Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Late-Afternoon Snack…

House of the Bluebird excellently breaks down what the addition of a Wild Card team for 2012 does and does not mean for the Jays.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes talks AJ Burnett’s welcome back to the National League and has some fun with Murray Chass.

Bluebird Banter reveals their top Jays prospects ranked from six to ten, and in case I missed it the other day, they’ve got eleven through fifteen up as well.

“That’s the thing about Toronto, man,” writes Grant Brisbee in his SB Nation preview for the Jays. “I get older, they stay the same Jays.”

Mike Wilner gets the ol’ blog cranking up again for the Fan 590, reviewing today’s news from camp and providing audio of Omar Vizquel on the differences between playing second and short, and John Farrell’s talk with the media.

The Tao of Stieb’s 30 Jays in 30 Days feature takes us to the much-debated Travis Snider.

At the Toronto Star, Richard Griffin talks about Adam Lind’s wonky back, and all the other things– an off-season marriage, a pregnant wife who wasn’t a citizen and couldn’t stay with him in Toronto (or… fuck I can’t wrap my head around this bit)– that we’re supposed to believe made the first baseman’s poor 2011 as bad as his poor 2010. He also has a blog post with a number of little tidbits.

Shi Davidi checks in with Eric Thames at Sportsnet.

At, Gregor Chisholm brings us a notebook post that, among other things, talks about the Jays efforts (as usual) to implement a running game. He also catches up with Omar Vizquel.

Ken Fidlin of the Toronto Sun tells us how Casey Janssen has his old stuff back. Or is that his “stuff”? His, y’know… his pitching filth.

So it’s not afternoon? So what? Sue me.

Not sure why you’d want to put yourself through it, but Marc Hulet of FanGraphs checks in with his top 15 prospects for the Tampa Bay Rays.

In case you missed it yesterday, I don’t care if he’s the Red Sox manager, Bobby Valentine is the awesome.

On Thursday at Minor League Ball John Sickels will be posting an “All Questions Answered” thread at 10 AM ET. If there’s a question about the Jays prospects you’d like him to dig into, knock yourself out.

Lastly, at Bluebird Banter, Tom Dakers asks readers what they would do with the Jays’ TV broadcast, conceding that he doesn’t really think that the broadcasts are designed to speak to the hardcore fan– they’re more to help along the casual fan. Personally, I don’t think that’s true. But even if it were, we could still expect a whole lot better. I mean, why should we stand for our TV broadcasters and writers to speak so much in a traditionalist language that is laughed at by the people who actually run teams and make decisions. Intelligence please!

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  1. Woooooo expanded playoffs

  2. Prettyy Sure Lind Married a girl that he met here from Richmond Hill. 

  3. problem with expanded playoffs is the angels get to play the mariners and As all year. we only have baltimore! and let’s not event think about the steeply shitty al central. it’s still a long shot – which is why i’m starting to think about it right now.

  4.  Agreed. The MLB is a big winner because it virtually guarantees that the yankees & red sox will be in the playoffs each year. Also, the Angels & Rangers should compete for the other wild card & division. Notice that those 4 teams recently signed huge broadcasting contracts. A team that has a virtual lock on the playoffs will be a ratings success.  The extra spot also allows the Jays & rays to make an occasional run at the playoffs as “underdogs in small markets”

  5. how awesome would it be if Bobby Valentine calls big papi Jose again at some point this year? i still get a good laugh out of that lol… anyway, that Bobby V link is pretty good. should be pretty interesting to see how he works out in Boston.

  6. Indeed. I’m not sure what Griff’s driving at there.

  7. this is priceless, it appears the head case that is aj burnett bunted a ball of his head and has suffered a serious injury

    instant karma’s going to get you, gonna smash you right in the face…..

  8. She was getting US Citizenship (TRAITOR!), so couldn’t leave the States for a certain amount of time, according to the article.

    But, if she married an American, I thought she just got citizenship.  I’m confused…

  9. The second link, the first getting blanked link, is about that exact same story…

  10. but it said in the article.. that he had to spend the summer in Toronto alone?

  11.  Yeah, but it was posted by Parkes…

  12. you crack me up Stoeten [and parkes too] — I mean, you piss and moan about the toronto media and writers being negative about stupid things – AA did nothing; Rogers gives us no money; Bautista must be on PED….yet you have your trusty dump-taking too:
    1) Managers Lineups, in-game decisions [yet at the same time, paradoxically noting they don't effect the game as much as everyone else must obviously think]
    2) Broadcasters – they just aren’t good at doing anything or providing entertainment – and, what’s this, they sometimes say stupid things…..on live TV….what?!
    3) ties in the other two – those not using fangraphs to reveal the truth behind the game

    I will try to make note of the next time you praise a managerial decision, or a piece of good broadcasting but I don’t think it matters who is put in the box, or fills out the card — it is your trusty security blanket…..or it helps keep you regular

  13. is parkes that asian guy on the penguins?

  14. If you marry a US citizen and are seeking US residency (ie:  green card), the INS/Homeland Security has minimal residency requirements (I think it might be 6 months).  During this period, the applicant cannot leave the US.  If they do, they have to re-apply and the clock starts back at zero (never a good idea). 

    An applicant must establish residency before they are issued a green card.  Once they get the green card, they have the right for unfettered travel to and from the US.  As for becoming an official US citizen, this process can take anywhere between 2-4 years, depending on the circumstances. 

    If Lindy’s wife is a Canadian, she does not need to renounce her Canadian citizenship to become a US citizen.  Canada-US have reciprocity agreements that allow for dual citizenship.  Technically, she wouldn’t be a traitor.

  15.  not so sure about the reciprocity agreement…you seem to know what you are talking about, but from my own experience I am pretty sure you do have to renounce your Canadian citizenship…but not the other way around.

  16.  No…any kids born there would automatically get citizenship…not a spouse.

  17.  Very true. She had to stay at their home in Florida while LIND was in Toronto & travelling with the team.

  18.  I’m not a AF burnett fan, but what exactly makes him a nutcase? Do you know him personally? What pleasure do you get out of somebody getting a serious injury? I’m not trying to be self righteous, but get a life!

  19.  AJ Burnett

  20.  I think Griff is arguing that Lind had personal issues last year, missing his wife, not being around for the pregnancy, nervousness about playing 1B for the first time, taking too many ground balls in spring traaining etc…to focus on hitting.

    Hopefully, Lind will be psycholigically prepared to play this year.

  21.  i actually masturbated to the video

  22. Anyone know if Rogers is live streaming all the games online again this year?

  23. Did Casey Janssen get all his old stuff off Kijiji?

  24. Bobby Valentine made him self look like an ass:

    Valentine backed off a bit Wednesday, saying he’d talked with Red Sox
    bullpen coach Gary Tuck, who used to be with the Yankees as a catching

    “He said they do practice it. Total mistake on my part because they do
    practice it, that’s for sure,” Valentine said. “It’s hard to practice
    that because why are we going to practice a bad throw? That’s not what
    we’re doing here. But I get it. I get it. … I want it on record that I
    love Derek Jeter as a player. It was not a slight towards him. I love him as a guy, too.”

  25. As far as the new second wild card team, the idea that a single game playoff is a crap shoot but a best of five is not makes no sense as far as baseball goes.  they are both HUGE crap shoots, just one slightly greater than the other.

    the sentiment that it beehoves teams to win the division now MORE than before is illogical.  essentially, the entire playoff system in baseball is a crap shoot so just getting in, in any way possible, should be a teams goal. 

    this type of nuance does not exist, however if it WERE possible to build a team to win the second wild card year after year, yet never approach a division championship…that would be fine by me.

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