I have no fucking clue what Jon Morosi of Fox Sports figured Joey Votto, who is under contract to the Cincinnati Reds for two more seasons, was going to say when asked about his interest in signing to play for the Jays when he becomes a free agent, but hold onto your tits, this is going to be a real ball-buster:

Holy shit! No way! So I guess he’s really not coming. Sad trombone.

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  1. This is EXACTLY what went through my head when I heard this non-story.

    No Votto!?!? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v

  2. That pretty much says it all. Slow day at Fox Sports.

  3. Well then.  Fuck Joey Votto, I dont want him on my favourite team anymore.  How dare he not be super-pumped about a team, other than his current employers, 2 years from now.

    Screw it, lets just sign Prince Fielder……

  4. Non-story really.  What do you expect him to say?  He’s under contract with the Reds through 2013.

  5.  Ah, that brief time period where journalists have nothing meaningful to ask and players have nothing to say, but they are both stuck in the middle of a Florida swamp.

  6. Best succinct post ever!

  7.  I wonder what Fielder wouldve said last year if Morosi asked him about playing for the tigers

  8. Are these twats paid to update twitter on the daily basis? Whats with the mindless shit peddled day in and day out.

  9.  that’s easier anyway, cause his dad played here…so it’s pretty much a done deal!

  10. Unless you have been living under a sports rock, I’m pretty sure Lebron has taught all athletes how to handle this kind of question.

    “I’d like to keep contract talks private”

    You don’t say huh….

  11. my maple boner just wilted :(…

  12. money talks.

  13. We don’t spend money on Free Agents anyways! Suck on that Morosi!

    Still, we should trade for Votto. That way he can learn to love us again before signing the extension.

  14. He would totally come here if he had the chance. He’s just not gonna say it while in contract. He and Dave Bolland (Black Hawks. both from the same area. Also close friends of the founders of The Remix Project) would love to play in their home town.

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