Now it’s time for all the stuff I don’t figure on making full posts out of, with the spiffy graphic by Matt English (aka @mattomic). It’s your Mid-Afternoon Snack…

Getting Blanked has the latest installment of Craig Robinson’s fortnightly infographic extravaganza, which this week examines the (on-field) awesomeness of Pete Rose.

At the Toronto Sun they’re talking Brandon Morrow, prospect Jacob Anderson, Noah Syndergaard, Kyle Drabek’s newfound cool,  and an discomfortingly-churchy Dan Norris.

Matthew Leach of has a nice feature on Colby Rasmus, where he talks to the player, and his manager, about fixing his swing mechanics. “I think the thing we’re most excited to see are the mechanics adjustments that he’s made with his lower half are being maintained,” John Farrell says.

Similarly, Kevin Gray talks to Travis Snider about his swing at Gray Matter.

Gregor Chisholm talks to Brandon Morrow about the upcoming season, and the off-speed pitch that’s going to be the key to it for him, at He also talks to Eric Thames about his changed workouts, and he has a notebook post, with stuff on Drabek’s cool, Snider’s outfield defense, and the Dominican prospect the Jays just signed.

Cathal Kelly of the Toronto Star calls us “the city’s best sports blog” at the bottom of his latest blog post. Given my um… treatment of a couple of his recent Jays pieces, it’s all the more impressive. Thanks!

Elsewhere at the Star… new Griff bag alert!

Bluebird Banner looks at prospects who just missed their Top 50 list, and examines what the 2016 Jays might look like.

John Lott of the National Post catches up with prospect Casey Lawrence.

Shi Davidi of Sportsnet talks Baseball Canada and the possibility that they’ll have to qualify for the next WBC without their MLB player.

Extra Base Hit gives us some photo day snaps of this year’s crop of ex-Jays.

FanGraphs goes back to the positional power rankings well, this time for DHs, where the Jays and E5 rank sixth. And LF, where they’re *COUGH* twenty-seventh. They also wonder if anyone– the Jays being one of only three potential fits– should sign Derrek Lee. I’m gonna go with a no on that one. He’s not a huge improvement on Lind at his absolute worst– and Lind could still have a rather favourable contract if he ever regains anything close to his 2009 form. And who does he squeeze off the bench?

Kevin Glew at the Cheap Seats wonders if Jesse Litsch has thrown his last pitch for the Jays. Um… really?

Lastly, for some reason, at the Toronto Star, Damian Cox talks Bobby Valentine, and the epic challenge that the Red Sox new manager faces in taking over a club that was the best in baseball for five months last year.

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  1. “Lastly, for some reason, at the Toronto Star, Damian Cox talks Bobby Valentine, and the epic challenge that the Red Sox new manager faces in taking over a club that was the best in baseball for five months last year.”

    …and among the worst ball clubs for 1 of them…

  2. redirects not to

    but rather just the blogs.

    • May be part of the process of redirecting to the subdomain that will change, but I don’t know. Looking into it. Thanks!

  3. Finally someone mentions Norris’ “discomfortingly-churchy” ways.

    I’m no religious bigot, but how can so many athletes undermine their own hard work and blissfully (read: ignorantly) credit God or Jesus.

    Seems like its becoming the cool thing to do (see: Tebow, Lin).

    • They aren’t undermining their own work. Humans have a hard time dealing with randomness and things out of their control. Hard work only gets you so far. They turn to superstitions (and religion is to me in this category) to help themselves cope with uncertainty and randomness. This is no different than those stupid necklaces that pitchers wear.

      • …and humans have difficulty acknowledging their own inferiority and that they aren’t fully in control of their own environment- disbelief is a way many people affirm their significance in a world that overwhelms.

        This questionable psychology works both ways.

  4. From the land of meaningless Spring Training games: The uh-uh-uh Yankees lose! The uh-uh-uh Yankees lose! Even if the result is less than meaningless, it still strangely feels good.

  5. The only reason people could be discomforted by Norris’ comments in the article is if they simply aren’t comfortable with publicly professing Christians. Maybe it’s not the worst prejudice in the world, but it certainly is prejudice.

    • Wouldn’t it be “dis comfortably churchy” if some MLB player was talking about Allah after every sentence? It would be to me. Seems weird, especially since the topic is baseball.. non? No difference here, only more people in baseball do it with Jesus.

      • ,block>”Wouldn’t it be “dis comfortably churchy” if some MLB player was talking about Allah after every sentence?”,/block.
        Yeah, but who actually does that? It’s a caricature that doesn’t correspond to reality, and perhaps we ought to ask why we form these exaggerated caricatures of some of the more notable Christian athletes. Partly it’s the media, but also plenty of observers are simply uncomfortable with others talking about their faith(s), and these observers then construct a caricature to justify their discomfort with what is in fact pretty non-intrusive expressions of faith.

        The athletes themselves tend to discuss their faith in relation to their motivations and who they are trying to be as a person; and they give some credit to God or their faith after notable successes. The Norris article is a perfect example- he’s obviously a forthright guy about his faith, and that’s what the article’s about- it was the angle the writer chose to take, not one that Norris forced the Toronto Sun to publish.

      • Is Jesus a PED? How do you test for that?

  6. Wouldn’t it be ironic if Norris was drafted by the Yankees, aka Evil Empire? He’d smite the shit right out of them.

  7. so Pimplebon has started his stroking of Phaillies phans and kicking the Phenway Phaithphul to the curb. He said they really don’t know baseball so much in Bahhston, its more a religion (i guess dumb sheep/followers), while Phaillies phans are so sophisticated from watching that NL shitgame. And, he wont be using his old masshole anthem for his entrance music

    to help Pimple, who you know wants to pander to his new hometown, here are some philly song suggestions:

    Hall & Oates: Maneater
    Jill Scott: Hate on Me
    Eugene Ormandy & the PO: Fanfare for the Common Man
    Will Smith & Jazzy Jeff: Summertime
    Beanie Sigel: Ready for War
    Elton John: Philadelphia Freedom
    or please,please,please (homange to Mitch Williams) The Troggs: Wild Thing

    • If Papelbon came out to “ohh here she comes, she’s a maneater!” it would be too fucking hilarious. I’d almost respect him for it.

  8. yo, Stoeten – i was listening to klaw on espn dismiss the idea of protection – as in, having Lind of 2009 or the rotting corpse of the same batting behind Bautista doesn’t make any difference to the latter’s output. any statistical difference, klaw was at pains to explain.

    now, here we are fearing for Lind partially becomes on base behind mr oba, partially because he’s our cleanup, but at least partially because he’s meant to be Jose’s protection, and Jose gets more decent pitches to hit if the guy after him cn hit too, no?

    so, where do you stand on protection: myth or reality? and how would you prove it?

  9. . . . we are fearing for Lind partially *because he follows* mr oba . . .

    (and *can*)

    (got excited about this one.)

  10. previous post/newer post links should be at the bottom of the comments as well as the end of the post. not exactly necessary but it makes for easier navigation for lazy readers like myself.

  11. “talks Baseball Canada and the possibility that they’ll have to qualify for the next WBC without their MLB player.”

    Typo or just taking the anti maple-dick thing way too far? Plural MLB players on the national team.

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