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At the Globe and Mail it’s nothing but glowing praise for Adeiny Hechavarria, who Jays staffers think will be a future All-Star and Gold Glover. Luis Rivera, who managed him at New Hampshire, thinks he can hit .270 one day. In the Majors! And everybody is impressed with his increased strength. Hope springs eternal!

John Lott of the National Post talks to Aaron Cibia, who tells him that last July, “I couldn’t finish my swing, but I wanted to be out there every day. I wanted to catch. I don’t like being out. So stubbornly, I wanted to be out there.” Lott notes that from July 1st to August 10th, JP hit only .175.

Richard Griffin of the Toronto Star does a little stat-trollin’ as he talks to the Zone Rating-loving Torey Lovullo about outfield defence. Interesting stuff, if perhaps a little kind to Jose Bautista’s defensive capabilities.

Elsewhere at the Star Griff talks to a more relaxed Henderson Alvarez, and gives us some interesting notes from the team’s third game.

At we hear from Henderson Alvarez, Brett Lawrie, and they give us a notebook talking about pitching depth, Evan Crawford and Carlos Villanueva.

At the Toronto Sun we get a hefty dose of Lawrie myth-making, as we hear what a crazily energetic presence he is, and they have a notebook piece on the club’s easier-than-usual early-season schedule, Francisco Cordero, and, yes, more on Henderson Alvarez’s developing slider.

Jays Journal goes in-depth on Kyle Drabek.

At Getting Blanked, Parkes ranks the top 30 teams Keith Law hates.

Lots of stuff from FanGraphs:

- Their positional power rankings place the Jays 16th at second base, and– holy fuck– 20th at first base. FIRST BASE!

- They bring us a great non-Jays piece about MLB’s expanding stance on social media, and opens up a forum for questions from readers about projection systems.

- Most importantly, they’re now crowdsourcing ratings of radio broadcasters, and today’s the day to weigh in on Howarth and Ashby. Go give them some love.

Lastly, Cam Charron of theScore’s Backhand Shelf hockey blog give us some food for thought about advanced stats while reflecting on the NHL’s presence at MIT’s Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, while Getting Blanked gets Sloan-y with some great stuff on the notion of how leagues can avoid the Tank Nation phenomenon, which we touched on here earlier in the week.

Comments (4)

  1. Evan Crawford has apparently been pretty impressive.  If the Jays didn’t load up on the ‘pen in the off-season, I think  he would be on the team Openning Day.  But there is no space for him.

  2. I think 20th is about right for our 1B rank. There’s nowhere that is as hard on Lind as the DJF commenters.
    That being said, I think you could make an argument for having us as high as 16 or as low as 25 on that list. But personally, theres nobody behind us Id rather have except what the Nats have and MAYBE the dodgers too. And Id rather have our situation than what both the Brewers and Cubs have (not sold on Rizzo yet).

  3. N ice to see JP finally come out and explain some of the injuries for himself. 

  4. The shortstop power rankings are up at fangraphs. Jays looking good.

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