Welcome to the New Digs

This is what it’s going to look like. Not so bad, right? No, better than that, even. So let’s give a huge thanks to Jose Silva for his work on the masthead, which I’m pretty sure looks seriously fantastic, and the IT guys here at theScore for their hard work on making the transfer.

Now, I’m sure there will still be the odd bug to be worked out in the near term, so if something isn’t working for you, please be sure let me know in the comments, on Twitter, on Facebook, or by email, and we’ll fix it.

Unfortunately, DrunkJaysFans.com isn’t quite yet redirecting here, so you’ll either have to change your bookmarks, or just be patient– the redirect will be complete in the next day or so. On a better note, through the magic of technology we’ve now made it so that links will automatically open in a new tab. Nails much?

So… there’s that.


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  1. First! Hug Parkes!

  2. Congrats, Stoeten. You started this gangster shit, and I believe this is the motherfucking thanks you get.

  3. fuck

  4. i<3 Kitty punching!

  5. Congrats, Stoeten. Wishing you all the best.

    One thing I did notice was that the Score Blogs aren’t very iphone/mobile friendly. One of the big advantages was that Drunk Jays Fan always had pretty good mobile interface. Anything in the works to get that updated somehow?

    Congrats again. Don’t spend all that new Score money on booze. Aw, hell — just do it.

    • Agreed. Please fix this Stoeten. I read the DJF on the Go train on my I phone , so it would be great if it cowrk on an iphone.



  7. I’m amazed that the first comment wasn’t “fuck parkes”.

  8. spclxk: That’s my department. I’m/we’re working on it.

  9. I expect lots of Dutch football.

  10. i miss disqus already

  11. Congrats.

    Let’s keep on keepin’ on over here.

  12. Where is Rex Murphy’s quote?!?!? You can’t drop that!

  13. How do I sneak down to the expensive seats?

  14. I raise a glass to the new DJF.

    From one “tool” to another “tool”.

    Congrats again Stoeten

  15. these comments better not get censored now

    testing… fuck shit go habs go balls tits

  16. Not as mobile friendly, and quite clean. Maybe tooooo clean.

  17. The ‘new’ DJF is lookin’ good, Stoeten. Congrats, man.

  18. New place looks good! Lets just hope Drew stays away!

  19. Whew, my comment was okayed by the moderator.
    Hope I don’t do anything to piss you off.
    Can I buy you a beer?Fedex some steaks to you?

    Set you up on a date with my sister?

    Naw ,skip that last one.it’d really piss you off,she’s not the best looking but she’s friendly.

  20. Congrats my friend,

    Your blog is a staple of my existence.

    If we don’t get a wildcard birth this year, I am going to flip shit.

  21. Bookmark changed!

    Rex’s quote


  23. I like baseball. Let us discuss it. Congrats on the site Stoeten, with the comment more Rex and less KFC.

  24. I was totally anti-Getting Blanked at first, and that went well, so…..


  25. Cut the music! What I’d like to have right now….is for all you fat, out-of-shape, Torontonian Turds….keep the noise down, while I take my robe off, and show the ladies why the odds are in my favour… Hit The Music!

  26. No DJF guides or Book of Moron posts yet. At least the Boggs head is there. That’s most important.

  27. Jesus, I can’t believe that a moderator has to ‘check’ the verbal diarrhea that is DJF comment board now.

    Bastard is gonna kill himself before the season starts, I wager.

    • I think it’s being done automatically, and what’s getting through without stopping seems to be pretty arbitrary at the moment to me. We’ll get it fixed. There isn’t going to be some crazy moderation regime here. Relax.

      • we need avatars dog

      • The fact that it was the fundementary basis of the original DJF, thought that woulda been the first thing to be checked.

        But I’m just a “conclusion-jumping tool”

        “Wondering where the notion that comments are going to be heavily moderated going forward is coming from.”

        Recognize the quote?It’s yours.

        Don’t get your panties in a knot.Thought I’d point out the obvious.

        I look forward to the new DJF 2.0 .

        I just hope it doesn’t turn into DJF Lite.

        • Not to get all dickish on the first day, but the number of people coming to the site every day in total dwarfs the number participating in the comments.

          • Exactly. Some of us don’t like typing…

          • Being dickish is part of who you are and what got you here.
            Darvish day really showed the site’s popularity.
            Hope everything smooths out for you and the site.
            Hope the CRTC’s regulations and influence don’t extend to the network’s web site.
            Good luck.

          • Oh, I’m sure. I read this blog all the time and I never really post, but I do enjoy reading through the comments. (Well, most of them.)

            Keep up the good work!

          • Just out of curiosity, can you share the ratio? I suspect it remains higher on DJF than most sites.

  28. Hey Radar, as the #1 “comments are going to be totally moderated, we’re fucked” guy from last night, what are you saying about that now?

    • It’s still early my little buck toothed friend.

      So far we’ve learned that the comments ARE moderated.

      We’ll see if the editorial policy of the Score creeps into Stoeten’s posts.
      Will he be able to post all the speculation like during the “Darvish Derby”?
      How quickly will commenters be censured ,if at all?

      For something interesting listen to Mccowans first hour Wednesday about non comp clauses.
      DJF is in the mainstream now.Rules may apply,whether Stoeten likes it or not.

      I’m willing to give the new change a chance.
      If I’m wrong,so be it.
      I’ve stated my concerns.
      Time to move on.

      • editorial policy?? you mean no more spelling mistakes or grammatical errors? Radar.. you sound like you have taken a shot of spelling bee serum.. and are all edgy about cursing and shit like that.

        • No,it goes a little deeper than that.
          Stoeten has stated that he has been told to keep everything the same as before the switch.
          But in 6 months,will he be allowed to link Sportsnet or TSN?
          Can’t imagine a blog owned by The Score would like driving pageview revenue to competing networks.I could be wrong.
          And if the Score censures DJF in certain areas,I would guess they would eventually in others.
          I know it sounds pessimistic and it’s beyond anyones control but thats the price of progress and the popularity of the blog.
          Again I am just voicing a concern.Whether it happens or not, is a wait and see.

  29. Just had occasion to reread the the tale of the Wade Boggs head. Suddenly filled with warn fuzzy glow.

  30. Congratulations Stoeten. Really, seriously well-earned.

  31. I think KFC wants their logo back

  32. Rest in peace, ravishing one.

    I laughed my ass off when someone posted that RRR video the first time. It had been so long ago seeing him on TV with that schtick.

  33. Congrats dude…very good stuff… keep up the good work

  34. Congrats Stoeten. What a great gig, and very much deserved.

    I’m worried thought that this will mean you won’t be allowed to swear anymore, like has happened to Parkes. That would seriously fucking suck, because there’s nothing better in the Blue Jay blog-o-sphere than a wild motherfucking Stoeten rant.


    you are missing the boggs head

  36. Will we, or will we not, be delving into the nonsense again? Inquiring minds need to know!

    • I like your comment. I just thought you should know. Even though there has got to be a more efficient way of making you aware.

  37. Gonna take some getting used to, but like the look of the new site! Will we eventually still be able to just go to the http://www.drunkjaysfans.com page and it will take us here?

    • Indeed. Apparently it’s a bit of a process when sub-domains are involved, or… something. It’s being worked on by the internet as we speak, and should be resolved in 24-48 hours.

  38. We also need like and dislike buttons on comments. It’s awesome on http://www.fangraphs.com where you open up the comment section and some dude has been voted down more than 20 times already.

    • 100% agreed I was thinking Fangraphs as well. Disqus was annoying at times but that was one of the best parts.

      • Is there an edit button? Guess I’ll post this and find out. But there isn’t one on Parkes’ blog.

  39. New season, new digs. I like it. Congratulations again. Here’s to the spirit of the original site living on at the Score.

  40. Obviously an edit button would be useful too.


    I can edit!
    – S.

  41. First impression: Blue KFC logo.
    Feeling nostalgic already.

  42. Looks all good.

    love LOVE LOVE the KFC like Font makes me hungry for food the missus wont let me eat.

  43. No Kroeger head! I’m liking this already!

  44. Oh, and this wouldn’t properly become christened without a “fuck off Parkes.”


  46. Indestructible has it bang on. No more fucking Kroeger’s Head.

    This comment interface sucks though. It would be nice to have twitter feeds and a link to MLBTrade Rumours. DJF’s main page has made me too fucking lazy.

    • I much prefer this comment setup as it shows replies under the comment it is being replued to. The old crappt blogspot site listed comments chronologically. Fuck the old site. Up with the new!

  47. I was hoping some how the smart IT guys would be able to get it to make the new comments show up without refreshing.

    Any chance of that happening?

  48. Holy fuck. I’m just noticing that all the comments from the old DJF were brought over here with the posts.

    That I didn’t think would happen…seems like a lot of work.

    So far, this new DJF looks pretty good.

    • It was way more work than you know :( but seems to be worth it for such dedicated DJF fans. There’s actually some older comments (before Disqus) that didn’t make it over.

      • You did this?

        I’m impressed. Good work.

        And faces work here now? Now I can be like a teenage girl…
        :) ;) :D :(

  49. All hail our new baseball overlords, The Score!

  50. More comments on the DJF blog than all the other Score blogs combined.

    Stoeten wins.
    Score wins.

  51. gratzz on the new diggs! and the rss feed werks fine in google chrome.

  52. On the podcast, isn’t just seeing how many wins after you are eliminated make more sense than just record?
    The sooner you are out, the more time you have to get wins.

  53. wow! something interesting on the score besides eastbound and down and the ticker.

  54. First off, congrats Stoeten. To paraphrase Fullmer Fan (I think) on DJFs 5th birthday, I found this site while looking for something more intelligent than Richard Griffin shitting on JP Ricciardi every other day. DJF was that without the holier than thou Batter’s Box tone.

    While I mostly frequented this blog as a respite from online courses and temporarily abandoned it upon graduating, I found my way back a little while ago thanks to your writing.

    I am reminded of MLBTRs transition from white text on a black background to it’s current format. And now their omnipresent comment’s policy. I respect and understand that both you and Tim Dierkes deserve to make a living off of the free content you provide, but it’s a day with mixed emotiones.

    I can’t imagine the comments section being as enjoyable as it has been until now, but hopefully the majority of the DJF experience is in tact.


    • O Come On. That’s all nice and everything but…come on.

    • Yeah, I believe I’ve said something like that before.

      When I started reading back in 2007, I was looking for something less snobbish than Batter’s Box but with the same kind of coherent, rational baseball thought. I was immediately struck by how Stoeten and Parkes were capable of constructing reasonable opinions on the Jays without resorting to criticizing Ricciardi aimlessly like many others were doing at the time (Ricciardi, for the record, was actually a decent GM who built several good teams in Toronto. He was, admittedly, not good enough.). In the early days, they were just fans like us and didn’t talk down to their readers. They were also trying to understand the sabermetric aspect of the game, rather than completely writing it off as some did (and still do). That was refreshing to see.

      I don’t believe I started posting until 2008, using the moniker “anonymous Brad Fullmer Fan,” which Parkes made reference to in the DJF guide to deluding yourself into believing your team can still make the playoffs (http://www.drunkjaysfans.com/2008/09/drunk-jays-fans-guide-to-deluding.html). Reading that post again, it’s kind of ironic how Parkes joked about me as some kind of Baseball Prospectus-reading nerd before years later actually going on to work for Baseball Prospectus and run a sabermetric-oriented blog on this website. I can’t remember what it would have taken for the Jays to make the playoffs in 2008, but it definitely needed to be better than the 8-10 record they finished with after that.

      Certainly, a lot of things have changed since then. Some of it for the better, some for the worse. But whatever happens going forward, I’m sure this blog will continue to be one of the best sources of Jays information and analysis in the online world.

      • I remember those days.In fact,you’re the reason I started commenting here, when you brow beat a commenter for asking an innocent question.

        But I’m a little confused when you say
        “In the early days, they were just fans like us and didn’t talk down to their readers. ”

        Then you link Parkes saying
        “If an anonymous Brad Fullmer fan wants to tell you that you’re an idiot for believing in the improbable, tell him to go fuck himself while reading his fucking Baseball Prospectus projections.”

        Am I missing something?

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much how I feel about JP. Good but not good enough for the AL East. Mind you, I think a lot of what made him good was that there were so many outright terrible GMs.

        I can’t even rememer how I found this site (MLBTR link?) but it’s pretty much the only one I go to for Jays stuff after having tried others like Batters Box, Tao, Gettin Blanked etc.

        And it’s not so much for the info because a lot of it is just consolidating links. It’s for the writing/comments. Hopefully it’s just as interesting going forward.

      • Even though they are almost always wrong.

  55. Ahhhh. Tits. I dig it. So far seems the same. I gotta figure out the login sitch so as I don’t have to type my damn name all the time.

    I am ready for some Blue Jays ball. Only a month to go now. Who has my opening day ticket?

  56. Congratulations Andrew. Well deserved. Keep up the awesome work. Go Jays!

  57. “So…there’s that” AND “Nails much?” in the inaugural post? Oh boy…Bring it on, Stoeten!

  58. and how do we post on here through twitter? can’t seem to find a login.


    (Gracias. I wished only to be the first to say it in this, our newest consensual illusion.)

  60. Gotta love how the Jays (aka “Canada’s Team”) contest to win tickets to the home opener is only open to residents of Ontario.


    Thanks for isolating the rest of us Jays/Rogers/Honda. Because it would be so hard to throw in hotel and air-fare, right?

    • Fuck off you little tar-snorter. You’re lucky we let Sportsnet broadcast to Alberta, prayree dumbfuck.

  61. It sucks you can’t “Like” comments anymore…

  62. I guess you can just reply and say ‘Gee I like your post!!’.

    Do I have to re-up every time I post?

  63. Guess not.

    OK. Works for me.

  64. Congrats Stoeten, love the new layout.

  65. Looks like shit on the iPhone. Please fix

  66. I am a slave to avatars. I don’t know who anybody is anymore.

  67. Alignment on the left margin is wrong on my IE for all posts.

    Wasn’t a problem earlier today…

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