Farreltista disagress with your worldview

In a way I want to give Cathal Kelly the benefit of the doubt, because I usually like his work and I know that reporters aren’t responsible for their own headlines– which means that he’s not responsible for the ridiculous title of the post-NHL Trade Deadline piece at the Toronto Star, “Toronto GMs in all sports wary of making bold moves.”

But, in another way,… holy fuck, is the Star seriously fucking desperate enough to sell papers and pageviews to have implemented some mandate insisting their writers eschew intelligent analysis to stoke the petty fears of the lowest common denominator among the sports fans of this city??? (Please don’t answer that, Dave Feschuk.)

I mean, what are they? The Sun?

Because… holy shit, no bold moves? Since AJ Burnett???

You mean, like, how the Jays didn’t sign Jose Bautista, with a year left of team control, coming off a screaming motherfucker of an outlier season, to a five year, $65-million deal (with a club option for a sixth)? How they didn’t lay out $10-million for a Cuban prospect who might never hit enough to play in the Majors named Adeiny Hechavarria? How they played it safe and didn’t flip “sure thing” hitter Brett “Fat Ichiro” Wallace for some lottery ticket named Anthony Gose? How they didn’t trade the player some fans insisted was OPENING DAY STARTER Shaun Marcum for some UNPROVEN PROSPECT (!!!!?!!?) called Brett Lawrie?

Can I get a Fuck? And can I maybe also get an Off?

Yes, I think very much that I can.

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  1. I miss the “So….theres that”

  2. I’m sure you do.

    So… there’s that.

  3. Late night for Stoeten, doing the Lord’s Work.

  4. I love when Stoeten posts drunk. So old school, so going back to your roots, so REAL.

  5. Cathal is a fucking tool. 

  6. Well said…the Toronto sports media needs to hear “FUCK OFF” more often.

  7. Please do not encourage him.

  8. Its his Catchline…I see no such problem arising from him closing out a well written article in such a manner. Do not get your panties in a bunch over it.

  9. “Please do not encourage him” denotes my panties bunching up?

    And he does  not do his shtick after a well written article. Actually its the opposite. He sticks it at the end of a post regarding a rumour or something he finds to be bullshit.

    But if he wants to create a T Shirt out of it and monetize his name, all the more power to him.

  10. I can’t believe I’m actually arguing about this…But I think its a part of the DJF thing, do what they want when they want. Whatever, if you disagree.

  11. Don’t want to give the pageviews so didn’t read the article, but Bryan Colangelo is most certainly NOT afraid of the bold move. Jermaine O’Neal, Shawn Marion and Hedo Turkoglu can tell you that. If anything he has too quick a trigger finger.

    …now back to the Toronto team with a future.

  12. Spot on regarding the Raptors. The thing to remember with the Toronto sports media is that its Maple Leaf driven. Most of what is written is for and about the puck heads. To that end there have been no major or risky deals in this city for years. Also there has been no championship since 1967. To a lot of people the Jays and Raptors are just an annoyance that keeps Sportscentre from being 60 minutes in the hour about hockey rather that the 58 it currently is.

  13. I’m disappointed that all the comments here weren’t written in italics.

  14.  And then the Leafs. Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul weren’t at all bold moves. Maybe not the smartest moves, but they sure were bold.

  15.  Really? Kessel, Phaneuf, Lupul. Plus going back for years of trading first rounders for veterans. The Sundin for Clark back in the day. They may not all have been the smartest moves, but they sure qualify as bold in my opinion

  16. sure.  Fuck off TO Star.

  17. good job as always Stoeten…I always make a point to not click on the link when garbage like this is written…the chance I am depriving myself of an actual useful opinion is a risk I am willing to take to know I gave the star one less pageview on idiotic shit like this…

    it may be a naive and hopeless position, but even as a Leaf fan, I am rooting for them to bomb out again this year so that MAYBE the Jays can get a little love in this town if they do their part and keep things interesting this season…

  18. lol, awesome stuff…

  19. The hockey pucks didn’t get their big trade yesterday.  All of sudden, it’s AA’s fault that Rick Nash isn’t a Leaf?

  20. Hi Toronto Star, I just made a bold bowel movement!  

  21. Just want to say I’ve been all over this site this offseason and you make me laugh, love it!!! Keep it up and GO JAYS GO!!!

  22. in terms of the Jays, spot on Stoeten, everything well said…AA has been full of bold moves.. I don’t even think you mentioned the Rasmus deal unless I have the mind of a 96 year old man and that has to fall in there as well, depending on how you classify bold…

     as for the Leafs, they didn’t overpay for a  power forward with a massive contract who would have the added pressure of playing at home? horror show! FUCK IT, BLOW IT UP!

    and for the Raps.. it hasn’t been working but BC is the king of ‘bold’ moves… he almost shouldn’t be allowed to hand out contracts anymore to stop all the mind-altering boldness. but drafting Jonas Valanciunas this year with everyone screaming for instant improvement? JV Nasty as he is known in Lithuania (note: this is a falsehood)? that’s got to classify as a bold move.

    and let’s not forget Juan Rivera for cash considerations! that was a win!

  23. You can still bold things in word by doing this: *bold*

  24. Does anyone else think the logo on the new hats is too big?

  25. Damn straight.  Fuck off, Cathal Kelly.

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