Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Mid-Afternoon Snack…

The Tampa Bay Tribune, in addition to having the most annoying fucking pop-up ad I’ve ever fucking encountered, has a story of how three unnamed Jays players three years ago lived in a Florida condo unit where they allegedly left the bath tub running for over an hour, which damaged the unit below, and has now caused a lawsuit against the team from the woman who lived there.

Bluebird Banter gets to the top of their top Jays prospects list, and it comes with a couple of surprises: Jake Marisnick ahead of Anthony Gose, and Noah Syndergaard ahead of him at number two.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes fills you in on how the Yankees are getting budget conscious… apparently.

The Canadian Press, via the Globe and Mail, talks about Ricky Romero being key for the Jays in 2012, and misses a crucial word in an Alex Anthopoulos quote. No, they DON’T “need everyone to have a career year.”

Extra Base Hit tweets that the highest over/under home run total as set by Vegas belongs to Jose Bautista, at 44. I’ll take the under, but, of course, I’m a dick.

At the National Post we hear how John Farrell was interviewed by his old boss, Terry Francona, who now works for ESPN, and how Sergio Santos is a changed man.

The Toronto Sun talks about Adam Lind’s back, as though 2010 didn’t happen, and give us a notebook post (article, whatever) that tries to somehow keep on pretending it was stupid to get rid of Reed Johnson in 2008, while adding this quote from Brett Cecil, on encouragement he received from scout Mel Didier after facing live hitters on Wednesday: “He told me that in none of the three games he saw last year was I throwing with the same free delivery and arm speed that he saw today.” also has some kind of litany of Adam Lind excuses, while Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks about the reunion of ex-Braves Kelly Johnson and Yunel Escobar in the Jays infield.

At the Star the check in with Francisco Cordero, tell us of the Mets’ optimism about Frank Francisco and (guffaw!) Jon Rauch, and assure us that Jose Bautista is a loyal soldier while slinging bullshit about the possibility of his contract somehow not being honoured. They also tell us about his fancy new blue glove. Who is he, Juan Guzman?

FanGraphs reveals the top end of its crowdsourced broadcaster rankings, and the result is thoroughly unsurprising. “Vin Scully has been an excellent broadcaster since that time in our nation’s history when men wore fedoras unironically,” Carson Cistulli rather awesomely points out.

Lastly, John Sickels has his All Questions Answered thread up at Minor League Ball, which might require some further comment… y’know… once I actually read it.

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  1. Francona just told a story on ESPN about Farrell picking up Pedroia and putting him in a garbage can a few years ago.

    Awesome, I hate that midget.

  2. Weird, I was just looking up signed Juan Guzman memorabilia in the ebay completed listings. Few takers…

  3. Karl Ravech makes reference to how Bautista has never been caught for PEDs when introducing a Francona/Bautista pre-recorded interview. For some reason, it was important to note that.

  4. Hilarious Tim Kurkjian impression by Arencibia.

  5. If the bathtub incident took place in the 2009 edition of spring training, I hope that Millar was responsible for keeping the tap on for an hour.

  6.  That Kurkjian impression was pretty great.  Ha. 

  7. Hate him, but I’d take him on my team any day.

  8. FF Whats your impression? Does Ravech think he’s an “obvious juicer” who’s never been caught OR does he think that he’s never been caught because he’s never used the stuff?

  9. Lind one spot below ry-Howard on Matthew berry’s fantasy top 250…!

  10. Not sure what Ravech thinks, but I believe a lot of casual American baseball fans think Bautista uses PEDs (and that’s based on my interactions while living in the States and also how “Jose Bautista steroids” is prompted on Google whenever you type in his name). They just see that as the only real explanation for his numbers. 

    That perception certainly isn’t helped by the fact that ESPN went out of their way to claim the Jays/Bautista were cheaters based on no evidence with the “man in the white shirt” story last year (or that guys like Ravech feel the need to bring up PEDs often when Bautista is mentioned, even if they are just pointing out he’s never tested positive).

  11. Better than Juan’s glove was his sweet  San Pedro de Marcoris-afromullet grease.

  12. Just let your soul glowwwwwwwwww

  13. Arencibia is the funniest Jay hands down. *Jersey him JP!*

    True story:

    Two years ago when JP was a bench player, Im in Boston to see the Jays-Sox.  So I am sitting  in right field with the boys near Peskys Pole dressed as yours truely, Kelly Gruber(pants, retro jersey with Gruber on the back, hat, and yes….. schweet blond mullet too)

    So as any venerable Drunk Jays Fan does, I get all good and liquored-up 2 innings into the game. My analysis and fan prowess is somewhat slowed and maimed by the fantastic effects of Sam Adams. Then I hear a Sox fan behind me let out a “Hey, Grooobah!!”

    I then brace for a good old fashioned verbal asskicking from a member of Red Sox Nation on his turf. And he follows up, “look, you have an admirer….” and points to Jays bullpen in right field.

    I look over and there is Jesse Carlson with JP leaning up against the wall smiling at me. Of course I wave with my best Gruber impression, minus the wink……. okay I winked. Then Jp starts to shake his head and flick his hands as if he is fluffing his hair.  Meaning? I guess he wants a sexy mullet head-shake from me. So I stand up, take off the hat, and let it fly. The crowd cackles, I look gay, but Jp laughed his ass off. 
    I dont care how how good D’Arnaud gets, Arencibia’ a keeper. 

  14. The stories in the comment section is what really separates DJF from the pack.

    I also just want to put in that I think GM AA’s best buy low move this offseason was getting Mathis. You look at the Napoli turnaround and think that how well Mathis was regarded as a prospect. It’s a good risk to take. The Jays could have three quality starters by the end of the season- that’s some real depth.

    I know Snider/Thames no holds barred position battle is at the forefront, but I hope the team is committed to bringing the best pitching staff North. Drabek stormed out of the gate last ST before the wheel came off. I wouldn’t be disappointed if he bumped someone to the pen.

  15. I agree.  I posted this a few days ago, but if Alvarez doesn’t have a third pitch developed coming out of ST, I don’t think another year, or part of a year in New Hampshire would be the worst thing for him while he works on that pitch.

  16. At Getting Blanked, Parkes fills you in on how the Yankees are getting budget conscious… apparently.”

    I think I would have finished that sentence “…. relatively”

  17. My dad is a perpetual Jays pessimist.  It’s not like were the Cubs, but thats his style, he likes to bitch about baseball and the Jays.

    The smack that flies out of this 70 year-old mans mouth is enough to make section 203 in Yankee Stadium cover their ears. We talk twice a week about the Jays,  so I record the best rants on Twitter.

    Check it out, because he’s a beauty.

  18. Not much from the Sickels’ AQA thread. Thinks Nicolino will be the first promoted of Syndergaard and Sanchez.

  19. Stoeten, what was the Jesse Carlson comment about on Hayhurst’s ustream? Didn’t notice it was happening until after.  Any juicy tidbits about the jays?

  20. Yeah, I was wondering the same thing about the Carlson comment too?

  21. Luke Scott is sort of a rightwing dick..but I do like him a bit more after reading this…

  22. After reading this, the Jays can never fire Farrell.  

  23. Everybody’s got their moments. Just like psychopaths suck at being neighbours and rule at being infantrymen… Right-wing dicks make poor acquaintances but wonderful BoSox trolls. Luke Scott is a sure-thing, 5-WAR-you-can-book-it, BoSox troll. May he bask in glory.

  24. I wouldn’y say “never”. After all, Perdroia didn’t “never” get out of the garbage, sadly.

  25. Cant get enough outspoken players in the game.  Mind you, the way Rays fans fill the seats during the postseason will have him calling them out too.

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