Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Early-Afternoon Snack…

At Getting Blanked, they’ve got some too-clever link dump action for you, as they debut URL Weaver.

Elsewhere at the Blanked (?), Drew does some Photoshopping of a Brett Lawrie image, while Travis Reitsma tells the tale of Jose Bautista and a treacherous Windsor baseball fan. Delightful!

Sports Column previews the AL, suggesting that the Jays will be in tough because of the way the back-end of their rotation matches up with the back-ends (what is this, an ass measuring contest?) of the, y’know, really good teams in the league. “The Blue Jays remain a few moves away,” they write, “barring superlative seasons from Brandon Morrow and Henderson Alvarez, or the DIPS gods smiling down upon Brett Cecil.” Not impossible, I say!

Beyond the Boxscore also previews the Jays’ upcoming season.

The Globe and Mail tells us that [deep breath] the club is feeling good about Carlos Villanueva, despite the cold hand, that Kelly Johnson aims to rebound in 2012, that John Farrell hopes to be better, and Adam Lind is already cranking up the ol’ injury excuse train.

The National Post tells us that John Farrell wants his starters going deeper, that Henderson Alvarez was hit in the foot when Luis Perez threw him a breaking ball during a game of catch (but he’ll be fine), and that Eric Thames got animated over the weekend (HEYO!).

At we’re told that the Jays might be interested in bringing Kelly Johnson back on a multi-year deal, that minor injuries are part of life, and the Jays’ starters are beginning to face live hitters this week, and that Alex Anthopoulos is confident because of the club’s increased depth.

The Toronto Sun tells us that the Jays starters need to go deeper and Rajai Davis could be key against righties lefties, and that it’s Edwin Encarnacion’s time to shine.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks to JP Arencibia about the Leafs.

Andrew Baggarly of CSN Bay Area reports that ex-Jay Bengie Molina has retired.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks Darren Oliver, and in particular, the legend of his bee-attracting hair. Wait, what?

It’s gonna be a loooooong summer for John Lackey, Josh Beckett, et al. New Sox manager Bobby Valentine has banned alcohol in the clubhouse, according to

“I didn’t want to suck at baseball anymore,” says your new favourite player, Brandon McCarthy, of his sabermetric awakening in a piece for ESPN The Magazine.

Mop Up Duty informs us that Yunel Escobar is still representin’– y’know, like the kids say– for Havana’s Industriales.

FanGraphs begin revealing their crowdsourced broadcaster rankings from the bottom up, revealing the unsurprising last-place White Sox team of Hawk Harrelson and Steve Stone. I don’t expect it will be long before they get to Pat and Buck. *COUGH*

Lastly, Steal of Home compares of a bunch of pre-season Top 100 Prospects lists, picking out players that are liked and disliked by the various analysts, relative to the combined overall. Interesting stuff, and lots of Jays mentioned.

Comments (5)

  1. Rajai Davis could be key against lefties. I think so, especially if Thames wins the LF job.

  2. So the team’s strategy is to just tell the starters to go deeper into games? Like trying to talk legs onto a fish. 

  3.  Damn, should have thought of that before.

    Mr. Burns:  “Hey you, Strawberry, hit a home run.”

    Strawberry: “Okay, skip!”

  4. Yes, because that’s all they’re doing to implement the strategy. They’re just asking them.

  5. Obviously the idea is that these guys will get better with another year behind them, but I think they’re relying on too much to go right here. One of the reasons the bullpen wasn’t effective last year was the lack of innings from the starters. So instead of addressing the rotation they just made the bullpen better — which will help, but I would’ve liked to see an upgrade in the rotation. 

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