It’s hard to get too worked up over FanGraphs’ recent positional power rankings series, seeing as the basis of it is “the ZIPS projections for each player on the depth chart, and combining those with the expected fielding rating from the FAN’s projections and our best estimates of the quantity of playing time that a player will get at the given position.”

So, if Colby Rasmus is crazily behind-Lorenzo-Cain low at 28th, it’s mostly because the projections see his shittacular 2011 and adjust accordingly– not because any one person is suggesting that he doesn’t have the potential to be a whole lot better.

That said, it was kinda nice to see Yunel Escobar way up in third at the shortstop position, perhaps even better to see Brett Lawrie sitting at number eight for third base, and I can’t say it’s not awesome that today we see Jose Bautista is tops among right fielders– thoroughly unsurprising as that ranking may be.

Better still is what Jack Moore has to say about him in the piece:

He’s real, and he’s fantastic.

Jose Bautista turned heads in 2010 when he hit 54 home runs, but as a 29-year-old with little history as a slugger, many expected decline in 2011. But Bautista would have none of it — he was even better in 2011, getting his BABIP back up from .233 to .309, walking an absurd 20.9% of the time and making more contact than the average hitter. Bautista has the total package and is possibly the most complete hitter in the game right now — Albert Pujols seems the only current competition for that title. There should be no question right now that Bautista will challenge for the American League MVP again in 2012.

Nails much?

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  1. It’s awesome to see Yunel getting that kind of recognition – best SS in baseball behind Reyes and Tulo, on a cheap contract for up to four more years, acquired for Alex flipping Gonzalez? Yes please.

  2. DJF Logo is a cross between Billy Tallet and Colonel Sanders

    • The Score is losing all their on air talent anyhow. Do they even show sports anymore? or is it just Sports Entertainment and a bad reality show to hire bad “sports” casters. Anyhow all I mean is who cares if the web banner graphics guy from OCAD was eating KFC when his profound *cough* plagiarism *cough* idea for for the new DJF banner came to mind.

      Does anyone think KFC pay royalty rights? They should.

      Of course I really should put a hold on. The Avatar is pretty cool. I do really enjoy the blog and it’s great to see the little sports channel that could can compete on the web with the big boys. I wonder if there is a moneyball book to be written with the Score being the Oakland A’s and…..ah nevermind.

      The Banner is a ripoff it needs to go. Otherwise keep up the good work.

      • The Score has been a horrible sports channel for a long time. However, sportsnet and TSN aren’t much better. I am just happy that the Score has the best online baseball content in Canada.

      • As stated earlier the banner is paying homage to KFC, it was designed that way on purpose, although I don’t quite know why. I have no qualms with it, and I don’t see why anybody would. I’m here for the articles, not the flashy graphics.

      • Holy shitballs, man. Plagiarism??? We’re switching from Drunk Jays Fans to DJF. Do you seriously not get the fucking joke?

        • Nope, didn’t get the joke.

          It also isn’t very funny.

          • The fact that the humour was lost on the guy who had to have the joke explained to him after his pissy little ridiculous rant doesn’t bother me a whole lot. Sorry.

          • LOL. See that the my shit don’t stink asshole I like reading not the lazy lets make a KFC banner but instead DJF and because we are so lazy will pretend it’s a joke.

            But Hey maybe DJF said out loud to you, sounds more like the court ordered KFC. Because well, it’s not really chicken. Then a Muppet on sesame street who constantly spins the letter F.

            Your right your blog your first impression logo at the top,your pissy little rant’s.

            Joke or not funny or not. You are more creative then to be stuck with a KFC ripoff at the top of your enjoyable to read blogs. FACT

            Glad you and the 4 guy graphic guys who thought up the joke got a laugh out of it while eating chicken for lunch.

      • What the fuck are you talking about?

        • That was positively crazy. Amazing the contortions people can make when their stupidity gets pointed out. Hey, we all make mistakes. Also: I thought of the joke.

          Also also: Holy fuck, relax.

  3. Yes, makes one wonder why you wouldn’t want to build a great team around one of the best players in the mlb while he’s still one of the best players in the mlb

  4. Anyone else having viewing issues with Chrome? About an inch on the left side of all content is cutoff. The nav bar at the top looks fine.

  5. First of all, the new website it still good and good to see you “expressing” yourself in the same ways as you did on the old DJF. Awesome to see Escobar get his due and pleasantly surprising to see Lawrie in 8th despite playing less than half a season. As for Jose, he is real and IS the most complete hitter in the majors

  6. Fangraphs’s piece on CF power rankings is really fucked up. Not just with our own Colby, but with many teams. Colby should tape a copy of the rankings in his locker, you know, for motivational purposes. At the very least, he could print a bunch of copies and plaster the floorboard of his truck when he goes mud-riding.

    I don’t know what to think of Escobar’s high ranking at 3rd. Its great to see him being recognized. But I think it has alot to do with the fact that offensive-minded shortstops are in decline.

    One last thing, fuck off, Fox.

  7. Commenters on Fangraphs were mentioning there was a mathematical error when calculating Rasmus’ WAR. Which is another way of saying the pessimistic author even thinks the Blue Jays CF situation is better than 28th.

  8. One week til my fantasy draft, I need some late round sleeper picks! Can we get a couple fantasy articles thrown our way? Maybe a Score league? I’d like to see who knows his shit over there!

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