Cecil Tops Out at 88

Dun dun dun…

I don’t really see how this is too much to worry about this early in the spring, but here’s what Gregor Chisholm tweeted about Brett Cecil’s velocity in today’s exhibition between the Jays and whoeverthefuck they played:

That’s, of course, below his too-slow average of 89.1 last year (according to the Pitch F/X data at FanGraphs), so it’s not exactly cause for celebration, but… I don’t know… talk to me in a couple weeks and if he’s still in this range, then I’ll get concerned.

Chisholm says that he’ll be following-up with Cecil post-game to see if he was holding back, and adds that Morrow said yesterday there was “only one pitch he really let loose.” That said, Morrow was sitting at 94-95. (Note: Nails!)

It’s a long way to the 90.8 Cecil averaged in his first year. Not the best sign.

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  1. Hasn’t Cecil had dead arm issues all pretty much every Spring?

  2. No hope. Ritualistic suicide at my place tomorrow at 10:00 AM sharp. See you all there.

  3. Is that not the most unnatural motion known to man? Jeez, that looks awful. He’ll be all right. He threw a ton of strikes and hit his spots, that is the most important part

    • Totally. No need for anyone to overreact.
      From the boxscore it looks like you’re right about him throwing strikes and hitting his spots. 4 groundouts, 1 fly out and 1 K looks pretty good to me.

      • Another fair point which should be made is Spring Training just started. I know pitchers and catchers reported sooner, but jeebus, give it a couple more weeks for him to gain more arm strength before stones are cast.

  4. Seems like speed gun was accurate.

  5. let’s see if this bastard can do 90.

  6. But but he’s in the best shape of his life! Hutchison or Drabek will have replaced Cecil by the ASG.

  7. That’s more than Michael Pineda right?

  8. Must be cold down in Dunedin

    • 82 degrees Fahrenheit (about 28 degrees Celsius) and sunny with basically no wind.

      • He must just be excited then (notice next to the Jays logo on his jersey…and yes, I do feel strange for noticing it myself)

      • The no wind is accounting for his velocity drop. He clearly needs the assistance from behind his back.

  9. As much as I’d love to be an optimist and use the “it’s early in Spring Training line”, velocity issues have been a problem with Cecil for 12 months now, not a week or two. Obviously there’s still plenty of time for him to build that arm strength up, but I’m at least mildly concerned. Not only does the lack of velocity hurt his fastball, but it decreases the gap between his fastball and his changeup, making it a less effective offspeed pitch.

  10. He does actually look like he’s lost some weight. Looks quite fit. However, who knows given its only one picture.

    • He really has lost weight: Aproximately 30 lbs. He said he’d do it last fall and he did. In addtion he’s being doing exercises for his core strength and I believe he’s also been doing alot of pitching philosophy reading. We’ll just have to wait and see what effect if any it all has on his pitching. I’d say today was a good start in spite of the low velocity…which I hope will pick up.

  11. But…But…But…All the dispatches coming out of Spring Training said he was in the best shape of his life, and his bullpen sessions looked solid. ;)

    I’m with you Stoeten. I’ll take a wait and see on this, but it’s not in anyway a good sign.

  12. Cecil sounds like he’s done everything right: gotten himself into good shape, concentrated on control and pitch sequencing. If his arm betrays him and he can’t hit 90, it might well all be for naught, however. Hopefully he’s a slow starter and he heats up in the next couple weeks.

  13. While he still has plenty of time to get his velocity up it would be less concerning if he was sitting around 88-90. I know it’s really early but Cecil was leaving the ball up and if he still has trouble with velocity + command I think Drabek should take his place in the rotation. I hope we don’t try the Jo Jo Reyes type of experiments again to lose even more games.

    • Indeed. Particularly considering the fact that McGowan could also lead us down that path…

    • It will be interesting to see, with an improved team and extra WC spot, how much rope some of these guys are given. If it’s a month or two into the season and the Jays are doing well, what happens to guys like Cecil and McGowan if they’re not performing.

  14. The 89.1 he averaged last year is not ‘too slow’. It is too slow when every fastball he threw was right down the middle of the plate. Location matters, not losing 1 mph off your fastball.

  15. Maybe Cecil needs his bulk to hit 90, who knows…

  16. wow,that’s my golf swing speed and i’m almost 60 .

  17. I doubt he’ll get his velocity back to where it needs to be. Not a new issue for him and if his off-season conditioning didn’t fix it, I really struggle to stay optimistic. He’ll get murdered at 86-88 even if his location is pretty good.

  18. Nova was flashing 95 on the gun in today’s game. Probably means that the gun could be adding a couple of ticks on the velocity. Which means that Cecil could be throwing only 86. Which means that Cecil could have been throwing alot of cutters. Who the fuck knows?

    I am sure the media will be asking Cecil and Farrell about velocity. And we’re going to get the same standard non-answers. Let’s way until we get towards the end of spring training. There is still time for Cecil to find his velocity. Otherwise, AA will be buying him a new blender.

  19. My buddy has a condo between the dome and acc. There’s a golf simulator in the building, but you can also do other sports and I can hit 88, sometimes 89 on the pitching one. I havent played organized baseball since I was 17 (2002) but have gained a lot of muscle since then. Should I try out for the team next year or does Cecil just really really really suck balls.

    • If you can really hit 88/89 w/out having played organized ball for that long…well, let’s just say you should probably check if it’s in kms or miles! Muscle has very little to do with it.

  20. Its really early to even comment on a spring training games but what the hell.What do people expect, this is a weak rotation, Cecil, after last year should be fighting for a # 5 spot not penciled in at #3. This rotation needs an infusion of talent or a major step forward by almost everyone. I just don’t see Cecil capable of that step forward.

  21. I’m fairly sure the only reason that Cecil is Penciled in at #3 is because he’s the only other big-league ready Left Hander we have ready for our starting rotation.

    If you believe in the whole “Balanced Rotation” thing anyways.

  22. Was at the game today. Cecil was awful, the results notwithstanding. He was up in the zone in both innings and went to 3 balls a lot. Very disconcerting. He DOES look completely different though. Clearly lost a ton of weight.

  23. Have to hope he can add a couple of ticks as spring training progresses but without him throwing his mechanics all out of whack like he did last year trying to get the velocity back.

    As he said though, location is more important for a guy like him than pure velocity. We’re just going to have to wait and see for now but I was pretty disappointed all the same.

  24. for christ’s sake stoeten
    can we get the fucking rex murphy quote up already
    and avatars

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