It’s probably not a healthy thing to keep stoking Jays fans’ maple-fuelled infatuation with a player still under contract to the Cincinnati Reds for two years, but there are a lot of reasons– something like two hundred million of them– to think that, when the time comes, Joey Votto is going to hit the open market. And for Jays fans yearning (ridiculously) for a Canadian superstar, a first baseman that isn’t Adam Lind, and a club building a national brand and shameless in their willingness to exploit players’ birth certificates, obviously that’s going to be the cause

Jon Morosi addresses this in his latest piece for Fox Sports, citing a source “with knowledge of Votto’s plans” who says that he and the reds “aren’t actively exchanging proposals now and that Votto is ‘in no rush’ to start.” He paints a picture of Votto as an extremely driven player, but more interestingly, for our purposes, someone who has done some thinking about how best to position oneself for stardom.

Sure, on one hand he says that he has “no problem falling under the radar,” but he also tells Morosi that “I think Albert might find — not that I know — that St. Louis might have been a good market as far as him being a star.” Morosi also points out that Votto “recently remarked to Hal McCoy of FOX Sports Ohio, ‘Prince Fielder sure got a lot of money, didn’t he?’ “

But he’s certainly not all about money, as demonstrated by a comment that should make us Jays fans take notice.

“The Blue Jays will be under intense pressure to pursue Votto if he hits the open market, since he was born and raised in Toronto,” Morosi writes. “But Votto seemed unmoved by the local-boy-makes-good-and-comes-home narrative when I mentioned it to him. ‘I want to play for a good team,’ said Votto, who now makes his offseason home in Florida. ‘Cincinnati has a good team right now.’ “

For now. With Votto. Two years from now, who knows?

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  1. Reds bring in marshall, madson and latos, trade a bunch of prospects and spend a ton of money….

    so lets all discuss the future of the very player they are building around.

    if they had any inclination of trading Votto, or fears of not signing him, wouldn’t they have traded him and kept Alonso ?

    2 years is such a long time to be thinking about adding  a player and its definetely not happening before the 2013 trade deadline

  2. There’s no reason to think the Jays would be interested in giving the 30 year old Votto a market sized deal to come here, and I’m not in favour of trading the farm for him when it doesn’t appear that offense is this team’s problem.

  3. I’m sure they’ll take your advice into consideration.

  4. This is pretty much bang on.

  5. Ultimately, I don’t see the Jays landing Votto if in fact he becomes available. Everything they’ve said up to now about contract limits and precedents for roster players right down to draft picks makes me believe they’ll do the whole “offer but  on our terms” dance.

    With payroll expected to be considerably higher going forward and a loss of revenue sharing I don’t see them adding a $25+ million a year player to the payroll in 2014. I certainly don’t see them trading for him for less than a season and a half of playing time. The time to do that would have been this winter. Also the Reds have to make him available first. With them adding Latos and trading the bulk of their good prospects they are in win now mode. All this talk of Votto of late is highly reminiscent of the trade for Hernandez stuff last year.

    I know there’s a lot of positives in getting a player like Votto but I just don’t see Rogers signing off on a mega contract for a player of Votto’s age in 2014 or outbidding other teams for him.

  6. Agreed, but if they’re going to break their own rules on that stuff, this is the guy they’ll do it for.

  7. thats what we spent all yesterday arguing over?  whats he supposed to say?

  8. So many factors to consider by the time Votto is available, which is why it makes no sense to think about it now.

    For instance by 2013/2014, Marisnick and Gose could be up here making an impact, perhaps pushing Bautista to 1B .  etc etc, world of possibilities.

  9. why couldn’t this be a last ditch effort, like when Milwaukee traded Lawrie for Marcum?  if they knew their time was short, they’d take a shot

  10. they could be stocking up for one final push, like Milwaukee did before losing Fielder (Lawrie for Marcum etc)

  11. sorry for double

  12. We cannot know who will need a player of Votto’s ilk by 2014. If he is signed by a serious AL rival, we will be watching Toronto-born pummel us, knowing Rogers refused even to make a serious offer…

  13. that’s exactly what they are doing, I didn’t suggest otherwise.. so I’m not sure of your comment?

    He will be a red for a minimim of the next 1.5 years, probably 2 years. . and so much can change by then

  14. thought you meant he was staying beyond his current contract…

  15. if i take anything from his comments, it’s that if the Jays want to be in the mix, they need to be competitive by the time he hits the market.

  16. “the money will be there for the right guy”.

  17. With Gose and Marisnik on the rise and big improvements from one of Thames/Snider I like the thought of Bautista at first base a lot.

  18. If they suck this year, they might decide they need to rebuild the farm.

    I so want the Reds to have a 2011 Twins like season this year.

  19.  Teams like the Dodgers, Cubs or even the Rangers could all be looking for a first baseman come 2014. The Dodgers will have new ownership by then, a huge TV contract  and the Cubs two years along in their rebuild with their own deep pockets. There can be no doubt there’s going to be serious competition for him if he hits the open market.

  20. and Colby Rasmus isn’t an FA until 2015.

    So in terms of possible outfielders,  you have a tentative list of Marisnick, Snider, Gose, Rasmus, Thames,  and Bautista. 

    If  1 of Marisnick and Gose projects out, 1 of Snider or Thames Develops , and Rasmus rebounds, Joey Bats has to move, which makes adding a high end 1B, as good as he is, rather redundant.

  21. Cubs just added a young 1B prospect did they not?

  22. I doubt it, they invested too much in terms of prospects and money to push for the next 2 years.

    if they tank in 2013 then i could see it happening.

  23.  Yep but he has 2 years to pan out. Who knows how he’ll do.

  24. I can see them dealing him at the deadline if they tank in 2012.

    But, I don’t expect them to tank and I like them to win the division.

  25. the only one worth that kind of dough is Jose, thank goodness we locked him up.

  26. DH

  27.  but Lind will only be 30 at that point, we need to see more data before we completely write him off ;)

  28. Votto will go where the money is. Unfortunately, there’s absolutely no reason to believe that place is Toronto as long as Rogers owns the team.

  29.  It would be sad if Rogers lost Votto in a biding war to the Yankees or Red Sox.

  30.  that’s not a bad idea

  31. Just dont see it happening…and especially not before the 2013 trade deadline like lunchbox said.

  32. Didn’t Rogers own the team when Wells signed his extension? 

  33.  Think about what payroll will most likely be in two years, then subtract money they get from revenue sharing. Then add potentially $25 million a year. It’s a big leap and one that Rogers hasn’t shown they are willing to make yet. I do believe they will continue to expand the payroll but within limits meaning they won’t spend a 20-25% on one player, especially with AA running the show.

  34. I’m not saying the Jays will sign Votto. My comment was about Fullmer_Fan’s statement about how there is absolutely no reason to believe that Rogers would be willing to allow the Jays to sign a large contract, except, you know, that they did just that in 2006 (no, I am not saying Wells = Votto, but 126M in 2007 is not that far off of 200M in 2014 …).

    I disagree with your assessment about AA not being willing to sign a single player to a large contract. Sure, while he was rebuilding the team from the ground up he wasn’t. But that doesn’t mean he won’t in the future, and is certainly no where close to conclusive evidence to that effect.

  35.  Will AA risk his reputation on signing Votto for 200 million & have it blow up in his face like what happened to JP Riccardi?

    Votto wasn’t a Jay his whole career like Wells.

    I suspect that AA would prefer to give big contracts to home grown players than free agents.

    I wonder if AA would have done what JP did for Wells?

  36.  Just that AA has said things to that effect when he was talking about Darvish or Fielder. Obviously, things can change. It should be interesting going forward how much the payroll gets expanded.

  37. I wonder how long you have to think to come up with answers like that.  Something tells me the smoke has been rolling for quite a while on that one.

  38. We’ve got that already with russel martin

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