team is going to act like it’s the first time anything of the sort has happened. They need to get a handle on this now and tell him to tone it down before he crosses the line and our shining golden son becomes a bad mark on the team.

  20. I usually agree with most of the stuff you guys post, but I think your so off base here I actually descended into the comment section.

  21. Maybe Rogers should market him as baseball’s prankster – baseball’s Bart Simpson, Ashton”Punk’d” Kutcher or Degeneration X member. Then this sort of thing would serve to give him cred rather than tarnish his image as a role model.

  22. BTW I think thumbs-up to buttcrack 22-year-old Lawrie is much worse than Edward 40 hands 19-year-old Lawrie. He’s supposed to be getting more mature. And, really, who hasn’t had a night of Edward 40 hands?

  23. I’m actually sure Brett was marketed as a douchebag at first glance but underneath as a fun loving great baseball player. Anyone remember the interview with Romero, Aaron Cibia, and Lawrie? JP thought he was a douchebag, but came to love him etc etc. Which is to show that rogers/sportsnet has known this all along and are going the don’t judge a book by its cover route. Also the kid is fantastic in interviews. 

    All in all, I think no one gives a shit.

  24. Kudos Stoeten — everyone is so consumed by Lawrie being Canadian that someone had to ask the question.  I am surprised you beat Cox to the punch though. 

  25. dude the guy’s a total douchebag. he’s like rasmus without the acne.

    anyone who gets called “gordie dougie” is obviously your typical canadian jock asshole. but in a way, he’s the other side of the indie hipster fan trend that’s sweeping the city. (i don’t know which one i find more douche-y; the bearded army jacket and plaid nerd elites, or the barbwire tattooed jock dickheads. i guess it’s a tie).

    fearless predictions for 2012: farrell and lawrie duke it out and AA has no choice but to let farrell go by order of Rogers’ PR department.

    sad but true people. 

  26. I’m probably in the minority, but I’d much rather have a regular guy as a the face of the franchise than a programmed robot who gives diplomatic and politically correct answers to any and every question that is asked of him. That is fucking boring.

    I’m not saying having an insufferable douchebag as the face of a franchise is the best thing, but I don’t see the harm in letting Lawrie be who is he. He clearly loves the game, he is tweeting about working out and getting better all the time, from the outside looking in he has great relationships with his teammates and coaches, we’ve all seen features of him working with kids at camps, signing autographs for people and just looking generally pumped up as fuck to be one of the stars of the Toronto Blue Jays.

    That is enough for me, and I think it should be enough for everyone. I’ll get off my soap box now.

  27. He’s a kid, and he will grow up.

    But until he does, Rogers should be pushing Bautista as the face of the franchise.  That guy is a class act and a role model.  Not to mention genuinely likeable to everyone.

  28. When some Red Sox or Yankee does this, we think “What a prick”. Then, about 18 seconds later, we completely forget about it. So will everyone else. Whatever.

  29. It’s worth noting the tweet has been removed. At least whoever had it removed, possessed some sort of self- awareness.

  30. Someone’s jealous…

  31. Those who refer to a human being as a ‘plastic Barbie’ should not throw the DB label around at others who mock a person because of what she looks like.

  32. Sure it’s off-side but let’s be honest about this. Not really a big deal. As others have mentioned people his age (and older) do this kind of shit all the time. 

    We’ve got players involved in gun problems, drugs/alcohol/DUI problems, domestic assaults, infidelity, all kinds of other issues across all sports. Do we really want to throw a talented kid under the bus for laughing at some fat losers’ fat ass. I vote no.

    It is the kind of thing that a coach or veteran should probably have a quick talk to him about, but overall nothing to worry about. Just keep hitting home runs and celebrating with stupid amounts of enthusiasm (without pulling a Kendrys of course).

  33. You’re not serious on that ‘fearless prediction’ are ya? First off, my money would be on Farrell – on the bout itself – and then at most, it would quietly fade into Blue Jays mythology, never to be spoken of again by anyone rumored to have been there … . And Brett would smarten up a whole lot. 

  34. As I posted on the Jays forum, you people that like it, think it’s cool, adds to the ‘myth’, you’re all a bunch of little teenie boppers, like screaming little Justin Bieber fans. He can’t do wrong, he’s so cool… he could kill someone and his nerd followers would try and find a way to support his actions.

  35. I’m not sure which is more unsurprising, the callousness towards overweight people on display here, or the rush to insist the golden boy’s misdeeds be swept under the carpet. I don’t think it means anybody needs to change their mind on this, but it sure would be nice if more people could think past those things.

  36. I’m fat, and coincidentally, I agree that we don’t need to humiliate fat people. That said, we do. To single out Lawrie for doing it is disingenuous in the extreme, especially among people who have probably laughed at a similar humiliating photo of someone else. If Brett did this to me, I’d probably be pissed off, but only because he did it to me, rather than some stranger.

    To expect most people to rise above that is asking too much.

    To expect a 22-year-old to rise above that is asking too much.

    To expect a 22-year-old who might never have a serious care in the world for his entire life to rise above that is just pointless idealism.

    Consider the source. I don’t need him to be a nice guy; I just want him to put up a .900+ OPS for the next ten years. To demand any more from him is kinda pathetic.

    If he starts committing actual crimes, then all this attention will become more reasonable.

  37. To be clear, I don’t endorse what he did, but I find the level of backlash quite ridiculous. We’ll all forget this in a few days.

  38. do what you want, just don’t have your bitch post it to twitter.  if you’re going to be a baller’s gf, you need to have some class and tact.

  39. Mickey Mantle was a doucebag, so was Babe Ruth , who cares.
    As my favourite golfer Sam Snead said ” if your not thinking about pussy ,then your not concentrating “

  40. How anyone can not think this showed poor judgement by Lawrie is bewildering but I guess not surprising considering. Anyone who doesn’t think in the least it was stupid judgement to let it be posted, has the same maturity or common sense as he. In the end, it is not a huge deal, he’s only effecting his own marketability and the way he’ll be perceived by others, professionally and publicly. I’m sure Derek Jeter would have done the same thing (/sarcasm).

  41. Remember that story about the party gifts that Jeter was giving his nightly companions? Remember  how John Lackey divorced his wife in the midst of her battle with cancer? Lawrie has a looooong way to go before he’s a superstar in this league. 

  42. How is it any different than all the other name calling, skewering, mocking and whatever else that goes on here or by others like Parkes over at the Score when it comes to guys like Griffin, Simmons, Baker and any other person’s ideas or viewpoints you take exception to. I guess it’s ok to belittle a person because of their views but it’s not ok to give a thumbs up for a picture because a person made a poor wardrobe decision and inadvertently exposed half of their ass to the public.  Considering we’re all assuming the context of  circumstances of the picture it’s even more laughable. This wasn’t him calling her a name or even verbally abusing her.

    Don’t get me wrong you’re completely entitled to your opinion and to express it however you chose and it’s one of the reasons I like the site so much.  I just find it highly amusing that something as silly as this is being made such a big deal of.

  43. But to Rogers (and any other right-thinking capitalistic sports franchise owner), it does matter.   The role of “face of the franchise” is directly related to revenue.  Some of us (including me) may not be particularly offended by the sophomoric actions of this kid, but Rogers should be concerned, and rightly so.  This episode isn’t catastrophic, but it’s a pretty good indication that it’s too early to make Lawrie the poster boy of the team’s marketing campaign.

  44. For fuck sake…I agree that this is not great but still can be passed off as a bad decision by a public (and apparently very stupid) figure. I’m sure his mother is thrilled. What is inexcusable is to say it is alright to laugh at this woman (the victim) and say it is alright to “laugh at some fat losers’ (spelling wrong) fat ass”.

    Pathetic and shameful. This woman isn’t the loser, Lawrie is.  

  45. To be clear, I don’t endorse what he did, but I find the level of backlash quite ridiculous. We’ll all forget this in a few days.

    Did you happen to notice this column’s picture? Seems that’s still around huh. Hopefully, unlike a John Rocker, he’ll continue to mature as he ages. Molitor and the like put cocaine use behind them, and ended up with sterling reputations, so I agree it doesn’t have to linger forever.

  46. The picture’s lame. Arencibia would have stuck his thumb in the fat chick’s ass. 

  47. Fine! We’ll all forget it a few days after this thread peters out.

    Go back 20 years. If this photo had been on Page 6 of the Sun with a 75-word blurb about it, some readers would be outraged, some would cheer Lawrie on, and most would momentarily frown, then read Page 7.

    Twitter, Facebook, blogs, they just let us bitch and moan about this a bit longer and more intensely. This thread will end, and by April nobody will give any fraction of a fuck about this photo.

  48. You’ve never made fun of anyone in your life. Congratulations. Move on.

  49. Set a reminder to come back to this page in 1 month. Use 1month@followupthen.com to do it. Future you, how much do you still care about this?

  50. You obviously missed the entire point of the post, which is that maybe it’s different when we’re talking about someone who has  been thrust into a face of the franchise role by a corporation eager to exploit his talent, but especially his birth certificate.

    My feelings about it are irrelevant. Whether I am or not, I suspect some people will be offended by it, and that has to be of concern, or is at least worth thinking about, isn’t it?

    At the same time, I don’t think it’s necessarily think it’s being made a big deal of as a single act, but as part of a bigger picture– and maybe not even that. There exists space between making a big deal of something and completely ignoring it, doesn’t there?

  51. Let’s hope Lawrie doesn’t decide to post the video they probably made later that night.

  52. your such a tool smell the glove

  53. OK, but who is going to be offended by it?  Who is likely to see it?  It’s a Twitter photo which probably has a shelf-life of about 2min 30 secs.  The only place it doesn’t is here and the only reason it’s still here is because it’s the off-season and our guys didn’t do anything interesting in the last little while so there is nothing else to talk about.

    And I have to say, with great respect, this is kind of scraping the barrel for a topic.  Young guys do dumb things.  He’s a young guy.  This was dumb.  

    Can we now go back to our regularly-scheduled bitching and moaning?

  54. Stoeten:

    First of all, like I posted yesterday, you’re a douchebag.

    Second of all, you try to make a big deal out of nothing.  What else is new?  Its how you’ve made your mark on the internet.  You are the fucking Perez Hilton of blue jay blogs.  And twice as gay.

    Seriously do everyone a favour and never post another word again.  Reading your shithole of a web page is a painful fucking experience.  Knowing that you, a classless douchebag, profits from it is even more painful.  Go fuck yourself asshole!

  55. your a fucktard.  ’Nuff said.

  56. No need for a false dichotomy, Stoeten. In between making a big deal and completely ignoring it is a pause for a second or two of righteous indignation, then forgetting about it. I imagine that’s what most people did, or at least would do if they didn’t have magic tools to let them voice their every petty opinion for the world to mostly ignore.

  57. have you and stoeten fucked yet?  If not you really should just get it over with…

  58. How do you go from…never mind. Take your meds.

  59. Hi, I’m Stoeten.  I have no material, so I am going to try and create a news story.  I’ll call a 22 year old Jays player a piece of shit for pointing at a woman’s ass crack.  No matter that every second word I type on here is fuck or fatass.  I’m high class dammit!  Im fucking Stoeten!  Give me attention!  I’ve never played baseball before but think I know everything about it.
    Earth to Stoeten:  you probably sucked at baseball as a kid, and suck at writing about baseball now.

  60. He wasnt even making fun of the person’s weight. He was making fun of the ass crack. It coulda been an anorexic sitting there with her ass crack out and he woulda done the same thing. BFD.

    Besides, its not like we’re talking about a minority or a homo that he was making fun of, just a fatso. Fat people can take it, they have thick skin.

  61. I just think there’s a real disconnect between what people think *they* can do in relative anonymity, and what ‘celebrities’ can do/should do as a public figure and representative of a brand.

    I don’t know where that disconnect comes from, but it seems to be there.

  62. Now AA really has to sign someone, just to deflect attention…

  63. I guess we’ll just have to disagree on how much of a bad thing it is regardless if someone is the face of a franchise or not. The corporation knowing how young he is also has to know the risks of promoting a player that age and shouldn’t be all that upset if everything doesn’t go perfectly because a kid is acting his age while he’s not at work.

    While you do make a valid point about some people being offended by it, tell me something that a corporation, a politician or celebrity does that doesn’t end up offending a portion of the population somewhere. That’s just human nature. No matter what you do and how noble or ignoble your intent is you can be guaranteed someone isn’t going to be happy with it. Just witness all the vitriol that’s directed at you personally for having a point of view on a subject.

    And yes, my comments regarding it being made a big deal of weren’t necessarily being directed at you per say, but rather to all the hoopla that resulted in the comments section. I guess by defending his actions I’m equally responsible lol

  64. Sounds like something Lawrie, his gold-digging groupie girlfriend or a family member would write. :)

  65. Sorry teenie bopper. Try stepping back and stop trying to live your life through Lawrie and that everything he does is so coool.

  66. “(b)  I’m not even sure he’s making a gesture.  He could simply be holding something in his hand and his thumb is pointing up. ”

    This should answer that point….  :)

    RT @blawrie13: “@JasonMazzei: @blawrie13 Imagine if he made fun of fat people at sporting events.” actually the guys ass crack was hanging it #chilllbro

    Also, since the offending tweet has since been deleted, I think someone has talked to him.

  67. “I’m not sure which is more unsurprising, the callousness towards overweight people on display here…but it sure would be nice if more people could think past those things. “


  68. Hope you had fun, CheapOwner.

  69.  Actually, you have it 100% completely wrong.  DB Lawrie & Barbie definitely deserve to be mocked and called things far worse.  Both of them thought taking a picture of that lady was funny and they should be mocked accordingly.  Basically you’re saying what Brett & has GF did was acceptable, but mocking them for doing it is not. 

  70. FYI, just re-read the post. I can’t believe such a big deal is being made about THAT. (Also: nailed it!)

  71. Fat people are hilarious!


  72. Um, no. Brett Lawrie and his GF did something stupid and plain mean, and should be criticized for taking and posting the photo. I’m saying that if you’re going to criticize someone for making fun of a person’s physical appearance, you probably shouldn’t make fun of another person’s physical appearance in the same sentence. 2 wrongs don’t make a right, it just makes one a hypocrite. 

  73. I see what you’re getting at. Please re-read the post you’re commenting under.

  74. in all honesty. Lawrie’s got shitty seats for a coyotes games.

  75. She is hot,

    I’m tired of the plastic-fantastic GIRLS, so “cheerleaders, models and aspiring sportscasters” don’t do it anymore for me really.   But I’m an old dude now.

    For Brett…atta boy.

  76. Ha this is hilarious. All Stoeten is saying is not to completely disregard it. He’s not saying it’s a big deal. Some people have no shades of grey. Everything is either all or nothing.

  77. For all the people saying “you shouldn’t make a big deal about this”, I mean, who is making a big deal about this? You can talk about something without thinking it’s the most important thing in the world. I’m pretty sure that’s what the entire concept of blogging revolves around. 

    Brett Lawrie is a meathead and a bit of a douchebag. I can live with that. I don’t need all pro athletes to be Chris Kluwe or Jim Bouton. That said, I like it better when the pro athletes I root for aren’t douches. Douchehood, even at Lawrie’s age, isn’t a given(and the people saying they were at 22 aren’t really speaking for anyone but themselves) but it’s also not a lifelong condition. Let’s hope he smartens up. 

  78. 2 Wrongs don’t make a right, are you serious?  Holy shit, should I say my prayers before bedtime too, and always respect my elders?   What year is this, 1918?   I can’t believe someone dropped a “2 wrongs don’t make a right” on an internet comment board?!?!?  If you honestly believe that, you really shouldn’t be using the internet, let alone reading the comments section of DJF.  Maybe if you ever run in to Lawrie you should tell him “a penny saved is a penny earned” or “don’t count your chickens before they hatch”. 

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