Oh, you know us and our inferiority complex here in this country, particularly when it comes to our neighbours to the south. Something instantly because extra specially special when it means that Americans are taking notice of us. Swoon!

So I guess it’s fantastically terrific news that over the weekend both Jayson Stark of ESPN.com and Kenny Ken Ken Rosenthal of Fox Sports brought us tidings of promise for the Toronto Blue Jays.

Stark tells us that the Jays are perhaps the team most likely to benefit from MLB’s addition of a Wild Card team to their playoff format, pointing out the familiar horror show that is the fact that the Jays have won more games than the Giants and Tigers, for example.

“If you’re looking for a franchise whose hopes of playing in October just took an especially dramatic turn upward, the Blue Jays might be Exhibit A,” he says. “They’ve been building toward this moment in time anyway, constructing a team and a system designed for long-term contention. So they already qualified as the most talented team in baseball that no one south of the border ever seems to mention.”

Displaying an immense amount of sense (despite later stoking the flames of Votto insanity), he explains that “the folks who have focused on what this team didn’t do [this winter] ought to take another look at what it HAS done — not just since the end of last season but over the last calendar year.”

And speaking of sense, Alex Anthopoulos, everybody!

“We weren’t going to continue to stockpile draft picks for five years,” he tells Stark. “That was something we needed to do at the time. We needed to add more prospects. And we needed to solidify our depth as an organization for a short time period. It was always going to be until the big league club was ready [to contend]. … In the position we’re in now, we’re looking ahead to the big league club to get better.”

Rosenthal takes a different tack at Fox, beginning his piece by suggesting that “if there was a spring-training award for best clubhouse vibe, it just might go to the Toronto Blue Jays.”

“Yes, the possibility now exists that the Jays could finish third and qualify for the wild-card play-in,” he writes. “But frankly, their clubhouse was buzzing even before baseball announced that the expansion of the playoffs would start in 2012.”

“I just see a different type of confidence now,” says the magical-eared Jose Bautista. “Not so much from the mouth: ‘Yeah, we’re so good, we’re going to do it.’ I hear less talk and more action.”


“It’s obviously going to be a tough task. Everybody knows it. But it’s definitely not one where you’re like, ‘We’ve got no shot, we’ll be out of it by August,’ ” says Kelly Johnson. “There is none of that — none. Some fans here, even some media, might look at it like, ‘Why do the Jays even play the games?’ It’s not at all that way here. It’s the complete opposite. There is no question anymore about being able to compete.”

Typical spring blather, yes. But it’s good to be noticed, and to see the team written about in such glowing terms.

Shit, they even had Jose Bautista stop by for a chat with Tim Kurkjian and Terry Francona in the ESPN piece. (Note the hearty laugh from Tito on the notion of Jose bunting, which he says he remembers, though I don’t, and I’m having a tough time finding anywhere that says he did.)http://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gif


UPDATE: I missed it until Drew pointed it out when my piece went up, but at MLB.com, Peter Gammons also had a number of kind words about the Jays.

“I can’t tell you that I think the Jays will make the playoffs, not with the Yankees, Rangers, Rays, Red Sox and Angels in line for what may be four postseason spots. They’re coming off a year in which they were 81-81 — with a -18 run differential — finishing nine games behind Boston and in fourth place. Yet the fact that they appear to be much improved — as opposed to the number of games the Rangers and Angels play against Oakland and Seattle — make it very difficult for more than one Wild Card team to come out of the East,” he writes. “But with Jose Bautista established as a star in right field with his 97 homers and 1.022 OPS over the past two seasons, if Colby Rasmus relaxes and approaches what some in St. Louis saw in him, with Adam Lind at first base, the Jays are going to be a dangerous offensive team.”

Lind? Um… let’s just let that one slide. PLAYOFFS!!!!!1!

UPDATE THE SECOND: Holy shit and the Knobler gets in on the act, too!

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  1. Tito is so terrible at tv. I cringe every time I see a segment with him. The whole comparison between Bautista and Pedroia was the worst.. “Do you know what kind of compliment he’s given you?” Come on man.  

  2. I remember Bautista showing bunt a whole bunch of times last year, I don’t think I saw any games where he “succesfully” bunted though.

  3. I think he’s pretty solid.

  4. francona is a douche

  5. Mud-riding?

    Colby Rasmus is a walking stereotype.

  6. Tito was awesome in the JPA interview

  7. I don’t think he’s actually bunted since he became elite. He has too much self-confidence in his own power to waste a plate appearance like that.

  8. I don’t mind Francona.  Was a big fan of his when he played for the Expos.  I think he will be miles better than fucking Bobby V. as an ESPN analyst.   Keeps saying that Bautista is trying to hit a ball off of that hotel.  That is respect.

    Re:  Knobler article.  I can’t believe this guy doesn’t know what mud riding is.  This reporter must be a city boy pussy.

  9. total wishful thinking.

  10. I appreciate having analysts that played/ coached the game, but just because one has done one -  does not make them automatically good at the other.  Watching Francona is like nails on a chalkboard to me. 

  11. Yeah it was pretty cringeworthy, however I think Francona sincerely does have a lot of respect for the Jays in general but his mind is so beantown-warped that the Pedroia thing is the best possible compliment he could come up with. I do like him though as he’s honest and speaks his mind and doesn’t come preloaded with the general sportscaster questions or comments.

  12. Holy Christ, if you ever think the DJF Monkey Army is out of hand, read some of those comments on the CBS Sports site.

  13. i dont get it

    when tito made the pedroia comaprison was he implying joey bats has a brother serving prison time for pedophilia too?

  14. I like the quote about the Jays having the best clubhouse vibe in the league.

    Its pretty evident that the ring leader for comraderie is *Jersey Him JP!* The funniest part of it is, is how these guys sincerely love watch and rub elbows with NHL hockey players.

    This city is going to have a love affair with these boys as they start contending more. The truth is in the details, and I really think this vibe is a huge thing for a winning team. 

  15. I’d been waiting all winter for somebody to write the ‘better Jays than you think’ article, and now they all do it in the same week. Weird.

  16. The worst part is Francona wasn’t comparing Pedroia to Bautista in the interview. He was comparing Pedroia to Lawrie

  17. I loved Francona when I was a kid… then I looked him up… a 1B/corner OF with no patience, no power but… he doesn’t strike out but really, that’s it… which is why he got less than 2000 PA in his career.

    My memory thinks he was Marco Scutaro but Fangraphs says he was David Cooper. 

  18. Now it seems they’ll finish right behind the Angels on that poll on MLBtraderumors. (Which AL team will have the biggest turnaround?)

  19. francona is slightly awkward but is better than most sports people on tv. The Jays are really turning into a nice guy type of team although even in the Vernon Wells era I felt the same, and now it turns out some of the guys might’ve been assholes back then. still a good club house might go a ways in attracting free agents.

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