In today’s delightfully-titled URL Weaver link dump at Getting Blanked, we’re tweeted (see what I just did there?) to a rather unflattering Twitpic from Andy Gray– aka @SI_Vault.

Gray guffaws, “I have a feeling the Blue Jays weren’t thrilled with Francisco Cordero’s offseason workout routine.” Maybe not, but it’s not like they signed him back in November and are just seeing him for the first time. I think they knew what they were getting into– and it’s not like he used to be a fucking waif.

Still… this:

Comments (16)

  1. Body by Bowflex baby!

  2. We all know cameras add 38 pounds

  3. the momentum from his gut will certainly lead to increased velocity on his fastball

  4. How many cameras are on him?

  5. He needs the Bas Rutten machine

  6. Still looks slimmer than Snider.

  7. Yeah, Snider needs to stop tweeting about the entire ecosystems he eats and do some agility drills.

  8. Meh, a gut like that didn’t hurt Kenny Powers’ speedballin’. 

  9. Slow new day….

  10. Have you seen pictures of Travis Snider lately? Seriously, now.

  11.  Wow.  Really?

  12. No worries, he’s been fat for years…. if he was skinny i would be worried.

  13. He looks like a blueberry in that uniform!

  14. Who?

  15. Can’t judge a book with the cover. David Wells,Prince Fielder…..We have in shape guys who throw gas on the fire.

  16. O….M….G!!!! That is not the dude I remember what the he’ll has he been doing ? Or eating ?

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