I’m in love. Y’know, except with– wait, is Budweiser a sponsor here?… Oh? I see.

Yep, I’m in love.

Cool-ass baseball-themed Jays-logo’d Bud cans via @wells83

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  1. Looks great! I still won’t drink it though.

  2. Will this beer be sold at Rogers Centre?

    Budweiser is a subsiduary of Inbev which used to own the Jays.

  3. As if Skydome drunks at the home opener need any more incentive to throw cans on the field, now we’re making them look like baseballs

  4. At least now a bitter, drunken BJ Ryan, gripping a warm Bud in his meaty hands, can claim he’s working on his two-seam grip.

  5. Oh snap, may have to kick my Steam Whistle addiction and go back to Bud this summer…

    • steam whistle is not a good beer. It is ‘free’ when you fly porter so i’ll indulge. How’s the factory tour?

    • I will never forgo my Steam Whistle addiction, but I will buy one pack of Bud just to have the cans. That and when its not a pay week and I want to get drunk.

  6. Looks like the Jays were among the last of the MLB Bud designs to be rolled out – most teams were unveiled back in January or December:

    My condolences to the diehard Mets fan who picks up a 6-pack of Bud from the grocery store only to find out it’s all dirty, navy Yankees cans.

  7. Random question lol – but why is it that when I was watching the Toronto FC soccer game last night EVERYONE was dressed in red or FC clothing, yet when it comes to Jays home games, you rarely see Jays stuff every where. Yes people wear Jays shirts and jerseys, but not like other fans of MLB teams and other sports. Kind of sad/weird really. Am I wrong?

    • I think a lot of it is the shitty logo from the past six or so years. No one liked the black. I expect to see way more blue shirts in the seats this season.

    • I think there will be a lot of Jays hats in the stands this year. Just too sick not to have one.

    • For the past few years, you could be wearing official Jays gear by wearing white, light grey, charcoal, black, powder blue, royal blue, navy or red. Even if everyone was decked out, a guy in a powder blue throwback beside an authentic black jersey beside a red Canada Day jersey looks like a clusterfuck of three different teams

    • That’s because TFC fans are wannabe poseurs imitating eurofag losers.

  8. Just so you know, when I go to http://www.drunkjaysfans.com, I currently get redirected to a Score MMA blog.

    • same, i thought that testosorone replacement therapy was coming to baseball for a sec

    • It’s actually the main blogs page. The men groping each other in their underwear post is just at the top at the moment.

      • Either way, drunkjaysfans should go straight to djf at the score, but I’m sure it’s just a transitional thing and they’ll sort that shit out.

        And yeah, I also read the first couple of paragraphs before I realized that Dr. Andrews has nothing to be worried about. There is no Dr. Benjamin in baseball.

  9. You sold out Stoten.

    • Give it a chance.

      I can see your point though.
      The cynical side of me says Stoeten is promoting a corporate sponsor of the Score.

      But the fun side of me says nothing could be more apropos than Stoeten reporting about a beer can with a Jays logo on a site called Drunk Jays Fans.

      • Would you have expected this type of post on the old site? Yep. People need to calm down in my opinion.

  10. Okay, this sounds fucking retarded but I don’t actually get the headline.

  11. Yeah, DJF should definitely redirect you to the sub-blog.

    • I’m actually surprised it hasn’t been fixed by now. All those page views being wasted on some shitty blog home page.

  12. If the price is right maybe I’ll buy some cans. They do look pretty neat!

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