Great picture here from the National Post reporter and noted photog, via Twitter.

Perfectly worthy of mailing in a post for, I think.

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  1. Rasmus swung and missed. John Lott out with a concussion. 

  2. Colby’s silken hair has frozen this ball, and our hearts, in time.

  3. Whast so ground breaking about this??  Most of last season he had a batter in the box when he threw a BP session…. of course it was during regular season games – but whatever, point stands.

    cool pic tho.

  4. So, there’s that…

  5. Looks like a bit of Lin-music in BP. 

    Yea, I went there.

  6. Great pic!  I saved this myself when it was posted this morning.

  7. delete

  8. The screens behind him,he’s 6 feet in front of the rubber.I doubt Rasmus is even swinging.

    Looks more like camera angle than “chin music”.

    Nice picture but does Lott think that Cecil is trying to back Rasmus off the plate while in this position?
    This early in ST?
    If  he was trying to that, where to you think the next pitch that he threw would end up?

  9. Holy shit. You thought “chin music” was serious?

  10. Yup, guess Lott needs to purchase that sarcasm symbol.

    I’m sorry I didn’t catch it.
    Please forgive me Stoeten.
    I don’t want to lose your friendship and the bond that exists betwen you and I.

    As a penalty I won’t post in the comment section for the next 5 hours.

    Baaad Radar  bad.

  11. cool pic

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