According to a bunch of tweets, including one from Shi Davidi that was first to show up in my timeline, John Farrell told assembled reporters this afternoon that the club will have hotshot (defensively, at least) shortstop prospect Adeiny Hechavarria take a few reps at second base this spring, to prepare him in case he gets called up in the even of an injury to starting second baseman Kelly Johnson.

This makes sense in that Hechavarria, as a rookie, probably wasn’t going to shift entrenched veteran Yunel Escobar out of his preferred shortstop position, especially if he’s called up as a fill-in for just a couple of weeks. Still… nobody has ever pretended that Hechavarria isn’t going to be a superior shortstop to Escobar, so one kinda wonders why it’s not Yunel being asked to take reps at second.

I get it though… I guess?

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  1. So they would rather have Hech’s bat there and make him change positions than have Visquel/Valbuena/McCoy play for a few weeks?

  2. As you said moving Hech for 3 weeks makes more sense than moving Esco out of his comfort zone… this time next year if Hech hits in AAA Esco will try 2nd.

  3. There’s no guarantee that Hech will be anything more than a utility player at this point. And if that is going to be his future, he needs to know both positions. If he ends up a utility player, than Escobar won’t be moving to 2B. If both end up starting, then maybe you consider moving Hech to SS and Escobar to second, but they don’t need to.

  4. Farrell used the words “long-term injury to Kelly Johnson” — so, I’m assuming that means they’re comfortable using the backup guys for a few weeks if necessary, but if KJ is out for a couple months or sustains a season-ending injury or whatever, then they’d call Hech up.

  5. At the same time, they probably realize that if he has a big league future on this team, it may be more likely as a utility infielder than a starter, so having him get work at multiple positions is a nice starting point.

  6. so the Jays paid 10 million bucks for a utility guy. u r stupid as fuck (anyone who thinks this).

  7. Yes.

  8.  This really doesnt matter, as hech won’t be anything more then a AAA backup infielder, if he is ever a starter for the Jays, we are screwed.

  9. Michael Garncarz: Well fuck me

  10. As bright as his future seems defensively, this picture seems to prove he truly does need to shore up his offensive game. Read: pop-out bunts.

  11. Remember Heck had 15 errors last year… in a position he knows.  Katy bar the door if he moves to second.   But remember he was an Eastern League All-star, batting in the 230′s and having booted 11 errors at New Hampshire.

  12. Like votto said, maybe Hech is a utility guy so there’s no reason not to try him around the diamond. And I’m not really convinced Yuni plays at 2nd. His biggest asset is his arm and he’s a big dude.

  13. I’m somewhat intrigued by Johnson’s positionsituation. AA has said a couple of times that Johnson will play “somewhere”, even mentioning the outfield. Got to the point that a somewhat indignant Johnson refuted it, saying that he’s never agreed to play the outfield.

  14.  Most likely the majority of those errors are on balls an average shortstop doesn’t get anywhere near. And he makes 25 or 30 outs on other balls that an average shortstop doesn’t get anywhere near. Fielding percentage is not a very useful defensive stat, esp. at SS. Nor is number of errors.

    That’s why this kid will be a starting shortstop in MLB someday. If he can hit a little, great. If not, he’ll need to be on a team that can carry his lack of a bat. But by all accounts, the glove has been there for a while.

  15. Ahhh, so you’d like an proven shortstop to take reps at 2nd b/c there is an unproven shortstop a year a way from being ready. 

  16. Beltre gets a lot of errors too and he’s regarded as one of the best, same with Andrus at SS. It’s because they’re getting to balls that more than half the players on their position coudln’t dream of doing so. 

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