Jayson Stark has a couple interesting Jays-related tidbits in his latest effort for ESPN.com, noting that some GMs believe the club, as constituted, are a World Series threat, and that Alex Anthopoulos is open to bringing more players into camp.

Let’s start with the second thing first. Stark writes that he “heard a rumor the other day that the Blue Jays could have some interest in a right-handed bat such as Vladimir Guerrero’s or possibly Magglio Ordonez’s.” This jibes with the rumours we’d heard a few weeks back that they were also interested in the right-handed bat of Manny Ramirez, before he signed on with Oakland.

Stark asked Anthopoulos if he considered himself done adding pieces to his roster, and the GM was typically non-committal, explaining that “we don’t have any talks going on with anyone. But if somebody were to fall in our lap, would we take a look at it? Yes.”

“If someone were to say, ‘I want to come in to camp on a minor league deal,’ we’d say we’re open to pretty much anybody,” Anthopoulos clarified. “But in terms of adding a free agent on a guaranteed contract, we won’t be doing that.”

The other interesting tidbit involved Stark’s contemplating the number of teams with a legitimate chance to win the World Series. He figured twelve, ESPN Radio’s John Kincade said eleven, and in thinking about it, he decided to informally poll [Note: rawwwr!] five GMs, who ended up naming nineteen teams in total. While the Jays weren’t among the twelve agreed upon by all five, they were among the clubs receiving at least one vote.

Plan the parade!

So… there’s that.

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  1. The thing I found most interesting is that the Red Sox weren’t named by all 5.  What delusional executive doesn’t think that a team that was on a 100 win pace as of Aug 31 last year has a shot at winning the world series?

  2. Would be nice for nostalgia to see Vlad come back to Canada to finish his career, but realistically he’s probably finished.  Very sad because he was the best player in the game and that blasted Olympic Stadium turf destroyed him

  3. All this proves is something people already know. There are some stupid GM’s out there.

    The Jays would need at least two, maybe three or four miracles to even make the playoffs. 

  4. I think whichever GM(s) said that are basically thinking that the Jays have the talent to win, so they voted them as being possible winners.  They weren’t voting on likelihood.

  5. Mm.  If there’s a second WC, and it can be had with around 90 wins, I’d say there’s a chance.  A very slim chance. 

    I mean they won 85 two years ago, with probably a worse MLB squad.  If a couple key guys step forward, they could be surprisingly good.

    If there’s only one WC in 2012 though – then yeah.  Would take a minor miracle for sure.

  6. Vlad is working hard to get ready for this year, so why not?  He still has at least one good year left, maybe just that one.

  7. You heard it here first – Vlad’s in the best shape of his life!

  8. I loved watching Vlad when he was in his prime with the Expos.  Had to be one of the most exciting players back in the day.  But to suggest that he has anything left in the tank is debatable.   I doubt he would be willing to take a minor league deal to become a DH in AAA.  Magglio might consider this as an option to get back to the show but I can’t see Vlad doing it.

  9. this rumor makes the AA comments on keeping an eye on EE’s progression in left field/RH bat off the bench make sense. if EE can fill in as a 5th outfielder then the possibility of keeping a guy with only  a bat  to contribute becomes a realistic possibility. 

    now that era of heavy draft pick collection and stop gap flips appear to be in the rear view mirror i’m really looking forward to see how AA gets the most out of his 25 and 40 man roster. now that the barn is stocked with a good number of horses (and in a short while perhaps too many) i gotta feeling we’re gonna see some fun moves. 

  10. would love to see Vlad get some ABs with the Jays. Also as Oswalt remains to be unsigned I’m hoping he might accept a one year $10 Million type deal with the Jays. I think he already said he didn’t want to play here or something, but given that times running out maybe he would change his mind?

    Getting another rotation pitcher is in my mind still the #1 priority. An insurance bat like Vlad would be awesome though.

  11.  Oswalt already said he plans to do the Clemens thing and join a team mid-season

  12. Man, no question Magglio is the guy I would want over Vlad.  Mags had a solid 08, 09, 2010…2011 was not good but he did have a career low babip of 275.  the guy walks enough…and basically is muc h less removed from highly productive years than vlad who is a shell

  13. Magglio downright sucked last year though. Geurrero hit .290 with a .733 OPS compared to Magglio’s .255 and ugly .634 OPS. Magglio has also only had some 300~ ABs his last two seasons. Vlad is slightly younger, played more the last two years (with decent numbers, .841 OPS in 2010).

    I think I would actually consider Geurrero closer to productive years than Ordonez. Although Ordonez was a downright beast only 2-3 years ago while Guerrero has been steadily declining.

  14. Sigh … please don’t reinstitute “So… there’s that.”

  15. Why care?

  16. Only if Vlad replaces his legs with the artificial blade legs like Oscar Pistorius.

    He’ll fly around the bases and in the Outfield!  Forget what kind of surface he’s on!  Jays can play with 2 OFs and have a rover in the infield!

  17. Okay…. so I am the only one who strongly suspects AA was one of those two AL GMs Stark polled? He followed the World Series poll piece directly with one on AA/Blue Jays, and I’m probably just being foolish but I don’t figure too many other GMs in either league would peg the Jays as possible World Series threats this season..  2+2 = ?

  18. To conclude from reading that piece that “some GMs believe the club, as constituted, are a World Series threat” is a bit intellectually dishonest.

    I would suggest: “at least one GM (who may very well be Alex Anthopolous) believes the club, as constituted, are a World Series threat”

    I need to find better things to do with my lunch hour….

  19. The GMs were unanimous on twelve teams.  Twelve teams don’t even make the playoffs.  Thus, by giving the Jays a vote, the GM (singular?) was saying the Jays could make the playoffs.  Because if you can make the playoffs, you can make the World Series, as the Cardinals have proven.

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