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With a shit-tonne of shit now shit-streaming in from Dunedin, it only seems prudent (read: easiest), instead of creating a massive commentary-laden Afternoon Snack, to pile all of the day’s links into one dump, then following that up with some expanded commentary where necessary. So that’s what we’re going to do each day. Unless we don’t. It’s your Further Comment…

Oh, Adam Lind

The Globe piece on Adam Lind warrants further comment, not just because it’s revealed that Lind had a cyst removed, that he checked with management before revealing that information, or that Alex Anthopoulos calls him “the most honest person I’ve ever met.”

No, I’m more interested in Lind’s wonky back, which supposedly ruined his 2011 season, while his similarly-ruined, similar 2010 was ruined because… well, either because he’s not as good at baseball as his 2009 indicated, or… who the fuck knows?

“It would depend on the day. Some days it was there, some days it wasn’t. Even now, some days I can feel it. Some days I can’t,” Lind said when asked if his back acted up on him last year after he returned to the lineup. “But I’ve done all I can do to make it feel as good as I can.”

Well that’s fucking inspiring stuff from your cleanup hitter, isn’t it? And it’s doubly-inspiring when he talks about hitting behind Jose Bautista as “a privilege. I think it’s exciting to have the best seat in the house every time, the best hitter in baseball is in the batter’s box.”

Awww. He likes the view! Well then, I guess we’ve got to keep him in that spot. Moving him somewhere more appropriate– especially against damn lefties– would just be cruel!

Which… OK… I’m not completely down on Lind’s chances to a) rebound or b) mercifully be relieved of his cleanup duties against left-handers, it’s just… it’s kinda dispiriting how he seems like he’s just been handed that spot in the lineup again, and how easily he’s been allowed to use the injury excuse for last year, and to not have to address the fact that it’s actually been two years of worst-first-baseman-in-baseball production the Jays have received.

And there’s also this: “It’s the first time I’ve been around that I think everybody’s enjoying each other’s company and we don’t have any egos that are out of this world. I think we’re all regular guys that enjoy each other.”

Um… there aren’t exactly a lot of guys whose departure might have contributed to these new good vibes. Since last spring the Jays have lost: Hill and McDonald, Rzepczynski and Dotel, Patterson and Rivera, Francisco, Rauch and Camp, Molina, Reyes, Loewen, Nix, Purcey… OK, maybe there’s actually been quite a lot of guys. Still, out of this world egos? Interesting…

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  1. Might be one of the worst interviewers in baseball.

  2. *interviewee

  3. Did Fullmer_Fan help write this one?

  4. He’s not wrong to think it’s ridiculous the way Lind appears to be getting a free pass on being fucking terrible for two years.

  5. Not that it’s much of an excuse, but wasn’t 2010′s slump because he was DHing and he had all that extra time to “stew”?

  6. Lind is just disappointed because the other players are good enough to warrant an ego.

  7. No no, I know.  He nor you are wrong on the subject, he just brings it up whether you’ve written about the topic or not.

  8. He was also strictly DHing in 2009 when was a Silver Slugger.

  9. I don’t think he meant any of the guys that left had “larger than life egos” … he was simply stating that the group of guys on the team are happy together.

  10. I’m guessing the game plan is something like this:  suffer through Lind playing 1st until Travis d’Arnaud comes up.  If he is anything like advertised, then let him get used to playing his position and when you’re sure he can be the everyday catcher, tell JPA to spend his winter getting used to playing 1st base.  Then Lind can be benched or traded or released or whatever.

  11. I can’t imagine they’re anticipating Arencibia has a bat that will ever play at 1B.

  12. God help the Blue Jays if JPA becomes the answer at 1B.

  13. JPA would be a horrible option at 1B.  If that’s the plan, fire the front office.

  14. JPA? Isn’t Adam Lind’s career .316 OBP bad enough already?

  15. I want to put this out there.  Could Travis d’Arnaud be the future at first base?  Discuss…..

  16. Even if d’Arnaud’s bat turns out to be elite, the best option is to keep him at the catching position and make him an all-star.  Finding a mashing 1B is alot easier than finding a mashing catcher.

    I think that by the end of next season and into 2014, we will be seeing more Jose Bautista at 1B.  The outfield could get crowded if uber-prospect Anthony Gose improves his hitting tool and if Colby Rasmus is still around (which is possible if he performs – the kid is only 25). 

    We could also see a dark-horse prospect like Moises Sierra forces things at RF if he mashes in AAA (remember he lost a year of development due to injury, much like Thames).

    And then, the outfield becomes even more crowded if Jake Marisnick is ready by 2014.

    All of the above suggests that Bautista is likely heading to the 1B position in the near future. 

    The Blue Jays would then be able to say that they ‘won’t need to go after Joey Votto’ in 2014 (or sooner) as ‘we have a very fine first baseman in Jose Bautista’.

  17. DH

  18. Jose Bautista at DH?  I like that option.  But Rogers would have to answer to all of the ‘We want Joey Votto’ chants!

  19. it’s actually been two years of worst-first-baseman-in-baseball production the Jays have received.”

    Well technically of course he wasn’t a 1B in 2010.

    The reason that one can “make excuses” for what happened in 2011 is that he had a 1.017 OPS on June 18 of 2011 – which is to say there was a distinct “turning point”

    On the other hand,  in 201 he peaked on APRIL 18 and was essentially awful all year. it’s not entirely crazy to suppose that a guy who’s right their with the best hitters in the AL  1/3 of the way into the season and suddenly turns into a pumpkin, there might be some specific REASON why that happened.

    As for 2010, for the most part you just chalk that up to one of those head-scratching “lost seasons” that even good players sometimes have, unless it becomes a pattern.

    All that said, I’d have rather not heard him say “it still hurts sometimes” – that says to me the EE needs to spend a lot of time getting ready to play 1B a few times a week.

  20. I don’t think JPA could be worse at the !st base position that Lind is and he seems to have a bit more power.  That having been said, the JPA to first thing was not something I came up with while having my hair done.  I’ve seen it floated in a couple of reasonably legitimate–ie not the Bleacher Report which I don’t read–locations.  

  21. Where will the Jays find a mashing 1B that doesn’t come with a bunch of question marks? I mean, apart from the MVP vote getting types who want big money and long contracts to go with their elite skill set?

  22. This is all moot if JB doesnt want to move there, ala the 3B thing with EE. Has he said a thing about it? I think he loves his RF.

  23. hm. djf must be thrilled fielder isn’t at first. so lucky for us we didn’t commit all that money, right guys? i mean, what with adam lind all set to go this year. can’t miss right?


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