JP Arencibia is a Funny Guy

Here we have the Jays catcher mocking playfully imitating ESPN’s Tim Kurkjian. Funny stuff.

(via Bluebird Banter)

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  1. That was pretty awesome but I bet d’Arnaud is better at everything else. 

  2. Listening to it the first time I thought it was just ridiculous.. but then Kurkjian talked. 

  3. We all thought Drabek was the next Ace. Careful on your assumptions.

  4. This is probably shallow or something, but I am getting so much more excited this spring because everyone’s wearing blue instead of black.

  5. whooosh

  6. Watched that quite a few times now, pretty damn funny. 

  7. Everyday I love this team more.

  8. too funny, great to see the Jays with some personality again. Too bad I can’t spell personaltiy

  9. Im a JPA hater and compare his defensive skills to that of a cardboard box, but that was awesome. that made me actually like him just a little bit. Im glad this video exists. 

  10. Hey Gregg Zaun why do you call yourself ozmosis007

  11. Everything ELSE? No way … d’Arnaud woulda done 
    Kurkjian, Francona, and that dude in the studio.

  12. Could not stop laughing, excellent stuff. I’m also glad that Arencibia brought up Bautista’s ears. I feel like that has been a huge elephant in the room for some time now

  13. I have met JP several times and he could not be any nicer. Real quality guy and I wish him the best. He could not have been more gracious with me. And to top it off, he loves hockey!! How bad can he be? Hopefully when D’Arnaud arrives they find as spot for JP. You can never have too much character on a team!

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