Steal of Home has done a great job this season keeping track of all the various team-by-team prospect lists, as well as the gurus who provide league-wide top prospect rankings. In today’s Afternoon Snack I noted that over the weekend they had analysed a number of Top 100-ish lists, comparing them to one another, and noting which prospects stood out as being high or low relative to their average position across all lists. Today, they reveal to us the list of lists that was based on, the top 185 prospects in baseball, as determined by an aggregate of their rankings on the lists from Baseball America, Baseball Instinct, Baseball Prospect Nation, Bullpen Banter, Frankie Piliere, John Sickels, Jonathan Mayo, Keith Law, Kevin Goldstein, MLB Dirt, MLB Prospect Portal, Project Prospect, and Rich Wilson.

It’s a seriously impressive amount of work, and it reflects the impressive work that Alex Anthopoulos has done revamping the Jays system (see what I just did there?), as eleven Jays prospects rank among the consensus 185. They are:

Travis d’Arnaud (19)
Jake Marisnick (45)
Anthony Gose (54)
Drew Hutchison (86)
Noah Syndergaard (89)
Dan Norris (92)
Justin Nicolino (104)
Deck McGuire (126)
Aaron Sanchez (140)
Adonys Cardona (155)
Adeiny Hechavarria (173)


Because it was being asked about in the comments, I’ve gone and figured out how many prospects each club has among the 185, and as you might expect, the Jays fared very well compared to the rest of the Majors. Only San Diego, with 13, placed more players on the list than the Jays. Here’s the full list (excluding Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes, as the above rankings also do):

SD 13
TOR 11
BOS 10
STL 10
TB 8
KC 7
SF 3

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  1. Note on this list of lists Nestor Molina comes in at #107, behind Jays prospect pitchers Huthison, Syndergaard, Norris, and Nicolino. Still impressive, of course, but makes me feel good about the Santos trade.

  2. how many prospects does the avg team have in the top 185? 11 doesn’t seem like a huge number to me.

  3. 11 would be a lot. 185/30 teams = an average of 6.2 prospects per team. So, 11 is quite a bit above average.

  4. You ask this seriously? Our education system is failing.

  5. Some of these guys have yet to do anything in pro ball. Some, like Norris, have very high ceilings, but until they get to high A or AA it is hard to know what you’ve got. Of the guys who are closer to MLB ready, d’Arnaud is well regarded by all, Marisnick has rocketed up the rankings in the past year, and Hutchison is well regarded in most circles. Gose seems to be treading water. Looks like he’ll be passed by Marisnick and he may or may not make it. Hechavarria is back peddling through the rankings and looking more and more like a bust. The guess here is that we’ll see Hutchison after the All Star break, d’Arnaud, and perhaps Gose, as Sept. call ups and Marisnick as a Sept. call up next year. If they can graduate one or two impact players every year, they’ll be in good shape.

  6.  And thats probably because of how stupidly high John Sickels had him. Sickels is also a moron.

  7.  I mean that in the nicest way though. But Sickels isn’t respected in the industry.

  8. lol@Gose treading water. The guy wasn’t close to these lists a year ago. He’s the same guy who had the world up in arms when AA traded Brett Wallace for him. Treading water…

  9. Do you have any sources for that? Or are you just running your mouth?

    I find it hard to believe that no one in the industry respects a guy who wrote  a column about minor league prospects for ESPN for 10 years. Because, obviously, ESPN just hires morons off the street.

  10. Doesnt having none in the top 10 or even 15 concern you at all though?

  11. Sickels track record is actually pretty good.

  12. Not really, because that kind of stuff is fluid. Like, Brett Lawrie would be something like in the top 5 if he still had ROY eligibility, and it’s certainly not impossible for guys to jump up.

  13. San Diego, with 13 in the top 185, doesn’t have a prospect show up on the list until 48 (yonder Alonso).

  14. To throw a little cold water on it though, Boston has 10 in that list, and Tampa and New York are all in the top half of the league, with more talent at the Major League level. AA still has a lot of work to do

  15. Many other people would agree with me, that ranking for Alonso is too high. He shouldn’t even be their highest ranked prospect. I would give that to Rymer Liriano.

  16. none in top 15, more than 1/2 the teams in have a prospect higher, this from an org. that has been pushing for upper limit youn players.  #glasshalfempty

  17. Betances is ranked WAY too high for someone with well below average control, and the Yankees. And the Red Sox have a lot of guys on that list yes, but most of them are low on the list and guys like Ranaudo, Iglesias and Jacobs are huge question marks and/or their upside is limited. I’m not gonna deny though I do like the Sox’s farm system however. It’s just that the Jays have better talent there and much more of it. The Rays still have a very good farm, but it’s become somewhat thinned out and Matt Moore makes up a lot of that system’s rep.

  18.  There are a few guys in the Jays’ list that can easily jump into the top 15 next year anyway. And really, if you look at historical prospect list, you see superstars there that were ranked 20th or 35th anyway.

  19.  yeah…not sure you’re getting it though. Lawrie would be top 4; and almost all the lists have stated that the Jays have a number of guys who are a year or two away from being top 25. They all say this system is DEEP…just hard to rate accurately. I’ve heard a number of the top prospect writers say that they have confidence that next year the Jays will have the clear cut best system in the league, even if some guys don’t pan out. Those in the biz are extremely tantalized and intrigues by what we have. I think you have a totally wrong perception on this list.

  20.  The Jays have a much better system then New York or Boston. Once Tampa graduates Moore, the Jays will clearly be better. Read what the prospect wags have written about the Jays system…by next year we will almost certainly start graduating stars on a yearly basis.

  21.  I’ve never heard anything about Sickels not being respected in the industry.  Quite the opposite in fact.  Where are you getting this?

  22. It’s quite something that the team everyone expected to win the world series last year (Boston) and the team that did win the world series (St. Louis) are numbers 3 and 4 on the list.  Whether or not their prospects are among the best in the league, this sure highlights the importance of having a strong farm for sustained success rather than going out and trying to buy a quick winner.

  23. ESPN hired those morons (Nelson and Keating) who did the piece on the guy in the white shirt…just sayin…so there’s that….

  24. Still what was it? The average out of 10 lists and the Jays came in second with 11 guys? Has AA ever talked about his contract  and whether it has been extended? If it hasnt it should be. There has to be a long list of very rich teams who would want him by now.  I’m betting the Red Sox would love nothing more than to return the favour for Farrell.  

  25. Just one more thing ..on Hechavarria. Last summer when Mottola had him he went 4/4 in one game.  things were looking up and then he went to the AFL where he did essentially dick and is now 179?  What has happened to this guy?…Anyone? ….Bueller?…Anyone?

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